I’ve been doing this internet “content” thing for a long while. For years, this blog was my main outlet, and it was quite successful. Millions of people have read my rantings and reporting on this very platform. When I came home at the beginning of this year and saw the #Killstream take off, I gradually moved away from writing. That’s a shame, because I genuinely love to do this. But, there are only so many hours in the day, although, I suppose that’s sort of an excuse. The longer you go without writing, the easier it is to, well, not write. You kinda just have to sit down and do it. Writers write, it’s that simple.

I guess the biggest thing that has slapped me in the face over the last seven to eight months, though, is how bankrupt most Ecelebrities are. I suppose, by some standard, I, might be considered an Eceleb myself. However, I don’t don’t see it that way. That begs the question, though.

Just what makes an Eceleb?

Over the years, I’ve come into contact with many of these exceptional individuals. Not all are bad, let’s get that out of the way first. But, by and large, they are the most duplicitous, double-dealing bunch of shitheads you could ever meet. They clique up. They have no honor and delight in their cults of personality. One thing is said in public, while a completely different one is said in private.

In short, they are fake. There is nothing real about these people, only the facade they present to the public. Nothing about them is worthy of respect. Again, #NotAllEcelebs, but when the percentage of bad apples veers towards 95, I feel comfortable making these sorts of generalities.

Eceleb frauds are perfectly fine smiling in your face while trying to ruin you behind you back. Their only loyalty is to the almighty dollar. Oh, and whatever eceleb clique they happen to have constructed. They delight in photo ops and “real life” meetups. But nothing about these people are real. Their brands are buillt on marketing and mendacity, nothing more.

Oh, but they’re perfectly OK with using you to their own ends. So long as you do not criticize them, or mock them, they will try to tantalize you with crumbs from their table. This can be a powerful pull for some. I know, speaking from experience, that there were times when I didn’t call out people when I should, when I let certain things slide because of who was doing them, simply because I didn’t want to “piss off the wrong people.” They could help me with my “career,” after all. Be wary!

As soon as you start to poke at them, even in the mildest possible ways, their attitude towards you changes. “This isn’t good for you, Ralph. Why are you ruining what you’ve built?!” The same people who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire are now so concerned with your welfare. At first, it’s laughable.

Then, it turns into something more than laughter, namely, disdain.

They soon take to running down your name, digging up past transgressions, and just generally smearing you in every way they can (mostly in private, by the way, but not always). The Eceleb doesn’t want to do this, you see. It was forced upon them! YOU MADE THEM DO THIS!

But the honest truth is, they were always scumbag con artists. They were always liars, more invested in the profit margin than in honest dealing. They’ve been doing dirt for years, and the sad thing is, you knew it all along, but you let it slide.

The funny thing I’ve noticed, though, is that people are hungry for no longer letting it slide. They want to mock this ridiculous culture of “community” that is in actuality nothing more than a way to separate you from the dollars inside your wallet. I’ve never been a fake, but I have let things these people go by the wayside without comment. That was my error…and it was also bad from a business perspective. I have never had more professional success than I have had in this calendar year. By all rights, this should have been my worst one on record, given what I was clawing back from and the hole I put myself in.

You know what changed that scenario, though? Well, luck certainly came into play on several occasions. I won’t ignore that. But the overall thrust of this year has been calling frauds out on their bullshit, no matter what their status in the “community” might be. I guess one irony of this has been that my own profile has risen, especially on YouTube. Yes, I take money for my work. I appreciate all patronage. But one thing you will never see me do is sell out. You will not witness me be something I’m not. And you will no longer see me let these phonies get a free pass.

Peacefully sunset the dishonest Eceleb.