DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of speculation and satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the article itself (go & eat your hearts out hypocrites).

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent #GamerGate. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll Status. For those who stayed, read on;


Way before #Gamergate started gamers were frowned upon, almost as if staying home playing games were as bad as joining a gang or jerking off compulsively until your sight was gone, if it was not Mortal Kombat turning you into sociopathic time bomb (ready to decapitate the family dog/parrot then the mailman) it was Final Fantasy secretly turning you into a Satanic beast with a protruding joystick.

To date, 10-20 years of video games have failed to produce a steady supply of Mortal Kombat-inspired MMA mass decapitators or Final Fantasy-themed Viagra-addled Satanic cults. It has even failed to yield (at the very least) any Hallucinogen Mushroom-eating Mexican cartels full of short Mexican dudes dressed as Mario Bros ready to decapitate the blue & spiky members of the opposing cartel .

But more seriously, as years passed by, those mass imputations of malice failed to give any factual success to demagogues like Jack Thompson and are unlikely to give any factual success to commercial Feminists such as Anita Sarkeesian.

The reality is, 10-20 years ago, the fashionable accusation was that videogames would turn you into a raging psychopath or a satanist enemy of all religions. Nowadays the fashionable accusation is that videogames will turn you into a raging misogynist or an racist enemy of all minorities. The accusers used to be the hard religious right, nowadays is the hard feminist left. Same lies, different labels.

Problem is, the demonization of the gaming identity is unlikely to stop because it is just too easy for demagogues to place any amount of blame of society’s ills on a group that is rather passive and just wants to temporarily escape reality while honing reflexes/memory and having fun. Which is perplexing because there is another group of passive people who like to escape reality on a regular basis but is not blamed nearly as often or to the extent gamers are:

TV viewers.

Which begs the question, why aren’t TV viewers blamed for any fashionable form of social decay the way gamers are? Why aren’t TV viewers blamed for violence, mass shootings, atheism, misogyny, rape or racial hate? The answer is simpler than the expected;

TV watching requires much less skill than games.

Think about it, the hypocrites that accuse gamers of malice tend not to be gamers but rather they tend to be TV viewers themselves or, in the best case scenario they just suck at videogames but consider themselves “hardcore” gamers of the candy crush saga variety. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of overlap of gamers that watch TV but the overlap of TV viewers that play video games? Not so much. Games require skill, good reflexes, memory and patience (AKA OCD). But TV? Just an ass to sit on.

Furthermore, as stated before, unskilled hypocrites tend to be compulsive TV viewers (who routinely binge on the leftist content offered by the networks) therefore they are very unlikely to blame themselves for the ills of humanity because, well, who wants to shoot themselves in the foot? (unmedicated retards like Arthur Chu are the exception) Besides, if you want a convenient scapegoat, that is what gamers are for, they are supposed to take it, over and over, you can almost hear the leftists telling each other behind closed doors things like;

“Yeah keep piling on them, they won’t do anything, those stupid, passive, obsessed kids are too busy with their silly little games, you can even declare them dead and won’t even flinch”



Then #Gamergate happened. So much for “passive obsessed dead kids” that were never supposed to retaliate. Put yourself in the shoes of those journos, if the dead/comatose horse you were used to regularly beat for money all of sudden managed to kick you in the face, you would also be sorely upset. It just was not expected for gamergate to be this rectally unpleasant for leftists, feminists, SJWs Kotaku et al. They failed at declaring them dead, they failed at declaring them universally male and failed to declare them universally white. In all counts, Kotaku et al have consistently failed to impose their leftist fiction upon gamers.

Why? Well besides being delusional, impulsive and retarded, journos just failed to understand gamers themselves, because let’s be honest, gamers are the 2nd most heterogeneous mixed bag of all kinds of weirdos, you have gamers of all ethnicities religions, political inclinations, ages and languages who are all unified by a weird hobby, which, perplexingly, does not happen to be porn (that is the first) but videogames. That is precisely the crux of the matter, because unlike feminists, gamers do not qualify as a religion. Feminists tend to embrace feminism often due to past trauma and to overcompensate for an intense closeted inferiority complex the way religious people with past trauma embrace their religion. Their feminist faith gives them an identity and a sense of purpose in life but if you removed their religion, they would quickly demoralize the way Christians would without Jesus. Religions like feminism want to convince of their manufactured fiction, they want to give you unquestionably follow their list of forbidden thoughts. But gamers? None of that applies to those weirdos, they are too diverse and varied in their religions (or lack thereof) and gamers do not have a list of forbidden thoughts, quite the opposite, they welcome intellectual challenge as long as the fun the game offers more than justifies it.

