“If it was not for Feminism…..blah, blah, blah… owe Feminism”

Fuck off!

Hope that gets your attention. Its a load of shit. The Feminists played a cunning con game with you (for reasons that will be apparent later) and the Progressives have simply taken this to another level. Patriarchy is an idea. It has no form and no substance and no measurable qualities.

So if it wasn’t that society is fairer and more equitable society because of Feminism how did society become the way it was? Now this is something that you never see Feminism and much less Progressives do, is to look at historical context with the conditions that existed in society then.

Imagine a few hundred years ago. In your village every Family knew what it was to lose at least one sibling. It was a shared grief. Death in Childbirth is really high for children and reasonably high for the Mothers. Childbirth is literally a gamble. Death from disease is high too. Smallpox and polio is rife, as is all the other diseases that we now vaccinate against.

There is no social security or pension. The only people that will look after us when we are older is our family and our children.

Okay, so we have set the stage (which is far more than Feminist will do). Now let’s run through this logically. If you have no means other than family to support you when you are older who is that family? It is your children. But if those children are a great risk of dying before they can support you, how many will you have? Okay and if you are a woman who is giving birth to as many children as you can, and running extreme risk of dying (from one of many life-threatening births you have), and spending long periods of time either recovering from childbirth or nursing one of many children…are you a good employment risk or a bad one?

Okay so whilst this is happening and you are unable to work because you are pregnant, in labour, recovering, or nursing….who is paying to keep you and your growing family alive? It is not the state, remember.

Your husband. Extra child may mean extra hours or more dangerous job offering higher pay.

Life sucks for both. You will find the same in many third world and developing countries. Same patterns and Feminism will only be a practical thing for the middle class. The working class will not entertain it.

So what does change the world to allow society to be more equal?

Modernity. Suddenly vaccines are available and children are living longer, better antenatal and prenatal care and better childbirth health. Now Mothers and children are living longer. Less children need to be born. Throw in state sponsored aged pensions and super, and contraceptives into the mix, and what effect will these things have on bringing us closer to a place where we can have equal rights.

Now some of you may be saying “Hang on I can see how that would improve society in ways that Feminism can’t and yeah Feminism takes great claims for changing society in ways it clearly didn’t but how did these things impact on women’s rights?”.

That is simple. In the society where the woman is at home with kids and trying to survive pregnancy after pregnancy, and keep the kids alive, and the man is working his arse off to pay for the family, the person responsible for the family’s well being was the man. The man was obligated to provide for his family. Because he was obligated to financially support his family and for providing them with support and protections in society, he needed to have rights to enable him to discharge those obligations. Furthermore, any expenses or damage from his family became his problem and obligation to make right.

The woman had none of these obligations or responsibilities. We can certainly argue what responsibilities she had that he did not have, but when it came to financial and social contracts, he was the face of the family and all accountability was on him.

So until a society changes away from this existence, equality in rights does not happen and it is not because women are being oppressed, it is because both genders are just struggling to get by.

Okay BUT this is well and good but then why did everything not change the moment all of these things come about? Well there are a few reasons. Firstly, if you notice, there were a lot of these things that had to change before society was ready to and open to change. Infant mortality down? That is great but we need to have access to super and pensions and a social security system. Got them? Need good vaccines and need to get incidents of the Birthing Mothers dying down as well. Get all of this and at exactly the same time? Will not happen. But in perspective, all these things happened “reasonably closely”. So once the last of these things happened, then naturally society would instantly change overnight, right? No!

Throughout all of time it was as I mentioned above and now suddenly the way men and women behave will change overnight? This is huge for society.Changes did start happening and the conversations and small changes and introducing the concept of women working and having the same rights as men and so on was starting. It would be something that was probably going to take many generations to get society used to and to “evolve” naturally into and there would be resistance and slowly people becoming accustomed to it. Each generation more open and more willing to be less entrenched in old ways and accepting of new ways and need for society to change. That makes sense and because society was now in a position it was able to make those changes, it could accommodate those changes.

