The country is at a crossroads right now. I can safely say that the social and political unrest is now greater than it ever has been during my lifetime. You would have to go back to the 1960’s to rival the current situation. the only reason I would say it was more heated back this is Vietnam and the political assassinations that were taking place. Thankfully, we haven’t yet reach those points. But I would not be surprised if it started happening. The left is being whipping into a dangerous frenzy by the media and Democrats. It could turn very, very ugly.

The big push now is to get the Electoral College to go against Donald Trump on December 19th and keep him from becoming the 45th President of the United States. I still do not think this will actually happen. To me, their project is doomed to failure. They need 37 Republican defectors to somehow keep Trump from becoming president. Even then, it would go to the House of Representatives if no candidate got 270 electoral votes, where he would almost certainly win. I guess maybe they hope to delegitimize the Electoral College itself? I don’t see how they actually plan to keep Trump out. But if they actually, against all the odds, managed to do so…

Well, the chances for a civil war would be large. I guess, to some segments on the left, that would be something they want. But I implore them to just take the loss and move on. One election is not the end of the world. We will have more votes, more campaigns, more controversies. This talk of completely destabilizing the country is a folly of the highest order. Pretty much the only “progressive” commentator that I’ve heard call this madness out is Heet Jeer of The New Republic.

Their next big idea is calling for a re-vote. I don’t have a clue how that would be permissible under the constitution. But that’s not stopping these loons. They’re willing to go against all constitutional norms in a bid to stop Trump. These people are completely unhinged.

This type of talk is going to have incredible ramifications. If not now, then later. People could die over this. It’s a serious game the media and Democrats are playing right now. I hope they wake-up and realize what this could all mean for the future of our country.