Merry Christmas Eve, everyone. I hope your holidays are going as well as mine. Of course, if you’ve been reading the site lately, you know that my big day is going to be on December 30th when I touch down in London, but still, there’s something about Christmas that always makes me smile. In honor of my cheerful mood, I figured it would be a good idea to go through a rundown of the top posts of the year. Plus, let’s face it, I wanted an east column for today as well (EDIT: Although it turned out to be more work than I thought lol). So, without further ado, here’s the biggest posts of the year on

10. Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt Called Out For “Brownface” By Tumblr SJW

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is one of the strangest things I’ve seen in awhile. As most of you know, I reviewed Jurassic World last week. Long story short, I liked it a lot (and might go see it again for kicks). But, never once did I think about the lead actor being in “brownface” because he had a dark tan. Maybe that’s because the movie takes place on a fucking tropical island, but I digress…

Yep, gotta bring that White Supremacy in, all that racial hierarchy! The sun totally favors the white people. And of course the working class is only PoC cause white people get all the good inside jobs…like Barista at Starbucks. Then they get the authority to decide whether or not to spell that oppressed’ PoC’s name correctly. The audacity! And the crazy goes on. Into tin foil hat territory we go!

9. Sick Sarah Nyberg (AKA Sarah Butts)

We’ve seen what a creep Sarah Nyberg is already. For one, she hates free speech, as she was the person responsible for taking down my site. The cretin has also proved to be a relentless falsifier on Twitter, and a harasser of GamerGate supporters. She’s doxed people, she’s tried to get people fired from their jobs, and just been a all around terrible person. Well, we now have even more proof of her being a walking piece of human excrement. 

These IRC chat logs from Nyberg’s FFShrine chat were provided to me by an anonymous source. They paint a pretty damning picture. Sarah Nyberg (AKA Sarah Butts) should be denounced by anyone who has any decency whatsoever. I would hope that would include at least a few anti-GamerGate people. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

8. BUSTED: Even More Evidence That Sarah Nyberg (Srhbutts) is a Pedo

If you’ve been a longtime reader, you know about Sarah Nyberg, a.k.a. Sarah Butts (@srhbutts). She was never really on my radar until she got my site taken down for a few hours. Then she got hacked, logs were obtained, and I broke all that news exclusively on the site (which was glorious). Other than that, and a short story a couple of weeks ago, I’ve left her insanity alone…

I wonder what the other side would do if they found old posts of mine where I talked about missing my underage girlfriend. Waxing poetic about pedophilia is only cool if you ideological bedmates with the SJWs. I’m almost at a loss for words, and that doesn’t happen too fucking often. Just how many sick fucks does the other side have? Because right now, there seems to be an infinite supply of creeps coming from their ranks.

7. COURT DOX REVEALED: How Zoe Quinn Gagged Eron Gjoni

This shouldn’t be allowed here in America, but professional victims are able to get away with a lot these days, and are aided by the accomplice media every step of the way…

As interesting as the police reports are, the story is really told in the court dox. Eron’s lawyer fights hard, but he’s no match for the SJW hugbox machine. Zoe basically gets to write her own ticket (her name is hilariously misspelled)…

Ordinarily, I might not waste my time with something like this. Well, I would still cover it, but I wouldn’t put up every screen.  I mentioned this in the opening, but the way Ms. Quinn has trampled on free speech is unconscionable. It was bullshit back in the fall, and it’s bullshit now.

6. Kotaku Snubbed: SJW Rag Not Invited to Ubisoft E3 Presser

As it turns out, the noted SJW shitrag Kotaku has been snubbed from Ubisoft’s E3 press conference. I guess shitting on gamers wasn’t the best course of action after all…

So, we have another victory to tout. What does the other side have to tout lately? I seriously can’t think of anything. We’ve been on an amazing roll lately, and it shows no signs of abating. Which SJW outlet is gonna get snubbed next? The big publishers are starting to figure out that there’s no downside to excluding radicals from your events. I think we’re gonna see more of this in the future.

