If you wanna know what GamerGate is fighting against, look no further than the career of Ian Miles Cheong. Corruption and hypocrisy have followed him relentlessly. As has been a recurring theme, no one SJW side cares to confront Ian about his enormous moral failures. Just like they don’t want to talk about Leigh’s racism and bullying, Tyler’s alleged revenge porn leak, GameJournoPros, or anything else that’s been brought to light. They’d rather continue to pretend like they’re the good guys, and peddle that fantasy to a complacent mainstream media all too willing to  buy it.

But, you don’t have to dig too deep to find skeletons in Mr. Cheong’s closet. There right there in your face. He used to be a powerful Reddit mod, who had a tendency to share his own shit and get thousands of hits off it. That, in and of itself, isn’t terrible. I’ve posted my own content to Reddit. But he took it a step further, and sold his influence to outside companies, according to published reports. Doing it for free wasn’t good enough for IMC.  As a mod, not only did he skirt the rules with his own stuff, he also allegedly took payola in exchange for pimping other content. He got away with this sweet little setup for quite awhile. Eventually, fellow Redditors busted him.

So, we have a morally compromised individual, who looks like he would sell out his own grandmother for a quick buck. That’s not that notable, to be honest. Devin Faraci and Tyler Malka have proven that. But not only is Cheong a money grubbing hypocrite, he’s also a former Nazi Party sympathizer.  No, I’m not making that up. Take this quote, for instance:

Hitler is my fucking idol

There’s not much ambiguity there, is it? Ok, maybe that one wasn’t enough to do it for you. How about these (along with a helpful pic)?

holocaust isn’t important enough to capitalize

because jews=nothing


On Twitter, Cheong saw that I was about to unload on him. He accused me of digging through someone’s past, in an effort to paint them negatively. First off, you can dig through my past all you’d like. You won’t find any odes to the magnificence of Adolf Hitler. But, instead of being a man, and owning up to his Nazi past, he instead tried to slam our tireless advocate, Milo Yiannopoulos. The SJW mindset makes it impossible to own up to any mistakes. The natural tendency for them is to just blame others for their failings, or to say they were doing it “for the greater good.” Like a user said on Twitter: Does this man have any dignity left?

My very short answer, would be no. He’s behaved in a disgraceful manner during GamerGate. Cheong has told us to go fuck ourselves, repeatedly called us pissbabies, or worse, and has displayed absolutely no remorse. Tonight, when he knew the fire was about to come, rather that be a man, he’s again proven himself to be a coward. Passing around bullshit articles about Milo earlier tonight tells you all you need to know about this scumbag. Ian has the nerve to call us out, but refuses to check Leigh, Devin, Tyler, Zoe, or himself. He’s an unrepentant, Hitler-loving, crook. Ian Miles Cheong is yet another SJW who fails the test, when put to real scrutiny. Will they ever be called out by their own side?

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting.




UPDATE: More from IMC today


  1. you forgot his youtube video in wich he complained that FIFA2014 doesn’t include enough women

    or when he hit up that booth-babe that got motorboated with her aggreement, that he tried to whiteknight so hard that she told him to fuck off and get laid

        1. “we know why women characters are not in this game” “so the question is when will they ever be and why not” WELL I DUNNO IF YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THE FIRST QUESTION I’M PRETTY FREAKING SURE YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THE SECOND.
          If you want women futball players to show in FIFA don’t force EA to lose money go fucking watch the women’s league boost that up. just because 40% of futball players are women doesn’t mean they make the most money out of the entertainment business.

          it’s like me bitching that they don’t include WNBA in 2k14 when ratings for WNBA are plummeting. It just wouldn’t work unless you support the real life sport. THIS ISN’T HARD TO FREAKING UNDERSTAND.

  2. Back in 2012, Cheong and Gameranx were the ones that started the campaign against KSI’s actions at the Eurogamer Expo. When Cheong found out that the “motorboat” incident was pre-planned, instead of correcting or redacting their article on the matter, Gameranx went ahead and changed the article around to ignore the facts. They deliberately changed an article and ignored the facts, he has no journalism ethics.

    Here’s my article showing what they changed – http://www.original-gamer.com/article/4351-When-games-journalism-turns-into-propaganda

  3. Of course his corruption and dishonesty is ignored. As long as you identify as a “feminist” the SJWs won’t call you out for anything.

  4. Lots of typos there bud:
    “If you wanna know what GamerGate is fighting for, look no further than the career of Ian Miles Cheong”

    I think using the word “against” instead of “for” is more accurate.

    “As has been a recurring theme, no on SJW side cares to confront Ian about his enormous moral failures”

    Missing the “e” in no one

    “Just like they don’t want tot talk about Leigh’s racism and bullying,
    Tyler’s alleged revenge porn leak, GameJournoPros, or anything else
    that;s been brought to light uncovered.”

    To talk, that’s

    “There right there in your face.”


    “Cheong has has told us to go fuck ourselves”

    -1 has

    Heh, sorry, there were just a LOT of typos, but excellent article as usual.

    Funny thing is, this asshole sounds like a wannabe /pol/lack. Idiot reminds me of Suey Park.

    1. Lol, I’m not sure what I was doing with the proofreading. I was trying to get it out quick, so that probably had a lot to do with it. Thanks for the catching those. I think the for or against one works either way, but against is better.

      Also, glad you enjoyed the article. [email protected] the Suey Park comparison.

      1. Also, scrap the “uncovered” after “brought to light.”

        Thanks for this. Yet another nice little cache for a giant bigot.

  5. I have heard he has kinda apologized for being super racist but blamed it on the culture for making him super racist. Any links?

  6. Ian is a dumb ass. Do I think he’s pro-Hitler? No, but he’s definitely a big goddamn bag of douche for not owning up to what he said and at least apologizing for it.

  7. I don’t believe he’s an ex-Nazi. If he was sincere about changing his views he wouldn’t still use “sol Invictus” as his username on multiple websites (including Facebook).

    That’s the name of a well known neo nazi band, and a term mistakenly used as a veiled reference to the swastika by fascist neo-pagans. (Some sun wheel icons used by the Roman Sol Invictus cult resemble swastikas).

    I’m sure he’s absolutely aware of the nazi connection, since it was one of his main usernames when he was an active neo-nazi, and yet he still uses it. He’s still a racist and still an anti-semite.

    1. We should always be wise to not lump people in with their race. If someone is garbage, they make all of humanity look that way.

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