Something really funny is happening today. People are desperately trying to spin against me due to getting their hands caught in the cookie jar, so to speak. The fact of the matter is, I could have been a whole lot nastier with what I wrote yesterday. In fact, I explicitly said that I held no ill-will against @GameDiviner, and that this was simply an effort to shine a light on a plan I thought was complete and utter bullshit from the start. I didn’t mention our lunch and what he told me because I wanted the heat on the plan and not the man. Hell, I didn’t even say anything negative on air last night either, until I heard him call me an SJW for outing his behind-the-scenes maneuvering. I felt bad for leaking it at first, but I no longer do. It’s clear that this needed to be presented to the community at-large so that it could be shot down and we could move on. It’s not about hurt feelings, it’s about killing a terrible idea. 

And it’s not just your average shit strategy, by the way. These people were talking about killing GamerGate altogether. GameDiviner told me that he figured he had built up the most clout out of all the ecelebs (verbatim quote), and that he was moving on a plan to end GamerGate. I was told, in person, that this plan had the support of Sargon of Akkad, Oliver Campbell, LeoPirate, mombot, CultofVivian, and  others (verbatim quote). Pressure was put on me to accept it then and there. I asked if Master Milo had been involved with these secret deliberations, and I was told no. GameDiviner said he hadn’t talked to him about it because as a writer, he had a strong financial motive to keep GamerGate going (verbatim quote). He also said that we had to keep GG from being used as a tool of the right wing (verbatim quote). I pressed on this, and was told Milo would be notified. Later on, (through back-channels because I didn’t want to involve him directly), I got word that he thought this was just as dumb as I did.

To be fair, GameDiviner said he didn’t want to leave me behind to take the blame for anything the supposed radicals who would be left might do. He was really concerned with them committing an act of violence, which I thought was preposterous. This is an anti-GamerGate talking point, not ours. We’ve yet to commit any violence so far, so why would it be a danger now? It’s just silly, and regardless, I can handle myself.

Here’s GameDiviner, Paolo Munoz, from his KiA thread earlier today. It pretty much confirms what I just told you:KzBxW1e

By the way, it’s all good. Despite people like the tone policing CultofVivian (which sounds as insane as the person running the account actually is), I hold no ill-will towards Mr. Munoz. In fact, this was nothing more than me doing what I felt needed to be done. I wanted the plan to die, because I thought it was idiotic (for many, many reasons). Once I got a hold of the doc they were passing around, which repeated many of the same arguments Munoz had told me to my face, I knew it had to be spotlighted so the community could destroy it. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened.

Now, people are free to take this account of mine, or they can leave it. But I can tell you for a fact, that it is 100% true. I will be addressing all this again tonight on stream at 6PM EST, but after that, I think I’m done with all this bullshit. At the end of the day, the plan to kill off GamerGate is dead, and we’re all better off for it.

(By the way, I didn’t come up with the GamerGatePros name, that was the dumbass (@TheQuQu) who actually wrote the document from yesterday.)

    1. Yeah just be upfront with this kind of stuff. Otherwise you’ll get the same reaction GG had to a certain other group dedicated to scheming behind the scenes…

      I’m not going to fight/insult anyone beyond saying that how they intended to handle this was incredibly dumb. To seriously think you could treat pro-GG people like this is lolworthy given how much we despise the secret group planning bs.

  1. Whatever man, as long as you present me with the facts and let me make my own conclusions, I’m more than happy to read up on your opinions as well!

    Since life keeps happening and I always tend to get out of the loop at times, I find your site invaluable in keeping me informed on what’s going on with GamerGate. Many thanks!

  2. Thanks for exposing this fucking retarded plan. I have to admit I was pretty shocked to find out that it wasn’t SJWs behind it…Especially so much of the language in the document sounded like it came straight from the mouth of an SJW.

    People going after you for posting that article are equally retarded. There were no names in it, just the plan. If GG is to die, it should die a natural death. Honestly, I’ve been wanting it to end for months now, myself…But there are still battles to be fought and GG still has value. Artificially killing GG is stupid as all fucking hell and the way that plan was laid out, it would hurt and destroy communities.

    Not to mention even if we did disband GG, the accusations and SJWs would follow us for years. GG may die, but we will always be GGers. And they think simply claiming victory would work? It would only empower the SJWs, they will see it as having conquered their greatest and most resilient adversary. Indie devs would be under bigger threat of falling in line or never getting exposure, AAA would have more and more pressure on them from SJWs and the gaming journos wouldn’t have to face any consequences from their actions.

    I can’t express just how disappointed I am that people within GG would try to kill it like this. It’s shady as fuck.

      1. It was a surrender statement prettied up to sound like a victory statement. It’s funny how words can be twisted to feed people a story about victory when in reality it’s nothing more than giving up.

    1. One leaves the Gamergate brand behind once it has been completely vindicated. A lot of men gathered in one place – or whites – is not a crime. Fuck Moosa and Jubal.

  3. I was told, in person, that this plan had the support of Sargon of Akkad, Oliver Campbell, LeoPirate, mombot, CultofVivian, and others (verbatim quote).

    So are the above-named people actually supportive of disbanding GG?

      1. Even the best of people think a lack of utter and complete rejection is tacit approval.

        I like Paolo, so saying no in the terms I’d want to is out of the question, it would be like kicking a puppy.
        Goes to show what building up “credibility” can do, give them a false sense of authority or certainty.

        I sort of get where MAYBE he wanted to go with this, but the language of it alone was enough to drive most of us to a frothing rage. It was basically like reading “gamers are dead” all over again.

  4. OH I SEE…

    Political correctness is now required?


    The moment you have ZERO dissent and 100% correctness we no longer have a movement, we have a church filled with sheep.

    You go to Church to be told, never to ask questions.

    I am a Neo-Troll but still a troll that is why I do not represent gamergate but fuck, that need to go around in secret and talk to “e-celebs” is a giant redflag, YOU GIANT HYPOCRITES @cultofvivian & @gamediviner

    1. Exactly. Fuck being PC for any reason, fuck censorship. That’s the shit that damaged GG so much last fall. I stand by what Internet Aristocrat said, all we had to do was “attack, attack, attack.” That’s how we win this, PR is a distraction, charities for sea lions are a distraction. Dig, expose, attack.