5. World of Warcraft Lead Developer Mark Kern Rips Kotaku & Polygon

I wanted to bring you a bulletin on an interesting event that occurred earlier today. I doubt you’ll read about it on Kotaku or Polygon, since it pertains to how badly they suck. Not only that, they can’t laugh it away as easily, since it comes from a noted developer who has worked extensively on World of Warcraft, one of the most successful franchises in gaming history…

Hopefully more based developer’s will follow the Kern-Vavra model in the months to come. The gaming media has sold a raft of lies about our hobby to the mainstream, but now they want to act shocked and appalled? Give me a fucking break. It’s time they answered for their gross misrepresentations.

4. SJW Thugs Allegedly Bully Steven Universe Fan Artist Into Suicide Attempt

While Zamii being alive and healthy is certainly the most important detail of this story, the depravity of the SJW community on Tumblr is what is truly disgusting. Rather than feel any sort of sympathy for this young girl, they refused to take blame or even reflect on their actions. Even worse than that, some of them gloated about supposedly making her kill herself. Talk about fucked up. I can’t think of anything worse over my last year here at the site…

Say what you want about me, but I’ve never once thought to take it this fucking far. These people are legit crazy. How could you participate is some insane shit like this? The people quoted talking shit about this poor girl are scum, there’s no other way to put it. Anyway, lemme know what you think, as always, and check out the show tonight if you are so inclined.

3. Intel Exposed by FartToContinue, Reason for Anita’s Cashout Becomes Clearer

Just when you think Intel can’t look any worse, they somehow manage to. Moments ago, FartToContinue, probably our most dedicated researcher, unearthed some mega-newsworthy details on Intel’s content director. As it turns out, she’s been a huge GamerGate opponent from the start, helping to spread misinformation about our cause. It looks like this is how the SJWs got the upper brass to buy into their mind-numbing pablum. Anita Sarkeesian’s cashout suddenly makes a lot more sense.

2. BTFO: Brianna Wu Gets Rekt By Based Steam Moderator

We all know Wu is an insufferable egomaniac prone to exaggerating threats and making up falsehoods about anyone deemed a threat to her victimhood mission, even friends. The only question Brianna asks before she acts dishonestly is how to leverage her lies into cash. So what did she do? She immediately started trying to bait trolls almost as soon as she setup the Steam Greenlight page…

No, comrade, she couldn’t even wait one fucking day. This is Brianna Wu, professional victim extraordinaire we’re talking about here. She didn’t get to where she is from lack of effort. It takes a lot of hard work to be such a money-grubbing phony. This is hilarious by itself, but we haven’t gotten to the main event. Wu has been having some disagreements with a veteran Steam moderator and It’s not going well…for her.

1. Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz Puts Out a Rape Porno (Yes, It’s Real)

I’m still having a hard time believing what I just watched. Emma Sulkowicz, AKA Mattress Girl, has released what can only be described as a rape porno. Not only that, she has some bizarre comments listed before the video. This is top-notch attention whoring (quite literally). Media stunt of the decade? I’m not sure, but it’s guaranteed to get people talking. I’m pretty certain it’s not going to be to her benefit, though…

It’s quite a show, I must say. Yes, it’s 100% real. She’s sucking this guy off, getting fucked, the whole nine yards. I guess this is just some next level method acting. If so, she could have fooled me, as she seemed to be enjoying the performance a lot.

Honorable Mentions

Giant Spacekat’s Frank Wu Under Fire As Ex-Wife Details Domestic Violence

Noted Cuck Anthony Burch Leaves Gearbox to Write Future Hulu Flop

Nintendo Tries Feminist Outreach, Gets Shitted On In Return

Full Account of Big Baby Brianna Wu Having Me Tossed From Panel

Big Randi Claims Derek Smart Was Talking to Her About Marriage, Gets BTFO

REPULSIVE: Anita Sarkeesian Has a Convicted Pedophile as Her Twitch Moderator

Well, there you have it folks! I hope you all enjoyed the trip down memory lane as much as I did. Putting this together was actually very rewarding. It reminded me of all the big stories I’ve covered throughout the year and how much work went into those. Some old faces and thoughts popped into my mind as well. One more thing occurred to me: all of you. As always, I am so grateful for your support over this past year. Thank you for your readership and all you do for the operation here. I love the community we have built, and I hope it last for many more years to come. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you! I’ll probably have another specific Christmas post later on, as well as some other news hits throughout the day. I also have to go and get some item for Christmas dinner, so wish me luck. I’m rather certain it’s going to be a madhouse.