I took a break after posting the Mike Cernovich interview yesterday, because why not? Back in the fall and earlier part of this year, I rarely took breaks. That shit will wear you down quick, and is not advisable. It’s not the physical part of your body that needs one. After all, I’m sitting here in front of a computer. It’s the mental aspect. But, enough about my inner psychology. Let’s talk about William Shatner. 

Yes, Shatner. He decided to give his thoughts on GamerGate a few hours ago. I didn’t think this would happen, but then again, I didn’t think Anne Rice would come into play, either. Richard Dawkins speaking out was also unforeseen. Hell, Adam Baldwin creating the hashtag at the very beginning of all this was pretty damn crazy as well. So, why not Shatner, when you (and by you, I mean me) put it that way?

OK, that’s enough intro. Let me go ahead and show you what Captain Kirk had to say. I do think he was more balanced than most of our critics, but he’s still being influenced somewhat by the fraudulent media narrative.

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(These are somewhat out-of-order due to the nature of Twitter scrolling. Archive link.)

He puts a small amount of heat on the SJWs, but his reading of the situation is a little off. GamerGate is in no way tied to bullying, unless you’re talking about the way the gaming press tried to bully their own customers. He didn’t go wild with trashing us, though, and he even said “the basis for the outrage was genuine.” He also trashed BuzzFeed, and said “GG’s basic ideas are solid.” It seems like he just disagrees with some of the tactics. I’ll say this: mistakes have been made by GamerGate, myself included. But we’re a ragtag bunch with little money and resources. Our media outlets are new, in most cases. The forces we’re up against have an advanced infrastructure and press presence. It means we have to do some unorthodox things sometime. None of that means harassment, though. Our opponents’ own data shows that I’m right.


It’s cool to see Shatner speak on GamerGate a little bit. He backed us, in some ways. I didn’t like some of what he said, but that’s OK. He’s not involved with this stuff daily like us. So I can let that slide a little bit. He was very open with talking to supporters, etc. It also seems like he might say more in the future. We’ll see what happens.

Let me know what you think. I’m going to go edit these two other posts. Also, we’re all waiting on Milo’s article on Big Randi to drop. I’ll have it covered here.


UPDATE: More from Twitter this morning…





  1. I’m not sure what to think about this to be honest. People need to remember, William Shatner was VERY antagonistic towards his Star Trek crew members. Remember that tweet about there needing to be a leader? This may just be the cynic in me, but I think he’s going to turn this into something about himself and that he ‘saved’ fandoms or something. Remember folks. He didn’t give a shit about James Doohan when he died of Alzheimers. His long standing feud with Takei where he makes it seem like he has the moral high ground is another highlight. Oh yeah. He didn’t attend Leonard Nimoy’s funeral either.

    1. We’ll see if he does. However, don’t judge a man’s entire character by some of his actions.

      1. Eh, like I said. Maybe he’s changed since then. In the realm of celebrity, it’s always difficult to tell truth from gossip.

    2. To be fair, Shatner didn’t attend Nimoy’s funeral because he was already halfway across the country at a charity event he was committed to before Leonard passed away (Shatner’s daughters attended in his stead). Shatner may have had beefs with some of his ST cast members, but him and Nimoy were very close.

      1. I don’t know. Maybe he’s changed since then. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but with so many stories flying around, it’s incredibly difficult to figure out truth from fiction. The thing is.. Takei has turned into a bit of a SJW, so I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong.

        1. Don’t know that takei is an SJW so much as someone who was tempered by his own experience living a life that would have gotten him ruined had it been public. He sometimes mocks SJW type of outrage, most recently the Jurassic World “Pakki” retardedness. Though I could be wrong, not like I follow him or anything religiously, just hear from my wife, who follows on facebook.

          1. Like I said. I want to be wrong. I just hate seeing people look up to celebrities only to have them shit on people that look up to them.

          2. Not to mention Kahn in the new Star Trek movie. The creators were so afraid of SJW backlash they placed him as Cumberbatch to avoid having a minority as a villain. Takei was not a fan of that move.