      Look at Nyberg, she’s practically on the run now. She’s been reported to the feds and there is seemingly an endless source of proof against her. Her god damned cousin’s parents confirmed ALL the pedophilia accusations against her. This could have been done last fucking fall if we kept on the attack rather than letting stupid bullshit be distractions.

  5. …against my better judgment…

    Being a neutral (and in the proposed GG Commission), I’m not involved in this fiasco, but I have first hand knowledge of what went down. I’m not going to go into details, but yes, it was a shitty plan, right off the bat, that was doomed to fail.

    Regardless, while I don’t think it’s fair to throw @gamediviner under the bus, I personally believe that a) he didn’t intend it to be received as has been portrayed b) regardless of the premise and/or motivation, @netscape9 had no business leaking privileged conversation. I understand why he did it, but it still doesn’t make it right.

    And I’m going to ding Ralph, just this one time, for not giving @gamediviner the opportunity to comment (for the articles) on and explain his motivation for trying to “end” GG.

    It’s all over now. So kiss and make up. And you bastards better not split into factions because I’m not in the mood to have to keep track of more than one GG entity, trying to figure out friend from foe etc. I like it just the way it is whereby I only have to keep track of the genuine GG folks, and the fringe ass-clowns masquerading as GG and doing/saying stupid shit around the clock. Being neutral is hard work as it is already.

    That is all.

    Grandpa out. 🙂

      1. Yeah, if you notice, this is my very first time commenting here. But since I know both parties involved, as well as first-hand knowledge of what went down, I felt that I had to say something because people were already making up shit as they go along due to there being differing accounts of how it all went down.

        Plus, I’m involved (as a neutral party) in the “GG Commission”, so I figured that it was time to take one in the chin, given the very strong and diverse opinions* being tossed about.

        * in some cases, mostly an abundance of irrelevant and inconsequential fuckeries that tends to lead to wars

    1. Consider my cap doffed Derek. Thanks for the input. Nice to see you again

      PS: With you 100% on the Star Citizen vaporware fuckery. Have at them mate.

        1. It smells like a variation of what we in Britland call a “Long Firm Fraud” to me Derek, and I investigated more than a few back in the day.
          All you have to change around is replacing the suspects obtaining goods on credit with getting fans and gullible mugs to make a large initial investment, then keep selling them expensive but ultimately useless products on the back of the original idea – in this case spaceships with which to decorate their space garages. The end game is to identify when the money pot is full as it will be, then do a runner after pocketing the cash, or sending it on a nice little run through a daisy chain of accounts, covered by fake invoices for services and expenses.
          Star Citizen has stunk from just after its launch. When I saw Letsplayers I watch crowing about this new spaceship model in their garage which was just a 3d rendered geegaw with no practical use I smelled a rat. The makers throwing the fans bones like the crappy modules now and then just looks to me like the suspects keeping the mugs anesthetized while the money keeps rolling in.
          Thing is, I doff my cap to them…..they must be channeling the spirit of PT Barnum with the amount of cash they have raised on the back of bunkum.

    2. And I’m going to ding Ralph, just this one time, for not giving
      @gamediviner the opportunity to comment (for the articles) on and
      explain his motivation for trying to “end” GG.

      I’m going to have to disagree with you on that.

      It’s not exactly a secret Ralph & Paolo are friends, if Ralph did that it would just be fodder for “damage control” theories.

      This way Ralph made it very clear that he’s being honest on this and that does wonders for keeping paranoia down.

      Plus the best friend is the one willing to put your ass down if you go too far, it’s why Superman gave Batman a bullet made of Kryptonite.

      P.S. Derek, why don’t you use your reputation as a complete egomaniac to your advantage?

      e.g. “This is one of the most unrealistic, hubristic plans I have ever seen. And I’m Derek Smart”.

      1. *sigh*

        “P.S. Derek, why don’t you use your reputation as a complete egomaniac to your advantage?”

        This is why we fight.

        I mean seriously, what exactly was the point of the insult?

        How does this help at all? How do insults help anything?

        Anti-social clowns are a) why we fight b) why shit-posting and anti-social bullshit, takes a back seat to meaningful discourse.

        Which is precisely why most who act this way, can’t ever be taken seriously – as in ever. In short, they are the problem, and simply cannot be relied upon to be a part of the solution.

        Which are you?

        1. Which are you?

          I’m the person pointing out an easy way to turn a negative (“That Derek Smart guy is a complete egomaniac!”) into, at minimum a lesser negative (“That Derek Smart guy is poking fun at himself? I guess he can’t be that bad”).

          It’s fact of life that you can’t have meaningful discourse unless both sides are willing to listen.

          This idea makes people more likely to not just blow you off, even if only for comedy value.

          And even they’re just paying attention because they like your little jokes, they’re still paying attention and that gives you an opportunity to convince them.

          Humor is part of rhetoric after all.

          1. Well, if you put it like that, it makes perfect sense.

            Somehow, I completely missed the entire premise, not to mention the context. Good thing I asked for clarification, right? 🙂

            So in hindsight, my response very well applies to the target audience of your missive.

            Well played sir, well played. 🙂

            *slow clap*

          2. My advise would have to just say something like “and does this help at all? How do insults help anything?”

            Because “are you completely devoid of any personality trait remotely related to, you know, being civil?” could be taken as insulting.

    3. I’m going to have to disagree with you too; this should have been exposed as well as the people who came up with it and supported it. They’re not above being exposed for a crappy idea. I consider netscape9 a whistleblower. Keep up the good work, ralph

  6. I listened to the streams with Ralph, Sargon, and Paolo. I’m very sure that the plan to “end GamerGate” was retarded. I’m also very sure that Ralph and whoever else exposed this did the right thing.

    There are several “problems” that some can’t seem to get over. These are problems that “enging GamerGate” was supposed to magically solve.

    One problem is how triggered some are at people using “GamerGate” or “Gater” as an identity. I personally don’t do that. If someone does, I don’t give a shit.

    Another problem is the leftist media will always slander gamers and “GamerGate” with the most insane shit. The right will also continue to do the same thing (excluding guys like Milo and Baldwin, they’ve stood up for us time and time again). That’s what out of touch liars do. It won’t matter if you change the hashtag, as much as you want to believe that it will, the media will continue to lie about you. Hit pieces on gamers also proves the point that the media lies and is highly biased. Continue to use the medias’ lies against them.

    I’ve said this before, but I don’t see any of the liberal gamers suddenly turning into staunch conservatives. It just isn’t going to happen. If you fear “GG” being used as a tool of the right, you’re stupid.

