As we recently reported, a massive purge occurred across multiple platforms that primarily targeted American dissidents. Looking towards the future, it is important for dissidents to understand that they face complex challenges to survive against and resist what could best be described as “the powers that be”.

The objective of the powers that be is to maintain theirs, which they do by managing, isolating, or destroying the ability of dissidents to achieve their primary goal: interacting with others to affect the broader conversation. The most effective approach the powers that be have is using carefully targeted bans. This allows them to remove dissidents from mainstream platforms and erase any effect they may have on the broader conversation. Even if the dissidents ever do return to mainstream platforms, their influence will be greatly diminished and can be destroyed at a moment’s notice for ban evasion, Press F to Pay Respects. As time progresses, the ability of dissidents to slip through the cracks continues to diminish as the ability of automated systems to catch them becomes increasingly effective by the day. This leaves dissidents with no other option for spreading their ideas ando affect the broader conversation other than to build your own platform, which is a false panacea that the powers that be allow us to have.

By far, the worst aspect of the diabolical process for targeting and dividing dissidents is that there are few effective ways to fight back. As far as I can tell, the powers that be prefer dissidents to build their own platforms over dissidents being on mainstream platforms. Building your own platform, though necessary for any dissident to survive is not a viable long-term solution, as being on self-made platforms isolates dissidents from millions of ordinary people online and in real life, preventing them from the being able to affect broader conversation. Self-made platforms are often able to better quarantine dissidents than banhammers by trapping them in echo chambers of their own making. Whatever alternative platforms may exist will likely not be able to effectively sustain dissidents. The #Killstream’s OG Mystery guest, Asian super lawyer Jimmy Chang has the best description of the inadequacies of alternative platforms, which is that, “Using Gab instead of Twitter is like hunting small birds in a public park instead of shopping at a grocery store.

Additionally, any independent platform people create will be built on a foundation of sand, as any independent platform is reliant on a few essential services like DDOS protection, domain registrars, web hosting, and payment processing. The powers that be control these essential services through direct ownership or indirectly through the Byzantine legal and regulatory systems of the United States, e.g. The PATRIOT Act. Alternatives to these systems are not viable as they either have too small a userbase to be economically sustainableare too prohibitively expensive to use, or do not exist at all. As the recent experiment of Dick Masterson’s demonstrates, even if you manage to build your own alternative platform through sheer force of will and hard liquor, there are more than enough laws, regulations, and other structures in place to cut you down in short order.

At the end of the day, dissidents should look at the concept of “build your own” as a life jacket rather than as a rescue ship. They must stop deluding themselves into thinking that small platforms they built with operating budgets of thousand dollars a month that are blacklisted from the rest of the economy can compete against billion-dollar corporate bemouths that have backing, protection, and act in cooperation with the powers that be. The only real hope for dissidents to survive is to accumulate the most influence and resources they can while it is still possible and by the grace of G-d, leverage them to either get a millionaire or billionaire sugar daddy to finance alternative systems so that they can become viable against the powers that be or TO REPEAL THE FUCKING PATRIOT ACT.