          3. To be fair, that movie was pretty fucking bad. It was nowhere near the first one (yes I like the first one sue me). I just hope the next one is at least decent. I hear the Klingons are making a comeback in that one, so we’ll see if they use minorities then.

          4. I see Takei as more of a social justice guy that really doesn’t know any better.
            The hollywood types that SJW worship tend to be insulated fro all the worst excesses of the movement. They don’t get the abuse a random person would get if they deviate (at least not in the same volume. Much like Wheden, they find it very easy to dismiss it as a fringe, not knowing that they have been protected from the worst of it but thinking themselves so brave for keeping to their “convictions”)
            I think most of the high profile “SJW” are simply people that do not know any better because their echo chambers protect them.
            To them, only the positives of social justice exist, and SJW is just a term nasty people made up to attack progress.
            As soon as an SJW is demonstrated to be in the wrong, they’ll be the ones backtracking and saying they had the best of intentions and couldn;t have known how bad the person was etc (as with the SJW author that was also a bully/troll that harassed countless people)

          5. I don’t know, like I said, my wife tells me a lot how he’s making fun of faux outrage, I don’t religiously follow him or anything.

        2. I didn’t know that Takei has become an SJW. I don’t really follow him that closely though.

          I’ll have to look into it further before I form an opinion though – George has always been pretty based as far as I’ve seen.

    3. Good people sometimes don’t get along.
      I’m just a small time guild leader, but I have to manage perfectly nice people some of whom DESPISE each other.
      I cant imagine what it would be like amongst actors, many of whom have egos (certainly Shatner amongst them)

      I also wouldn’t judge somebody avoiding conflict or bad situations.
      I have family that I love very dearly that have not attended the funerals of my father or our uncle. It feels bad not to get that hug and support on the day, but life goes on regardless of who passes,

    4. Actually, he DID care about James Doohan; he just showed it differently. His feud with Takei? that’s been over for years. It’s a friendly rivalry now. And not attending Nimoy’s funeral? He was unable to attend due to a prior agreement. He was the star in a fundraiser; He couldn’t simply not show up to it. The Nimoy family understood this. From what I hear, he attended a later, private memorial service with the family and expressed his sympathies for their loss.

  2. I think he’s just reacting to GamerGate as it comes along. It’s good to see discourse like this, even if it’s obvious that he isn’t looking too much into it.

  3. ,,,nice twist on th’HST inspired title Ralphie,,,i would highly recommend anyone to read Shatner’s autobiography Up Till Now from a few years back,,,he covers a bit of th’ fandom whirlwind in it and he’s very forthcoming in his own work ethic as an actor and how he viewed certain roles in th’ moment

  4. It seems like he’s not completely on GamerGate side, but he’s definitely not against us.

  5. Ralph:

    This article of yours is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    HOW DARE YOU post opinions of people who don’t 1000% agree with everything we say!!!

    Oh wait, this isn’t an SJW propaganda site…….. carry on as you were. 😉

  6. I get the impression that he knows and agrees with our fight, but I don’t blame him for trying to stay somewhat neutral, the flak people take for coming out in support for us isn’t something I’d want if I were that famous. That said he’ll probably still take some for not denouncing us.

  7. I pretty much agree with him.
    Some parts of GamerGate aren’t better than SJWs.
    But then again it’s impossible to keep a movement free of some rotten apples.

    1. aye as lone as the tag users keep the focus on the issues not the distracting feature that is shit-slinging contests with belligerent aGG word is getting out.
      Deepfreeze seems to be doing its job and hopefully based gamer, league 4 Gamers, etc will be the alternate sites we need to separate from the inane marketing and propaganda/press-release-outlet sites sometimes referred to as “news/journalists”.

      More importantly E3 for all its usual industry propaganda standards showed GG as excited about new and past titles while its opponents were obvious as people looking for something to be upset about no matter the pedigree of the title (Doom, grand-daddy of them all) or how unassuming the advert (the persona card-insert on the passes).

    2. “Some parts of GamerGate aren’t better than SJWs.”

      I don’t know about that. We’re at least all too willing to call out our own whenever they pull stupid crap. If the other side had anywhere near the same sense we had, they’d have thrown Literally Who, Nathan Grayson, and others under a bus before this whole mess could begin.