    So, next time, if you have an idea like this, don’t do it in the shadows. You’re not a cunning Machiavellian. Just openly discuss your plan and be honest about trying to include everyone in that plan.

    1. The irony is that if Gamergate has bad associations with the name that is precisely the point of fighting this thing in the first place. The nutcases leading this charge against gaming are straight up liars. If they’ve tainted the brand well… untaint it – with the truth. People like Wu need to be made to worry about the ethics of their own movement, not we ours. They are the ones who operate like a KKK with their quotes about “insecure white men” and “male tears.”

  7. This is shady shite right here. I thought GamerGate was supposed to be a mass consumer movement rather than some SJW GameJournosPros-tier shit. I’m sure some of their motives may have been agreeable; but the whole behind-the-scenes aspect of it certainly isn’t.

  8. Cortés burned his ships after he landed so that his men would have to conquer or die… I have never been sure of the wisdom of this strategy, but I certainly wouldn’t suggest setting fire to the ship while you are still on it and still at sea!

    That is what they propose. The hastag is a rallying point, killing it would like setting fire to the flag at Iwo Jima.

    The corrupt journalism is the symptom, but Social Justice is the cause. You guys have to keep going until SJWs are a laughing-stock and nobody wants to be associated with the label, their ideology or their tactics. While #GamerGate can act as a media watchdog, we are capable of leaving it to launch other campaigns as we have just done with #PeDont. (Attack their ideas where ever you find them, and that includes withing GG)

    Likewise you will see a few of us here who are veterans of Elevatorgate and Atheism+, we kept on fighting even though we weren’t rallied behind a hashtag, we just knew who the enemy was. We did move on to the next thing, but there was a next thing to move onto. Things will run their course naturally.

    1. I agree. Does anyone really think this alliance of naive, hateful and insane people selling this feminist ideology are going to fold up their tents and go away? If anything, rather than worrying about Gamergate as a brand name, I’d be concentrating on creating a new name for this hate movement other than “feminism.” What we are calling “SJWs” are not feminists or part of that movement. It far more resembles a Lesbian Liberation Ideology than “feminism.” Anyone who doesn’t understand why I wrote that needs to start doing their homework. Every single thing Wu, Sarkeesian and all the rest are selling comes direct from radical lesbian politics of the late ’60s with the later racial add-on known as “Third Wave” or “intersectionality.” You only need ask yourself what the opposite of the “straight white male” is to figure this one out. It is not an ideology of peace and love but of supremacy and hatred. Why be surprised so many mental cases and racists are attracted to it?

      1. You said ~”I’d be concentrating on creating a new name for this hate movement”

        I have been thinking exactly the same thing. I remember back in the day using labels like “The loony left” and “The lunatic fringe” to combat the left. Don’t get me wrong, we had the arguments to back it up, we could debate them and trounce them, but we could also throw these labels at them as a means of dismissing them… much like they do with us. If they refuse to debate the issues, then we should just be dismissing them as the loony left. But even that is not a sufficient label, they are authoritarian and as you say, hateful.

        1. I just want a name for them which is accurate. These people get a lot of credibility just by using the word “feminism,” which most Americans identify with the old equal rights feminism, a thing I support. Basically this sick cult has hijacked that word, a thing they did right at the beginning since they considered themselves a splinter movement from that equal rights feminism and self-identified as “radical feminists.” But it’s time we used a term that is accurate and true, and Lesbian Liberation Ideology is a true reflection of what they are selling, although the term doesn’t address that later racial add-on which is now a crucial part of it. What Anita Sarkeesian is selling is a fusion of bell hooks and Judith Butler’s French Queer Theory; the same is true of Wu, Laurie Penny and the lot of them. “SJW” is an okay term between us but confuses anyone on the outside. LLI is the closest I can come.

      2. If anything, rather than worrying about Gamergate as a brand name, I’d be concentrating on creating a new name for this hate movement

        We call them “SJWs”.

        Don’t be fooled by anyone claiming “SJW is a meaningless term” (that’s what SJWs have been claiming for a while) or “but SJW doesn’t have much traction” (1. That’s going to be far more true of any new term. 2. “SJW” is starting to become a mainstream term).

        We don’t need any new term for these people, we just need to expose them.

        If you’re on Twitter, look up Ben Dalton, he’s got some experience in these matters.

        1. I’m must going by what people on the edges say. One SF author claimed “SJW” included the Army of the Potomac, another Gene Roddenberry. It’s pretty clear “SJW” is a useless term when it comes to analyzing exactly how to fight back. It needlessly attacks many liberals who are not in fact SJWs.

          1. One SF author claimed “SJW” included the Army of the Potomac, another Gene Roddenberry.

            They’re either an SJW themselves (in which case keep using it and they’ll eventually expose themselves) or a dupe of SJWs (in which case keep using it and they’ll probably eventually realize they’ve been had).

            It’s pretty clear “SJW” is a useless term when it comes to analyzing exactly how to fight back. It needlessly attacks many liberals who are not in fact SJWs.

            No, that’s what SJWs want you to think.

            Anyone labeling themselves an SJW is going to learn that it’s a bad idea. Either because they outed themselves, or because they basically said “I’m with these psychos”.

        2. An Authoritarian by any other name, would smell like just as much stinky asshole –

          But a name already exists –

          Frankfurt School Adherents, Cultural Marxists…..

          1. That doesn’t have the same traction, “SJW” is showing up at an increasing rate in normal discourse.

            Don’t be surprised if the Democrat candidate name drops SJWs as something they’re not before November 8, 2016.

            Obama has denounced political correctness on campus after all.

          2. And if I believed anything that came out of his mouth, that might make a difference.

            All I did when I saw him say that, was laugh. Because it was supremely hypocritical.

            But most people called me a conspiratorial right-wing nutjob anarchist or whatever the fuck else, when I mentioned their actual name…. yet, SJW is free of that baggage, and many of those people who would have discounted me before using the correct terminology for them, are now suddenly aware of what they are, that they exist, and how bad they are….

            To your credit, comrade, you did not discount me, which I have said before, is very, very unusual for people I interact with on the Left.

          3. And if I believed anything that came out of his mouth, that might make a difference.

            Believe him Don’t believe him.

            The important thing is he said it completely unprompted, which means he believes shoving the PC brigade under the bus is the right thing to do.

