Guest Editorial by Liberal Lunacy Shannon

(Disclaimer: I will not name names in this piece as I don’t know the names of everyone involved and I feel it would be unethical to act as if I did. All opinions expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the owner of this site or his staff.)

The past few weeks have been a sad state of affairs. The fractures in GamerGate, (the former hashtag consumer revolt, now hugbox echo-chamber) have become gaping chasms. A girl tied to GamerGate and NotYourShield decided it would be a good idea to kill herself. The effects of this have been far reaching. After the event, many people clinging onto the small amount of fame garnered through the hashtag movement took it upon themselves to use the suicide as a possible platform to gain more attention and notoriety. When these attempts were called out publicly on this website (not even by the owner of said site) a veritable torrent of butthurt began.

After the event in question, I didn’t really react publicly, as I knew my opinions would be unpopular. Seeing as now I’m writing on a site that is unpopular with these people anyway, I will now express them. I find it hard to have sympathy for someone who chooses to commit suicide, especially by jumping in front of a train. Not only did she have no regard for the people she knew personally that would be hurt, as in her friends, family and boyfriend, but she also had no regard for the trauma she most likely caused for the poor train conductor, bystanders who saw the event, EMS, fire and police crews called to the scene, clean up crews that had to clean her remains from the train and tracks and coroners who had to take the rest of her to the morgue. Plus I figure she got what she wanted out of the deal; she’s dead.

Now, in the aftermath of people being called out for their perceived grave standing, they and others who claimed to steadfastly stand for ethics above all else decided to do something I find very unethical. They went after the livelihood of the man who owns this site, not by attacking articles that they found unethical, but by reporting to AdSense an article they knew would be an easy target; an article bringing to light facts about a pedophile. In doing so they showed that they think it is okay to take down stories that are justified in order to get revenge over something that hurt their feelings. Using these tactics and possibly having an exposé about a pedophile deleted, they are indirectly helping said pedophile, because they don’t like the person who owns this site or the people who write for it.

Well, helping a pedophile is the absolute last straw for me. I have tried very hard for a long time to be neutral between the two factions that GamerGate seems to have splintered into. Now that the issue has been pushed and this seems to be the line in the sand that these people have drawn, I know which side I will (figuratively) stand on. I cannot abide directly or indirectly helping someone who would gleefully prey on children. If this is where we are now, where feelings are more important than justice and truth and supersede any modicum of ethical standards on their part, regardless of FEELINGS about the writers or owner of a blog website, we are no better than what we set out to fight against a year and a half ago.

I know I will get plenty of hate for writing this and I am prepared for that. I don’t mind though. I know I will sleep at night with my conscience clear. How many people who ended up aiding a predator can say the same?

  1. Is this like the Marvel civil war now? You I’m ready with Iron Nero and SpiderRalph. Faggots in GG need to be put on notice.

    1. Nah, brah: Nero would be like Captain America (if a Brit can be Superman…) & The Ralph would be like The Punisher.

  2. Yep. I agree 100%. It is the equivalent of trying to take Milo’s articles on Harper or Butts or even his posts on Game Journo Pros because I disagree with him on religion. The line was drawn – it is obvious who is on the SJW side.

  3. Isn’t this the same crap that happened with Atheism+ and occupy wallstreet? Correct me if I am wrong, I never followed closely because I never really cared. What I remember hearing is that both movements had noble goals in the beginning, they wanted change from something broken. Then small compromises were made to be more appealing, and that fracture let in the SJW who muddied the water and turned everyone on everyone.

    There needs to be a new movement, a better movement. One that is against the courts of public opinion, against any and all concepts of justice that are not found in a court of law. In my opinion, gamergate failed because it would not give itself a real world presence. That is how a smear campaign was so successful against it. The enemy had faces, had names, people could learn who they are. Members of gamergate hid behind nicknames & handles for fear of the hate mob.

    Another movement might one day try to take up arms against the injustice and lies brought by those preaching social justice, but unless they learn the lessons of past failures, then this is just going to repeat in an endless cycle.

    1. Yes, same retardation that spawned Atheism+, although that was an invasion by Feminism (evelevatorgate) and corrupted occupy wallstreet, although occupy was always a corrupt corporate puppet from the get go so, less in that sense. Good thing about Atheism is that the actual intellectuals kept on being enemies of ideology, and very successfully so. Thunderf00t continues to score victory after victory against feminists and other forms of tumblrtards on a regular basis on top of just being a based scientist.

