The_Donald Subreddit Declares WAR on Reddit Leadership, Vows to go Down Fighting

The_Donald Subreddit Declares WAR on Reddit Leadership, Vows to go Down Fighting

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Breaking news over at the biggest online hub in existence for Donald Trump supporters. Apparently, The_Donald’s leadership has had enough of the strong-arm tactics coming from the SJWs and outright communists who control Reddit. Here’s an announcement that was just pinned to the top of the board…

Here’s what we currently have had to accept from the admins:

  • We must block all mentions of other subreddits (while cancerous users like /u/75000_Tokkul links to us directly with calls for our dox and brigade from several retard subs with impunity).
  • We are no longer getting responses from admins (while they’re busy cozying up to pathetic default mods like /u/agentlame, /u/DavidReiss666and other disgusting types who have control of 150+ subs).
  • Our stickies are artificially hidden to the users of the site – no other sub has this.
  • Admins purposefully shirk their duty to protect our mods and users from doxxing and harassment. Direct calls for dox have been stickied for 2-3-4 days on ETS and places like /r/syrianrebels with admins’ knowledge and no action – Trust & Safety team my fucking ass. You should be ashamed of yourselves and karma will hit you.
  • Admins have been accused of being the sources of user doxx in the past.
  • If we don’t do as they say, they go on Discord to boss us around. We used to have a Slack like many other big subs, but after we repeatedly asked them to stop doxxing us, they stopped responding to it. Now they have only Slacks with their SJW friends.
  • The CEO himself harasses our users by editing their comments. Steve Huffman … what a pathetic loser you are. That’s right: /u/spez is a cuck. If this hurts your fee fees, free to edit it in the database, Steve…AGAIN!

I don’t really do much “redditing,” other than surfing for news stories. So I’m not up to speed on all the power dynamics that are described in this post. While not exactly a Reddit scholar, I do have some knowledge of the people in charge and am aware of all sorts of censorship and hatred being directed at right-leaning and anti-SJW subreddits. Given that, I’d have to believe the above post.

And hell, if even half of it was true, it would still be a pretty searing indictment.

I’ll follow this keenly as events progress.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • I don’t use Reddit that much (aside from /r/theredpill), but a mass exodus and SJW convergence would cripple it. They’ve been taking some hits the past couple of years, but they’ve doubled-down and kept screwing over /r/the_donald.

  • Silence Dogood

    I don’t use Reddit but even I know of it’s penchant for censorship and the most egregious of Ultra Left Wing ideological bias. It’s a shit hole and people really should stop using it.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Exactly, at this point if you’re using reddit you have to know what you’re in for. Reddit should simply be avoided completely as a platform for real discourse. Browse it for lulz or troll it if you wish but don’t join the community or expect to get anything done there.

      • Silence Dogood

        SJWs ruin everything and create nothing because the act of creation is, in itself, controversial and those delicate snowflakes can’t even conceive of something like that. They just want the ability to control everything that they have no right to, because they’re entitled out the ass and more self righteous than 2000 years of Christian moralizing combined. They ruined Twitter which is only relevant because celebrities use it and some “journalists” (and I use that word VERY lightly) use it to spread information. Twitter will eventually collapse and disappear because IT CAN’T TURN A FUCKING PROFIT. It’s just taking forever to do it. Then again they might get really scummy and Big Brothery and start selling off peoples information (algorithms etc) and the SJWs and Progressives won’t have a problem with that because they buy into the bullshit logic of “if you aren’t doing anything wrong you have nothing to be afraid,” completely missing the point that THEY don’t get to define what is “wrong”.

        • Maintenance Renegade

          I don’t even know why I spend so much time on the twatter anymore because it’s completely broken at this point and nobody can really use it for much of a damned thing anymore. That’s how far the people running it were willing to go to keep us from conquering it as the dominant culture and making it our turf the way we did to youtube.

          Interestingly twatter’s peak popularity in volume of use was in 2014 during the height of #GamerGate so I truly believe that had the corporate leadership not worked tirelessly to preserve it as a prog hugbox it would have definitely been taken over completely by shitposters and then later waves of American conservatives during the election.

          As it stands due to the stalemate they created by putting their finger on the scales it’s a grim and desolate no man’s land where nothing will ever grow again.

          • JasonC5

            Yup, i share artocles or retweet people like Sargon, Vee, 6oodfella etc and suddenly after years of having ky account it was locked because I supposedly breached their ToS on hate speech or bullying. they said I needed a phone number to unlock it which I’m guessing it will be used against me.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            Burner phones. Go to the drug store and buy a phone and prepay card with cash then set it up online from behind a proxy or VPN, use your new anon phone to set up all your anon social media accounts. Also great for prank calling. When you’re done with it just burn it in the fireplace. Process costs about forty bucks.

          • JasonC5

            Yeah a lot of trouble and money to pay because of “progressive” fuckery. These people behind twitter deserve an ass kicking as they didn’t seem to get enough in high school.

          • Maintenance Renegade

            In general if you give out your actual number you almost might as well just post your full dox. Think about how many companies have your phone number in their databases for a moment. Same thing with email addresses, never use the same email address you use for ANY financial, business or personal interaction with people who know your real identity.

            There’s not much you can do to protect yourself from say the NSA etc from breaking into your shit with their hacking bullshit, but there’s alot of simple precautions you can take to sandbag even the most autistic digger.

          • JasonC5

            Especially with regards to Twitter or Facebook as they are known to hand out your private info to authorities if what you post is considered “problematic” even if legal. It really isn’t worth the hassle in order to get my account back

          • Maintenance Renegade

            Nah, just make new ones. I only run my personas as long as I do because buying and destroying cel phones, building daisy chains of free emails and manually resubbing to everything I follow is a major investment of time and a not insignificant investment of money.

    • jdgalt

      Reddit has a variety of non-far-left subreddits, and pretty much all of them are under various degrees of attack. What we need is a site to replace Reddit where the mods don’t block or change whatever others want to post.

      Give us that alternative site and Reddit will be a ghost town in a week — except for the SJWs, who can keep it as their own private circle-jerk forever as far as I’m concerned.

      We already have alternatives to Twatter ( and and Wikipedia (Infogalactic). But we need a new Reddit, and a new Youtube. Preferably more than one of each.

      And possibly even a new FacePlantBook, though that would need to have the working privacy controls that the present one almost totally lacks.

  • More evidence that Social Justice and feminism are complete cancer.

  • Mr0303

    Big surprise. It was known for years that Reddit as a platform doesn’t support free speech. If the whole Ellen Pao situation didn’t give it away and the subsequent edit of posts by the CEO then nothing will. Some people never learn.

  • ExiledV2

    *shrugs* Their solution, sadly, is to go to somewhere else. Private entity, bosses can do what they want. Perhaps they should move to Voat.

  • milk bone

    Time for another #RedditRevolt.

  • MLGBob26

    Just go to Voat it’s better than Reddit.

    • jdgalt

      Let Voat fix its broken voting rules and we’d all be there.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

    Meh. Reddit ain’t going nowhere. Too many normies use it. Just like Twitter and Facebook.

  • Quise

    A bunch of insufferable nerds who need to feel persecuted to justify their self loathing and impotence. Bravo, Trump/reddit nerds. You’re going down at the same time your daddy is. How tremendously appropriate.

    • Terry Doe

      You certainly are a Quisey Jack………..

      • jdgalt

        More like a Quisling.

  • Terry Doe

    Why doesn’t the_Donald-Subreddit members open up their own website and call it

  • jdgalt

    If Reddit’s admins and board are going to dox people, it should not be that hard to return the favor.