I didn’t get to post much the last couple days due to personal obligations outside of the internet sphere, but I wanted to catch up a little bit tonight. But before I did, let me mark a small milestone here for the site. Five years ago today, I started this blog. You can’t see all the old posts, because they accidentally got wiped when I was moving the site a couple years back. Rest assured, they weren’t that good. I had mainly started this thing as a hobby and I would only update it a couple times a month (take note: that’s the wrong way to blog).

One reason I wouldn’t post all that much is because not that many people would come and read the entries. 30 views on a post was pretty cool, while 100 was like a home run. Today, if a post only gets 100 it’s pretty much a complete failure. Still, I’ll always remember those days. It allows me to sympathize with the struggling writers (which are most of them) and it makes me want to help talent get exposure, if I can. Let’s be honest, I got lucky with GamerGate or else I might have closed this site down years ago. Or, maybe I would have kept it around as a personal journal sort of project.

Either way, it would look nothing like it does today.

All that is thanks to you. Yes, I’ve put it work, although not nearly as much as I should have. But the success of this site (we’re sitting at around 25,000 in the US as of this writing, and right around 100,000 worldwide) is due to the readers, the commenters, the tweeters, and all the rest of you who help make this as community. I definitely still struggle with funding, as well as my off-site life sometimes. You’ve seen that play out. The help and support from you guys is what keeps me dedicated to the mission.

I do this because I love it, because it’s fun, and because I have all of you here to share it with me. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to continue this project for many years to come, with your support and readership.