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The Unreal Multiple Personality Case Of NSA leaker Sarah Leigh Winner

We have had our share of traitors here at TRR.

First, they look reliable and you give them access to lots of sensitive information, then all of sudden, they betray you and leak said info.


After the dust settles, you feel stupid and angry. Then you start going over the traitor’s past behavior, searching for the red flags you missed.

That’s probably how the NSA administration felt after Airforce Intel Linguist, and anti-Trump, Sarah “Reality” Leigh Winner leaked classified documents to news outlets. They probably felt even more stupid after they went over her social media in search for clues of her online behavior (or other potential leaks) and found a red sea of red flags about her multiple mental illnesses.

After the first 20 minutes of researching her, you stumble upon her Instagram account and you realize this traitor’s head was truly damaged goods, barely held together with superficial “athletic” glue.

If her name change was not an already giant red flag (I am not making this up, she actually legally changed her name from Sarah to “Reality”) her social media is a testament to her mental illnesses. All you have to do is read between the lines as we are about to do.





As the Ralph elaborated upon before, despite her security clearance, this Texan by the birth name of Sarah Leigh Winner had a full-on anti-Trump, #Antifa, #RadicalLeft, pro #BlackLivesMatter, #Peta, #GreenPeace, #VeganPsycho Twitter account.

It’s impressive how so many mentally ill leftists like her use social media to “heal themselves” through an “online community” of equally insane people. They just form an online echo chamber that makes them even crazier. These delusional idiots don’t realize that using the internet as their own Prozac is as wise as using a chainsaw to trim a hangnail.

Just like most feminists, Sarah went to the Instagram Asylum to get some “free social media therapy”. Unlike her Twitter, it appears she tried to kept her Instagram free of politics. Fortunately, despite all of her efforts, her insanity still leaks through.

Let’s see a few approximate stats of her Instagram account:

  • Total account duration: ~2 years 1 day
  • (Account was opened on June 2, 2015, active until her incarceration around June 03 2017.)
  • Total number of posts: ~450
  • Average number of posts per day: 0.6
  • Posts featuring selfies: ~70
  • Posts featuring animals: ~100
  • Posts featuring objects/locations:~110
  • Posts featuring food:~160
  • Posts featuring herself interacting with people:10
  • No stated partners, no stated family members.
  • Most of the pictures featuring people were only of herself.


A few conjectures based on her types of posts:

  • Selfies = Narcissism
  • Animals = Failed maternal instincts (AKA “I am too broken to be a real mother but look! Here’s my cat-baby!” just like most feminists)
  • Food = Narcissism (AKA “look! I eat well to look good”)
  • Location = Status (AKA “look! I can afford to go here and there”)
  • Featuring other people = *Unclear

Here is the weird thing: 10 people is a pretty low number. No boyfriend or girlfriend nor any public statements of her love for a significant other. Granted, she may have avoided personal life posts due to her government job, yet other people working in the military do post about their partners (more often the ones that do, are heterosexual which may imply she is not.)

Not a single family member appears, not even her mother: Billie Winner-Davies was featured. But one of her many Instagram posts was a true treasure trove. In it, she casually admits to many of her mental illnesses and even elaborates on how she had to “rebuild” herself from her mentally ill ashes.


Sarah was “broken phoenix” or, in other words, instead of rising anew from her ashes like the pink progressive anti-Trump Phoenix she intended to be, all Sarah managed to do was to come back with a mind that was mangled, lame and unable to fly away from her trauma.

Also, she came back as a fucking traitor.

Despite excelling at school and speaking 3 languages, Sarah failed to control her own impulses. Just like Arthur Chu, Sarah is a mere narrow savant; able to memorize and retrieve vast amounts of declarative information and display limited forms of intelligence but, lacks the ability to apply her knowledge to her own mental health problems.

In Sarah’s case, she appears to have changed her name following a break-up and the resulting mental breakdown circa late 2013. Besides her mind, the mental breakdown appears to have led to the deterioration of her body.

This is what Sarah herself wrote about her mental breakdown:

The #catalyst for change was a huge collapse within my personal life, and learning what it meant to just be Re, by myself. I adopted a cat, and joined a crossfit gym

All right, there is a lot to “read” between her SJW lines, let’s go over it:

“being Re” WTF is that?

Was it due to her self-destructiveness and intense maternal instincts that she decided to change her name to “erase” her past and adopt a cat and a dog (like the many cat-feminists with advanced toxoplasmosis)?

