I am in a festive mood this evening. I say evening, but in reality, it’s almost 5:00 AM. Good morning to all our international readers, and any early-risers here in the United States of Bacon America. It’s also GDC Week! As you may remember, that’s been the focus of some of my recent reporting. Some attendees took issue with me because I highlighted the drugs, drinking, and partying aspects of GDC. The thing is, I didn’t feature it. They made all this public themselves on social media. Just like Leigh Alexander showed us way back when, these people constantly put their own shit out there.

Speaking of Leigh, this is her time of the year! Like she says: “It’s GDC. I will be drunk for the next seven days.” Not only is the woman a bully on twitter, she’s also a totally unprofessional drunken mess half the time. TotalBiscuit was right to call her out for being a fucking drunk. Where would he get an idea like that, you ask? Maybe from all the times she publicly claims to be wasted. Her past outbursts about ruining careers, real career women not having children, bottles through people’s eyes, ghetto men…perhaps they were booze inspired, like her career? How much more damage is she going to do under the influence?

Below is just one stretch in the spring of 2013 (we have plenty from last year down below in the gallery). You don’t see too many journos making such a drunken spectacle of themselves. It wouldn’t be so bad if she was a nice drunk. Instead, she lashes out. Again, there is a major pattern here:

Selection_999(573) Selection_999(574) Selection_999(575) Selection_999(578) Selection_999(579)

This is the sort of thing I’m talking about. I can only imagine what she’s like in person. How many acts of actual violence has Leigh Alexander committed? Has it not crossed your mind as well? I have no police records or anything like that, but she just seems like an extremely violent person. Maybe that’s just the booze talking.

This is a tweet from one of my early articles, but it’s relevant here. When all her abhorrent behavior is stacked together, you can really see what an unprofessional louse Ms. Alexander really is.


Back to the drunkenness:

Selection_999(590)Selection_999(589)Selection_999(588)Selection_999(587)Selection_999(586)Selection_999(585)This is just a basic search. There’s a shitload more for anyone who wants to find it. In fact, there’s a lot more down below in the gallery. I could just sit here and run through them all, but I think you get the picture. Leigh Alexander seems to have a serious drinking problem, and it’s been known to cause damage to others. You don’t talk about getting drunk that much without having issues, ask any substance abuse counselor. Her problems with booze is now the punchline to jokes. I’m sure her SJW friends actually laugh at her behind her back, and call her a lush. I mean, look at how they did Wu earlier today. If Leigh ever steps out of line and talks like she used to, I’m sure they’ll turn on her drunk ass as well.

Until then, I have to ask Gamasutra, and UBM (who also own the GDC): how can you keep this drunken bully on staff?


Also, keep in mind, I still didn’t get all the screens (although I got the vast majority). Check here for the full list. Special thanks goes out to TheIvyClover1 for the original archiving.

  1. I’m sure even she realized what a joke of a person and a professional she is, so she drinks her sorrows away so she can live with herself another day… that or she’s just a mindless booze addict.

    1. People like that will never admit their wrong, and all alcoholics will deny they have a problem. She prolly thinks shes too cool for school and it stuck with her and became a problem. She prolly thinks shes super sociable when she drinks and that everyone likes her. I know people like that lol

      1. At least she found a job so devoid of standards they’ll even hire a raging alcoholic. I don’t think even mainstream media is this bad yet.

  2. id rite sumting clevr hur butt *snicker* i gotz uh buzz frum reedin hur twetz. imuh lye dwn nwo,,,

      1. When you need to summon up the bile, add a scalpel and chuck a bucket of petrol on the fire…..heeeeres Johnny!
        Glad to come across another fan 😉

  3. I actually think we don’t need to worry about Ms. Alexander, as it seems she’s more than capable of sabotaging herself. If she keeps up like this, it will catch up to her, and at age 30 she’ll look like she’s on the other side of menopause. That’s what happens when you treat yourself like shit.

    EDIT: This cretin is, according to Google, THIRTY-THREE fucking years old, behaving like this. Are you SERIOUS???? She’s acting like a fucking teenager. I truly think she has a problem and needs to check herself in somewhere.

  4. Now only does “Critical Drunkard” Leigh Alexander need to be fired, but also that worm Ben FUCKING Kuchera as well. As well as a majority (if not every) of journalists on the Game Journo Pros List as well.

  5. Leigh has been on an extremely steep ramp down for several years. She really does need to clear her act up and move on with life, preferably outside of video games.

