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I have a certain background that allows me to notice patterns in mass movements.  It’s something I’ve studied thoroughly and has been part of my job for years.

This piece will be a look at how the current third wave feminism, lead by a charismatic shyster, is extremely similar to a derivative of a destructive cult.

While traditional Destructive cults normally focus around religion, the derivative I will be writing about abandons that mindset and instead focuses on a utopia filled with hashtags such as #killallmen.

A little background on the basis for this article:

Destructive cults are often led by a sociopathic/psychopathic, yet very charismatic person.  In this case, it would be Anita Sarkeesian.  Her new found love for feminism should be overshadowed by the fact that she used to work for a Pick Up Artist (PUA) who claimed that the use of Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLPO) to seduce women who would normally want nothing to do with you.  The Neuro Linguistic Programming theory is disgusting and has been debunked.  Just a quick example of NLP is as follows.  Let’s say you’re speaking to a woman in a bar.  You would want to repeat the phrase “below me” as much as possible, as it sounds a lot like “blow me”.

NLP users often take their bullshit a step further if they are successful in taking a woman home by using “the door theory” wherein he incessantly drops subtle hints on how bad it would be her if he left her.   The practice is disgusting on a multitude of levels as it is borderline psychological abuse.

However, that did not stop Ms. Sarkessian from organizing events for a Mr. Baggett where he would tell his auditoriums full of lonely men, who never learned to just speak to a woman like a normal person, how to trick a woman into bed and how to beat her up psychologically.  This will become important later on.

Leaders of Destructive Cults are also manipulative, conning, greedy, and have a grandiose sense of self-entitlement.   Ms. Sarkeesian fits many of these traits.  She has manipulated a group of people into believing that she is “the one” when it comes to ideas, actions, and thoughts about gaming in general.  She has conned her way into national television, reaching as high as the Colbert Report (where she did horribly, being unable to name 3 misogynistic games).

These leaders are also very paranoid, creating an “us vs them” type environment for their followers.  Sarkeesian has been successful in this symptom as she has convinced a large group of people that Gamergate isn’t about ethics in journalism, but is about attacking women.  This leads me into the “unquestioned authority” trait that many Destructive Cult leaders exhibit.

Part of being the leader of a Destructive Cult is that you must manipulate your followers into accepting everything you’ve done is “right” regardless of how the rest of the world may look at it.  In this case, Sarkeesian has manipulated her followers into completely ignoring her PUA working past, the dishonesty of her videos (the Hitman Absolution clip and the stealing of Let’s Play content comes to mind), the doxxing of people while she decries doxxing of the members of her cult, and general dishonesty of what GamerGate is about.  She has actually convinced people that there is a 4+ month campaign to JUST harass women while ignoring the fact that women ARE part of Gamergate as are minorities.  This leads me into the followers of the leader of the Destructive Cult.

Followers are often used as money makers.  Receive a death threat?  Better advertise that Patreon.  Need a new computer after raising $150k+ for the videos you were supposed to make 2 years ago?  Time for a Patreon link.  There is a school shooting?  Better blame it on “toxic masculinity” (another way Destructive Cult leaders work, by redefining words) and advertise that Patreon.

Followers are also expected to conform to a very strict set of rules that change at the whim of the leaders wish.  If the followers do not conform to the thinking of the group, they are often ostracized, attacked, and chased out of the group.  The “No True Scotsman” fallacy comes to mind.  The membership will often eat itself as some members attempt to think for themselves.  Randi Harper telling an SJW who dared answer questions from Gamergate supporters “you made your gamergate bed, now get fucked in it” or Anita Sarkeesian immediately blocking anyone who may question the methodology of her videos are wonderful evidence of this.

The followers of this type of cult are often told that the “outsiders”, Gamergate in this situation, are evil and should be destroyed.  They begin believing that the ends justify the means and that there is no tactic off limits to destroying their enemy.  “There are no bad tactics, just bad targets” has become a Sarkessian cult motto.  I have been on the receiving end of this tactic.  Someone dug up my information, called my job, called my parents and lied about me posting racist things on Twitter.  If I were to do the same to, let’s say Anita Sarkeesian, she’d be calling for my head on a platter.  There is a cognitive dissonance that resonates around the groupthink of the cult.

