Last night, I had the chance to watch a review copy of The Red Pill. Due to an embargo, I can’t post my official review until October 6th. I have no problem with this restriction, even thought I have a lot to say about the film and wish I could tell it to you now. But, that’s how these things go. In the meantime, perhaps you all might like to check out the interview I did last fall with the woman behind the film, Cassie Jaye.

Many of you have probably already seen it. Even so, I think it’s worth skimming through again if you have the time. Hopefully it will whet your appetite for the review. I’ll have it up very early on the 6th, 12:01am, to be exact.

  1. Here’s hoping it’s the hand grenade into the feminist movement that is so desperately needed right now.

  2. I’m looking forward to the review. I do hope that the MRM got a fair shake in this one. With some luck people will see a viewpoint opposing the hate group that is feminism.

    1. That’s why she lost her funding. She decided that she actually wanted to do a balanced, honest film and the feminazis who were willing to fund it pulled out. Not only did they pull out but they then tried to destroy her avenues of funding to complete the film.

      Enter Milo and his article about the film’s Kickstarter on Breitbart had the funding completed almost overnight.

      1. I’m familiar with the history of the movie. I do hope that that experience has thought Cassie Jay something and she’ll give a balanced view of the culture war.

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