Ghostbusters cover photo

SJWs Always Lie – we’ve known this for years, so it should come as no surprise by now that they’re constantly trying to deceive people, substituting reality with whatever fiction they find convenient. The latest example? SJW claims that their precious All-Female Ghostbusters rehash was a triumph, or at least not a flop, proving “the Haters” wrong. Now, while the quality of a movie will always be at least somewhat subjective, numbers never lie (though people frequently lie about numbers), and the numbers show that the 2016 Ghostbusters movie is a Failure.

What exactly are the numbers? At the time of writing this, Ghostbusters 2016 has made 180 million dollars worldwide (117 millions in the US alone). Additionally, we can see that it cost 144 million dollars to make. Does that mean the SJWs were actually right about the movie being successful? That talking point (“it took in more than it cost to make!”), as well as the announcement by Sony that the movie will be getting a sequel, is what will inevitably be cited by the movie’s defenders in order to argue that it was successful. Scratch the surface though, and it will be impossible to be convinced by this claim.

For starters, the production costs at best represent only half of the total price tag – marketing costs alone are supposed to be close to 150 million. We can of course also have fun speculating about “unofficial expenses”, involving Sony bribing reviewers and utilizing social media shills (I kid, I kid!). But regardless, are we in actuality looking at a movie that needs to make almost 300 million dollars just to earn back its costs? And keep in mind, you generally don’t make big budget movies in the hopes of simply breaking even, so even those numbers (which the 2016 Ghostbusters isn’t even close to earning!) wouldn’t be enough to make the movie a success.

The answer is that the situation is actually far worse than that – money earned by movies don’t all return to those who made them, multiple parties take a cut along the way, especially when it comes to money earned from overseas. That’s why the director of the SJW Ghostbusters, Paul Feig, has outright said that his movie needs to make at least 500(!!) million dollars in order to be profitable. To be fair, others do put that estimate lower, at 375 to 400 million dollars. At any rate, 300 million as the break-even point for this movie seems wildly optimistic.

And is there even a chance that the movie could over time make something close to 300 million dollars? In short, no. The daily numbers show that the rehash, after an underwhelming 46 million weekend debut in the US, (which saw it being beat by The Secret Life of Pets in its second week) has had poor legs. Over the latest weekend it earned less than 5 million dollars in the US, and numbers will just keep getting worse as cinemas all-too-eagerly start dumping this Summer Bust of a movie. Its daily take-in has now dipped well below 1 million dollars, and at this rate the movie is highly unlikely to ever make back its production costs of 144 million in the US. Hell, it will probably require the upcoming weekend boost just to break 120 million on the domestic market.

The movie has also earned 63 million dollars abroad so far, and with the popularity of the Ghostbusters franchise being mostly concentrated in the US, it should struggle to even break 100 million there. Worldwide the movie has, as mentioned earlier, earned about 180 million dollars so far. To give you an idea of just how bad this is, the classic Ghostbusters made 290 million dollars worldwide – and that’s not adjusting for inflation. Adjusted for inflation, the number is well over 600 million dollars, giving you an idea of why Sony originally thought a movie as expensive as the 2016 Ghostbusters still stood a good chance of earning a nice profit. Then they decided to also use it to push Social Justice.

Even comparisons with less-than-impressive box office performers often embarrasses Ghostbusters 2016: The Golden Compass, a movie which did too poorly to justify the rest of the His Dark Materials trilogy getting that big screen treatment, still earned 372 million dollars worldwide on a 180 million dollar budget. Pixels, the critically panned Adam Sandler comedy linked to #GamerGate by SJWs journos? It made 244 million dollars on a 88 million dollar budget. Even White House Down, a universally recognized flop which cost Sony a lot of money, earned 205 million dollars worldwide on a 150 million dollar budget – and I doubt Sony spent quite as much additional money advertising that movie as they did advertising the SJW Ghostbusters.

If the movie did so poorly, why is Sony going to make a sequel? Good question – I’d certainly like to hear how they’d justify doubling down on failure to their shareholders. Most likely, the sequel announcement was Sony’s way to signal how pro-feminist the company is, as well as avoiding the media backlash that would surely come if they were to announce early that they were pulling the plug on the feminist franchise. I can already imagine the howls from so-called journalists about Sony “letting the misogynists win”. My guess is that the planned sequel will be quietly killed off at a somewhat later point, when most people have forgotten all about the 2016 Ghostbusters. If Sony really does end making the sequel though, it would prove that the company is not just pandering, but genuinely committed to advancing the Feminist/SJW cause, even at the expense of its own bottom line – which ought to make a lot of PlayStation owners reconsider whether or not they want to keep subsidizing Social Justice.

Either way, the failure of this movie is great news to anyone sick of Feminism and SJWs hijacking beloved franchises for their own ends. I’ve already explained why I considered boycotting the movie important, and the fact that we now have a very high-profile example to cite when trying to convince creators that they shouldn’t pander to SJWs is very helpful – especially since movies denounced by SJWs as “sexist”, like Suicide Squad, are at the same time doing very well for themselves. Ghostbusters 2016 was a much-hyped Summer Blockbuster, part of a huge, beloved franchise, promoted relentlessly by both the Nerd Media and the Mainstream Media. Even so, it still failed. That really goes to show just how unpopular the SJW agenda of feminism and misandry really is – or alternatively, how prioritizing making a political statement over making a good movie ends up with a finished product so bad that the movie-going public revolts against it. Either way, chalk this up as a win for the Sane Majority.