On my Twitter feed this morning, one news story is dominating, and it concerns the recent troubles at the University of Missouri. The president and chancellor have both resigned under pressure from supposed unresponsiveness to alleged incidents of racism on campus. I’m not writing about that, though. Anyone who knows me knows that I deplore racism and I don’t co-sign it, ever. Still, there’s ways to react and ways not to react. Non-violent sit-ins, protests, public pressure, speeches, media editorialization…all those things are acceptable. You know what isn’t kosher? Trying to bully the media away from protester sites, calling for “muscle” to remove an exceedingly polite photog, and using the university police force to act as speech monitors on campus. All these things are happening right now at Mizzou.

First, let me turn it over to the shitheads at CNN so they can explain things a little bit…

Just hours after the president of the University of Missouri system resigned on Monday, the chancellor of the university announced he also was stepping down amid a controversy over race.

Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin told reporters that he would transition to a new role advancing research, starting January 1.

Loftin praised the efforts of graduate student Jonathan Butler, who ended his hunger strike earlier in the day. Butler had stopped eating last week, demanding the removal of university system President Tim Wolfe

African-American students at Missouri have complained of inaction on the part of school leaders in dealing with racism on the overwhelmingly white Columbia campus. Black student leaders have conveyed their displeasure over students openly using racial slurs and other incidents.

Now that we have the background to the entire conflagration, let’s take a look at what happened yesterday specifically. Jonathan Chait, an old-school liberal who I’ve talked about on these pages before, does an excellent job of summing it up

The student protest at the University of Missouri began as a response to a serious problem — outbursts of vile racism on campus — and quickly devolved into an expression of a renewed left-wing hostility to freedom of expression. At the protest on Missouri’s campus yesterday, on a space that is expressly open to free expression, protesters barred journalists from covering the demonstrations. In one scene, protesters surrounded and harassed Tim Tai, a photographer with the student newspaper, chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, journalists have got to go.” The scene is captured on a video here, which rewards close watching until the end, where Melissa Click, a professor of mass media working with the protest movement, calls out, “Help me get this reporter out of here. I need some muscle over here.”

Before I start the opinion part of this post in earnest, I thought it would be helpful to make things sort of like a guide, at first. So, here are the videos in question:

There are very few things that have enraged me as much this year as these videos have. I could literally feel the anger coursing through my veins. These are the same idiots who have run sane people away from Democratic politics. To be sure, many lefties don’t agree with this sort of behavior, as evidenced by Chait and others. But many of them are afraid to speak up for fear of being labeled a right-wing sympathizer, or worse, a racist/sexist/whatever-other-ist. It’s utter madness and the people who are staying silent are just as guilty as the young fascists in this video.

Also, there’s one person here who isn’t young, and that’s professor Melissa Click, the idiot rad fem who seems to have been organizing this whole shit show. The way she orders the students around like members of the Hitler Youth is legitimately disturbing. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, given her ludicrous background. I’ve known many Melissa Click’s in my lifetime, and they are all dangerous idiots who like to bully people when it suits them, all the while crying harassment when they receive treatment that is miles milder. It’s way past time for respectable lefties to stand up against this nuttery. Chait states it better than I probably can…

That these activists have been able to prevail, even in the face of frequently harsh national publicity highlighting the blunt illiberalism of their methods, confirms that these incidents reflect something deeper than a series of one-off episodes. They are carrying out the ideals of a movement that regards the delegitimization of dissent as a first-order goal. People on the left need to stop evading the question of political correctness — by laughing it off as college goofs, or interrogating the motives of p.c. critics, or ignoring it — and make a decision on whether they agree with it.

By the way, this Click fool is even more far gone than you could ever imagine. Take a look at some of her “work.” DRHKNZVE1bq9sp

This loony fucker is a glorified Salon blogger. Hell, I would probably trust one of those randos to teach my kids over this bullying bitch. I have to tip my hat to Tim Tai, the photographer from the videos, as well as Mark Schierbecker, the guy who recorded those videos. My God, how easy would it have been to snap and take a swing at one of these punks? I know I would have likely lost my composure. Look at these smug fuckers. How could you not? Well, they didn’t lose it, and I admire their grace under fire. Still, seeing one of these wackos get laid out WorldStar-style would have been hilarious.