Gamers can embrace the weirdest of plots and concepts and as long as the game is fun enough, they will play along. But feminists? Good fucking luck challenging their core beliefs such as wage gap, denying the existence of misandry, denying domestic violence perpetrated by women, false rape accusations, college campus rape hysteria or even their own sexy Satan: the evil patriarchy. None of those concepts are to be questioned or even suggested to be up for discussion, Why? Because doing so would be reason for the code word for sin in feminism “sin = misogyny”, as a feminist your thoughts are already prefabricated, you believe in the patriarchy, men are bad. Women are good. Period. If you EVER question those “absolute truths” you will be declared a blasphemer AKA misogynist. Also like all religions feminism CANNOT withstand any satire and immediately censors humor. You just cannot have fun, you do not question anything in the church of feminism.

But gamers? Pfft! Good fucking luck keeping those weirdos from questioning things (or not poking fun at anything “sacred”) or forcing them to follow rigid rules that cannot be changed in the game because those defiant unceremonious freaks will hack, mod and repurpose whatever they can exploit. You doubt it? Look at Gamergate, Gamergate itself is proof of the nature of gamers defiantly not giving up/not giving a fuck because those crafty fuckers are precisely trained by their hobby not to give up.

Furthermore, what is truly fascinating, is how the movement mimics gamers themselves, and how the movement often goes dormant like a bored gamer playing the same game but as soon as the hypocrite journos pull a new one, what happens? Gamergate kicks into full gear like a gamer with a new game in their filthy trembling OCD hands.


Granted, some gamers do make games their identity but not to the point of games defining everything they do or seeing oppression from everyone who is not a gamer, at least not the way a feminist sees oppression from everyone that is not a woman or if a gamer is removed from games definitely is gonna get bored but is unlikely to self-demoralize & self destruct the way a feminist would do without feminism, because, at the end of the day, to gamers, games are a hobby that need to change to stay interesting (again, just like porn) gamers are not a cult of untreated borderline personality disorder-ridden narcissists as in the case of feminism. Just consider this, gamers welcome intellectual challenge and satire as long as it is fun but religions like feminism? They hate any satire of their ideas and rely heavily on censorship, that is why feminists find everything that does not match their prefabricated ideas “offensive”, you cannot make fun of their batshit insanity without them labelling you as a “misogynist” because they “feel” people always “oppress” them, they pretend they think but mostly they just feel very intense emotions.

The essence of feminism is intense negative emotion from broken people with broken pasts but the essence of games is problem solving for entertainment while experiencing interesting emotions along the way. Very few people had a perfect childhood and nobody’s past if free of pain, there is no happiness without pain, some of us are broken by our pasts some of us are not but being a gamer does not mean you actively dwell on you past pain and go out everyday into the real world fully convinced “someone is out to get you” the way feminists do, the behavior of feminists is that of broken people but despite the fact feminists are covered in glue and cracks, they still say they aren’t broken at all. The moment a gamer puts the controller on the floor, they have jobs/school/families & lives to live, but there is no controller for feminists, they are 24/7 dedicated to their religion for broken people with an intense US VS THEM MENTALITY.


Actual Feminist Shirt


Same shirt compared with similar religions


We have all seen their US VS THEM mentality online over and over, drama after drama, we witnessed incidents disrupting what was supposed to be a hobby to make your free time more enjoyable, always making the personal political and the political personal.The problem is that regardless of the particular feminist, they keep displaying the same dysfunctional cookie-cutter behavior, almost as if they had grown up in the same dysfunctional church of the cult of borderline personality disorder, so much so, I can guarantee this graph will keep growing.


The problem with feminists co-opting movements such as atheism or gaming is that it all boils down to a small group of pathologically vocal women with broken pasts & untreated mental disorders trying to retaliate against completely unrelated people for what happened to them in their broken pasts, namely rape, molestation and domestic abuse. They want the world to apologize to them, they want retribution and by labeling themselves as “feminists” they are telling you they “reserve the right to act erratically” & “reserve the right not to follow rules” whenever they want because of “feels” because what drives them is emotion not reason.

These people need therapists NOT a movement to co-opt so that they feel “vindicated” because once they co-opt a movement and burn it to the ground then tend to defecate on it (AKA AtheismPlus) after taking their feminist dump, they usually just move to another area to co-opt. Why? Simply because these women are very unlikely to find satisfaction with their co-opting as the source of their void is not outside, it is inside themselves. They are adults using schoolyard tactics common to abused children but these feminists are more like locusts than just children. Again, these people need therapists and medication and neither you nor I has any obligation to tolerate these dysfunctional adults, feminism is as much as a poisoned label as their poisoned pasts, it is a broken “movement” made of broken people. See, the word “movement” is a misnomer when applied to feminism, because what it really is, well, it is a religion, but feminists themselves will fervently deny when you ask them if feminism is a religion, and get incredibly upset when you ask them to leave their “non” religion.

