On August 16th 2016 it will have been two years since Eron Gjoni first put up the Zoe Post, detailing the deception and emotional abuse he was subjected to by his ex-girlfriend Zoe Quinn, the SJW indie “game developer” behind Depression Quest. The post went viral, not just because the story of Zoe cheating on Eron with Five Guys struck a chord with people due to being both great drama and a compelling depiction of an incredibly dysfunctional relationship, but also because several of the guys Zoe was alleged to be screwing worked in the video game industry, with the gaming “journalist” Nathan Grayson even having covered/promoted her game in Kotaku.

Even so, the ethics scandal would probably have blown over relatively quickly if it hadn’t been for the way the gaming press reacted to people beginning to discuss the story in their comment sections and on their forums: A mass Censorship campaign that was quickly dubbed The Quinnspiracy was unleashed, followed up with a massive smear campaign against “Sexist” gamers for having been so mean to poor Zoe Quinn, the common refrain being that Gamers Are Dead. This is what set off #GamerGate, the consumer revolt against the gamer media and the Anti-Gamer SJWs that had made it their M.O to slander both gamers and video games in general as sexist, racist etc. In other words, while GamerGate was never primarily about Zoe Quinn, the controversy surrounding the Zoe Post did set in motion the events that lead to GG.

On that basis alone, re-reading the Zoe Post today is worthwhile for anyone who has ever had an interest in GamerGate. Having done just that myself, I can say that the first thing that struck me about the post was how meticulously Eron had documented Zoe’s lies, manipulation and infidelity. Not expecting his readers to simply Listen and Believe his accusations, Eron made sure to back up his claims with proof. Apart from this being a good principle in general, and Zoe being well-connected, there was probably an additional reason for why he did such a thorough job documenting his claims: Zoe Quinn’s behavior was so jaw-droppingly contemptible that most people would have been inclined to disbelieve it if not presented with evidence.

To summarize, Zoe Quinn not only cheated on Eron time and time again (despite a zero-tolerance attitude towards infidelity supposedly being one of her defining traits), she was also controlling and manipulating him the entire time, causing him to question his own sanity, and putting him at risk of contracting STDs by coaxing him into having unprotected sex with her, Zoe having of course lied about not sleeping with anyone else at the time. This wasn’t just a case of some girl cheating on a guy – this was sustained, sadistic emotional abuse, which naturally ended up taking quite the toll on Eron. Zoe’s deception and the consequences of it are touched upon in Bullet point 15 (out of 24) of the TL;DR:

 15. Stop at pretty much no length to prevent me from finding out the truth. If I had to lose 10 pounds to bouts of panic attacks spent questioning my own sanity for a sleepless week of being ostracized so she could spend that time cheating on me — well, that’s unfortunate for me, but the important thing was that I not be around to make things awkward between her and the flavor of the week.

Earlier in the post, Eron described Zoe’s manipulation of him as a sort of sick game she played with him (or more accurately, multiple such games). He described the first 3 rules of one such game below:

1. If boyfriend relates observations that lead to a correct belief, girlfriend is to make up false reason to explain observations. If boyfriend backs down, girlfriend wins.

2. If boyfriend doesn’t back down, and notes girlfriend’s reason conflicts with other observations, girlfriend must get angry and demand boyfriend trust her unconditionally. Boyfriend must then choose between trusting girlfriend, or trusting his own ability to so much as reason clearly.

3. If boyfriend chooses to trust girlfriend, girlfriend must demand he trust her about something that contradicts something else she demands he trust her about. When boyfriend cannot possibly act in any way that doesn’t violate one of her principles or claims, girlfriend must establish he is going insane. If boyfriend succumbs to additional bouts of anxiety spent questioning his own sanity — girlfriend wins: multiply points by number of hours longest panic attack lasts.

We played this game quite a number of times [up until around May 29th], and she won in every conceivable way the game allows. With any luck, knowing the rules in advance will be helpful to the next contestant; I had no such advantage.