Followers of the Destructive Cult are also regularly seen trying to kill free will.  In our case, the SJW’s have gone to just arguing with us about ethics in gaming journalism to actively trying to censor video games.  GTA V being pulled from shelves in Australia, emails to developers threatening boycotts if their video game doesn’t pass the SJW morality test, the pulling of a Tekken character due to harassment of a dev on NeoGaf, and the threatening emails to devs who don’t denounce Gamergate are great examples.  You can also seem them attempting to shame people for doing something as simple as wearing a shirt they disagree with  (after the guy had landed a spacecraft on a fucking comet) or even speaking out against them (the doxxing and attempted SWAT’ing of Mike Cernovich).

The Destructive Cult leader will have a close circle of confidants.  Anita Sarkeesian has McIntosh, Wu, Harper, and ZQ as her inner circle. These will also be people above reproach or criticism as they have been blessed by the cult leader as “always right”.   For example, Zoe Quinn attempted to get Mike Cernovich SWAT’d, yet the SJWs were not outraged as ZQ has been blessed by Saint Sarkeesian.  Evidence has come forth that ZQ was an active member of HellDump on SA (where they regularly doxxed/harassed people)  Brianna Wu faked “fleeing from her home” and there was no outrage from the Sarkeesian Cult.  Wu has also blown through $200k, has set up a fake legal fund that goes directly into ZQ’s Patreon, and is now begging for money like a homeless person on the corner while telling people to “check their privilege”.  And the followers of the Sarkessian cult eat it up.  Why is this?  Critcal thinking is something that the leaders of a Destructive Cult will actively try and destroy as it makes it harder to control the followers of your cult.  Hell, just today we saw a disabled gamer charity “ruined” simply because TotalBiscuit retweeted it.  A minute of critical thinking would tell you that any money raised for disabled gamers, regardless of who retweeted it, is a good thing. But it was “poisoned” by a retweet. Let that sink in.

A coordinated effort on the part of the Sarkeesian Cult by one of the “blessed” members, Randi Harper, has created an echo chamber via a blocklist that keeps followers from even seeing opposing viewpoints.  In essence, the Sarkeesian cult knows their ideals and arguments don’t carry water.  You can see this in the way Sarkessian has shut down all comment on all content she puts out.  You question her on Twitter?  Blocked.  Youtube comments are disabled. A  polite request by Ralph during Sarkessian’s awkward stream resulted in an immediate ban that some SJW’s questioned. This is further backed up by the very public instances of the inner circle, mostly, refusing to debate people from the real world.  ZQ backed out of an MSNBC piece because Hotwheels was going to debate her.  Wu freaked out after the Pakman interview because he asked her tough questions and attempted to smear him afterwards.  Wu had a fascination with Pakman afterwards that just kept on.  How far did it go?

The next piece of a Destructive Cult is the propaganda.  Wu sending herself a letter from a “former Gamergate supporter” where the writer praises her for “outfoxing” Pakman.  Accusations that Vivian James is a stab at ZQ and have rape connotations constantly circle the echo chamber.  Cropping screenshots out of context to make someone look bad,  also comes to mind.  Abusing a sandbox environment to make it look like gamers are ENCOURAGED to kill women.  Having financially VERY privileged white men (McIntosh) tell gamers that they don’t understand their privilege using contrived, worn out, and debunked statements. McIntosh using studies that have been proven as flawed that say video games can cause misogyny and violence (are we sure he’s NOT jack Thompson’s son?) SJW whie knights mansplaining to pro GamerGate women that they aren’t acting like “appropriate women” because of “internalized misoginy”. A slide show telling third wave feminists to “Listen and Believe”, which is the definition of taking away someone’s critical thinking.  All of these instances are just small examples of how the Sarkessian cult operates.

How will this end?  It’s hard to say.  Once FemFreq is busted by the IRS, the cult followers will blame the government for oppressing women.  A good example of this deflection of blame is the Jonestown cult.  It was obvious that they were in deep, legal trouble.  However, the cult members had been so convinced that Jim Jones just couldn’t be wrong that they were willing to follow him to South America.  Do I believe it will come to that with the Sarkeesian cult?  Absolutely not.  It would take too much hard work and sacrifice.  It’s not in the Sarkeesian cult’s DNA to take up that kind of hard work, sacrifice, manual labor, and exposure to REAL oppression.  They’re hashtag activists.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Eventually the law will come down hard on the grifters, attention seekers who file false police reports, and those who cheat the IRS.  Until then, we will have to continue our fight.
#GamerGate. I hope you’ve had some good rest over the holidays.  2015 is going to be eventful.  Expect a staged beating of one of the figure heads of the Sarkeesian cult.  It will come.  It won’t be in public (like at Pax or comicon or E3).  It will occur away from cameras, in private, and blame will be hoisted upon some lone wolf #gamergate supporter.  It will be bullshit.  They continue to escalate the narrative that Gamergate is full of violent, women harassing, misogynists and will stop at nothing to keep that narrative alive.  Unfortunately for them, their time without an indictment hanging over their head is ticking down.