  8. Glad to see Shatner is at least reasonable when it comes to this situation. Sure I wouldn’t consider him pro but that’s alright. Just glad someone out there gave us a fair look. Which is more than I can say for that shrieking twat Will Wheaton. Maybe his tune will change once the SJWs get a hold of him. It’s amazing how many neutrals turn pro when that happens.

  9. I like their attempts to sway by posting “Oh the had a video libelling Zoe” So I posted the quinnspiracy series without comment beyond “here is what they mean” And the “Hateful post by her ex to attack Zoe” so I posted the zoepost link without comment beyond “Here is what they are refering to” I get in a mild back and forth with Phoenix Blue over the timing of Quinnspiracy vids and who else crawls out of her hole than Thefirstpaige to call me a “history revisionist that she blocked” behind a block of course

    Bitch you idiots brought them up, I posted them so he could form his own damned opinion on the topic, or is providing the relevant links to what they talking about revisionism somehow?! it isn’t like you gave him anything at all beyond your word

  10. well damn, Kirk (Shatner) there set phasers to BTFO. I guess after setting them to stun for so long he just needed to see what the kill did

  11. I’d certainly not call him “pro-GG”, but he’s not anti either. It seems like he genuinely wants to give GG good advice, wants it to improve. His criticism seems constructive and well-meaning. And it’s really heartening, tbh.

  12. Having watched the Fire Emblem fandom just have a massive meltdown because of social justice rage… I think Shatner’s on the money. Too often the extremists get in and destroy everything in their fervor. I don’t consider myself part of GG (although I support NYS) but I don’t see nearly the asinine bullying from one side as I do the other.

    1. Wait what did the goonies do now!? and btw super psyched for Fates! hoping for Janurary release.

      1. Fates already looks sooo much better than Awakening. I’m getting a copy and trying the Cubic Ninja trick to region free my old 3DS Xl. I won’t have any idea about dialogue but it will be fun to play since there are no other games that really interest me right now.

        They got wind that there were same sex pairings in Fates which meant it was the most progressive inclusive thing ever… except that there are only two and both characters are *~negative stereotypes*~. Also there’s icky gross incest and underage pairings and every other mildly offensive thing that has been in the series since it started. So there was a solid day of “DON’T BUY THIS GAME NINTENDO IS -USING- US THIS IS NOT POSITIVE REPRESENTATION RAEG RAEG” by people who… big shock… have probably only played Awakening.

        1. Well I myself have only played Awakening. But it got me hooked and awaiting the new one, like you said it’s looking pretty cool and building up. Also don’t know that trick and would possibly use it…If i knew how to read Japanese. So get here already January!(Live in the midwest so am likely going to regret those words.)

          As for what the buggers are doing: Face palm and desk plant. While the Guy is pretty unerving the Lesbian one honestly just reminds me of Tharja. Hell the two even look alike! Plus I even doubt because of Five(ish) words: anyone x Lissa and Lucina x Owaine. both are examples of what you mentioned. Also forgot Nowi, They would discard the couple thousand years old as an “excuse”, and the future kids in general exculding Laurent. So come on you didn’t see this happening already! You clearly didn’t play the last one!

          1. 10/ Radiant Dawn is my favorite for a number of reasons but I will be the first to tell you that the difficulty curve can be absolutely brutal. Awakening did a lot of good things and a lot of bad things so I’m really excited because Fates (esp. the Nohr one) seems to be heading towards a more old school direction. I found the soundtrack today and it’s excellent too.

            It is Tharja. Who is the most popular female so go figure. It just blows my mind that these same people who are celebrating are so completely oblivious to the fact that Fire Emblem’s had gay / bi characters for ages. And incest. And somehow that’s REALLY IMPORTANT NOW. I feel like someone’s come in to my apartment just to complain about my old furniture.

  13. I’ve been concerned that people would over-estimate Shatner’s position as thoroughly pro-GG (I called out Milo up there on it, though I don’t know if he noticed). Glad to see you took a very even keel on this.

  14. Shatner is a known liberal, so not surprised he’s slightly anti-GG. However Captain Kirk would definitely be 100% pro GG.

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