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I was going to review the new Avengers movie last weekend, but I decided to wait and do Mad Max: Fury Road tonight instead. I enjoyed Age of Ultron a lot, and thought it was just a shade or two below the first one…which means it was pretty damn good. But the new Mad Max beats it. In fact, it’s the best movie I’ve seen all year, and one of the greatest action movies of all time. Yes, it’s really that damn good.

The action almost never stops from start to finish. Even when it does slow down for a minute, there’s always something looming. I mentioned on Twitter that I was originally going to see this movie in 2D. Sometimes 3D can actually be a distraction for me, but I’m here to tell you: see this damn movie in 3D. It beat Avengers in that regard as well. There’s so many cool things they do with it, and it immerses you further in the vivid post-apocalyptic world that director George Miller (who also did the old Mad Max films) created.mad-max-fury-road-image-tom-hardy-8

The acting is great, even without a ton of dialogue. You don’t really need much, to be honest. There’s so much action that they don’t have time to wax poetic. This is a good thing, and the actors carry it out well. Speaking of actors, one that stands out immediately, is Nicholas Hoult. I first got to know him from the first two seasons of the UK version of Skins (which is excellent). He’s also in the new X-Men movies (as Beast), and a lot of other stuff. But the funny part is, I didn’t recognize him until about thirty minutes or more into the film. He’s so into this role (he plays Nux), and looks so different, that I doubt I’m the only one who missed him at first.


Some people have complained that Charlize Theron seems to play the main character of the movie (Imperator Furiosa). I wouldn’t call her the main character, but she could definitely be considered a co-lead. There’s a few reasons for this.

1. Theron is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and people know her more than Tom Hardy (which is also why she’s featured so heavily in the trailers).

2. She’s a great actress. It only makes sense that she was featured.

3. The story called for it.


Also, I don’t see the feminism in the movie. Yes, women escaping a brutal and violent warlord is the main storyline. A high-profile female is featured in an ass-kicking role. But to me, that doesn’t make the film feminist. Max kicks Furiosa’s ass pretty good early on in the film (though she more than holds her own), comes up with the big idea at the end, etc. Hardy/Max aren’t diminished by having Theron/Furiosa share so much of the spotlight. Instead, its a great benefit.  mad-max-fury-road-image-charlize-theron-abbey-lee-courtney-eaton-zoe-kravitz-riley-keough-600x389

I would advise anyone who has any interest in Mad Max: Fury Road to go see is as soon as possible. It’s an amazing cinematic achievement. Director George Miller has outdone himself, and should get an Academy Award nomination for this effort. It’s better than than Age of Ultron, and it’s rated R. You don’t see as many of those as you used to. So if you value adult-themed movies, you need to support them when they come out.


Star Rating (out of 4): * * * *

Just in case you think I’m being too generous: I’m not the only one who feels this way (it was at 99%):9nYD9Xm

  1. Well Ralph, you’re one of the only people I trust in these sorta movies that are surrounded by political messages, and if you like it that’s good enough for me to give it a go.
    Thanks mate.

      1. lol, nah, if I like it I like it, if not, it’s got no bearing on how you felt about it. My biggest concern was that they’d hijacked the character to use as a sidekick in a propaganda title. You addressed that, and I know you’re a straight shooter so I’m not worried about it now. Thanks for that.

    1. The feminist angle was overblown by the radfems seeking a reaction from some males and they sure did. As someone who watched the movie, it is NOT a feminist mouthpiece, Miller is more intelligent and subtle than that. Mad Max Fury Road is, like the previous movies, about the loss of humanity and, since the second movie, how the protagonists reclaim their humanity. This time, in an utilitarian society, the one led by the antagonist. Its not as some radfems put it; “a struggle against a rape culture shitlord” but more like trying to escape the jaws of a totalitarian cult. I wont say more or I may spoil the movie.

      Bottomline: Feminist movie, Mad Max 4 is not.

  2. Aunty Entity was a strong female character without fighting one-on-one with Max. Men have nearly twice as much muscle mass as women, which is why to anyone who cares even a little about fitness and maintaining your body, it just looks stupid when some movies today makes it seem like women can do the same things men can despite lacking the physical strength to do them.

