Guest Editorial by GethN7

As many know, I am revolted by hypocrisy. It’s one of the reasons I’m pro-GamerGate, it one of the reasons I oppose social justice warriors, and its one of the reasons I can look in the mirror and not want to retch at my reflection.

However, we have recently had to deal with someone on “our side” who I believe is a moral and intellectual coward, using us as a troll shield simply so he can get petty revenge over being mocked even though he’s quite happy to do so to others, yet cringes and whines when done to himself.

And that man is Vordrak, AKA Matthew Hopkins, AKA Samuel Collingwood Smith.

And why he is one I shall elucidate.

For starters, he has been engaged in a war with the Kiwi Farms over the fact they have a thread there laughing at his public actions like they do so many other people.

Well guess what, so do I.

I’ve been informed mine was mostly made as a joke in private conversations with members of the Farms, but even before I knew this information, this was my response to them doing this.

In short, I laughed and gave them a standing ovation, because I can take a joke, and even if it wasn’t a joke, I’m a grown man who doesn’t piss himself in fear of being talked about on the internet behind his back.

IT’S INEVITABLE YOU WILL BE MOCKED AND LAUGHED AT BY SOMEONE. Especially for what you do in public, and no one has any right to complain about it, but this hypocrite chooses to do so:

He ends this post with this disclaimer:

Your author is not against free speech — but if ‘free speech’ means hosting a doxing forum linked to threats and harassment then scrutiny is to be expected.

To Vordrak: Shut up, you hypocrite. You doxed the owner of the Kiwi Farms and his family, and your whole blog has lots of callout posts doing the same. You’re a lying bastard who doxes people while piously claiming otherwise.

You also admit to visiting Encyclopedia Dramatica, which also falls under the definition of a site you claim to despise, take them as gospel, and that information cited in the above was gleaned from there.

Again, you’re a hypocrite.

Also, nice hypocrisy here as well:

To Vordrak: You have proof you could take before a bar of justice of Joshua Moon’s alleged crimes, you should duly inform them. Accusing someone of being a pedophile without proof you would be confident to bring before a judge is contemptible, and thus far I have seen nothing that would be evidence of that caliber, and before I get the usual rebuttals, out of context chat logs and his ED article don’t count, you need more than a site known to lie in the name of humor and chat logs devoid of their original context to secure an indictment.

As someone fond of wielding the law like a bludgeon, you should know better than this.

Also, nice lack of a sense of humor:

To Vordrak: First you accuse him of bestiality distribution, and when that doesn’t hold up, you then accuse him of phishing.

I’ve been at ground zero for a REAL phishing and even helped the good people of TV Tropes defend against one there, even looked up information on the phishers so they could turn it over to law enforcement.

This was an actual joke by comparison you deceitful ass, and you should be ashamed of yourself for your bald faced lies, especially since I was there when Null/Moon had that little joke up. IT WAS HARMLESS, NOT CRIMINAL, AND YOU’RE A LYING BASTARD FOR TRYING TO MISLEAD PEOPLE FOR THINKING OTHERWISE.

And speaking of bald faced lying, here’s more of your lies you had to red text with a “cover my ass” justification when you were proven wrong.

You frequently tried to assign guilt of heinous acts to him then retroactively added in justifications for posting such allegations when proven wrong.

Face it, Collingwood, you’re a vengeful weasel mad you got made fun of and you want revenge so badly you will try to find any avenue to dirty and shame the party hosting your public mockery until they give you want you want.

You’re not a noble person by any means. You’re a bitter asshole consumed by petty hate who has become the very social justice warriors you claim to oppose simply to satisfy your own lust for revenge on public commentary on your own actions, which is not illegal by any means and which, to date, you have no legal or even moral obligation to have removed, especially given you’ve done the same you are furious over to others, so you have no room to talk.

Also, you’ve tried to turn r/KotakuinAction into your personal army, which, I’m pleased to see, the moderation has wisely decided to deny you the pleasure of getting, and frankly, while I have no power to effect this, I hereby petition the moderation of the same to formally ban you permanently should you try to violate their policies on that one more time, because you’re the very censorship happy monster you claim to fight and you bring shame upon us all with your spiteful ways.

In conclusion, I want to extend an apology to Ethan Ralph of The Ralph Retort: I was wrong when I thought your actions were beyond the pale. Yes, I’m still not entirely comfortable with some of the things you have done and/or sanctioned, but as opposed to this disgrace, you took your public mockery by the Kiwis quite well, you have accepted the consequences of public criticism far more maturely, and you have instead settled on speaking truth to power in the manner you feel does not betray your own ethics as opposed to the spiteful bullshit Vordrak has pulled, and I formally apologize for being as harsh as I was before concerning my opinions on some of your acts, because they don’t hold a candle to the contemptible depths Vordrak has sunk to.

And to everyone else involved in GamerGate: I will not stand by anyone who has become the very petty, vengeful, censorship happy monster who wants to shut down all criticism they don’t like as Vordrak has revealed himself to be, and I respectfully appeal that if you feel the same, you will follow my lead in opposing the acts of this hypocrite.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I don’t really have an opinion on all this, although it’s obviously mental if you believe the narrative against Hopkins/Vordrak/Smith. I’ve reached out to him for an interview, and will bring it to you, if he wants to do one. I also added in the comments he gave me to the post from last night. You can read them here.