Oh, and let’s not forget, Ms. Click wasn’t the only one to disgrace herself and her university. The employee who got involved needs to go as well. Logically, they might not even be able to fire Click, depending on her status and the tenure setup there in Missouri. I know this loser can get axed, though. v2DaA2p

The whole thing is just a complete travesty. Freedom of the press is a cherished right here in the United States, and I refuse to let hipster garbage fuck it up for the rest of us. If you want to protest, fine. If you want to sleep outside in some tent city, all well and good. But the moment you start to act like jackbooted thugs by curtailing press freedoms, your ass is done in my book. If the administrators at the University of Missouri don’t act on this, forcefully, then they should be fucking ashamed of themselves. End of story. I already wrote more on this than I had planned, so I’ll move on. Let me know what you think about this travesty down below. Also, give me some thoughts on Ms. Click in particular, if you can.


PS: Oh yea, don’t forget about this ultra-disturbing nugget…

  1. I’m as lefty as they come, and even I think this behaviour is fucking bananas. The reporter has every right to be at a public space, and unless he did something against the law, those spoiled brats have no right to tell him to leave.

    Even worse, that professor is supposed to be an expert in mass media, and she’s saying the media has no right to be at that event? That’s like a Michelin-starred chef telling you can’t eat a meal you ordered at a restaurant.

    1. You’re seeing an obvious pattern here. Whale Harper is famous for one thing: writing a script to block dissent. Sarkeesian turned down 10 grand from Milo to debate. Over in SFF the biggest asshat, John “white privilege” Scalzi, actually sports an illustration of him with his “banhammer” because he deletes and bans so much. Brianna Wu kicks people out of her talks over nothing. Femmes block speakers on college campuses routinely. Anti-GG deletes dissent en masse. The whole crew of rats blocks and deletes like they breathe.

    2. “This extreme leftist bullshit has to stop.”

      It’s hard to stop because they brainwash by indoctrinating this stuff into young people early in colleges. And it seems to me they’re trying to do it to school kids as well now.

      They’re basically moulding the next generation into the way they want them to be – authoritarian feminist bigots.

      It’s disgraceful.

    3. This might not apply to you, but all I have to say is the Left is reaping what it has sown, but unfortunately so are the rest of us.

      This is the end result of so many Leftist policies and demonizations of the non-Left side of politics. It does not matter how illiberal the SJWs and Feminists are, they are the end result of the slippery slope started in the ’70s straight on through to present day.

      The Left was happy to keep silent when they came for the Conservatives and Libertarians. Now that the Left is the useful idiots of the SJW hordes they are waking up to the beast they have been feeding for a couple generations now.

      1. the left may be revolting, but the right have been saying the same censorial prayers to the gods of media for decades, the left saw where thompson and friends went wrong and began at the education level while the right went straight for legislature before they had studies to back up the newest wave of baseless assertions. the left needs no studies because “everyone” “knows” what they taught at school so it must be accurate. . .
        Either way it is authoritarians trying to make laws on what you can and can not enjoy/say.

    1. At this point, I’d seriously question ANY young person’s decision to attend a university, unless they planned to stick to STEM courses and try to avoid the internal politics as much as possible. Between this and the obscene ‘rape culture’ line which is being used as a club on every guy with a pulse, you’d be better off taking courses online.

      1. Was it not like 8-10 years ago the governments in US and EU screamed out loud that not enough young people went to the university and we were in dire need of people with higher education?

  2. Was anyone else hoping that one of the people forming that circle would go turncoat the moment that cameraman arrived and create an opening for him by suckerpunching the people on both sides?

    “My God, how easy would it have been to snap and take a swing at one of
    these punks? I know I would have likely lost my composure. Look at these
    smug fuckers. How could you not? Well, they didn’t lose it, and I
    admire their grace under fire. Still, seeing one of these wackos get
    laid out WorldStar-style would have been hilarious.”

    Especially that cunt with the keep off the grass sign. Just…. good god, I was left wanting to wipe the grin right off of her smug face.

    1. “Especially that cunt with the keep off the grass sign. Just…. good
      god, I was left wanting to wipe the grin right off of her smug face.”

      Misogynist, sexist, woman-beater, rape-apologist, rapist, etc etc etc

  3. Good God, can you imagine what it’s like down at the local law enforcement office with these pricks dialling em up every time someone gets their fee fee’s hurt?

  4. Dr Melissa A Click? I fucking hate when people who aren’t doctors use that title. If you aren’t practicing medicine, you’re not a doctor.

    So what was their issue with that camera wielding psychopath, does he work for Fox News or something? There was plenty of other people filming yet they singled out the asian guy, these SJW’s are getting really fucking petty and insecure.

    I’m not too worried though as we’re all well aware, when these coddled babies hit the real world, their safespace fantasies are going to be raped into submission by reality.

    1. He was a Mizzou student stringing for ESPN. Ironically ESPN is totally on board with this madness. Bruce Jenner got their hero of all-time award or whatever that bullshit was.

