The Whole "Punch Nazis" Thing Is Just so the Left Will Have an Excuse for Violence

The Whole “Punch Nazis” Thing Is Just so the Left Will Have an Excuse for Violence


Guest Editorial by Jaker

More and more folks are being labeled as “Nazis,” often times for simply disagreeing with the wrong people, holding the wrong opinions, or simply supporting the wrong person. This isn’t anything particularly new, in fact it’s been happening for years now, the left and SJWs are now actively and regularly advocating for violence towards these people. What’s worse is the fact that otherwise reasonable people seem to be falling for these cries of “He’s a Nazi!” whenever they’re shouted. There are a number of problems with this, though.

One might be able to reason that it’s perfectly fine to assault a Nazi, maybe even kill one. It follows that if assaulting an evil Nazi is a good thing, then killing an evil Nazi must be even better. I mean, they are Nazis after all, right? Well, no. As I said above, a lot of these people are being incorrectly labeled as such over as little as holding the wrong opinion. And before you jump down to the comments saying “Gassing the Jews isn’t just a wrong opinion! It’s Genocide!” that’s not what I’m referring to at all. In fact, that’s what a lot of people jump to when trying to distract from the issue because they can’t defend their position. So, they misdirect and put you on the defense. See, this whole “Punch a Nazi” thing is the Holy Grail for SJW types.

For years SJWs have been spouting off their radical beliefs, always getting intensely angry at anyone who doesn’t toe the line. We’ve even seen individuals get violent on their own, but this is a whole new beast we’re talking about now. Let’s take a hypothetical scenario: A popular and well known entertainer on YouTube decides he’s not into all that Social Justice crap.

Unrelated photo of a popular YouTube entertainer


So, this popular YouTube entertainer doesn’t toe the line. He doesn’t mindlessly follow the crowd and perhaps worst of all, he actually thinks for himself and doesn’t take every rumour he hears at face value. My god, the horror. I know it’s getting a bit scary now, but don’t run away. This is just a hypothetical after all.

This person doesn’t believe in Social Justice, he disagrees with the terrorist organization known as #BlackLivesMatter, and well, that’s enough reason for him to be a target of SJWs, isn’t it? More than enough, in fact this YouTuber has earned their ire before, for calling a piece of technology retarded. Well shit, he’s clearly evil! Now if only there were some way to, I don’t know, brand him as a Nazi.

Oh. Wait. This isn’t a hypothetical, is it? No unfortunately this is reality now. JonTron is being labeled a Nazi for not toeing the SJW line and for having the audacity to actually think for himself. What about that picture that the degenerate and disingenuous Jed Whitaker used? Clearly Jon is dressed as a Nazi, there’s got to be some explanation for that, right? Well yeah, as I mentioned he’s an entertainer on YouTube. No one claims that Anthony Hopkins or Michael Caine are actually Nazis because they’ve played them in film. Because that would be fucking retarded.

We’re talking about a 4 second clip here. But there it is. JonTron didn’t toe the line, and oh here’s a picture of him dressed as a Nazi. “For real.” Therefore it’s perfectly fine to assault JonTron, because here’s a picture of him dressed as a Nazi. That’s the problem with advocating assault on “Nazis.” Because it’s an easy term to throw at anyone who doesn’t think the same way or believe the same things. SJWs are loud enough to spread this shit and normal people will fall for this narrative and spread it farther. I’ve seen people I like and respect sharing the “Punch a Nazi because Nazis are evil!” meme. I’ve even seen people I consider friends backing this shit and I don’t like it. Not because I’m a “Nazi” for holding the wrong views, even if those views do not include genocide, but because this whole “Punch a Nazi” thing is nothing but an excuse to physically attack those the SJWs and Radical Leftists disagree with.

Most importantly, there is no true modern day equivalent to the Nazis. Trump isn’t Hitler (or Voldemort, seriously, these people need to stop with the shitty Harry Potter references) and Trump’s supporters aren’t Nazis. Anyone who truly believes this is either misguided & bought into the narrative without any question or critical thinking or simply braindead fucking retarded.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Silence Dogood

    I want to know where JonTron got that Nazi costume. Because those Hugo Boss designs are fucking slick. Evil, but slick.

    • Grust

      Probably a costume shop, though with SJWs I doubt any costume shop would have em. Maybe Ebay.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Childhood friend of mine has his grandfather’s SS uniform. He’s athletic, blond haired and blue eyed too so he can pull of the entire look. Really snappy.

