the_donald subreddit

Breaking news over at the biggest online hub in existence for Donald Trump supporters. Apparently, The_Donald’s leadership has had enough of the strong-arm tactics coming from the SJWs and outright communists who control Reddit. Here’s an announcement that was just pinned to the top of the board…

Here’s what we currently have had to accept from the admins:

  • We must block all mentions of other subreddits (while cancerous users like /u/75000_Tokkul links to us directly with calls for our dox and brigade from several retard subs with impunity).
  • We are no longer getting responses from admins (while they’re busy cozying up to pathetic default mods like /u/agentlame, /u/DavidReiss666and other disgusting types who have control of 150+ subs).
  • Our stickies are artificially hidden to the users of the site – no other sub has this.
  • Admins purposefully shirk their duty to protect our mods and users from doxxing and harassment. Direct calls for dox have been stickied for 2-3-4 days on ETS and places like /r/syrianrebels with admins’ knowledge and no action – Trust & Safety team my fucking ass. You should be ashamed of yourselves and karma will hit you.
  • Admins have been accused of being the sources of user doxx in the past.
  • If we don’t do as they say, they go on Discord to boss us around. We used to have a Slack like many other big subs, but after we repeatedly asked them to stop doxxing us, they stopped responding to it. Now they have only Slacks with their SJW friends.
  • The CEO himself harasses our users by editing their comments. Steve Huffman … what a pathetic loser you are. That’s right: /u/spez is a cuck. If this hurts your fee fees, free to edit it in the database, Steve…AGAIN!

I don’t really do much “redditing,” other than surfing for news stories. So I’m not up to speed on all the power dynamics that are described in this post. While not exactly a Reddit scholar, I do have some knowledge of the people in charge and am aware of all sorts of censorship and hatred being directed at right-leaning and anti-SJW subreddits. Given that, I’d have to believe the above post.

And hell, if even half of it was true, it would still be a pretty searing indictment.

I’ll follow this keenly as events progress.