  5. And as you know the origins of this lack of debate lies in the bizarre ideology these people are pushing. It’s no coincidence Click is a third wave feminist. In the ’60s students who protested loved open debate. That’s because they had something factual to debate. The reason Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian block debate is because their ideas are empty and fall apart if challenged. And the core of that ideology is the same as what happened at Mizzou: feminists and their obsession with racial “intersectionality.”

    Who wants to try and factually defend rape culture, cultural appropriation, white privilege, compulsory heterosexuality, misogyny and patriarchy? There’s nothing there. There are no facts, only racial and sexual smears and innuendoes that are nothing more than the same group libels anti-Semites and white supremacists push. White privilege is as “real” as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    Liberals have no business bitching. Though liberalism is not the source of this cult per se, liberals have given it credibility and shelter and so they are whining about monsters they themselves raised to institutional status. At some point Democrats are going to notice that most of them are white, heterosexual and half male. In other words they are future targets.

    1. Agreed. I like to consider myself a Leftist Socialist Libertrain similar to the one’s within the 1960’s who were for more free speech and for Civil Rights, not Feminism. Feminism is the ultimate con artist ideology.It’s no surprise it attracts the likes of Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian, the biggest con artists in current existence..

      Feminism tries to calim it’s helped people but it hasn’t .Even the Right to Vote wasn’t for all women, only rich white women. The frist 100 years of Feminism was built on actual White Privilege( Back when Segregation existed and non whites were actually oppressed),Homophobia,raicsim and even sexism.Feminism gave women the right to vote but actively opposed women’s accountably and equal pay for 40 years .Feminism was supportive of the KKK since the brith of the KKK and been so for over 90 years prior to Civil Rights and the Second Wave. Eqaul Pay was achieved without the help of Feminists, Voting Rights were achieved by the Civil Rights Movement, Feminists of the second wave did have the Freedom Feminist movement which did help the Civil Rights movement and i respect only those Feminists, but you also had the Marxists Feminists who want to undo the progress of the Civil Rights Movement out of their misguided and Misandrist revenge against the man.

      Funny enough Feminism is deeply connected to White Supremacy as much as the Nazis. Most Suffragette’s opposed Civil Rights and actively supported Segregation,The First Wave was especially connected to the KKK and were Nazi sympathizers Even the Nazis weren’t against Feminism, even though they banned most Feminist parties, they had the Women’s SS and there were actual literal Feminazis who helped with propaganda such as the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      Second Wave Feminism isn’t much better, at least the Radical Marxist branch. Considering my second wave radicals were Stalinists( Who supported killed homosexuals and ethnic minorities ) racism and Homophobia was alive and well within the second wave movement, they just hid it better because they know they would lose the useful Black Supremacist Feminist women who are useful for them to push this agenda of theirs to calim that “All Women suffered the same oppression” when none of these rich white women ever suffered anything close to oppression.

      I agree, the sad tragedy of the Left despite being right on LGBT rights, Civil Rights and most other things(Even though they stole that from the Libertrains and until 10 years ago, Democrats were also Anti Gay) was being too dependent on Feminist propaganda to win votes and that unfortunately also lead to alot of the problems the party faces such as race baiting and othe SJW bullshit. Look at how some of the Regressive Left are already turning on Berine Sanders because he’s not fully on board with Black Lives Matter or the false allegations of sexism by Hillary Clinton herself despite Sanders being a former Civil Rightst Actviist. I conisder myself Pro Sanders and Anti Clinton and wherever you agree with me on that or not, we can all agree Hiliary Clinton is the true blue SJW candaiadte and i would efect to even Trump if she supports campus cesnorship

  6. Let me start by saying I’m of the left but I dont care what anyone thinks of my opinion. Its mine not theirs so they can assume I’m on the right if they want. They are the morons not me.

    This whole situation is a cluster fuck. Why would anyone resign over something someone else did? These students are self entitled prick’s who need a very strong dose of reality. The world isn’t going to cater to them forever

    The way kids are being brought up where they always win and are always special and nobody can say anything to them ever about their behavior is deplorable and needs to stop. We are creating generation after generation that can’t handle any stress or adversity whatsoever.

          1. If these people cant handle conflict they shouldn’t be in these positions to begin with. How would they get where they are without being able to handle something simple like conflict?

          2. Probably something wrong in managerial culture. We are not electing or promoting good leaders. They are susceptible to humiliation politics, CEO’s and university presidents feels unable to use their powers against low level employes or thugs it’s quite the madness

  7. “Stop calling us Feminazis. WE ARE NOT NAZIS! Wait. You think different than we do? YOU MUST DIE!”

