Is the United Kingdom more racist in the wake of Brexit? Well, if you believe new polling out from Sky News, then the answer is yes. However, if you delve into the numbers, this negativity seems to be the result of bitter Remainers who are still pissed about the result from last summer. It’s not that the Brexiters are super cheerful and living in another reality, as some question show that they are realistic about the challenges facing the UK as they attempt to negotiate a fair exit from the European Union.

But the other side is acting like it’s an apocalyptic event

Unsurprisingly, there is a wide disparity in views depending on opinions about the EU referendum.

Leave voters are evenly split – 30% think relations will worsen, 27% improve and 28% think there will be no change.

In contrast, 80% of Remain voters think relations will deteriorate, with just 1% expecting an improvement.

A majority also believe Britain is a more racist place than 12 months ago…

And 45% say the economy will deteriorate as we leave the EU, with 27% saying it will improve and 13% expecting no change.

Leave voters expect the economy to improve (54% to 12% who expect the economy to get worse), while the vast majority of Remain voters expect the economy to worsen (76% to 5% improve).

Nora and I delve into all the numbers in a new edition of TRR Rundown. She’s more suited to talk about the political climate in the UK, since she lives there and is also…GASP…a minority.

I will give a slight spoiler: She doesn’t think much of the increased racism claim being put forth by this poll.