  4. very good article, the way they rationalize what they have done just makes it worst, its really pathetic

    1. People who honestly think that something that hurts their feelings, but is TRUE, deserves to be censored are immature, childish fuckwits who had no place in GamerGate to begin with. This site might be offensive (and is very clear about that), but it is ALWAYS honest. If someone doesn’t like something published here then they can take their faggotty SJWLite tumblrtard ass out of here and go sperg out on KiA.

  5. It’s amazing that these people can’t make the distinction as to why emailing Gawker/Gamasutra/Polygon’s advertisers because the writers/editors were taking part in numerous conspiracies and acts of corruption is ok, and why doing the same thing to Ralph just because you hate him and he hurt your fee fees is exactly the sort of inexcusable tumblrtard bullshit people like me came riding into GG as part of Jim then Internet Aristocrat’s column to fight against in 2014.

    Ralph if you’re reading this I’ll be frank, my personal feelings toward you are lukewarm at best. You’re a whiny melodramatic self rightious faggot from time to time but you’re nobody’s puppet, you’re up front and you provide a useful service. What these fuckheads did to you was totally wrong and that they might have helped that demented Buffalo Bill-esque pedo freak in the process is abominable.

    1. Maybe the difference needs to be said in clear all caps for the thick of skull to understand?



  6. I, for one, am rather tired this of this entire debacle and think we could all do without another round of unproven accusations and guilt-by-association. It sucks that Ralph lost his ad revenue based on BS, and I’m happy to denounce whoever did it…. but IS there any concrete evidence “GG” is behind the flagging?

    Simply assuming it comes from the “SJW-lites” is akin to Wu saying everyone who ever trolled her is GamerGate: You don’t get to choose the most convenient perpetrator.

    1. look on twitter and look at the people supporting the turn of events.

      read the previous article posted about his ads getting pulled.

    2. You clearly haven’t been keeping up on the subject. TheIvyClover1 or whatever the fuck he’s called spread a paste bin around leading the effort to attack Ralph’s AdSense. If GamerGate taught you anything it should be to do your research first BEFORE opening your mouth and wagging the finger at people.

      1. I know I’m late for this drama, but it’s not TheIvyClover1. Or at least if it was that user, they deleted all the relevant tweets.

        Also, _mct1_ sides with CoV & certain other spergs hijacking the hashtag. That should tell you enough.

    3. Wrong, the original threat to destroy ralph’s revenue was posted in a KIA thread by a twitter user who uses the gamergate hastag.

  7. What is this nonsense? I’m sick of these opinion pieces that do nothing but stir the drama pot. I come on this site to see Ralph take the piss out of some SJWs. Both sides need to drop the subject and grow up.

  8. This whole situation has been……………………………….a train wreck.

    But seriously tho, I wish more people committed suicide. Instead they squeeze their freckled ginger flat ass into shitty cosplay or pretend to be some GG cartoon for a bunch of chan-fags and my favorite the Zoobilee Zoo rejects…DAMN!

    I say, thank you little Asian girl I never took the time to learn the name of. Thank you for knowing you weren’t built for this world and tapping out. Rest in preace.

  9. Half of the people in gamergate are faggots anyway. I don’t know why Ralph even gives a shit about them anyway. And I agree with you, people that commit suicide are selfish twits that society is better off without anyway. Weakness is something we don’t need.

  10. “Booohooohooo, I feel entitled to make fun of suicides and use the grief of other people to feed my personal vendettas against other people by letting trolls post hitpieces about them, but others shouldn’t be entitled to make sure I’m not making a living doing it – I’m TOTALLY not like Gawker, or possibly worse.”

    Grow up, you fat disgusting midget faggot. The more you squeal like a pig, the more you encourage people to go after you.

        1. Which is why he was SJW, now he’s not. And he would be again in a fucking heartbeat if it got him he attention mommy never gave him.

  11. not really involved with gamergate directly but it seems to me as if it is having an existential crisis between two different ways of handling things, two different sets of priorities and two different groups of people

    so why not just split it?

    gamergate A and gamergate 1 or something that sounds better, but that’s the idea at least

  12. Shannon, this comment is for you.
    I didn’t really know who you were until the #AlisonScam, and I noticed that you took it personally because of the “damage it does to #NotYourShield”, almost like you saw #NotYourShield as an identity.

    #GamerGate and #NotYourShield were never meant to be an identity. I always felt it was wrong for people to identify as #GamerGate, and that #NotYourShield was a mistake because it was playing identity politics.
    I spoke with another female about this, and she said something along the lines of, “it started out as a good idea, but then it drifted into too many people playing identity politics.”