      1. It would be better to call them Femistasi since their methods are more Stasi-like than Nazi-like. The sad thing is it doesn’t sound “edgy” enough.

        But you are right the feminists are worse than nazis. Of course they say “we never gased people to death”. We all know they would if they could.

        The nazis at least had respect for each other. Unlike that self loathing piece of shit cult. Also the nazis fought on the battlefield while the femtards are mostly “brave” keyboard warriors.

  8. As revolting as that display was, there was a part of me that experienced a bit of schadenfreude watching a sympathetic photojournalist getting stabbed in the back by these SJW pricks.

  9. As a Left Winger, i condemn the regressive left, if ind them to be a worse threat to our future democracy than any force in this world and if we don’t stop them here in Universities, they would be the ones with a Nuclear Football in their hands and if you think they’re bad now, imagine whe n these regressive rule the world. If you want to see what Tumblr looks like when it has power, look at Sweden.

    Sweden wants to rip off the Bush Doctrine and use “Feminist foreign policy” to invade countries that don’t agree with Feminism or their branch of Feminism. Sweden’s army is is a joke and Sweden couldn’t even conquer Rhode Island let alone a country, however imagine if Feminists took over American politcs and became the Progressive equivalent to Neo Conservatism and established a Feminist foreign policy with our army ? It would be a worse reality than what we can anticipate.We can’t allow these radicals to take over the most powerful country in the world. If you think Neo Conservatives and Jesus Freaks are bad when they had the Nuclear Football, imagine a tumblrtard triggered next to a nuclear football.

    1. Unfortunately, neocons and democrats are the ones doing the feminist/democracy foreign policy. The Arab Spring was a disaster, thanks USA and Israel :^(

      1. Agreed. the left and right are filled with authoritarian, regressive ideologues. As for the Arab Spring, i hate to use a Right Wing talking point but ” Thanks Obama”

  10. Not much sympathy for Jonathan Chait. He is upset because the left is too busy attacking the left instead of right wingers. He will be the first to cry a ism if the target comes from the right.

    Not much sympathy for the media either. Their freedom of press was bought by left-wing bias and all their astroturfing and lies is hitting back at them. If these media outlets are leftist biased/based, then fuck’em.

    I don’t remember the source, but i have read about the French revolution killing more revolutionaries than their enemies(nobles, clerics and royal family). There will come a time when we need our own Stalin to purge the eXtreme lunatics. Might as well be Trump!

  11. Is this all because somebody shouted “nigger” at someone?

    I’m sick of people telling me that word is racist, then hearing it non stop in rap/hiphop/black culture.

    A word isn’t racist when used by one person but not by another, that’s fucking retarded. To me that’s a root of this, picking when something offends you.

    “Oh, Ice Cube can say it, but white people can’t, because it offends me when they do it.”

    And i would say the same thing to any black person on my campus.

    While driving by them at high speed, because all the black people in my state play for the college football team. And they can outrun me as I’m a pudgy pudge.

    1. Yet black people can call white people “crackers”, gloat about it and no-one bats an eyelid. Some black celebrity even tweeted something like “kill all crackers” after the white cop shoot the black guy and got away with it. Twitter retards were even celebrating it. Imagine if this situation was the other round?

      Apparently according to these Black Supremacists, you cannot be racist to Caucasians. Despite the meaning of racism being: “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races”.

  12. What is up with universities exploding this week? I’m never going back to one of those brainwashing machines ever again.

  13. Being in public is exactly like being on the internet. Everything you do while on/there can be used again you, and you should stop being a fucking child and deal with it. Simple as that. But besides that, I am honestly fucking disgusted.

  14. “Anyone who knows me knows that I deplore racism and I don’t co-sign it, ever. Still, there’s ways to react and ways not to react.”
    The problem with racism nowadays is the overreaction it get’s. It’s a real moral imperative nowadays, that a white guy saying the word nigger is more repulsive than murderers, pedophiles, etc.
    At least you guys still have the 1 ammendment. My country can jail someone for racial offenses, which is an overreaction in itself. All because of the fear of the anti christ Hitler making a return. He will eventually return if moral commissars continue to incite ethnic conflicts.

  15. The funny thing is that the not-so-free press is on their side, so i wonder what kind of shameless drivel they where engaging, apart from bullying journoulists that is

  16. I honestly don’t believe things have ever been any different. What HAS changed is that these lunatics are now being challenged. Mob rule has alwaya worked pretty good for the left: the closed shop being one example. Now it’s being challenged, they salty.

  17. This Glick woman’s resume is actually very common for college professors these days. A lot of pointless activist credentials, and very little else

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