I’m a little late to the party here, but I figured it would be inappropriate not to cover this in some way. Very early this morning, news broke that the thug antifa college professor who was identified as the “U-Lock” attacker by /pol/, Eric Clanton, had been arrested in Oakland on Wednesday night. I have to be very honest here. I did not see this coming. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that we had the right man. I just doubted the Berkeley Police Department would actually do anything, given the mayor’s ties and other failures to bring violent leftists to justice.

I am very happy to say I was wrong on this score.

Eric Clanton, a former teacher at Diablo Valley College, was arrested by Berkeley police on Wednesday on suspicion of three counts of assault with a deadly weapon identified as a U-lock bike lock, and one of those assaults is alleged to have caused a significant injury.

Here’s some video from one of Clanton’s alleged attacks, in case you need a refresher…


More, from the Berkeleyside report

Until Wednesday night, Berkeley investigators had declined to say whether they were looking into Clanton, despite the outcry online calling for his arrest. Wednesday, officers arrested him in Oakland at 12:15 p.m. He is being held at Berkeley Jail with a bail of $200,000, according to Alameda County sheriff’s office records online. Clanton, whose listed occupation is college professor, is scheduled for arraignment Friday. Police said they have identified three victims in the case. All three were struck in the head or neck with a bike lock, police said…

[Berkeley Police Capt.] Spiller confirmed Wednesday that Clanton had been under investigation for some time when he was arrested. Investigators “obtained information from various sources” before seeking a warrant for the arrest, he said

A reference on Clanton’s arrest record to a firearms violation appears only due to a clerical error, according to authorities. It should be listed as a possible sentencing enhancement tied to the infliction of great bodily injury.

Police will continue to review videos and interview witnesses, and Spiller said there may be additional cases from the protests in Berkeley earlier this year.

Judging by that last line, Ian Miller may not be out of the woods just yet. Let’s hope he gets arrested soon as well. I’m tempted to give some major kudos to the powers that be in Berkeley, but let’s be real. None of this would have happen if the weaponized autism of /pol/ had not come through once again. They deserve the true thanks.

Oh, and I could go into some points about Clanton being emblematic of the various sickos who are teaching our youth while they are at university, but I will leave that for another day. Feel free to pick up on that point in the comment section, however.