DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent anybody but myself. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status.

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the imaginary intelligence








Yesterday, a fat, broken, hateful and misanthropic gay man told me all women are animals. I believe him.
He had a broken childhood just like me and he says we, men, should unite and hate all women, no exceptions made. I believe him.
I want to follow his example because he knows what is good for us united men against women. 
I believe him because our hate is justified. I am proud to hate all women.

Now let’s compare:

Yesterday, a fat, broken, hateful and misanthropic lesbian feminist told me all men are animals. I believe her.
She had a broken childhood just like me and she says we, women, should unite and hate all men, no exceptions made. I believe her.
I want to follow her example because she knows what is good for us united women against men. 
I believe her because our hate is justified. I am proud to hate all men.

Surprised? In the first paragraph I pretended to have let a broken misanthropic person decide my future and as a result, most of you filthy readers immediately assumed I lacked intelligence. Plain and simple.

The same applies to feminists. Fundamentally, they lack authentic intelligence because they let hateful people direct their actions.

The fact that the first paragraph looks so “offensive” and the second so “acceptable” is the tacit admission of both the disconnection of feminists with reality and the empathy gap.

If you let broken dysfunctional people dictate your thoughts, sexuality and life you are either like them or lack all the intelligence required to be aware of it. Let me clarify:

The intelligence of feminists is a lie.

This is not hyperbole, I seriously take the intelligence of any given woman as a complete lie as soon as she mentions/admits to her feminism (yes, including Christina Hoff Sommers*)

Their intelligence is imaginary and religiously-narrow at best since they make too many exceptions where to apply it based on their emotions. Because of this, feminists actively neglect what makes us human:


You cannot rely on a person whose intelligence depends on their feelings, that is unprofessional at work and blatantly religious in everyday life.

Our species is here today because people throughout history put their emotions aside and let their reasoning do the problem solving. Emotions are very useful but ineffective for problem solving.

Equations don’t solve themselves even if you feel “triggered” and their complexity causes you to stomp your feet and cry like a toddler.

It doesn’t matter how much you emote and yell at equations, they ain’t gonna solve themselves. (hence why feminists are too retarded for STEM and instead go for gender studies hoax-degrees).

Emotions are great when you are growing up because they let you relate to your family members but emotions don’t put food on the tables of grown-ups. Adults put food on the table by solving problems with dispassionate reasoning, not impulsive childish emotions.

The equations life presents to us daily require dispassionate reasoning not dogmatic emotion-driven lies like feminism and religions.

Authentic reasoning is not finding what your feelings often falsely tell you about objective reality. Objective reality stays whether you like it or not, whether you believe in it or not, whether we live or die. It just stays.

Author Philip K. Dick put it best:

Yes, that jewel of human reasoning comes from a man who struggled with mental illness for a good part of his life. Maybe he was crazy enough for you to disregard him at face value or for you to consider the possibility he may have been close to the mark.

Let that sink in, a mentally ill man like managed to try to ascertain reality as a whole while feminists still struggle with their child-like emotions on a daily basis.

It does not matter how crazy Dick may have been, he still managed to reason that quote about the nature of reality better than what feminists can ever hope to achieve in their whole emotionally radical lives.

The credibility of imaginary things like religions and feminism needs to be “defended” but real things do not need any defense, nobody is defending gravity on Twitter.

Glorified fairy tales like religions and feminism need to be “defended” against satire while objective reality welcomes it. We can joke all day about the earth being “flat”, but feminism being for retarded women? Oh! That is sooooo offensive!

Authentic reasoning is finding the truth about objective reality based on evidence whether or not your feelings are hurt, wounded or obliterated by it. What matters is not what you want objective reality to be, what matters is what IS.

You reason based on evidence then you share your ideas, sometimes others correct you, sometimes you correct them but you do not close the door to reasoning and learning because of “feelz”.

Reasoning through intellectual humility means you always leave the possibility of being wrong on the table, whether you like it or not.

However, what you often find with feminists is the opposite of reasoning: They get “offended” then they burst into a fistful of intense and impulsive emotions that won’t take a no for an answer.

