Guest Editorial by Dave the Sandman

Fresh off the press this week is further proof that, as Vox Day so rightly claims, not only do SJWs always lie, SJW politicians lie and lie again with total immunity, often by playing the Melanin Defence.

Backstory: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan sidled into office under the shield of being a secularised so-called-moderate-Muslim Labour Party candidate. Of course, it would probably have helped if his Conservative opponent Zac Goldsmith hadn’t been such a supremely unelectable toffee nosed twit who channelled Joe McCarthy and blew his dog whistles louder than a foghorn. The public, and a compliant media, focussed on that rather than early doors evidence that Citizen Khan was already showing signs of being a full-time race hustling SocJus freak more at home in Canadian or Swedish uber-left wing politics.

In the early stages of the Mayoral race Khan all but called the London transport authority (Transport For London) an institutionally racist and sexist organisation, claiming that there were too many white men on its Board. He seemed to claim that because thirteen of its sixteen members were white men, it was being run as a UK wing of the Klan. Of course, the possibility that it was a meritocracy completely failed to register in his dishonest little brain. Not enough vagina and melanin washing about the boardroom for old Genghis Khan. Bugger experience and merit….. genitalia and skin tone are obviously a better yardstick to measure the ability and fitness to oversee one of the world’s busiest public transport systems.

Let me add some even bigger history to the backstory. A previous and somewhat beloved London politician, Ken Livingstone, while in power as leader of the Greater London Council, (in effect the 1980s forerunner to Mayor), instituted a scheme called “Fares Fair” which sought to bring in an affordable level of transport fares in a time of rocketing ticket costs. While that effort hit the rocks, he did succeed in bringing in reforms that had real and tangible cost savings for Londoners and tourists alike. Khan piggybacked onto that earlier policy triumph in his early campaign, but since getting elected…..meh. Not so much.

Instead Citizen Khan seeks to play Twitter and Tumblr politics, catering to the minority of perpetually outraged and overly vocal. When caught out for having sexists, racists and homophobes on his staff, such as a key advisor and speech writer who was caught showing his real face rather than the SocJus mask, he is swift to chuck said embarrassments under the proverbial red double decker Routemaster. Even when Kublai Khan himself was caught calling moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms” a brief social media nopology and its water off the ducks back. Evidence that in 2004 Khan shared a stage with five extremist Islamists who demanded gender segregation and a “Jews did 9/11” conspiracy theorist, a stage sponsored by a Muslim organisation that publishes holocaust denial works? Meh…… no problem. Seriously…….Its 2016 guyz.

But this week Citizen Khan’s true colours came shining through. Seems he has waded into the old kerfuffle about what is and isn’t acceptable content on billboards, especially those on the London Underground. Khan doesn’t like Protein World’s “Beach Ready Body” advertising, and agrees with the bugnutty radfem brigade who demand all such ads should be banned as they constitute body shaming. Really…..not see the hypocrisy of that standpoint Kublai? It’s OK for you to actually body shame the model who has a lovely athletic figure which looks killer in a bikini (and any woman with a similar svelte figure), but not OK for Protein World to supposedly body shame fat slags, lardarses and rainbow haired hambeasts by using images that will grab the attention of potential consumers?

What will be next one must ask? Lingerie stores being forced to black paint over their windows? Lingerie and bikinis sold in brown paper bags? Regulations against miniskirts? Any magazine with even slightly racy advertising sold under the counter with a nod and a wink? Or, as a few Twitter wags suggested, an end to pork sales in the capital? No more bacon and egg breakfasts, and no more Simply Sausages?

One glimmer of light on the horizon has been the very vocal backlash against Mayor Khans little puritanical crusade against the female form. While papers such as the Guardian and Independent ran articles and editorials praising the moral crusade of Genghis Khan, others have voiced their very real criticism and sense of betrayal.

Personally, I would suggest that Protein World fight back. I suggest they erect a 50 foot high standee of that lovely model in her yellow bikini right outside the window of Citizen Khan’s office. I would buy up every inch of billboard space for a mile around that office, and saturate the area with those beach body ads. Because I think there is only one effective way to fight the censorious beaky nosed busybodies who seek to control what we see, hear and watch …. and that is to turn it up to 11.

And next time London Conservatives, how about you run a candidate who is a bit more of an everyman rather than some public school educated toffee nosed Old Etonian nomark with all the public appeal of a dose of Ebola? Boris may have been similarly posh and a public school duffer, but at least he was lovable.

That way our capital city may not be put in the hands of a pack of regressive left puritans, cynical Tumblrite hypocrites and SocJus drones.