Coming off the hottest period in the history of, most people would probably follow-up hardcore. Daily videos, reports, and commentaries would usually be the way to go. There’s certainly been no shortage of topics over the last 10 days. Twitter is going off the rails, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn imploded, President Trump has went at the media with renewed vigor…and those are just the main plotlines. The secondary stories would take an entire post, and even then, I would only be scratching the surface.

So, why have I been missing in action? Well, if you read some of my sporadic posting over the last couple weeks, then you know why. I’ve been on vacation (at my own home lol) with my fiancee and best friend, Nora. Originally, I had planned to do a bit more work, but I changed those plans early on because I just wanted to focus on having fun with her and recharging my batteries. As most of you know, I have a very hard year ahead. I figured some indulgence was in order, since it may be a long while before I again receive that opportunity.

But, alas, all good things must come to an end. This evening I will take Nora to the airport (as far as I can go, due to travel restrictions) and this delightful respite will be over. That saddens me greatly, however it will allow me to do all the things I outlined in the first paragraph. Expect much more from me, every day from now until my absence later this spring. I want to thank you all for bearing with me during this period of laziness. I plan to more than make up for it.

See you soon.