Here is the intense contradiction feminists drive themselves into, if you ask a Christian to renounce their Christianity what do they say? They say you are a “religion hater!”. You ask a Muslim to give up their religion what do they say? You are a “Islamophobe” You ask a feminist to give up their religion & be an egalitarian instead, what do they say? You are “oppressing them” and if you keep insisting they do what most religions do, they call you a sinner but their word for sinner is “misogynist”. The intense contradiction is that feminists mimic the replies of religious people because they would also experience a loss of identity without their religion; feminism, which just proves the point, they need to hold on to that poisoned label as if it were the last piece of debris after their “equality” ship sank. Very little can be expected from a person that clings to hate but calls it “equality”


See, feminists themselves very often share a horrific, tragic and dysfunctional past but nowadays? Many look cute, lush, welcoming and fertile, you know… just like Chernobyl. Because it does not matter how lush and fertile Chernobyl looks nowadays, it is still as poisoned and radioactive as feminists are, and the longer you stay, the higher the chances it will silently poison you. How about all those cute “moderate” and “nice” feminists like Emma Watson? They, too are like those lush trees in Chernobyl; firmly grounded in poisoned grounds. Be it Adria Richards, Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, Amanda Marcotte, Ellen Pao, Rebecca Watson, Chanty Morris or Anita Sarkeesian, because of their actions, they are all different faces of the same poison.

For that and many other reasons, the moment I see the word “feminist” it becomes an immediate red flag because feminism is so poisoned as a label that it has too much in common with the original swastika, both were noble at the beginning but nowadays? They are just too poisoned to “take back” and anybody that tries to salvage them is doing it out of faith not reasoning. All “moderate” feminists have the opportunity to label themselves “egalitarians” but they are extremely reluctant to leave their religion behind and cling to their poisoned label, you should always question their reluctance. That reluctance is a big red flag.



This clash feminists have with gamers is directly related to their closeted resentment with men in their own personal pasts, which is akin to a person that is a closeted KKK member that has a closeted resentment towards black people. They do not express it with words but their actions express it very clearly. I personally do not trust a woman that fervently insists on labeling herself a moderate “feminist” for the same reasons I do not trust a “moderate” KKK member. They just do not make sense, if a moderate feminist knows her label is poisoned and does not even think about using “egalitarian” instead is because either she is very ignorant or she just consistently refuses to learn because deep down, her reluctance stems from the fact she has an emotional attachment to a movement that contains hate & radicalism she partially relates to, however she will publicly sweep aside all the hate in her movement and say exactly what religious people say “but my feminism is not like that” which just sounds like “but my religion is not like that” then by saying that they just overlook all the hate in feminism. Think about it, if a KKK member says that “a little” hate does not count in their movement it is akin to a feminist saying that “a little” manhate is justified. All hate is indefensible even if they try to justify it.

You want further proof? Take any racist statement and replace the N-word with the word “cis-men” or “male gamers” Congratulations! You just made racism “progressive”. Here is one actual quote by feminists Marilyn French which flawlessly translates into KKK racism.


If Feminism is not hate, why does it translate so well into racial hate?

Feminists like Anita, who blame gamers for ANYTHING they want are not that different from the “moderate” feminists like Vivian, they share the same religion, the reason why feminists reserve the right to call themselves “feminists” is because with that label comes the right to behave like one and betray and backstab anytime they want because they are always “kinda” oppressed thus they shamelessly embrace a completely poisoned label like feminism, which, makes as much sense as embracing the “good old” swastika. Saying you are “kinda” feminist equals to saying you are “kinda” racist, not very racist just “kinda” again, just take feminist statements that contain the word “privilege ” or “white men” then just replace those words with the “n” word and you get pure racism, but feminists will not drop their hateful label because for some fucked up reason their faith in feminism is “different”. That faith-based allegiance feminists like Vivian share is one of the many bright red flags feminists show regularly.

But guess what? For feminists like Vivian all these redflags do not count, they just gloss over them or ignore them altogether. But many of these red flags were observed with the recent Gamergatepros debacle because we saw the hypocrisy of a “nice feminist” in motion, someone who, by using the label, had reserved the right to act erratically, I am talking about the cosplayer wannabe devoid of an identity of her own; feminist “@CultofVivian” who herself displays the red flags of a lack of personality and her need to embrace feminism to have a manufactured identity with the added bizarre need to co-opt a fictitious character which further confirmed she did not have an identity interesting enough to gain traction on her own on social media, no, she had to play the parasite like most feminists do, it just happens that this one was so dim all she could think of is cosplay like a teenager with a stereotypical SJW smirk. The smirk may seem irrelevant but it happens too often among SJWs, almost as if they accidentally identified with it, it seems to be a giveaway:


Oh Vivian, you are so transparently retarded, just like your friends.