            And whether he believes it’s the morally right thing to do, the politically right thing to do, or both, the important thing is he shoved them under the bus.

            That should tell you something about the future prospects of SJWs.

          4. For the guy who wrote the ‘Dear Colleague’ letter all but directly, and spawned the entire witch hunt series that followed, that would be quite a departure from his prior position.

            Maybe he’s finally reached the point in the plan where the Useful Idiots are more hassle than they are worth…. which is not necessarily good news.

          5. Maybe he’s finally reached the point in the plan where the Useful Idiots are more hassle than they are worth

            Or maybe he realizes that we’ve hit peak SOCJUS and from now on they’re going to be an increasingly large millstone around the neck of anyone they’re affiliated with.

          6. Dude, did you see what South Park did?

            Did you see how SJWs reacted?

            Do you know that South Park now has continuity?

            So say hello to an entire season of South Park giving SJWs the Scientology treatment.

          7. I did see it and I laughed my ass off. 🙂

            I heard there was much salt and much butthurt, yes.

            Trey and Matt are about as based as Milo, and I love them for it.

      3. I think they should be called hate(gay)s (Replace gay with another word for it that starts with f.) They seem to hate everyone including themselves, and they are usually LGBTQP (P is for pedo) etc.

  9. If people were attacking you for bringing their big plan into light, than that just means that their plan was retarded one.

  10. After i listened to the streams and i understood a little better, i reinforce my conclusion that this plan is utter shit. By the sound of it, this was a plan to force expansion so people alienated because they weren’t gamers could join, the problem is that you don’t need to destroy the former to produce the latter. If people want a movement for non-gamers to push back against the SJW’s, all they have to do is make a combined effort towards a new tag. There’s scandals aplenty. I agree with Ralph, if we abandoned the identity altogether, i think we would lose a lot of strong allies that would lose interest if they felt that either their job was done or the focus was no longer about gaming. If a new group for comics, or movies or just people in general was formed, there’s no reason GamerGate couldn’t remain and work in tandom with them. Sometimes to create, one must first destroy…but this just isn’t one of those times.

    1. As someone who came into this whole thing because he hates Post Modernists FIRST and is a gamer SECOND, the whole “we need to change this because non-gamers feel like they’re not welcome” is complete and total bullshit. We had such a group ready to back us right at the start: The MHRM, and the majority within our ranks told them to fuck off because we didn’t want to be tainted by association with them. That’s exactly what the MHRM ended up doing.

      The fact of the matter is the only people who would be willing to join us in masse who are non gamers are conservatives of several different shapes and sizes, MRAs, the Rabid Puppies, and 35+ year old immigrants from Eastern Europe.

      You know, all the same people most of these tonefags have been saying we have to keep out lest our pure, pseudo-liberal insurrection against Social Justice Warriors be tainted by the validity their totally balanced and down to earth hatred of all things conservative, anti-feminist, and anti-marxist.

      I’m glad I never liked or trusted Sargon. He always struck me as a loud mouthed British weasel. The rest of these fuckers, outside of Oliver, are people I’ve never even heard of before.

      By all means, lets roll over them like we’ve rolled over anyone who plotted against us.

      1. I agree with you on everything but the Sargon point. I watched the followup stream they did earlier, and if i understood correctly, Sargon neither backed nor rejected it.

        1. Ehh.. be that as it may, I’ve had issues with him since before GG. I’ve just never trusted the guy. Call it irrational.

  11. Nope. Nope. All my nopes. The idea of “GamerGatePros” goes in direct opposition to what gamers started fighting against with GameJournoPros. Why did someone think this was a good idea? Gamers involved in GamerGate want transparency and ask for transparency. But some folks are hanging out in their little cliques and stupid Skype groups and talking in private about how to end a hashtag. That’s not very transparent, is it?

    In the last year, a lot of us who used hashtag-GamerGate made friends and formed a diverse community with people we wouldn’t have met otherwise. There are folks who want that to go away because they’re tired of a hashtag?

    You know how to end a hashtag? Stop using it. Close your browser. Walk away. YOU do it. No one else can do it for you. I say all the time that the only person I am responsible for is myself. You are responsible for you, no one else.

    Are the progressives going to quit demonizing gamers because a bunch of us using Twitter decide to stop pressing the hash key? Of course not. This is so much more than social media. If the sacred hashtag dies, the ideals behind what GamerGate stands for are not going to disappear overnight. Too many pissed off people are aware of the problems infesting our cherished hobbies. Gamers — and now groups like the Sad Puppies and comic book fans — are united and fighting a politically correct army of monsters. Social media is a tool in this war, but it isn’t the only one at our disposal.

    Remember when angry gamers sent emails? You can still do that, with or without a happening. Don’t give bad websites your clicks. Vote with your wallet. Do what you need to do. If a hashtag works for you, tag stuff. If emails work for you, send them. If you don’t want a political agenda shoved down your throat when you’re trying to read game reviews, don’t go to those websites. You know the drill. But you must be the one who does it for yourself.


    1. “You know how to end a hashtag? Stop using it. Close your browser. Walk away. YOU do it. No one else can do it for you.”

      Nailed it.

  12. A month ago you were sharing pictures of Vivian’s birthday, and now you’re throwing ad hom’s at her and insulting her and calling her “SJW-lite”? Quit your bullshit and have some decency man.

    1. How about you fuck off with your tone policing instead? Ralph did the right thing and got attacked for it. So he attacked right back.

      1. Criticized =/= attacked. Did you even read the tweets you dense fuck? Besides he’s full of shit. He doesn’t want to “put the heat on anyone”, but gets his knickers in a twist because she criticized her and calls her stupid and ugly and all this childish shit. He’s being a little bitch who can’t stand criticism and is interested in drama for more clicks. The plan would’ve failed anyway, he’s just stirring up shit.
        If your defense relies on ad hom’s, you basically admit you have nothing productive to say. So you can fuck off right yourself.

        1. If he couldn’t stand criticism, he wouldn’t be responding as he is.

          Your moral signalling and blatant use of non sequiturs (A sysmptom of not seeing the forest for the trees) just shows me how much of a internet debate cuck you are.

    2. Why do you give a flying fuck if an attention-whoring cosplayer, who couldn’t even build an identity with actions and words, has “mean words” thrown at her? She shows up with a social media presence built solely upon embodying a mascot, and you start fawning over her like she’s real? JFC, you cucks.