    Have your views changed?

    1. #NotYourShield was absolutely essential to the #GamerGate fight because the SJW faggots in the media were trying to craft a false narrative that #GamerGate was a misogynistic hate movement that targeted women and was only a “few hundred white, hetero cis-males who felt threatened by the righteous winds of change” to paraphrase the now 1-year and change later destroyed narrative. There’s nothing wrong with playing identity politics when the stance taken is the “you’re fucking lying and here’s the proof you filthy cunts.”

      1. The point of NYS was “You don’t speak for me”. It doesn’t matter which ID it was. It devolved to IDpol to the point where they were excluding white males, which is why I packed it in on that hashtag there.

        1. Yeah, there was a lot of SJWism early on in that threat telling people who weren’t women or black to stay out of it, which was retarded. I’m a fag and I had every much a right to post in NYS as someone with a vag or a lot of melanin.

  13. I 100% agree with you Shannon, especially with the suicide. I’ve spoken about this once, 2 years ago, but I’m publicly saying it now: I have 0 sympathy for people who commit suicide. Why? Because it’s the literal “Coward’s way out”. It’s a selfish thing to do. She didn’t think of her boyfriend, family, friends, or ANYONE who would be in shambles because of the incident. Not to mention the bystanders. And the fact that people (who’re proGG) decided to go after Ralph when he didn’t write that article in the first place shook my faith in some people. Well, I guess this is how GG is coming to an end- with it’s own people tearing each other apart. (If anyone is pissed about what I said, send me a few death threats, give me a laugh).

  14. Ah, I always knew Shannon was on the good side. Refreshing.
    The revolt side has a future, the SJLite eceleb circlejerk doesn’t (save becoming another cringy SocJus twatter group).
    GG worked because if offered an ALTERNATIVE to cultural marxism forced into gaming, not a “lite” version of it.

  15. You should have read what Ashton Liu himself had to say before accusing others of “attention seeking” etc. I also don’t think people commit suicide because it is a “good idea” and again to speak so callously about Ashton Lui’s daughter is very hypocritical since you have the gall to still talk about “ethics” and sleeping with a clear conscience”. If anyone has been cashing in on the #GamerGate tag it is Ralph himself – he has time and time again used CLICKBAIT style “journalism” to stir up and create controversy where none was needed.

      1. So why should he get paid for this then? Given that he’s behaved like the hashtags biggest e-celeb. DARVO indeed

      2. So you deny he’s a journalist but didn’t deny he writes clickbait and you call me a “fucko” – look in the mirror boy.

      1. Where did I say THIS article was written by Ralph? AS for clickbait the more important question is which ISN’T.

  16. Here, here. Very well said. As sad as it was that that girl killed herself, suicide is always a cowardly and chaos creating choice. It’s pure selfishness. Express sadness, but don’t glorify it. The people who turned it into a PR blitz were indeed guilty of committing grave standing and should be shamed for their selfish bullshit. And the people who tried to silence Ralph by attacking an article that attacks a notorious pedophile are JUST as disgust as that pedophile. Any aid, abetting or comfort provided to a child predator is the SAME as victimizing a child yourself you slimy fucktards. Fuck people who think feelings and sensitivity matter more than cold, hard truth. It is the truth that sets us free, not lies and narratives that appeal to peoples better natures.

  17. GamerGate is finished. I really don’t see how it can be salvaged after this. Reddit was the biggest mistake we ever made…

  18. The way I see it. It’s gotten so bad, that people are going after Ralph just because they can and most of the times is trivial stuff. I’ve said over and over again, the amount of shit Ralph get’s is absurd.

    1. I give it a day at most.

      I think they really caught on to that trick where if you accuse someone of being from ggr their opinions are immediately without merit and they should be ignored. They’ve been doing it a lot in recent weeks, far more than usual.

  19. This is great and all, but i have a question to Ralph:
    Why does he think emailing advertisers unethical?
    I know he partake in and regrets it, but why?
    I took part against Gawker as well, and i honestly cant regret it. they were unethical and corrupt.
    Ralph is nether, so i cant get why he is attacked, but why is this tactic unethical?

    1. I would call it unethical in this case because the people who did it were lying. If they had contacted Google with complaints about the Wild Goose articles, that would be one thing. In fact, that would be exactly equivalent to what was done with Gawker. They did not do that because those articles did not violate any of Google’s rules for Adsense.