Now here is where well organised Feminists come unto their own. They recognised that society had finally changed enough to allow those changes and they did not want to wait for this to happen naturally or in the fullness of time and so they sped up the process of these changes through activism and political and social pressure and shaming.

Here is where the bait and switch comes into play.

They took responsibility for the changes and said that the changes were able to be made because of Feminism and that if it was not for Feminism these changes would not have been made. They also blamed the past society where men had all the rights and social responsibility as Patriarchy and necessarily bad. They also reasoned that because women did not have the same rights, that they were oppressed.

Putting this in context. If we found a society where there was little to no aged pension or social security and families had to look after each other and disease and infant mortality is high as is birthing mother mortality (You have probably thought of a country in Africa or Asia perhaps)….then I double fucking dare these middle class, pretentious, arrogant, self-righteous, dishonest ideological zealots to “correct the society” through Feminism. They can’t do it. They can’t do it. Because they know and I know and you know that in order to change the society you need those very things I have mentioned. Once you are not reliant on your children, the women are not going to die in childbirth, you have some control on the rate you have children and your children are more than likely to survive you, only then is equal rights and equal workload and equal social responsibility a possibility.

So Feminism is a con. A clever con, but a con never the less.

Many people talk about rad fems and Progressives as the “bad feminists” whist the rest are “normal Feminists” or “Good feminists”. It is beyond unhelpful.


Look what I have said thus far about the switch and bait and the Patriarchy. That is a Feminist construct. Those feminists that do not really believe it are not Feminists and I am okay with that. They can call themselves Feminists or whatever but those people are either misinformed or simply Humanists or Egalitarians using a different name. However If you are someone who believes this, then you are a Feminist and it is merely degrees of bad from this point on. If you are prepared to accept the dishonesty of both of these two things then you are right to call yourself a feminist and people are right in dismissing you as crazy or ideologically and morally challenged.

So Progressives are worse? Yup. They take these principles and expand on them. Patriarchy being male dominance means every male and against every female. Any interaction with women potentially is problematic and males being the violent benefactors of this oppressive culture, are to be shamed and demonised for their inherent masculinity, whilst women have no agency or responsibility for their actions because they are at the mercy of a society which is working against them. Males are collectively and individually seeking to dominate and suppress them and so how can they be responsible for any action or transgression when they are effectively scrambling in self-defence in trying to get through life? They have no agency or control.

Yes, if you read this, you will probably appreciate that this is both really disrespectful of both genders and it infantises females whilst it demonises men. They act of doing so is both exclusionary and bigoted (saying IF you have a specific characteristic then you share all the same qualities as someone else with that characteristic). The Progressives do the same things with other minorities too.

You will note above the bigoted, dishonest, exclusionary nature of their ideology, they say that their want is to support said minorities in society and be more inclusionary and accepting than society and the way they do this is by being….exclusionary and bigoted and dishonest.

They close down discussion or questioning through appeals to allies both Feminist and Liberal. People that are either proponents of the inclusionary, accepting, principles they pretend to promote OR to people that are somewhat bought into the Feminist bullshit. Then being the dishonest people they are, they just spin doctor narratives. They are all about the end goal and not about method or honesty. They will cry victim, oppression, misogyny, hurt feelings, being scared and every “I am a woman being oppressed in a man’s world and have no agency to make change …. help me not be scared” lie they can.

This is what we see and how it comes about. The vehemence that they tell these lies and the insistence of their own oppression is what gives them collective credibility. It is a weird kind of empowerment though isn’t it? Isn’t it yet another lie/hypocrisy/irony? Right up there with the inclusionary lie and the acceptance lie is the empowerment lie. Getting what they want by playing the victim and crying and asking people make special accommodations for them (and no doubt from the evil Patriarchy that they also rail as as the font of all evil)…… not empowerment.

Consider all of this. A touch under 2000 words but worth consideration. Do not fall for that shit, be better than that. Do not compromise with these liars and do not be prepared to humour them. They need to be sent scurrying to the deepest and darkest corners of Tumblr.

Reprinted from: Gamergating