You have to believe in what they believe or else you are a “misogynist” which is code word for “blasphemer”. To them, doubting feminism is “doubting and offending all women”. Getting offended is their universal get out jail free card, just like religions do.
But would you like to know what both religions and feminism really want?

Exactly. Intellectual immunity.


And when it comes to the biggest comfiest “safe space” there is, you cannot top the intellectual immunity feminists and religions fervently seek. Let that sink in, immunity instead of humility. Yes, intellectually, there is zero humility in their sweet sought-after immunity.

You can see the undeniable traces of this narcissistic feminist need for intellectual immunity whenever comments or ratings are closed by default on any YouTube or Tumblr blogs or on social media products in general used by feminists. A perfect example is Anita Sarkeesian’s videos:
What this “comments closed by default because of my feelz” feminist policy implies is their overall refusal to admit the possibility of being wrong.

Feminists obey one master and it is not reason, it is their emotions.


Have you noticed? To feminists, what their emotions falsely tell them about reality “cannot” be wrong. To them, it is an absolute truth.

Closing the comments sections does not help their case at all because when they do, they remove the possibility of someone (much better than a filthy troll like trolly yours) persuasive enough telling them they may be wrong thus they remove the possibility of learning.

Feminists can’t even entertain the thought of being wrong or as master Aristotle put it,


Aristotle the mark of an educated mind


The mind of a feminist is not educated and is too often predisposed to aggregate neural atrophy. Just read and compare a teenager feminist vs a elderly one. Teenage feminists sound exactly as retarded as elderly feminists in their 70’s.

Just like a religion, feminism is the refusal to learn and belief is the death of intelligence. Again, a life without learning is pointless and I for one, want my ideas and “feelings” to be questioned debated or torn to pieces because as a troll that is what I do and I certainly do not want any special accommodations because I give none.

Whether I like it or not, on the Internet, we all wear metaphoric sandpaper condoms and it is our intellectual duty to be ready give or to bend over and take all manners of corrections in all of their grits, girths and calibers.

But feminists? Oh those get hurt, molested and/or raped even by mere text so much they even close the comments sections in fear of one of those words being “phallic”….oh…see? somewhere on the Internet there is a feminist crying and taking a shower for that word I just typed.

But more seriously, this feminist refusal to even entertain the thought of being wrong is what propels filthy trolls like me or well showered and decent people like the many libertarians “e-celebs” to do what we do: we oppose the imposition of feelings over facts in all of its forms and the religion of feminism is one of them.

Because, just like Creationism, feminism opposes objective reality.

Feminism wants you to listen and believe NOT to ask questions. Thus feminism is, in and of itself, the anti-thesis of human reasoning because their understanding of reality is shaped by emotion which is precisely the same flawed model religions follow: Feelings over facts

Anita listen and believe


Is is because of all this that I encourage you to be judgmental and offensive about any given woman and her likely narrow intelligence as soon as she admits to her feminism online or IRL.

Be judgemental, be disrespectful, be harsh towards her feminism and herself because if there is one thing her narrow intelligence will not touch is her pink belief system.

If you are unnecessarily “PC” and only disrespect her feminism but not herself, she will still not know the difference and will automatically take the same personal offense.

The reason for this is simple: in her mind, She IS feminism thus she has no real personality of her own. Without feminism she is like a Christian without Jesus. Without feminism, she has no identity left.

The same happens with religious people, they take offense on behalf of their religion because without it, they would have no identity. Hence why feminists and believers avoid questioning their belief system at all costs, because doing so means emotional self-harm.

This is the way Feminists avoid critical thinking and automatically mimic the behavior of religious people. Questioning their own religion? That is off-limits.

A feminist will shine zero light of reasoning on that dark object of ignorance that dictates her thoughts based on emotion: Her feminism.

This feminist refusal to question and reason their own belief system mimics what creationists do with their religion: Feminism is Creationism and it deserves no intellectual respect.

Thank you for reading.

PS: Challenge me on the comments section, I invite you.


*”If it’s any consolation for those wounded CH Sommers fans, I also consider the intelligence of any given person as a complete lie as soon as they admit to their religious faith. Feminism is just another religion after all. BTW, CH Sommers must have been an extremely shaggable lady in her young years, too bad sex must have been terribly boring, back then, she was a hardcore feminist.