      On top of that, she seems all too eager to plan this bullshit in private, with the intention of rolling it out at “the end of October”, behaving precisely like the GameJournoPros. This is what eceleb worshipping gets you.

  13. Just who the FUCK do these people think they are? If they want Gamergate to die so much why don’t THEY fuck off? The arrogance of such a plan is a slap in the face to everyone that has held the line for the last year. And now people are going after Ralph for doing a fucking public service to the community, trying to split GG’ers even further by getting us to argue about what he did was “ethical” or not. Well fuck the noise, guys! Ralph did what any one of us would have done in his shoes, and fuck anyone who thinks it’s a good idea for a silly little cabal of backstabbing cunts to run GG into the ground “for the benefit of the community of course, don’cha know”.

    You fucking stupid fucking collosal fucking twats.

  14. I wasnt pissed off with your exposing the plotting Ralph, I was pissed off with you for having a misplaced (IMHO) sense of friendship with these fuckers that prevented you from exposing them for who they are. I wanted to know who the fucksters are not out of any wish for retribution, or so they could be dogpiled a la Fat Randi, but so I can be informed and prepared for any future spineless fuckery they choose to pull.
    Y see old chum I stand right by your side on this.
    I play strategic wargames like Total War, and as far as I see if the past year has just been the opening battles in a campaign for total domination. The battlefield is not clear, and our enemies still hold their positions. Yes we have harried their ranks, and yes we have delivered some devastating attacks. Our skirmishing has sent them into retreat on the flanks, but that retreat has only been partial. The opposition still have their entrenched positions and fortresses. The first battles may have been won, but the war is far from over.
    And I will be fucked before I surrender one inch of the hard won yards we have advanced on this battlefield to the rainbow haired lardasses who stand sneering at us from their positions on the hill, just because some jelly spined pea brained TwitterFags have a case of the jitters and are pissing their panties.
    This is no time to pat ourselves on the backs and slink off through the cannon smoke. Its time to reform, reload, grit the teeth and march forward again.

    Raise High The Black Flags…No Pity…..No Surrender!

    1. ^^^^^^^^ THIS, This is exactly how I feel we should stand as #Gamergate.

      As those that say “we had to keep GG from being used as a tool of the right wing (verbatim quote).” Seem to forget that it was the right wing press and Master Milo/Breitbart specifically that treated #GamerGate fairly, and yes that might be because those that are attacking us are also natural enemies of the right.

      These are also it appears to me the same ethics only / don’t fight the culture war clowns, that think we should stop attacking the SJW / Progressive Left that have spent the last year slandering all supporters of #GamerGate as terrorists, rapist’s, pedophiles (which is ironic since its the aGGros that have the pedophile amongst them) and mass killers.

      Only problem with that is if we surrender to the SJW’s and only fight the ethics battle then the SJW / Far left gang win the culture war making the ethics only battle a colossal waste of thousands of people’s time, money and effort.

      Anyway that’s my rant over, sorry if its incoherent or more surprisingly makes some form of sense, I’ve been awake for 34 hours and it’s 03:14 here and sleep is still hiding from me.

      1. I wish I could be that coherent after a 34 hr stint awake…. those glory days of my youth are far behind me now.
        Well said, thanks for the input, and hit those zeds chum.

        1. You know, this is the exact situation Admiral Farragut was in. The enemy was entrenched, with mines (called torpedoes at the time) between his ships and their fortifications, one ship hit a mine and sank, causing the others to pull off. When he asked what the delay was in blitzing the bay, one of the men replied “torpedoes.” We need to respond as he did: “Damn the torpedoes.”, said Farragut, “Four bells, Captain Drayton, go ahead. Jouett, full speed.”

    2. It’s better to give them a chance to come clean before exposing them.

      If they out themselves then it’s a sign they can learn, if they don’t out themselves it’s easier to expose them because their numbers have been depleted by the deserters.

      It’s the same reason a competent general will give assurances of safety to any enemy soldiers who throw down their weapons and go home or to cities who surrender before the siege starts.

      Also SOCJUS has taken a lot more damage then you think, GamerGate could die tomorrow and the fire we started will continue to rise.

      Of course we’re going to keep going because the longer & harder we fight the faster SOCJUS & the corrupt journos fall.

      Obama has denounced political correctness on campus, what does that tell you about the current political prospects for SJWs?

      1. Bill Clinton did the same thing back in the late 90s and again sometime before the mid term 2014 elections. He was FAR more explicit in his condemnation.. saying, and I quote, “I believe that in ways large and small, peaceful and sometimes violent,
        that the biggest threat to the future of our children and grandchildren
        is the poison of identity politics that preaches that our differences
        are far more important than our common humanity.”

        The 2014 mid term elections were an utter decimation for the Democrats, in part, because of their high dependency on identity politics and grievance mongering to score political points with West Coast and New England progressives.

        Obama denouncing political correctness isn’t going to help these people a damn, especially since Obama depends on a number of BS left wing argumentative tactics himself.

          1. I’m going to have to watch more of the video to get a better understanding of the conversation, but based on this little bit, it’s sounds like Sargon is saying that the movement should branch off and sort of become more organized. Evolve in a sense. But he is using the word “end” a few times so I can’t really tell for sure. Throwing this into my watch later so I can hear it when I’m less tired.

  15. “Those that remain will definitely agitate into violence” says Gamediviner.


    I’ve lost quite a deal of respect for Gamediviner with those words. Scaremongering at its worst.

    Gamergate for life.

  16. Ya know my biggest problem with you in this instance, Ralph?

    You’re being an even bigger dick to your allies than usual.

    Yeah, this needed to come out. But you’ve basically flamed these people because you thought this plan was bad. It’s one thing to tell us that QuQu had a plan for an endgame to the tag, it’s another thing entirely to crucify him for it.

  17. Everyone unbunch your panties. It was just a stupid idea that never would have went anywhere. Unless you actually believe he almost shut down a decentralized movement and would have got away it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

  18. Allow me to put this simply: If you, and by “you” I mean every single e-celeb person who was involved, decided that it was in your best interests to form this plan in the shadows…then you knew full well what you were doing was wrong and shady. That right there should have been enough for you guys to take a step back and go….WTF are we doing?

    I’ve had just about enough of e-celebing. You guys are letting this go to your head. Clearly what we have learned here is that YOU wish for GG to end. Like I said, it’s as easy as just leaving. I.E. stop participating. We don’t need yet another farewell letter as if GG is this thing that’s bigger than what it is. Nobody introduces you when you join and we don’t care when you leave. Just stop. That’s all.

