Honestly, the debate that raged on all night last night on Twitter is one that has been going on since the start of GamerGate. On one side, you have a faction that thinks everything should be focused on gaming and the unethical press there. On the other, you have those who want to clean up vidya, while also fighting battles with the mainstream media and various SJWs at-large (professional feminists, etc). I think it’s pretty obvious that I favor the second formulation. Time and time again, this has caused conflict for me, and here we are once again.

Since the very beginning, we have been fighting radical feminism itself. Anyone who says otherwise is engaging in delusion, is lying, or has purposefully segregated themselves to the “gaming only” camp. I honestly have a hard time seeing how that’s even possible, given how much of the major discussion is infused with talk about the SJW cancer in the mainstream media, and the culture in general. But, there are a few people who have tried hard to do this, so I will give them credit. It’s not common, though.


But the vast majority of GamerGate agrees with me and with others like me. Still, even if they didn’t agree with me, and I was in the minority, there would still be nothing anyone could do about me continuing to do what I want. How can you police a fucking hashtag on Twitter? It’s literally a pointless discussion. The only reason I’m talking about it now, is because the same group that has dwelled on this point for months is bringing it back up again. They’ve been soundly voted down by the people who make up the tag every time they’ve tried to force their view onto everyone else, yet here we stand.

Personally, I think this may be the last time I ever address it. Why? Because I’m tired of this issue, it’s pointless, and I’ve said all I have to say. No one is going to change my mind on it, and I won’t be conceding to the “ethics/vidya only” contingent…ever. So, have fun guys. Continue splitting the community with this bullshit. I will return to ignoring you, and creating content for the site. My adversaries on this will never come around, and that’s fine.

I no longer care.


UPDATE: I may no longer care, but someone on my feed had an interesting idea. Here’s the KiA thread (archive), as well as an excerpt:

I’m going to propose a solution to start with. It may not be a great solution, I’m not married to it, but it’s a start for maybe hammering out something better. (I can even update this post with other suggestions if they pop up).

Ancillary Tags Similar to the KiA solution, we simply add #Social (or #Gaming), #SJW or #Ethics tags to things that are strictly off-topic, predominately SJW/culture related, or srsbsns. Not a replacement, an amendment.

Edit: Just to be clear, yes, I am saying we should just up and casually hijack those tags.

I’m arguing that losing 5 characters is a small price to pay to provide some peace of mind. This allows people to browse and post in the general tag, or just browse a subtag. In the social/behavioral sense, it draws out borders for people who clearly need some lines/space from each other.

This is an interesting solution, so I’m curious to see if it garners any support. As always, let me know what you think down in the #BasedCommentSection.