GamerGate started as a consumer revolt against the lying, far-left gaming press that had basically declared war against its readers, but the scope of GG quickly expanded, especially after the mainstream media got involved on the side of the gaming press and the Professional Victims. For 2 year GamerGate has fought for free speech and meritocracy, against the lying media and their SJW allies. With those principles in mind, the US presidential election will obviously affect GG a great deal, given how issues like free speech and the future of the internet are very much at stake.

One of the two main candidates for president is Hillary Clinton, and as I have previously explained, she’s pretty much the antitheses of GamerGate:  A corrupt SJW anti-gamer candidate beloved by the Establishment and the crooked mainstream media. That’s already a very good reason to vote for her opponent, Donald Trump. Like it or not, Hillary and Trump are the only viable presidential candidates of 2016, so if you want to stop Hillary the only real way to do so is to vote Trump, or convincing other people to vote for him. However, I happen to believe that there is also a strong, positive case for voting Trump if you’re someone who at any point has supported GamerGate during the past 2 years.

Crushing Political Correctness

The SJWs that have infiltrated the gaming community and basically hijacked the gaming media have many goals, but in the short- and medium term it boils down to shoving political correctness down our throats. We’re no longer allowed to use certain words, you can’t ever use Protected Minorities as video game enemies, and depictions of sexy women are Forbidden. In some ways political correctness/cultural Marxism has actually come even further along in mainstream society: Insane, fact-defying and harmful gender politics are being imposed on children to normalize transgenderism, and crimes committed by people belonging to certain minority groups are covered up to combat “racism” and “bigotry”.

We’re in urgent need of drastic measures to break the stranglehold of this suffocating political correctness that has gripped western societies – and Donald Trump is basically an Anti-P.C Nuke. Trump is someone who always speaks his mind (sometimes to the despair of even his campaign staff), and has produced countless media meltdowns due to speaking forbidden truths and bluntly addressing sensitive subjects, on issues ranging from the black crime rate and the Muslim terror threat to simply pointing out that fat women make for crappy supermodels.

The point here isn’t even whether or not you agree with Trump’s individual statements, it’s that he in a very real sense is expanding the range of acceptable utterances by constantly blurting out politically incorrect viewpoints. As I made clear when talking about the Overton Window, Trump makes a lot of previously unthinkable opinions a lot more acceptable by endorsing and promoting them using his platform as a celebrity and candidate for president. To take just one example, Trump publicly talking about banning Muslim immigration has made it much easier to publicly advocate for, or at least voice sympathy for that view, without the conversation being immediately shut down by SJWs crying “bigot!”.

This is actually extremely valuable – with more than half of Democrats supporting the criminalization of speech they dislike, aka “hate speech”, free speech is very much under threat even in the US. Trump’s big mouth making people with controversial opinions feel more comfortable expressing themselves is a great way to counter the anti-free speech push from the left. Politically incorrect opinions often get labeled hate speech and later outright forbidden simply because people don’t dare express them for fear of social sanctions – online anonymity combined with Trump publicly putting out Hatefacts serve to make that Censorship strategy far less viable.

Stumping the Lying Media

If there’s one thing that defines GamerGate above all else, it’s probably distrust of and hostility towards the gaming media Establishment, as well as the Mainstream Media. Being libeled and smeared for 2 years straight does that to you. It should therefore be noted by all supporters of GamerGate that the media smear campaign against Trump is VERY similar to what GG has been subjected to:

Indeed, a sustained Anti-Trump propaganda campaign by the media is pretty much the only reason Hillary has been leading in the polls – scandals about Hillary are routinely buried and completely ignored, while nontroversies about Trump, like harmless male locker room talk, dominates the news cycle for many days. It very much reminds me of how GamerGate-related events receiving bomb threats never got attention from the gaming press, while fake stories about SJWs being harassed got wall-to-wall coverage. Most voters, having not ever been at the receiving end of a media smear campaign, can understandably find it hard to believe that so many journalists could so completely and consistently misrepresent a story – but people who have been involved in GamerGate should know better.

Trump winning the election would send an unmistakable message to the media – we no longer trust you and you can no longer achieve your desired socio-political goals by lying and misrepresenting reality. The mainstream media has been left-leaning for decades, but Trump’s candidacy represents the point where Establishment journalists completely gave up any pretense of objectivity and essentially became propagandists for Hillary. If this ends with a crushing defeat for them/Hillary, it could potentially force the journos to finally go through some painful, but necessary self-criticism, or alternatively give rise to a whole host of alternate news sources that can provide long-needed alternative perspectives. But if the MSM and Hillary win – well, why would they even need to rethink their current approach?

A referendum on Social Justice

This election could in the end not just shake up the media landscape – the American Left as a whole would be due for a re-invention if Trump wins. Left-leaning GamerGate supporters despairing at the current wave of SJW identity politics nonsense dominating left-wing discourse should take note; Hillary Clinton is pretty much the first Democratic presidential candidate embodying that development, and she plays the identity politics game constantly and shamefully. With a rapidly growing non-white US population already making Democrats eager to exploit anti-white identity politics to mobilize core voters, a Hillary victory would all but ensure that the Democrats move even further in the direction of the SJW Left. Not just because all their recent excesses will appear to have been vindicated by a Hillary victory, but because a Hillary win will enable them to import millions of new non-white Democrat voters.

A Trump win on the other hand would not just embolden all sorts of previously silenced and marginalized politically incorrect people, but also force the Left to do some serious soul-searching: If Trump really is the racist, sexist, homophobic and fatphobic monster Democrats have insisted that he is, they will have to ask themselves how they managed to throw away the election to such a deplorable scumbag. If they after a new look at the president-elect on the other hand conclude that maybe he’s not so bad after all, they will have to ask themselves what kind of mass delusion caused them to demonize him to such an extent. Either way Social Justice ideology will likely be identified as a possible culprit. A strong voter turnout among male and/or white voters would make it especially hard to ignore that Trump’s win was at least partly the result of an Anti-SJW Backlash – and Hillary underperforming among young voters might even get some people talking about a GamerGate Effect…

In the end, whatever flaws Trump may have, he’s pretty much the most effective Destroyer of SJWs in existence. His rudeness, his ego, his lack of a filter – all those are actually assets when dealing with SJWs. In one sense, he’s the bully we need to bully the SJW bullies and the media bullies currently waging war on free speech. Having dealt with these very people for years, we should know by now that you don’t beat them by playing nice. There’s a reason all the notable Anti-GamerGate SJWs hate and fear Donald Trump so much. They realize just how much is at stake – do you?


PS: Don’t worry False Equivalence Fools, I’m not going to ignore the elephant in the room. Yes, Trump once made a throwaway anti-gamer tweet several years ago, making his anti-video game history both a lot shorter and far less recent than that of Based Milo. If you seriously find the content of one tweet comparable to Hillary’s several decades-long history of anti-video game crusading, then I’m just content that you’re not voting for Hillary – being that friggin’ stupid, you’d be part of her Base under normal circumstances.

And no, my case for voting Trump in this article by no means encompasses all or even most of the reasons I personally support Trump – foreign policy for example is a big reason I prefer Trump over Hillary, what with me not being a fan of World War 3 and everything. This article is however about why GamerGate people specifically ought to vote Trump – and while we (due to being independent thinkers) may very much disagree on issues like foreign policy, health care and gun rights, it’s fair to say that support for free speech and opposition to political correctness is what brings us together – hence why that is the main thrust of this article.