  6. My understanding is that Wu just recently identified herself (well, that carbon copy of Anita who works for FemFreq said it and Wu apparently agreed), that Wu “is the leader of anti-#GamerGate”. Intriguing.

  7. What is the probable number of retroactive non-consensual acts she will claim happened to her in a blackout or stupor.
    (I’m sorry but the man takes advantage of drunk woman trope is an obvious trap).

  8. Nothing wrong with one or two tweets about a night out. But PAGES of tweets about how drunk you are is crossing a line. I wonder how bothered Intel is about being linked with her toxic behavior and alcoholism.

  9. And yet nobody in Anti-GG every calls her out. It’s amazing.

    The sick part is, most of her Anti-GG vitriol, “megaphone” bullying and other personality problems can easily be explained by the affects of alcohol on her body. Irritability, dehydration, and increased stress can extend for 24-48 hours after drinking alcohol, assuming that you get that far without it. With someone who drinks as much as leigh claims to drink, I’d suspect the effect would be semi-permanent.

  10. That she takes so much pleasure in ruining people’s lives makes me wanna go punisher on her.

    But I’m willing to bet someone else beats me to it.

  11. Well it will only be a matter of time before she screws up and they turn on her. We saw how fast they turned on Wu. It’s getting to the point where we don’t even have to do anything. They are killing themselves. I’m surprised anyone can put up with her. I have seen unprofessional but she takes the cake on that.

  12. This is what white upper middle class princess culture looks like as it begins a pathetic transition into middle age. She aint gonna turn around guys. She’s gonna discover pills if she hasn’t already and what’ll be left in another ten years is going to be a whole other magnitude of sad.

  13. I would hate to see this woman’s liver.

    ….actually I’d hate to BE this woman’s liver.

  14. Nothing wrong with partying and an adult should have the choice to destroy their liver should they ever wish.

    The media and self proclaimed moral crusaders SHOULD have a problem though and absent of their hypocrisy they would. She is a “Role model” for young females who want to get in the industry. With the picture these SJW’s have painted about the horrid discrimination and issues with women getting in the door-her behavior (as a representative of the minority) should be exemplary.

    That aside, I would do shots with her. Shes an adult and should be able to live her life how she pleases and choose her own moral compass. Too bad we all dont think this way and just let other consenting adults live their lives how they please so long as it isnt violating anyone elses RIGHTS (and there is no RIGHT to not be offended)

  15. Twitter: for people who drink to get drunk so they can let everyone know they drink to get drunk. Bet she’s a lightweight lol

  16. I think this is my favorite article title till date xD. It’s so precise that actually nothing more needs to be said, strait to the point.

  17. Drinking isn’t an issue, nor is getting drunk, but when you do at as much as her, that’s called alcoholism. Perhaps it’s comorbid with some mental disorder she has.

  18. Well, after some further reading it seems feminists enjoy a double standard here as well, getting away with drunk tweets while the men rarely do. One guy was fired from a gaming site because he drunk tweeted (on his own time) asking who Felicia Day was and what had she contributed to gaming (something that escapes me as well, and guild doesnt count). Considering how much Felicia shitted on the very gamers that built up her career (some fake geeks/ gmaers also had a hand but GG doesnt affect them because it’s just another throw away hobby for them) after her stupid GG related horseshit, and she acts like a “glorified booth babe.”

    Of course to feminists pointing out double standards is considered immature and strawman…

  19. Do you know the story how shes got drunk on Giantbomb E3 live video podcast, started hitting on every male and got naked later?
    Even during the podcast she did something and showed her boob, later the video was edited and censored, but the story is known for all.

    P.S. I hate her, BUT the fact she drinks is not your or my problem, people should be allowed to have fan.
    Its between her and her boss, if shes not drunk during the work hours OR if the boss doesn’t mind her being drunk because she still does her job (or sucks his d**k in afterhours), its not our problem.

    Also the part you said about the GDC is just mean, adults can do whatsoever they want, its a party time,people meet, they liek to drink, maybe smock some wed, take a snort of cocaine or pop an ztx, this is just FAN FAN FAN, not your problem or mine, when you critique such thing you are no different from SJWs, you actually WORSE.
    There is No One I hate more then religion based moralists: oh abortions are killing babies, drinking is sin, smocking weed is a great sin worse then drinking… OMG you took XTZ? You are addicted Junkie, we need to “help” you recover and oh dont forget to go to church on Sunday.. etc. These people are worse then Feminazis and SJW

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