While I was watching the Royal Rumble tonight, a mosque got shot up up in Quebec City. Yes, the very day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put out messages of welcome towards refugees, a mosque was brutally attacked. I don’t believe in the false flag stuff that goes around after every major shooting like this, by the way. But in the wake of this incident, that has been a common theme I’ve seen.

Also, to be clear, I hate to see innocent people die, no matter their status or religion. There’s got to be a chance to laugh at the media in all this, though, right?

Yes. Of course there is.

What if a major internet news outlet decided to blame the shooting on Matt Forney and Davis Aurini? Surely that couldn’t happen? I mean, no outlet is that dumb.



Yes, The Daily Beast fell for the most ridiculous troll bait I’ve seen in a long while and they actually blamed those two for the shooting.

As of the posting of this article, it’s still up on their site (UPDATE 12:19 AM: They finally took it down after I trolled them about it online.).

At least five people were killed Sunday when gunmen opened fire during evening prayers in a Quebec City mosque. It was not immediately clear how many people were injured in the attack, but a witness told Reuters that about 40 people had been inside during prayers. The mosque’s president, Mohamed Yangui, said at least five people had been killed. “Why is this happening here? This is barbaric,” he was cited as saying by Reuters. “There are many victims … there are deaths,” a police spokesperson told reporters. The witness said three gunmen were involved in the attack on the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center. Police said two suspects were in custody after the attack. They were identified as white supremacists David M. J. Aurine and Mathieu Fornier, according to Reuters. This is not the first time the mosque has suffered from a hate crime. In July, a pig’s head was left at the mosque.


Here’s the guy who got trolled. I guess he’s too busy trying to setup Grindr hookups to actually go fix his egregious mistake. I’m starting to wonder if he actually draws a salary. Maybe they pay him in heroin, like Vice does with their writers. No, probably not. A heroin addict would be a lot more dedicated. Of course the reason they fell for this narrative in the first place is because they wanted to blame Trump supporters and/or white people, but that’s another story.


This whole thing almost makes up for the Royal Rumble. Almost.


UPDATE: Twitter banned the parody Reuters account, even though it was clearly labeled as a parody.

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    1. Sounds very much like local converts is the case. We’ll find out more hopefully soon but CA news says:

      “It seemed to me that they had a Québécois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot, they yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!’ The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head.”

  1. Daily Beast is getting some meaty looking knees, there is gravel imbedded in those…. Deep by the looks of it! Well played sir!! Well played! Bravo!!!!!!!

    1. Hunting firearms are legal if heavily regulated in Canada, given that most of the country is an inhospitable wilderness full of bears and mooses rural Canadians need firearms as a matter of day to day life. As for handguns and assault rifles etc you can ban the things all you want but if you share a massive border with the USA anyone with the money who really wants one is going to be able to get one.

  2. Trudeau’s political death spiral accelerates and tightens. I don’t care who you Leafs elect next but for the love of all that is sane rally behind SOMEONE and punt that idiot out of office.

    1. a lot of people in canada and tired of trudeau jr.’s shit, when we elected him we were thinking he would be closer to trudeau sr. than the embarrassment we got, unless the other political parties here in canada round up some real stinkers trudeau’s not getting another term as pm.

  3. where did you see that the shooters were refugees? I can’t find that info anywhere and there’s lots of misinfo coming in. Goddamn I hope it was refugees tho, that will be the end of Trudeau

    1. Latest I have seen reports they were both College students, one possibly from Morocco. Nothing about refugee status of either. Witnesses say they were shouting “Allahu akbar,”. Nothing really official yet but this seems to be on the up and up:
      “According to Radio-Canada and LCN, the two suspects in Sunday’s terror attacks in Quebec City are Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir.
      Police are to give an update into the investigation Monday morning.
      Officials from the Centre hospitalier de l’Université Laval say five people remain in critical condition following a terrorist attack at a mosque in Quebec City on Sunday that left six people dead and injured many others.”

  4. Interesting that the Canadian news says this way down at the bottom:

    “It seemed to me that they had a Québécois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot, they yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!’ The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head.”

    The two actually arrested appear to have been motivated by religion and it’s not “Shinto-ism”.

  5. I’ve been listening to coverage on CBC Radio1 all morning. Every single bit of coverage, from the reporting itself to interviews with concerned citizens and coverage of the response on social media and within the community is geared toward the assumption that this was an attack spurred by Islamaphobia.

    Several guests on CBC’s “The Current’s” 20+ minute segment on it lamented that anti-Muslim sentiment has been growing since Trump’s bid for the presidency began, and that we need to be careful of the rhetoric used when publicly discussing issues in the Middle East, terrorism, Islam and Muslims because careless and provocative rhetoric can convince “wrong-minded” people that acting on their hatred is okay.

    They discussed many “gestures” against Muslims in Quebec in recent months, including someone leaving a pig’s head with a note saying “bon appetit!” on the steps of this mosque during Ramadan.

    They discussed the outpouring of support from political and public figures on social media and through official statements has been almost exclusively along the lines of, “Muslims are welcome in Canada. This is not the way the majority of Canadians feel about Muslims. You are Canadian citizens too, and you belong here just like everyone else, yada yada.” They interviewed Muslims who say they no longer feel safe in Quebec, because of the increasing Islamaphobia.

    The hilarious thing is, just before “The Current” aired immediately after a news segment in which one of the suspects was identified as Mohamed Khadir. And the report from a witness that the gunmen shouted Allahu Akbar has been circulating almost since the story broke.

    Maybe Khadir has “internalized Islamaphobia”? Maybe Bissonnette, who studies poli-sci and anthropology at a liberal Canadian university is a right wing, white supremacist extremist and (even worse) an evil Trump supporter?

    I mean, it’s possible, right?

  6. The main shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette, is a French Canadian who is classified as “white” by standard racial measures. I’m not really expecting anyone on here to believe that, because somehow you’ll convince yourselves it was a false flag created by left wing feminists or some other asinine theory that will prevent you from examining your own beliefs. I’m sure Ralph will correct this with a quickness too!

  7. When George W. Bush was planning his Iraq War advisers told him that the Sunnis and Shiites of Iraq were 2 denominations of Islam like the Catholics and the Protestants. He blithely said that they all worshipped the same God and prayed 5 times a day so not to worry.

    He assumed that the Sunnis and Shiites would get along like the Catholics and Protestants of the United States. Instead they get along like the Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland.

    Justin Trudeau assumed the Moslems will get along like the Catholics and Protestants of Canada.

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