Yesterday, I had an interview with Mike Cernovich. Today, I have an interview with Yuji Nakajima, a GamerGate supporter who also happens to be a game developer. He recently started an Indiegogo for the new game he’s trying to make. It’s called Troops vs Women, and it looks like some good, clean, SJW-triggering fun. I haven’t backed it personally, and I don’t have any financial interest in the endeavor. I won’t rule out backing it in the future, though.

I first met Yuji after seeing some of his “Boob is life” stuff on Twitter. He’s a funny guy, and I think his motivation is in the right place. No matter what happens with the fundraiser, I wish him well. Now, let’s get to the interview itself.

Ralph: What made you want to create Troops vs Women?

Yuji: I am a passionate gamer, I see many statements online made about games, about my passion, Tropes this, toxic masculinity ideological underpinnings that. I don’t agree! – This game is to say, we can create what we want to create, we can play what we want to play – game has boob? So what. Boob is life. Game has male hero, so what, this is life. The fact is that all gender love all kinds of different games. So if you do not like game, do not play game. – but do not preach what a game should be.

Ralph: You mentioned some of your video game inspirations in the fundraising video. What kind of game kind people expect with Troops vs Women?

Yuji: This is pure action, fun, escapism game – what games should be about. In 1993 when I play Syndicate, I did not think to hire 4 cyborg assassins and assimilate people in the street. I knew it was a fun fantasy game.

Game is art form, creation is free spirit and from the heart of talent. Do games reflect real life? not always. Can they reflect real life, yes of course. Do gamers know difference? Of course they do! Gamers are incredibly intelligent people, and love fun.

Ralph: What’s the main thing SJWs get wrong about video games?

Yuji: They search for politics, and put aside fun. It is a sad time when the average young gamer of today have not heard of Famicom, but they know what a third wave feminism is. What has happened to world? Fun has been poisoned.

Ralph: Do you think you’re going to receive a lot of backlash due to the content of the game, as well as the title?

Yuji: Yes, I suppose I will have to hire police escort every where I go, I will not be able to sit next to a window when I eat in restaurant, etc. But of course I will wear t-shirt with patreon link just in case I am seen! But seriously, it is just a game. I do not support harassment of women any more than I support cyborgs assimilating innocent members of the public; it is just fun game! with boob.

Ralph: What got you involved with GamerGate in the first place?

Yuji: I was told it was pure evil, women harassment group – I do some research, and I realise what the truth is. It is agenda against current games, to change games, to stop creativity, to change gamer mind. GamerGate is not woman harassment group, it is low tolerance of BS group – it just happens to be mostly women spewing the BS so of course they try to paint it this way. But idiots also include men, and trans people, but nobody say it is men hate group.

Ralph: Do you have anything to say directly to community? This isn’t just some joke, right? Are you going all out to make a killer game, no pun intended?

Yuji: This is not a joke. This game is a statement of creative freedom, a statement of preservation of fun. People say I am “just” a sockpuppet, fraud, parody account, a joke. Yes I am comedian, yes I love to make people laugh, yes I am human and love boob in real life and in game – but everybody who believe in creative freedom, everybody who love fun game – everybody who love top kek, has to put on their Yuji pixel mask – and declare: BOOB IS LIFE!

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No problem, Yuji! I’ll be back later with a report from Candy Jam, Milo’s bombshell, and whatever else comes up. For now, it’s off to play Witcher 3.