    I love all you guys and I will always respect you for standing up for what you believe in, but…just stop and leave. Why you gotta act like you’re a step above the rest of us, trying to be leaders of a leaderless movement, and making plans in secret? WTF? What the fuck is that all about?

    Boy oh boy, the media and SJWs would kill for us to be gone. They went unchecked for years by the masses. It took Zoe Quinn to get the masses to join up for a fight that went no where for the longest time. And now that we have had the media personas in panic mode for months, you want to END our progress? You end it now or anytime soon and things go back to status quo. NEVERMIND the fact that regardless of some sites finally including and updating ethical policies, they continue their years long status quo behavior. And that’s with GG still going. And you want to END it???

    Again, I love you guys, but please if you want GG to end then just leave, and for you it’s over. We’ll continue on.

    To Ralph I say, I find it difficult to even call you an e-celeb. You meet all the criteria, but there is clearly a difference between the people’s champ and the typical person who is relatively in your shoes in one form or another. This right here is the prime example of that difference. Keep on trucking and keep your peers straight because us mere peasants are obviously not good enough to be included in the cool kids club, and frankly, a cool kids club shouldn’t fucking exist. We are either in this together or we got nothing. Together we are strong. Divided we are weak.

    Derek is right. Blood need not be spilled. Make up and move on. Or else so help me God I will fuck you all a new asshole for fucking things up in the 7th hour. Man and woman the fuck up and make up.

  19. I cannot imagine why they thought this ridiculous plan would work, leaked or not. Maybe e-fame hit them a bit too hard so they imagined they actually hold some kind of power over this movement. One thing they they need to remember tho, most people didn’t know about half of them before GG, they were uplifted because GG appreciated them in some way, it was never and never will be the other way around. Now, I’m all for them having a different kind of an opinion on the direction GG should take, but this just smells of a sjw’s trying to bring us down in the shadows, and the fact that it’s not the sjw’s makes it worse. It reminds me of the indoctrination process in Mass Effect, it comes slow and you don’t even know when it happens. Ending Gamergate is not acceptable and it will not be acceptable until we reach our goals. If they came up and brought the issues GG has on the table for discussion that would be something I could stand behind. But this “let’s secretly end gg because it has issues” is wrong on more than one level.

    1. Maybe e-fame hit them a bit too hard so they imagined they actually hold some kind of power over this movement. One thing they they need to remember tho, most people didn’t know about half of them before GG, they were uplifted because GG appreciated them in some way, it was never and never will be the other way around.

      All power they wield is solely that given by all the little people of GamerGate, if they wish to abuse it they will lose it all.

      Draiman learned that all too well.

  20. Begun this clone war has!

    Ralph… Paolo never told you about your father!!!

    “He told me enough, he told me about GamerGatePros…”


  21. “We have to keep GG from being used as a tool of the right wing (verbatim quote).” Excuse you? The right wing media was the ONLY SIDE that EVER gave GG positive or accurate coverage. Calling that “using GG as a tool” is a stab in the back, and the exact reason that rightists (like me) don’t trust leftists. Jesus FUCKING Christ, you’re just as bad as the SJWs, disparaging others and shunning them for having different politics! This kind of BS is why I’m disillusioned with GG. The Leftist media complex will never cover GG fairly, because they’re invested in the aGG narrative. If you shun the right wing media, you’re shit outta luck. We’re too jaded and we have good reason not to get friendly with leftists, they always turn on us because leftists HATE the right and shun us. I was reluctant to get too friendly with the many, many leftists of GG, and you’re proving me right. Edit: Speaking to the people who think this way.

      1. He must be an Israel loving* cuckservative.

        *Nothing wrong with loving israel as long as you don’t put them above the interests of your nation.

    1. everytime I see a post like this I want to shoot myself, one person (who apparantly is right wing) said something stupid about “right wingers” using GG as a tool, and then you go on a parade of saying “leftists” are bad, people fuck up, paolo admitted his fuck-up, some people are shit, but it doesn’t mean the whole fucking group they belong to are shit, the whole left isn’t shit, the whole right isn’t shit, some people are shit

      1. I’m just saying, I’ve seen GGers attack the right as a whole too fucking much, and I don’t care for it. It strikes me as doing exactly what SJWs do. I haven’t seen Paolo admit to fucking up. I’m distrusting of leftists because my experience is that leftists tend overwhelmingly to backstab rightist allies. I have damn good reasons to distrust them–I have damn good reasons to distrust other rightists as well. Yeah, some people are shit, but there ARE patterns.

        1. I’ve seen some do it as well, but I’ve seen more say they didn’t want to listen to right wingers before GG, after, they are more likely to listen to them. There are loud mouth dumbasses of both right wingers and left wingers generalizing the other side, fuck em’, don’t do what you despise others doing :)!

          1. I left KiA because of that kind of shit, that’s all. There’s a lot of tone-policing and PC shit, and a lot of hate for wrongthink. It burns me up. Sorry for the outburst.

  22. GG comes up with better plans/ideas when it’s trolled or threatened as a good many are reactionary. The same question was put forth before SJP and was shouted down similarly, this is why he asked individually. Is GG just going to sit on the edge of it’s seat waiting for the next stupid thing to come out of media or SJWs? In a normal non-reactionary environment the conversations should have went like this:

    End gg?

    No, because x, y and z are still problems

    What actions can we take to fix x, y and z?

    Then that long list of actions is presented for public debate and possibly put into action.

  23. The recent blow-up on another sphere of the internet (The cuckservative happening) occurred because a faction on the American Right refused to be effective in combatting Progressivism and the totalitarian humanism that these same SJWs espouse in favor of appearing respectable as opposed to winning fights, speaking the truth, and standing up for people that just want to get on with their lives and do something good.

    No, to the cuckservative, the only thing that mattered was looking respectable and appearing moderate, despite the fact that their enemies attacked and replaced everything they valued with SJW degeneracy and groupthink. It didn’t matter if their supporters got the shaft and it didn’t matter if everything they worked for or believed in was being destroyed. All that mattered to them was looking respectable.

    If anything, excessively focusing on looking respectable and reasonable works far less than attacking both the ideas of our enemies and our enemies. If we look at the way they act and live, our enemies have practically decided that their ideas and beliefs are an inseparable part of them. That there is no separating their ideas from them.