In effect, what Zoe preferred to just telling me the truth, was to convince me I was going insane [[7]], pretend she had no idea why, say she just didn’t have time to hang between work and the three friends from Texas she was letting crash at her house for a week [May 4th – 10th] and ostracize me for the duration of her newly truncated stay in Boston — all the while Facebook-messaging me nightly to tell me how much she loved me and was concerned about me — unless I tried to figure out anything that would make things make sense again, in which case: see game rules above.

As alluded to earlier, another one of Zoe’s games involved her knowingly putting Eron at risk of STDs, potentially adding injury to insult:

  • Player may secretly have sex with as many people as desired.
  • Player gets one point for every person player secretly has sex with.
  • Point multiplier per hookup for each time player misleads ex-boyfriend into having unprotected sex with player (by telling him player has not had sex with anyone else).

The Zoe Post today

As it stands, my two main takeaways from re-reading the Zoe Post are these: First of all, Zoe Quinn is a horrible person. Not a horrible person in the sense that the MSM portrays Donald Trump as a horrible person, because Oh noes, he’s rude and says bad words! – she’s the kind of genuinely evil person who will hurt innocent people, over and over again, just because it amuses her. She will betray people who love and trust her, and engage in breathtakingly dishonest and hypocritical behavior without batting an eye.

Everything we have learned about Zoe Quinn since then, both about her behavior prior to GamerGate (for example her unforgivable bullying of the Wizardchan users, which I already covered in this article, or her sabotaging The Fine Young Capitalists) as well as her later actions, have done nothing but further prove just how vile she is. The fact the MSM and the gaming media have been promoting Zoe Quinn has some sort of anti-harassment martyr, that she’s making 3000 dollars a month as a Professional Victim, that she’s even been hosted by the frigging UN – it all just goes to show that in this world, even people depicted as heroes can have the blackest of hearts.

I’d also like to point out that while Zoe lied about a lot of the online “harassment” she’d supposedly been subjected to, she probably did receive some real abuse in wake of the Zoe Post blowing up. I personally don’t feel bad about this in the slightest – not anymore than I feel bad about despicable animal abusers outed by 4chan getting a taste of the Internet Hate Machine. This view that the supposed mistreatment of Zoe Quinn was GamerGate’s original sin, or that we should avoid further exposing and discrediting Zoe Quinn (as well as other Professional Victims) because “she has already been though enough” is something that has hampered the consumer revolt from early on, and led to a lot of energy being wasted on virtue signalling about how Anti-Harassment GG is. As I have gone over in other articles, this was a waste of time at best. The message that Zoe Quinn is a sociopathic slut who merely got a small, well-deserved taste of the abuse she’s used to inflicting on others might have been too big of a red pill for many people to swallow – but it would have had the notable virtue of being true.

Secondly, what Zoe Quinn did to Eron Gjoni was very clearly domestic abuse, of the emotional/psychological variety – and yet Eron was the one demonized by the media and even silenced by the courts due to speaking out against his abuser. Can you imagine any scenario in the Western world where the default reaction to a woman speaking out against an abusive ex-boyfriend (assuming neither of them were all that rich and powerful) would have been condemnation and persecution? Zoe Quinn was celebrated and praised for being a lying, cheating domestic abuser, simply because she was a woman and her victim was a man. I think we can be quite confident that if the roles were reversed, we’d have seen a lot less so-called journalists labeling the victim “a bitter ex”, let alone an “abuser” for daring to speak out.

Misandry is at the heart of modern day Feminism/Social Justice, which has infected most of the major media outlets. Expecting a fair shake from the MSM (let alone the gaming press) as a man in any sort of conflict with a SJW woman is a bit like expecting justice at a Show Trial – it simply doesn’t matter what the facts are, the verdict has already been decided. However, becoming aware of this problem does put us one step closer to fixing it – and for exposing so much deceit and injustice, as well as sparking a much-needed consumer revolt in the world of gaming, the Zoe Post remains a very valuable document.