After decisively losing a presidential election they were sure of winning (not to mention losing seats everywhere), you’d think Democrat leaders would rethink at least some aspects of their current policies and political strategies. However, what we’ve mostly been hearing has been a stubborn refusal to accept responsibility for their own failures, with Democrats blaming everything from the Electoral College and the FBI to WikiLeaks and Russia for Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Right-wingers who for decades have claimed that Democrat policies revolve around rejecting personal responsibility can surely feel vindicated as they witness how Democrat politicians and pundits now deal with defeat.

One rare Democrat politician who seems at least somewhat willing to admit that left-wing excesses helped Trump get elected is Bernie Sanders, who’d probably have faced Trump in the 2016 election if the DNC hadn’t rigged the primary. Sanders has criticized both political correctness and identity politics, the two sacred cows of contemporary American left-wing ideology. For doing this, the Jewish politician who lost family members in the Holocaust has been accused of defending White Supremacy. Gee, I wonder if the American Left might not have gotten a tad bit unhinged..

An article in The New Republic from last week, while less hysterical in tone, is just as ridiculous in terms of substance. Seemingly without any irony, it chides Sanders for caring more about issues of economic inequality (which affect more than 90% of the population) than mandating that transsexuals get to use their preferred bathrooms (an issue that affects 0.3% of the population at most). And no, that’s not an exaggeration:

The town hall also revived Sanders’s chronic problem of prioritizing economic justice over the identity-based concerns of marginalized groups. Towards the very end, Cuomo asked the senator what he’d say to Americans who see Democrats as “more concerned with what bathroom people go into [than] how they earn a living?”

“Very fair question,” Sanders said.

But it wasn’t a fair question. It was based on a pernicious premise that the senator should have challenged. Ensuring transgender Americans can use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identities isn’t some tertiary issue. It’s a vital anti-discrimination measure. And, for transgender Americans in the workplace, it’s very much about being treated equally as they earn a living.

Beyond the fact that “transgender rights” issues in general are undeniably tertiary (again, they make up a tiny, tiny group, which the ridiculous amounts of attention devoted to their cause by academia, the MSM and pop culture can’t change), the bathroom issue seems an especially inappropriate litmus test. We aren’t talking about equal rights here, but special rights –  the supposed right of biological men to use bathrooms reserved for women, and vice versa. And since you don’t need to get your genitals examined before using a public bathroom, this only affects transsexuals who look nothing like the sex they’re claiming to be anyway.

Even if you’re comfortable with the idea of gender identity trumping biological reality when it comes to which bathroom non-passing transsexuals get to use, there is no proposed way to ensure that only people actually suffering from gender dysphoria/gender identity disorder get to take advantage of this. Any male pervert wanting to creep on women in their private spaces will be able to use “I identify as a woman” as his get-out-of-jail-free card whenever the security guards come for him, without even needing to change up his appearance (The SJW extremists that have hijacked the “trans movement” fiercely oppose society requiring any proof of trans-status – Listen and Believe remains a fitting slogan).

In short, this would be a ridiculous hill for the Left to die on – but that is exactly what The New Republic is demanding. Taking for granted that men getting to use female bathrooms is the defining civil rights struggle of our time, it continues thusly:

You wouldn’t have known this from Sanders’s answer. As always, he railed against the plutocrats, disparaging Democrats for joining with Republicans to deregulate Wall Street and pass free trade deals. “I think the American people understand that there’s something profoundly wrong in this country when you have a small number of billionaires that have so much power,” he said. He also trotted out stump-speech lines about tuition-free public colleges and higher minimum wages; with passing mentions of fighting climate change and reforming our immigration and criminal justice systems.

What Sanders didn’t do was mention bathrooms—or transgender Americans—even once.

And he wonders why critics say he only cares about economic issues.

Besides the fact that Sanders was clearly addressing plenty of non-economic issues as well (climate change, immigration reform and criminal justice reform to be precise), the main objection this article seems to have is the fact that Sanders doesn’t consider “trans bathroom rights” an issue of comparable importance to economic inequality, the super-rich subverting democracy, affordable higher education or a living wage. It was at this point that I had to double-check to see if I hadn’t accidentally clicked on an article from The Onion.

Forget about right-wingers and centrists – I can’t for the life of me imagine that most left-wingers, outside of the loathsome SJW crowd, are on board with elevating the trans bathroom issue, and similar nonsense, to the top of their policy agenda. In terms of electoral politics it seems outright suicidal, and it similarly fails on policy merits. Many Trump-supporters have increasingly taken to telling Democrats “This is why Trump won” in response to their increasingly unhinged rhetoric and policy positions, but most leading Democrats seem to remain in denial about this. Oh well, if they want to ensure Trump gets 4 more years to beat back the Globalists, I can’t be too upset about that.