    I bring this up here now, because it sounds like the people who agree with this plan and crafted it sound eerily similar to the guys that bred the kind of conservatism that is being called out as cuckservatism. Basically a focus only on looking respectable as opposed to achieving meaningful goals with lasting value.

  24. ‘A tool of the right wing’ – I smell BS when someone says something like that. When did politics come into GG except as a weapon our opponents have used against us.

    1. Pure resentment because the left-wing MSM bashed gamergate while alternative right sources was sympathetic and right-wing MSM didn’t really bother at all.

  25. Good. Going behind everyone’s backs to do shit, not revealing a “master plan” until you’ve got so many big names behind you that no one dares question you, who does that sound like? Because, that sure as fuck doesn’t sound like a GamerGate strategy to me. That sounds like SJW bullshit right here.

  26. So Sargon of Akkad, Oliver Campbell, LeoPirate, mombot, CultofVivian, and others are aGG now?

    (You got to love that Mundainematt is salty for not being asked to help kill GG)

    1. That’s not how i understood it. All i can say is i suggest watching the followup stream they did earlier if you’ve got time. They talk a lot about it. It sounded to me like Oliver destroyed it, Sargon neither backed or rejected it and i didn’t hear much on the other 2 aside from Cult of Vivian which they bash because she’s considered borderline SJW apparently.

      1. This how i look at this shit

        The GamerGatePro’s made there name supporting GG and now it is more profitable for them not to be associated with GG so they need to kill it

        Its as alway’s ……………… about the money’s

  27. Considering their “plan” was “let the SJWs claim they ‘won’, the corrupt media elements claim they ‘won’, and let them gain legitimacy in the eyes of the great majority that is the ill-informed masses,” fuck all of that shit.

    The great irony is that by wanting to kill GG, by insisting on tone policing, by claiming that people should focus on the ethics in journalism above all else —while ignoring the very corrupt authoritarian culture that created the ethics breaches in the first place— these GamerGatePros are no different than the very SJWs and Media that GG has been fighting.

    Is GG about ethics in games journalism? Hell yes, it is. But it cannot achieve that goal without standing up to the very elements that created the problem in the first place. It is because of that GG is as much about a culture war of individualism/libertarianism v. puritanism/authoritarianism as it is about ethical standards.

    The aGG side, the SJW side, the puritanical side, the authoritarian side, are about ethics too: their “get in line, feels before reals” twisted group ethics. They want the ethics of everyone submitting their individual belief in liberty to their ethical standards of, “Do, feel, and think only what I like.” Fuck that.

    A core of GG has been supporting creative people to create what they want without censor, and for consumers to consume those creative works if they want, without hypocritical moralizing from clique groups. That has made GG a culture war, whether some individuals wanting to keep their heads buried in the sand screaming “ethics only!” like it or not.

    As if the “ethics” is only about how a review is written, and not the toxic mentality that allowed the “journalist” to assume that writing the review was ethical, even righteously so, in the first place.

    GG will die when the aGGros have all slunk off with their tails between their legs to attack an easier target. GG will die when the majority of the population goes, “Shove off you SJW fucks, leave the gamers and game developers alone to enjoy and create what they want.” GG will die when victory has truly been achieved, and not a moment sooner.

    And until GG has that victory, it will be filled with individual voices that are muddled because of different goals, but united in the singular purpose of resisting the authoritarian mindset that demonizes individuals and insists on “correct” group think. There will be good tactics, there will be bad tactics, there will be tactics that make even other GGers go “What the fuck is the point of that?” as individuals fight against the moral authoritarians trying to take their games away. There will even be people who are de facto e-celebs that individuals gather around because they agree with that individuals positions more than disagree.

    There will also be the trolls, looking to antagonize the side that will get the most laughs.

    It will be what it is, a bitter-sweet culture war for the heart and soul of gaming. It’s more important than just getting journalists to grudgingly accept they need to disclose conflicts of interest (as they look for ways around doing just that, because they think something is morally or ethically wrong with an aesthetic or character backstory, but their friend who has very similar aesthetics/backstories is cool to push because their friend is “different”).

    It’s about freeing a hobby from the constant attacks of everyone outside that hobby. Attacks that are fueled by the very journalistic corruption and moral (hypocritical) authoritarianism, that GG has been fighting against.

    To the “kill GG for the good of GG” people: It’s a culture war. Like it or not, but that is what it is. As individuals feel free to sit there, bury your head in the sand, and harp on and on about “ethics only!” while missing the larger ethical battle all around you. But, personally, I think it would be better if, instead of silencing people whose tactics you don’t agree with, cut the shit with the tone policing, and just focus on the angle you want. Quit being just like the aGGros that made GG so large, vital, and necessary in the first place.

  28. Hey off-topic someone playing Metal Gear 5 have seen the Raging Gator character/staff member? His skill is giving the staff PTSD LMAO

  29. Telling people to not use the hashtag makes you look like a twat. People have the right to use the tag the way they want as long as don’t abuse it or use it to slander the tag.

    Also doing it in secret is dumb. Makes people even worse.since they are doing it in secret.

  30. Its time to ask yourself if they would do it again if they get the change?
    Can you trust these people again,seams like they are getting away whit it

  31. The people who are SO obsessed with Gamergate being viewed as “right wing” don’t belong in the consumer revolt. As I’ve said before, identity politics is a CANCER, and the only time it should be brought up is to shame and defame our SJW adversaries and their mindless industry/media supporters who attack free speech and the creative licence of game designers. That “manifesto” read like some ham-fisted gamejournopro’s tripe that was going to be shipped off to MSNBC for more spin. @GameDiviner should be ashamed for wanting to end a revolt that hasn’t achieved it’s goals yet. He even admits that the corruption is still a problem and what does he suggest? To role over and play dead? What have people been told since Zoe Quinn because the “change the hashtag” campaign herself last year? If we change the hashtag, we lose all the ground we gained, as a community. Also, his complaining about e-celebrity (as a gay man I’m just going to call that some faggotry without irony) while simultaneous claiming that “only people who did X get to claim credit,” stinks of SJW special snowflake-ism. The great thing about being a gamer is that we SHARE our successes.

  32. I think a lot of the “e-celebs” just want to be done with GamerGate, but are afraid simply bowing and out and moving on won’t work because of how in the middle of it all they are. Sargon… disappoints me by endorsing something like this. Especially with how anti-SJW and anti-Feminism he is. Does he think being a “voice of Gamergate” will hurt his career anymore than his “this week in stupid” videos? I just don’t understand the motivation. If you want to be “done” with Gamergate, then just stop TALKING about Gamergate. It’s funny because the games media could benefit from the same advice.

