The Gaming Media is Still Rotten & Their Latest Smear Campaign Against Nintendo Proves It

Is the gaming media Establishment rotten to the core and in need of being destroyed, or is it merely misguided and in the need of guidance, encouragement and dialogue? If you think it’s the latter, you might indeed feel that ethics policies and more disclosure will represent a crucial step forward – if you think the former is the case (like I do) you’ll probably just view that sort of thing as mere window dressing, not representing any sort of REAL change. Disclosures don’t prevent gaming “journalists” from shilling games made by their friends – it just means they disclose it in a throw-away sentence, maybe at the very end of the article. Ethics policies certainly don’t prevent gaming sites from pumping out SJW propaganda.

The gaming media’s coverage after Nintendo fired Alison Rapp would certainly seem to prove my point – since GamerGate began a lot of gaming sites DID update/implement ethics- and disclosure policies, yet that didn’t prevent them from smearing Nintendo for firing Alison Rapp, a SJW who not only sucked at her job and created a PR Nightmare for family company Nintendo with her public defense of pedophiles, but who was also revealed to be working as a prostitute behind Nintendo’s back.

Naturally, you wouldn’t know about any of that by reading the major gaming sites – according to them, Alison Rapp got fired because GamerGate decided to harass her for being a woman in the gaming industry. Some of the sites would admittedly misrepresent and conflate bigger concerns about the Nintendo Treehouse censoring games as the reason GG targeted Rapp – mixing up moderate annoyance with the relatively minor censorship of Xenoblade X with the much greater anger generated by the borderline butchering of the latest Fire Emblem games. The likely reason the dishonest “journalists” even brought up Xenoblade X (rather than say, Fatal Frame 5) was that it represented the one case where Alison Rapp (usually so eager to label criminalization of child porn as Censorship) spoke out against risqué content being altered. Why the journos would do this is obvious: They wanted to portray GamerGate as so hateful and clueless that it would harass a woman over an issue where she was actually on their side – never mind that Xenoblade X Censorship literally had NOTHING to do with why people wanted Alison Rapp fired.

As for those actual reasons why people wanted Alison Rapp fired, the game journos were understandably being very evasive – many outright made no mention of Alison Rapp’s defense of pedophiles and her insistence that child porn possession be decriminalized (pretty remarkable, seeing as how this is the main reason the whole thing became a scandal in the first place), and those that did went out of their way to spin the issue in her favor.

Of course, there was also Nintendo’s official statement that the actual reason they fired Alison Rapp was her “second job” – again, to the extent this was even covered, it was downplayed by the game journos looking to push their agenda – which seemed merely questionable at the time (I too suspected the claim was just an excuse by Nintendo to avoid going into the pedophilia apologism of an ex-employee), but which now looks completely indefensible after we have learned just that “second job” was.

So instead of simply reporting the facts, the gaming media went out of their way to push the Narrative that Nintendo fired Alison Rapp because she was the Victim of online harassment by GamerGate, which makes no sense whatsoever, but has the virtue (in the eyes of game journos) of making both Nintendo (who the journos disliked even prior to them firing Rapp) and their GG Boogeyman look really bad. And the lies told by game journos spread fast – based on the gaming media hitpieces, media outlets ranging from CNN and the Yahoo to Russia Today and friggin’ PLAYBOY attacked Nintendo over firing Alison Rapp.

And it wasn’t just that handful of liars, either. Here’s a PARTIAL list of the outlets smearing Nintendo over the Alison Rapp firing.

Now, the revelation that Alison Rapp was actually deceiving her family friendly employer by working as a prostitute behind their back did a lot to undermine the media Narrative – it’s hard to argue Nintendo was in the wrong for firing Alison Rapp knowing what we now know. Naturally, instead of correcting their earlier false stories and apologizing to Nintendo, most media outlets chose to simply ignore these new developments. Those who DID report on the new developments just reminded us that it’s not just game journos that make a habit of lying to their readers.

Take the Washington Post, for example, who claimed harassers had “combed through escort listings until they found an ad that could arguably pass as hers.” – ignoring the meticulous work done to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the whore in question indeed was indeed Alison Rapp, as seen here and here. But sure, Maria Mint just “arguably passed as her”. Right.

Not to mention that Alison Rapp herself has now come pretty damn close to admitting she was working as a prostitute on the side:

Worth noting is that it was Kotaku that led this whole smear campaign against Nintendo, being the first major site to attack Nintendo over the Alison Rapp firing, and had even defended Alison Rapp prior to that, after her pro-pedo tweets were first revealed. Why do I feel this is worth noting? Well, because shortly before they smeared Nintendo, Kotaku had swept the top gaming journalism prizes at the SPJ Kunkel Awards. Those same Kunkel Awards were a direct product of AirPlay, much hyped by GamerGate “moderates” as a game-changing event that would genuinely improve ethics in gaming journalism – and the Kunkel Awards themselves better than anything represented a “positive reinforcement” approach being applied to the corrupt gaming media. That Kotaku would follow up its Kunkel Awards with an Anti-Nintendo hit piece based on Lies, which in turn would be picked up by dozens of additional outlets and amplified tenfold, shows just how moronic such an approach is.

To summarize, family company Nintendo fired a pro-pedophile SJW whore who utterly failed at her job, and promptly got smeared by the gaming media Establishment, whose lies in turn got picked up by the mainstream media. They misrepresented the situation at every turn, attacked innocent people and possibly did significant damage to Nintendo’s reputation and bottom line. As far as I’m concerned, this proves just what kind of force for evil the gaming media Establishment is, that it hasn’t improved one bit since GamerGate began and that it needs to be Burned Down. Trying to reform the likes of Kotaku is a waste of time and effort, destroying it needs to be the goal. Our approaches may differ, but as long as that is our end game, GamerGate will be fine – I for one think getting Nintendo to Blacklist Kotaku (like other companies have done before it) would be a good way to ensure something positive comes out of this, but you don’t have to agree. However, we certainly can’t just rely on Hulk Hogan doing our job for us – AirPlay directly leading to a PR Win for Kotaku showed just what happens when we rely too much on other people.

Christi Junior

Infamous #GamerGate Hardliner featured in the Washington Post. Nintendo fan. Screw your pronouns.