      Instead, they dug up older articles and submitted those in the hope that something would take. That is the fundamental dishonesty. It would be like GamerGate turning in Gawker for running a faborable piece on Mercedes Carerra that had some sexually explicit descriptions. If you recall, the complaint was that Gawker was calling for nerds to be bullied, which is exactly what they did and was one of many things that got people angry.

      1. Yes, but the guy who called nerds to be bullied did it on Twitter, not on gawker or any of their platform. Sure he was a gawker employee, but again not on their own platform. So how is that better?

        1. Back to what I said, there was no deception involved. People pointed out exactly why they had a problem, which I think you can agree extends far beyond GamerGate to parents of bullied children, for example. Biddle’s tweets were hateful and it was that hate which was pointed out to advertisers. At that point, it was up to the advertisers whether or not they wanted to risk consumer backlash for not reacting to the personal tweet of a prominent writer on Gawker’s staff.

          These idiots went the route of trying to find something that violated the letter of Google’s Adsense TOS. They obviously didn’t give a rat’s ass what those old articles actually said. They just wanted to hurt Ralph because of the Wild Goose article. Big difference.

  20. Those GG mascots really take their memes seriously. To the point they inacted you die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

  21. Keep in mind that it’s just “Some” people of #Gamergate that are splitted over this.
    Most of us, just don’t care.

    As i often say, I don’t care the slightest aboutaAnything Ralph’s (or any e-celebs for that matter) related besides the links posted in the articles that i can use to look into an issue by myself.

  22. There is moral highground in defending one’s self from radical feminism. There is no doubt they discriminate and defame millions of people at a go based on their race and sex.

    There is no moral highground in petty personality feuds or a thing like suicide where there is nothing remotely like a cultural consensus on attitudes towards suicide and how to address them publicly.

    It’s a question of choosing one’s battles.

  23. ” Not only did she have no regard for the people she knew personally that would be hurt, as in her friends, family and boyfriend”

    How do you think they feel about this article? You’re not exactly showing them any regard.

  24. Good work Shannon! Love you! Thats why I included you in the GG VS SOCJUS video game joke.
    You may not remember me but I had a twitter account where we talked a little bit half a year ago (Shut up Mimsy!)

    To the point:
    We live in a free country so to all of you out there hating Ralph: Its your opinion and your right to think that way. Nobody says you must like him.

    But let us make one thing quite clear. This is the person you helped because of your hurt fee fees you SJW scumbags.

    PS: Helping a known pedophile just to throw someone in the frying pan you hate makes you almost as bad as the pedo himself. I hope you sleep well at night

  25. Where this progressive idiocy has gone is that a person’s right to free speech is irrelevant now because liberals have now decreed that the right of free speech ITSELF is offensive.

    Surely there has to be some kind of cultural singularity coming that will wipe out regressive leftist identity politics in a brief, blinding flash of light and the world will be at peace.

  26. So “I’m offended that people in #Gamergate used this girl suicide to push their agenda and going into hug boxes to send shit my way” So you write your own article using the girl’s suicide to push your agenda on ralph’s site that you might as well call your own form of hugbox for this opinion.

    Can you be anymore hypocritical as you call out hypocrites?

    1. This is satire, right? You’re making fun of people who lack the mental faculty to understand the difference, right?

  27. I have supported the GG movement for a LONG time, and I can’t believe it has come to this. Under a different username in a lot of websites, I have been disgusted with how modern GG has treated anyone that has conservative beliefs and expressed them. They call right wing politics crazy and alienate anyone that’s too the left of Bernie Sanders. How the fuck can a movement fighting against SJWs possibly be left wing?
    You will never see left wingers in the MRA movement fighting against feminists, or in pol fighting against SJWs.
    I don’t know what to do about this, but I would like to suggest some things. First it would be good idea to get a separate hashtag that represents actual anti-SJW within the GG movement, not the SJW-lites of modern gamergate.
    Can I suggest #GamerCucks?
    Second, although it may be risky or difficult is that KIA being on reddit, is extremely vulnerable to SJW attacks. We could try to get it banned by showing any comments that are harassing to women or feminists to the SRS subreddit, where it will be noticed by the SJW leaders of reddit. It won’t take them long to get banned if they become noticed by them.

    I really don’t think we should allow the liberal SJW-lite trash of GG to take over the movement and completely destroy it within. When feminists tried that with Atheism plus, it made many atheists staunch anti-feminists, we shouldn’t just give up on the movement.

    1. Just because someone is liberal doesn’t mean that they don’t support Freedom of Speech.

      I consider myself liberal Libertarian, and I have supported GG since the very beginning. I will always support Ralph because he has every right to say whatever the hell he want’s especially on his own website.