    1. Our GamerGatePro’s want to be more pro’s (make more money’s), they can
      only do so if they are not connected to gamergate
      As long as there is any form of gamergate the public will think that our
      e-seleb’s are connected to gamergate (no sponsors contracts)
      Only solution for the GamerGatepro’s is to kill GamerGate

      1. The people with that attitude are not only disappointments, but they don’t truly believe in the cause. I understand the need to make a living, but putting financial gain ahead of addressing corruption makes one no better than Gawker.

        1. The sad thing is, this shit right here was IA’s gripe in the first place. He observed a bunch of tone policing douchebags trying to make a quick buck off of the movement while trying to control its politics, and he left cuz he didn’t want anything to do with those sorts of people.

          Maybe he knew more about the motivations of these men than he was willing to state.

  33. “e-celebs”, sperging, spaghetti spilling, drama. jeezus h Christ on a cracker! I’ve followed GG since IA’s burgers and fries vid, I don’t twatter, I don’t give participation bucks to peeps, I just watch. I’ve made a few comments here and there when I felt moved to but above all I just watch.I support GG in ALL it’s efforts, ethics, yup, anti identity politics, yup, all of it. GG for me at least is the clarion call of a disaffected part of society that has had enough of people trying to run OUR lives, telling us that you must be “this” way to be a fully functioning human, that we must be servile to the god of political correctness, and GG said, no, fuck you, I am human whether you like it or not and for that I have enormous respect for the peeps in GG.SO what if GameDiviner wants to kill the tag, so what if Sargon (who personally I think is just brilliant) got involved, so what if the others tagged onto the coattails of them, so fucking what! Get some perspective people, Ralph did what he always does, digs through the shit and spits out the best bits (disclosure: I am a fan of Ralph, even though he aint a jurno at least he has NEVER claimed to be anything other than a muckraker and for that I salute him). People need to get a grip of themselves and just look around them, it’s a hashtag!! explain to me how you kill it for a start!For sure the Gamergatepros thing was, lets’ face it, a fucking dumb retarded idea right out of stupidville and should rightly have been shot down. If Sargs et al want to leave GG then good luck to em, if they wanna stop talking about GG then go right ahead, stop talking about GG no one will think any worse of you, I mean ffs look at Jim (IA), he threw his fit and left. Yet there are those in GG that still love the man, myself very much included in that group, he even gets begged to go on streams for gods sake. Leaving GG didn’t really hurt GG or Jim now did it?Let them make it about “left vs Right”, let them tone police, let them write secret special lists to each other like a bunch of teenage kids. We been there, done that, read the book, seen the film and bought the T-shirt on that score. We all know GG is not left vs right, it’s liberty vs authority, it’s the right to chose vs the would be controllers. To those of you losing your shit over this, you’re all acting like some kind of girlfriend who just found out her bf is getting bored of her, grow the fuck up guys, you are either fully realised humans or you are sheep, which one is it? You are just letting yourselves get lead around by your noses, lead yourself, be yourself, no compromise should be given on being yourself. Flame me if you want for this post, I don’t care. I am unapologetic and I stand by what I say. Drop the drama and move on. If Sargs goes for example, it won’t stop me watching his stuff, so why should it you? Peace be with you all

  34. yet another break up the hashtag plan, back in the GG day, that was happening every week, and it was mostly sjw types suggesting it…its a dumb plan.. no matter what we are called the games press will just continue to paint us as a misogynist hate movement. the mainstream media will still want to get info via the gate keepers…. if GG needs talking points to counter the SJW spin.. more Opps, work together to do good works… the best way to end the negative press, is to replace them…

  35. The minute I saw “kill gamergate” I knew it was crap. I would go so far as to say he is an SJW. Killing the ‘#’ has been the numero uno thing that the Feminazi censoring retards wanted on day one.

  36. The funny thing is, these retards don’t even realize their stupid fucking plan sounds exactly how SJW entryism works. Morons, all of them.

  37. Ralph, you’re quite right on something that I’ve been trying to get across to people for some time –

    The goal to ‘drive out the right wing’ makes the true motives pretty clear:

    Those behind this, and those who identify with this, care more about how they are perceived, than whether their position is correct.

    That is the seed that, if left to germinate, leads at minimum to co-option by SocJus, and at worst to destruction.

    The people behind the plan, whether consciously or not, are seeking division over political lines.

    Seems to me that they’re bored and looking to cleanse the movement of those they dislike for other reasons, rather than working together on the things that matter to everyone and leaving it be –

    I’m an unabashed, Right-leaning Libertarian. I hang in AnCap circles. When I was a kid, I was a hardcore authoritarian rightist, and I learned from it, I learned that the things I hated in the Left, were also present in the Right, and I’d been blind to them.

    I am, Economically, polar opposite of socialists and Marxists. Yet, I have not called for their expulsion from the movement solely on the grounds of that ideology alone – why?

    Because – as I’ve been saying for months – #GG is less of a movement, and more of a COALITION of parties who all shared concerns.

    There have been movements fighting SocJus for a long time – some ill-conceived, some not.

    I’ve been around long enough – and made enough mistakes – to see the folly of cleansing a coalition of people to make it free of people I may disagree with for other reasons.

    You end up winning the battle, and losing the war.

    My question for you, GG – which war(s) are you, personally, fighting? Which causes mean how much to you?

    SocJus caused the things that created the ethical lapses. You don’t have to care about that [though I see it as missing the mark] to do good, but driving a wedge into the coalition serves neither purpose.

    I have had more productive conversations with regard to both Ethics and SocJus Opposition, with people from all stripes and all positions on the political spectrum,
    as part of GG, than I’ve seen in years.

    So I’ll just say this – I totally get where Kern is coming from, I understand why he left – and the lesson you can learn from it is:

    It is less important to be highly regarded, than it is to have the correct position, or what you believe is the correct position.

    To borrow the words of one who takes their nom-de-plume from a wise king:

    It’s not about what you are, it’s about what you do.

  38. e-celebs keep forgetting they aren’t leaders of gamergate. Why are they passing around a manifesto about throwing gamegate under a bus.

    Gamergate doesn’t end because e-celebs get together and decide its over.

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