In case you didn’t know, Janet Bloomfield is fucking awesome. I got to talk to her a little bit on Twitter back at the beginning of GamerGate, and she’s written for the site, been featured here in news stories, etc. She has her own site as well, and I appreciate the shoutout she gave me yesterday. But this is about Twitter. They’ve been keeping her off the service unjustly for many months now. The following is an open letter from Janet to the powers-that-be at the San Francisco based social media giant. Hopefully it does some good.

OPEN LETTER by Janet Bloomfield

My account has never participated in targeted abuse, unless Twitter thinks tweeting the actual words of a feminist back at her constitutes abuse.

Let me explain to you how Twitter works, and how the recent reddit revolt and ousting of CEO Ellen Pao can happen at Twitter, too. Eventually, Twitter will allow the suspension of someone much more important than they anticipate, and users will protest by deleting their accounts, causing a massive drop both in users and tweets. Four or five million followers plus accounts can account for a dramatic amount of traffic, and Twitter is no different than reddit in that your users are volunteers and they can volunteer elsewhere, if you piss them off enough.

Twitter, like reddit, is a modern Colosseum where spectators gather to watch gladiators battle. Those battles do not constitute ‘abuse’ or ‘harassment’ – they are the reason people use Twitter! has built a whole enterprise out of finding the best *facepalms* and comebacks – distilling the best of Twitter into one site. Twitchy understands your business, and you apparently don’t. Costolo and his ill-advised partnership with WAM and dedication to eradicating ‘trolls’ is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. The ‘trolls’ are what make Twitter entertaining, and prompt users to come back multiple times a day, RT, engage and use the site. Costolo couldn’t grow the site because he doesn’t understand what makes Twitter fun.

The crybaby feminists who can’t come up with any good comebacks and offer up some of the best *facepalms* by being so fascist, controlling and just plain stupid are bawling that Twitter isn’t a safe space for them and doesn’t provide a hugbox where no one ever gets offended by anything ever. You’re letting the joyless #NoFunAllowed brigade to ban users that provide the essence of Twitter.

That’s dumb.

No one goes to the Colosseum to watch adults use crayons, eat cookies and watch puppy videos.

If you can’t learn what Twitter is, what it does, and why it’s so much fun, you will kill it. It’s that simple.

Restore and verify my account @JudgyBitch1. Before you do, go and look at my tweets and note which side is hurling abuse, insults, ad hominems, threats and sulking away in a cloud of butthurt. Guess what?

Those are the people you want gone from Twitter. Make a mistake, and pay the consequences. Your users will revolt. It won’t end well.

Ask Chairman Pao.


Janet Bloomfield


  1. Recently, the #NoFunBrigade began putting around a Javascript, which purpose is solely to stop comments from appearing on various social networks.

    This is because many of those in the #NoFunBrigade don’t like getting comments — ANY comments. On Tumblr, people who like what you say or show usually just reblog it or like it, without any comments at all. In fact, it’s very difficult to hold a real conversation on Tumblr, because there IS no real back-and-forth system… it’s all done either through reblogs, or through private messaging.

    So the #NoFunBrigade, which wants to proselytize and be supported without debate (as Tumblr’s basic design tends to promote) wants to “Tumblrize” other social media they use.

    No, they don’t want a Coliseum at all — they want Madame Guillotine.

  2. I do like Janet. She is pretty much more strident anti-Feminist than I. No, I AM Anti-Feminist but he is on another level. Good on her.

    There will come a time when these “Progressives” are sent scurrying into their Tumblr hugboxes and rejected from all decent society. I will be rejoicing…if it is still in my lifetime.

    I do not think Janet’s letter will get her reinstated but the letter was based and she had no reason to demean herself to grovel before those asshats

  3. As you pointed out, Twitter will leave alone the accounts that are making actual threats and those users will continue making threats. So, of course, Twitter will publicly say they strive to curb harassment. That is good marketing for “safe space” businesses and irony.

    1. So, going along with the analogies in JudgyBitch’s Open Letter, the accounts that make actual threats and harass users are the lions and other beasts, while the gladiators are the ones getting banned.

      Yeah, I can’t see this ending well.

      1. Twitter is already embarrassingly unprofitable for a site with it’s massive traffic and relatively small staff, the investors always want to see continual growth of the user base but it’s growing very slowly now and that growth is getting offset or even reversed by all the suspensions they’re handing out.

        Janet is exactly right, the true draw for a twitter junkie are the bouts and the e-gang warfare that follows the good ones.

        It’s clear to me that the much of the internet needs to migrate away from San Francisco, people living there obviously do not on average understand what people not from there like about the internet. It makes no financial or business sense to focus every large online community on pleasing one city/region of smug hyper-progressive twerps.

        In the long run I suspect this will happen by itself. There are simply far cheaper places to plant servers both in the US and abroad, nearly everywhere in fact. Now that the technology has been long since invented and the industries are maturing you’ll also probably start seeing people from more diverse backgrounds than just billionaire child of millionaire left coast champagne socialists entering these marketplaces.

        1. There are simply far cheaper places to plant servers both in the US and abroad, nearly everywhere in fact.

          Also places that won’t get flattened by the next Big One.

          1. That is something to consider, why are we allowing half the internet to be dependent on a city in an earthquake zone? Not to mention that it’ll be the first American city reduced to rubble should even a single giant monster emerge from the South Pacific, an imminent and inevitable threat that we’ve been aware of for about seventy years.

  4. Honestly she is awesome i had some good hilarious conversations

    with her myself and her absolutely decimating hypocrites was a joy to watch!

    The fact that in all this time they still havent restored her account is a great injustice!

  5. I stop using Twitter back around Dec/2014-Jan/2015, specifically as a result of the banning of JudgyBitch & Thunderf00t at the same time (relatively), a little while back by (WAM), or what I call the Twitter Gestapo, I didn’t think I would go as long as I did so far, since I didn’t want to lose connection with some good friends & great contacts ( JudgyBitch was on my list & Vice versa )+ awesome discussion starters with some people whom had different views & believes then me, nevertheless, when they weren’t cry babies or verbally abusive & childish (I just blocked them, rarely though) or I exchanged with them heatedly some times but respectfully, learned few things & stood corrected some times, humble enough to admit it, I do not believe I will ever reopen the account I closed few months ago, heck!! I am thinking of adding FaceBook with it’s recent censorship attempts into my internet trash box, I go there once every month or two anyway, I don’t think that will change unless there’s a stop to the preferred free speech enforcement by (WAM).

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