She continues:

In November 2014, my life was miserable. I had so many #fitnessgoals but my happiness was completely based off bringing that number in the scale lower and lower. Paired with an eating disorder largely based off of OCD, I could count on one hand what foods were “safe” to eat. It’s silly, but I remember snow storms in which certain stores and locations were closed, and those foods weren’t available. Or worse, when gyms would close.

OCD and eating disorders? How did this go unnoticed during the psychological evaluations at the NSA?

Holy Pepe…This is bad…

Anyway, let’s continue:

reezlie#throwback from November 2014 on the left, versus today, right. #weight is just a number, and that’s what I wanted to share with you today. November 2014, in that picture, I weighed 118 lbs, and today, while I didn’t weigh myself, would probably weigh in around 155. While there isn’t a huge difference in my #appearance my life vastly different than it was just over two years ago.

If weight “is just a number” why elaborate upon it at all? That was pure thinly-veiled narcissism. Was her Instagram a simple shrine to her need for affirmation and narcissism or a public suicide prevention plan via public commitment proxy? Hard to say.

Granted, she was an OK crossfitter that managed to bulk up noticeably (she even registered to compete at the Crossfit games) But, this begs the question, why the need to bulk up?

Why did she have the obsession to appear muscular & “strong” while remaining so psychologically fragile?

Whenever some women suddenly take up self-defense classes or body-building their behavior tends to point at the fact they are trying to convince themselves they are not “weak” following a traumatic event.

So, it would stand to reason Sarah wanted to overcompensate for past trauma with her obsessive dieting and athleticism. She had a broken mind but instead of fixing it, she went for the narcissistic aesthetics & got a toned body first. Sarah was like someone having a broken arm but going for a manicure instead of going to the hospital.

She even elaborates on how her anorexia fucked up her body before she went into Crossfit:

It took over a year working with different therapists and nutritionists, and just time itself to repair a damaged metabolism so I could physically digest other foods again, if I was psychologically ready for them.

Mhhh…Seems there was a therapist for her eating disorder BUT was she receiving counseling for her OCD and her other mental illnesses? Doesn’t look like. Anyway, let’s continue:

It’s the rush of teaching cycling, and seeing people get better every week, and the yoga of self acceptance.

What the fuck is “yoga of self-acceptance”!!!???

What? Now LuluLemon works with Doctor Phil?

Fuck, these lefty hipsters have no creativity for their cults…

Jokes aside, it could be inferred that Sarah was jumping from one obsession to another (Yoga to Crossfit or others) to find the sense of purpose she lost after her break-up.

Said separation was so bad that it truly damaged her mind and split her personality. Look:

It’s looking at these photos side by side and wondering what the woman on the left would have felt if the scale that day said 155. Your Story is your Medicine. Love.

Seems Sarah was desperately trying to convince herself she no longer was “that woman” while refusing treatment by “healing herself”.

Let’s analyze that last line again:

“wondering what the woman on the left would have felt if the scale that day said 155.”

Here we can clearly see Sarah had a fixation with her “past” self and her “present” self. Couple that with constant references to different “realities” and her more than unfortunate and blatant name choice and you get the picture:

Sarah struggled with the reality of her own mind, her body and reality in and of itself.

Furthermore, it seems we really do have a person that not only had a proclivity towards narcissism, body dysmorphia, anorexia-bulimia, OCD and split personality. So, considering all of the above red flags, this truly begs the question. How did a person like this get a security clearance? Well, welcome to NSA HR.

Seems the NSA has waaaaaaay too many feminists working at Human Resources actively promoting their “sisters”.

At least, the name change for such a blatant choice should have, at the very least, have raised a giant red flag during the initial HR interviews indicating this woman was not right in the head. Instead, the NSA HR went ahead and hired the mentally broken traitor.

Sarah’s desperate name change points at a mentally ill and unstable person that should never have been given a security clearance at all.


Despite Sarah’s narrow-savant intelligence, she never understood the true nature of her dumb reality.

How unfortunate for Sarah that she never realized her life was an illusion, her intelligence was imaginary and her name was the biggest self-inflicted pun of her life.


Thank you for reading.



Here is the archived Instagram treasure trove post in all its mentally ill glory before it is taken down.




Sarah’s retarded life also reads like a Twilight knock-off mixed with my little pony delusions so here’s why Twilight is popular with retarded teen soccer moms / feminists (and perhaps with the retarded Sarah herself).


Here is the Instagram post just in case archive.is fails to load.

(click here to make it feminist-landwhale-big-ass-sized)












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