    1. This article is rife with spelling errors. Unless “Sarkessian” is some kind of inside joke or something?

  1. Look at the fanaticism of some of the anti-gg people, like Adam Sessler who has said some very crazy things, or Geordie Tait. I think this piece really nailed the cult mentality on the head. No questions, just pure blind obedience. I’m betting one of these “loyal male partners” will help stage an assault, that will of course turn into a show, with fake casts/braces/bandages etc no doubt. All for another 15 minutes on CNN or MSNBC.

    1. Imagine what the Sess will be like in 20 years. An angry old CIS male yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off his lawn.

  2. Re a staged event: it’s not necessary for their fingerprints to be all over it. They just need to capitalise on it (they’ve already shown this inclination with recent shooting events and other tragedies).

    So… what’s far more likely to happen, as this is instep with their methodologies (they’ve already sown the seeds of hate so it’s only a matter of time before someone acts on their own initiative, or with just a little #hashtag prompting), is for the ‘Dear Leaders’ to rally around an unknown or unnamed individual (someone that can’t be easily tracked, traced or linked to the PTB), a ‘sacrificial lamb’ if you will. If they’re a PoC (detest that term) or other “oppressed minority” all the better. If it happens in public… well… the kingdom will be theirs for the taking (if it happens out of sight it can be ‘debunked’ because they wouldn’t be able to provide corroborating ‘proof’. Happening in broad daylight for everyone to see… well, that’s entirely the point – that would literally be reason for #gamergate to never see the light of day).

    [EDIT to add]they basically have to be shown to be the “Benevolent Leader”, the Mother/Father figure that ‘cares’ for their supporters, someone their follows can “Believe”.

    Meh 2 cents anywho ;o)

  3. There was a recent set of posts on Twitter by Kazerad, who is being shunned by the SJW community for supporting GG. He followed it up with a long but well worth reading post on Tumblr that points out that Anti GG has done nothing but constantly push the idea that “You better agree with us or else we’ll make you regret it”, much like a cult does.

    Here’s the link to it:

    1. Isn’t the “You better agree with us or else we’ll make you regret it” thing what Ghazi accuses GG for? The projecting never seems to stop.

      Reading Kazerad’s posts I feel sorry for the guy. He’s being ostracized for daring to think for himself.

  4. This was a great read. The way they act really is like religious fundamentalists.

    You could have added that McIntosh literally was raised “Ultra-Conservative Christian” according to his own description, so this was how he was raised as well.

  5. Literal, word for word excuse by SJWs for Anita’s theft of Let’s Players, “Well, Phil Fish was right, those let’s players are stealing from the Devs, so she’s really claiming fair use by using their theft to demonstrate problems.” When anyone points out, no, Phil Fish wasn’t right, and that the courts have been very clear on what fair use is, they typically freak the fuck out.

  6. I don’t think it’s gonna spiral out of control for SJWs, at least not in juxtaposition to major cults. Too much work, and some of ’em can’t even walk on their own damn feet because of their privilege. The law, however will shit on ’em eventually, because, let’s face it, when their hugboxes are gone they’ll resort to false accusations, which is by itself illegal. Or torturing of animals. Or children. Whoever is helpless enough and in close proximity. Not like it hadn’t happened before.

    Either way it’s a fun read, though even I noticed they’re acting like a cult and I have no training in such fields. They’re too obvious about it.

  7. Out of curiosity, does that shitty blockbot go both ways? Meaning gg side can’t see anti’s tweets who use it & the anti’s can’t see the gg tweets or is it only the first one?

    1. It creates a hugbox/echochamber for them meaning we cannot see them and they cannot see us even if you tweet directly at them.

      1. We can still see them, as long we didn’t log onto twitter. What they should do is to make their tweet only viewable to their followers.

  8. Unlike most cults theirs is doomed to fail as eventually their ego’s will begin to clash and their intolerance for any dissent will lead to them cannibalizing each other. Here is a hilaripous example……

  9. Honestly if it was just Sarkeesian’s cult I could see it just dispersing like a particularly rank fart eventually but there’s a whole culture behind this thing which has taken deep root in universities and the breadth of “progressives” and social democrat types. Personally I think it will find and pursue some sort of really grand really horrifying gesture at some point, something that will shock everyone else back to their senses.

    I really think we might get a Guyana out of third wave feminism and the SJW bullshit by 2017

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