But why do SWJs give themselves collectively away with a smirk? My conjecture is that it is a gesture of overcompensation as they try to broadcast what they lack; confidence. A smirk may also imply that since they actually are quite bitter, they don’t “feel” an honest smile would define them publicly and what they want instead is to show a mixture of contempt and imaginary victory to any comments to their dismal physical appearances because, as you can see in the pictures, most of them are either unattractive, fat, un-fuckable, godawful-boil-in-the ass-ugly or all of the above. Perhaps I am giving Vivian too much credit for her smirk, most likely she is just too retarded to smile properly. But it gets worse because someone else much worse also has a prominent SJW smirk of a different variety,


Vivian herself is a prototypical example of a “moderate” human landmine that claims to be “on the side” of gamergate but she is too ready to leave several times a month simply because she is too mediocre a hypocrite to play the part properly and deceive people well enough and unlike Anita, Vivian is too ugly, overweight and dumb to troll the trolls then use the resulting threats to bilk people out of their money via a Kickstarter. Vivian is too unattractive to garner an audience on her own without the sponsorship of a mascot and too mediocre to be a commercial feminist with a Patreon to live like a proper parasite like her fellow feminist Zoe Quinn does.

But SJWs like vivian make mistakes, they get out of character and give glimpses to who they really are, they show their deeply distorted morals and utter lack of basic human decency. This is something SJWs get wrong regularly, a sense of magnitude of what Nyberg deserves. In Vivian’s case, she outed herself with this jewel of a tweet,


So according to Vivian’s deformed logic, we should properly address a pedophile because well, “misgendering” a pedo is much worse than the acts committed by the pedophile? Somehow Vivian managed to make herself look like closeted pedo groupie or she just coyly outed herself? Where else have we heard the same defense of predators? Oh yes! The Roman Catholic pedophile priests also have their groupies, so let’s just imagine Vivian was Roman catholic groupie of a pedo priest by the name Lawrence Murphy, then her tweet would have looked like this,


See? That is the problem with “moderate” feminists like Vivian, they are unskilled hypocrites that just give themselves away as closeted, morally bankrupt hypocrites. People like Vivian are more of a problem than a solution because by the simple fact they state they are feminists but of the “nice”variety then they expect people to buy into their bullshit mediocre acting after tweeting retarded demands for decorum towards a pedophile that only deserves a fair trial and little else. A moderate feminist is as trustworthy as a moderate KKK member, “moderate” feminists in Gamergate are a problem waiting to happen because it is not about judging them all for the actions of a few, it is about identifying their red flags as their behavior is shared due to their belief system.

image02Don’t be that indirect Vivian, you are “kinda” a fervent SJW

Unlike gamers, feminists have a religion that tells them how to behave and what to think, that is why neophytes like Vivian cannot let go of the label because as poisoned as it is, it still defines a part of her, however if you start judging gamers by the actions of a few, you will sooner or later see they do not share a common belief system and they are too varied, too different to make the same assumptions you can with feminists. Members of the cult of feminism display the red flags Vivian and many others have, they just cannot be trusted, they are just pinless grenades.

Granted, I should not be trusted either simply because despite the rules I follow as a NeoTroll, I still am a Troll and I am the easiest scapegoat to use by anti Gamergate aggros. Nobody above the rules, nobody is off the menu. That is why I do not represent Gamergate. I only present you ideas and evidence; it is up to you to think on your own.


Hypocrites like Vivian are one step away from those “liberals” that nowadays do what “conservatives” used to do 20 years ago: blame gamers for ANYTHING they want, and the reality is that the demonization of gamers by unskilled hypocrites like her or many others to come, is unlikely to stop because they will keep switching the labels of their hypocrisy. All religions need their imaginary devil fairy tales and gamers along with porn watchers are always on the menu of easy targets to demonize. Gamers need to adapt and keep religions like feminism at bay. Feminists like Vivian want to surreptitiously convince you of their fairy tales because they need herds of sheep to fill their listen-only churches where dissent is unthinkable. Do not let them recruit you, question me, them and everybody else, question everything, because we are problem solvers not sheep in a pink church.

Besides, If feminism were a fact, nobody would defend it. Nobody is on Twitter defending gravity.


Note to all @CultOfVivian fans butthurt by this post. This Neo-Troll has prepared plenty of backups. I take great pleasure in frustrating you all every time I come back.

Go ahead, show me your sense of justice.

BTW, Fuck all of you SJW cunts.