      I hate Feminism Especially Modern Feminism, and I always get disgusted when I see the stereotypical SJW/Hipster in the street, and I vomit a little inside my mouth when ever some pussy brings up how Triggered/Offended they are whenever I try to have a intelligent conversation with someone.

      I especially hate it when people start judging poeple based on their political views, because everyone has every right to follow whichever politics they want, that’s the beauty of freedom of expression/speech.

      Just keep in mind that it is the extreme left that ruining everything and that everyone regardless of political views want’s them gone.

  28. @PhotoJennBo says that these chat transcripts are taken out of context to make you and yours look bad:

    What exactly is the context of saying you hope Armoured Skeptic oj’s June?
    Or wishing Otter dead or that he commit suicide?
    Or admitting multiple times that Milo has you write about topics?
    Or Full MacIntosh regarding 800 followers as low quality?
    Or the numerous citations of pro-doxing of enemies?

    I don’t even care about the repeated shitting on GG, whether or not what Nora posted constitutes CP, the Lily Feng jokes, or the archiver’s overreaction to the several rape jokes. I don’t even care about the alt-right shit that it turns out is your top priority. But the main argument about the leak is that it’s out of context. I’d love to know what context makes those claims the actions of a good person. Because, that’s what people are saying: “the logs are out of context but Ralph is a good guy.”

    I’ll wait while future readers call me an SJW lite or that one fag talks about me wearing a mask again. Cuz disagreeing to these people means I’m an enemy. Get that. Having thoughts of my own makes me an enemy. Thinking for myself makes me an enemy. Only time that happens is in an authoritarian environment. Kinda like an environment where all dissidents are wished dead, doxed, slandered, and/or bullied into submission.

    Bad form, Team Ralph.

  29. I honestly haven’t been reading all these articles about the suicide, because I never cared much for the GamerGate in-fighting and, quite frankly, I’m not familiar with the person in question, though I’m not all that surprised that it happened. When you have a group with several tens if not hundreds of thousands of supporters, you’re bound to have all sorts, including some who’d make the unfortunate decision to take their own lives.

    What does concern me, however, is that the in-fighting is now apparently getting so out of hand that some of our supposed own are denouncing GamerGate, trying to claim that it’s dead now and sounding like the very SJW crazies we’ve been fighting against. Look, I get it, the movement trying to renounce identity politics has ironically become an identity in itself, but I still intend to stick with that identity because I honestly think it’s been the biggest blow against the SJW cult to date, and without our strength in numbers, they’ll surely have the upper hand again. Some are claiming GamerGate is dead because it’s served its purpose? Far from it. SJWs may be crippled, more of the mainstream may be waking up to the true face of their insanity, ethical gaming sites have risen while others such as The Escapist have reformed, and a lot of the more prominent enemies no longer have the same bite that they once did (with some such as Leigh Alexander practically being in the poorhouse). However, DoA X3 still isn’t getting localized, the GamerGate Wikipedia article remains in the horribly slanderous state that it’s been in, Gawker and other shit holes are still in business, and mainstream media still seems to think complete nutjobs like Brianna Wu are worth listening to.

    Ideally, I’ve been hoping that figures like Anita, Zoe, Kuchera, and others could be outright jailed over the shit that they’ve done (since there’s little question that some of the corrupt actions they’ve engaged in are not just bad PR, but straight-up illegal), but at the very least, these type of people should lose any and all credibility and, if not a freelancer or part of a company that’s worth going under completely, be fired from whatever position they hold, and so long as such is not the case, I think there’s still plenty of fighting to be done. As I keep saying, GamerGate is a fight of attrition, and even when our enemies are fully subdued, we should continue to act as watchers of the watchmen. We’re in this for the long haul, and this should’ve been obvious from the moment SJWs kept trying to deny all their evident allegations and continue pushing the “gamers are sexist” narrative even in the face of their inevitable PR nightmare, not to mention they’ve been escalating their fight all the way to the level of government. These are opponents who clearly don’t know when to back down, and if left unnoticed for even a moment, they WILL seize the opportunity to become a greater threat than ever before.

  30. I’m a bystander in all this BS, but I will say this: The people who started this shit will get little sympathy if it spirals out of control into something they don’t like.

  31. I am getting tired of all these motherfuckin’ SJWs in this motherfuckin’ hasttag.

    SJW’s in the Tag starring Samuel L Jackson.

  32. Well I’m in a tough spot here. I think that suicide is both cowardly and selfish, but I just found out a good friend of mine committed suicide 🙁 don’t know if I should change my views.

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