Guilty? The Tyler Malka Pictures

Guilty? The Tyler Malka Pictures

I just received a copy of the thread where Tyler Malka was alleged to have shared nude photos of a rival’s love interest. In the thread, he denies being the one to leak the photos. But his buddies on the board crack jokes about the woman’s breasts, and her looks. And at least one user doesn’t believe Malka, and accuses him of lying.

They also say that because she allegedly posed for the photos, that she should expect this sort of thing. This is precisely the opposite of what was said about Zoe Quinn’s porn picture when they were recently shared. Sounds like another possible case of SJW “do one thing, say another” syndrome.










I’ll continue to look at the thread for more newsworthy information, or if Tyler Malka himself addresses these allegations.




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  • NoNamesLeft

    Zoë Quinn’s photos weren’t leaked.

  • Meittimies

    In all honesty I dont think Neogaf represents SJW as much as just a bunch of a-holes willing to follow any current trend in a blind fashion. All that site is a giant echo-chamber.

  • cen

    darn man darn

  • the red army

    i posted a little last night about the story of how this went down… will get into more detail if you guys want… SPECIAL EASTER EGG if you have seen the poor girls name search it on youtube and listen to the song by ermac :rock


    This “do as I say, not as I do” syndrome has been going around lately on SJW run sites like Gawker and HuffPost.

    Both of them threw their 2 cents into the Fappening, harping about “OH NOES THOSE POOR GIRLS HAD THEIR NUDES LEAKED!”, yet months earlier Gawker was crowing about having footage from Hulk Hogan’s leaked sex tape on their site, and even bragged about not taking it down after a lawsuit was filed against them. HuffPost also got into the finger wagging, conveniently forgetting that they happily posted a pro Basketball players’ leaked nude photos, and even started a poll asking readers what they thought of his penis. Good lord, you can see the hypocrisy from space.

    (NOTE: I do not condone leaking other people’s private nude pics, nor did I look at or share those photos)

  • Freeman

    That is defiantly the kind of face you see just before you the smell of chloroform overtakes you.