      • Silence Dogood

        lol oh boy – how did granddad get the uniform? of a dead nazi or was it his uniform? >_>

        • Maintenance Renegade

          It was his uniform. Same friend has his other grandpa’s uniform too, that grandpa was a Marine in the Pacific theater.

    • JosephPantaleo

      He raided Lady Gaga’s wardrobe.

  • tz1

    Add in Obama, and it’s ok to Hawaiian punch Nazis.

  • StephaneDumas

    Someone should do a game a la Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat style featuring SJW vs Nazis or SJW vs anyone (Cleveland bus driver, Baltimore mom). I think it would be much more fun.

  • GodBowser

    I wonder if Nut Job Wu happens to do something that the SJW’s disapprove of will he be labeled a Nazi too?

  • Maintenance Renegade

    They’re just doubling down again as always, now that they’ve lost the argument and alot of elections they basically have to concoct a reasoning as to why the entire situation is invalid. They don’t know how to recognize it when they’re losing because for about three generations they’ve usually gotten it their way eventually so now they’re throwing good political capital after bad thereby escalating matters into a realm they’re not equipped to cope with.

    They might get to flail around for awhile, punch a bunch of people and maybe even kill a few but ultimately that’ll scare the normies too much and the normies will then annihilate them. The normies are already getting scared as hell and the data I saw shows about 80% of them accept Trump’s presidency as the reality of the situation. Try to force a commie or anarchy revolution down their throats and they’ll vomit it up….and as I’ve said before that’s how a REAL fascist revolution starts.

  • David Addams

    The biggest irony being that Nazi is short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or the National Socialist German
    Workers Party in English.

    So a bunch of Socialists are insulting people by comparing them to self-professed Socialists/Communists.

    Worst example of projection I’ve ever seen.

    • Heh…. you know, I’ve long recognized the word アルバイト (arubaito) as the Japanese word for part-time work, derived from German’s “arbeit” (meaning “work”). I never would’ve imagined it being part of the name for perhaps the most infamous group of the last century…. nothing to demonize the term for, of course (only an SJW nutjob would stretch things that far), just something I find kinda interesting.

  • Mykeru

    If you go around creating an intense atmosphere where being deemed a Nazi will get you assaulted, you are creating an almost ‘solid’ thing that people will naturally resist. Repeatedly defining people’s views for them and criminalising them for it is going to push people into being more adamant about their views. In some cases people will even pretend to be actual Nazis just to troll them.

    • Typical

      I want to pretend I’m a nazi so when one gets up to punch me, I can beat them half to death in self defense.

  • “seriously, these people need to stop with the shitty Harry Potter references”

    It’s almost as if it’s the only book/movie a lot of them ever read/watched. Probably no surprise, given their desire to suppress all media to being within a tiny subset that they deem “appropriate” (though what is surprising is that Harry Potter apparently falls into that realm of acceptability; it stars fucking a white male).

    • GodBowser

      Another fresh serving of SJW hypocrisy

      Do these fuckers even want diversity and equality?

    • Typical

      But, it’s written by a woman, and she gloms on to any social justice cause she can: “Oh yeah, Dumbledore was totes gay y’all, I mean, it really had no impact or basis whatsoever in the story, but I get so many tumblr points saying it years after.”

      • Typical

        I mean, Single mother, lived on welfare, Had to hide her name so boys would like the book, JK Rowling is an actual person SJWs can play instead of the hypotheticals they throw around usually, NM most of it’s bullshit.

  • Typical

    Well Jed Whittaker and his SJW faggot friends are likely to hurt their limp wrists punching anyone anyway. I hope one punches me, I’ve been wanting to give someone a beatdown.

  • Mr0303

    When even somebody as balanced and neutral as JonTron could take the leftist hypocrisy it speaks volumes.

  • Godwin’s law in the realz world isn’t it. They use “nazi’ because “racist” has lost it’s impact, I wonder what they’ll move onto once “nazi” has lost its pazazz.

  • exposethebad

    I personally believe this issue to go much deeper than Antifa itself which, in truth, is just a conglomeration of lifelong failures and nobodies who couldn’t organize how to take a piss let alone what we have seen from them.

    I know the commonly believed puppetmaster is Soros and I definitely agree he has involvement. However, I personally believe, through both intense research and investigation, that this issue is much more globally far reaching than merely him and is a quasi global initiative to cause chaos in western countries. A type of an opening salvo if you will.

    What we see in Europe and America is not and cannot merely be considered one or a few groups all deciding to do what they have been doing. No, the consistency and patterns are far too closely related and speak volumes about other players in this game.