    The ideal of total equality between sexes seems to me like a new form of Lysenkoism.

    BTW: I’ll go see the movie since you recommended it.

    1. Yea, I get that. But at the same time, it’s a movie, not reality. Also, they have Theron looking pretty tough. Obviously Tom Hardy would destroy her in real life, but it’s not real life.

      I hear that same argument in wrestling sometimes (as a reason why smaller wrestlers shouldn’t get pushed). As long as it’s explained within the narrative why the little guy is so tough, it’s fine. Furiosa (Theron) is a big time litigant for a warlord. It makes sense that she’s skilled. And she does lose to Max. It’s pretty clear he could kill her if he wanted.

      And cool, lemme know what you think after you see it.

    2. I guess it will be something to watch out for in the future, when shit hits the fan (No idea what that will be). I sift through the pictures taken at disasters around the world and see who is doing what, for example who lifts rubble to help rescue people and who stands around praying Ect. It’s interesting to see who is first to react. And how we all cope in situations like that.

  3. Glad to see the rumors aren’t true. After doing some digging, i think a lot of the Feminist sites were chalking it up as a win simply because a few MRA groups didn’t like the plot. With the blessing of many reviewers (including you) I’ll definitely be seeing this.

  4. I just got home from watching this flick and it was great. There was a ton of carnage and car crashes and explosions and shooting. This film had action from the beginning all the way to the end without it being exhausting and without any boredom. This movie is pure action and comes highly recommended.

    On the political front, I don’t think this was some sort of feminist propaganda piece, it was just an action movie. Furiosa did overshadow Max, but Max was always a quiet guy and she was cool. If I were some sort of “pop culture critic,” I guess I would say most of the women characters, besides Furiosa, are pretty weak (I don’t know if they even have names). But I’m not a pop culture critic, so I watched the movie for my own enjoyment.

    I also re-watched the original Mad Max and Mad Max 2: Road Warrior this week and I would recommend those highly as well.

  5. That’s Tom Hardy? He looks like Shia LaBeouf in that picture with Theron. They photo-shopped his face too much.

  6. For those who want a second opinion I will tell you the Ralph is right. As a guy who loves both the death race & post apocalyptic genres, Fury Road is sick as all hell and is great for all the right reasons. Really you can ignore all the nonsense from radical feminist websites cause like normal, it’s mostly a bunch of bull shit from them to sell to their cultist followers. Really they probably just wanted to avoid throngs of crying feminist who will cry to friends in the media who will give it a “bad” review, which is more common than not. Fact is this movie has all the Action Man & Action Women one can ever want and this is easily the RE4 of the Mad Max franchise. But this doesn’t change the fact that Lord Humongous is still the best character ever in Mad Max, in fact I would say cosplaying as him while going to see Fury Road will triple the experience 😀

  7. I saw Mad Max on Thursday, and although I do think Max was sidelined a bit (mostly because he said fuck all except the odd grunt every now and again), it didn’t really bother me and I thought it was a good film regardless of whatever agenda people thought it was pushing.

  8. Seems like a good action flick. The “feminism” angle was being pitched because vagina monologues lady (which, ironically a lot of sjw/feminists can stand that – it’s “triggering”… fucking puritans) came in to advise. Definitely not “feminist” though. Max is very much the hero/lead and the movie is an orgy of violence (as I was explaining to some people, violence can convey plot and it’s also reflective of reality as well as the fact that some things MUST be resolved with force… like an insane/evil warlord lol). I’d actually expect the feminazi’s to start eating each other over this one for the typical reasons. Male savior, rape (triiiiiiiggered), women as background decoration (I’m sure Anita/McIntosh are tweeting their heards out over it), toxic masculinity (see the above), violence (see the above), fun (see the above). Heh. Frankly it just looks like a chaotic good time and I approve.

  9. I was trying to decide if I should see this in 3D or not, but you convinced me to pay extra. 😉

  10. So this movie, and American Sniper had a lot of critics exaggerating the political message (to push their own agenda), and ultimately, missing the point of the movie.

    I’ll check this out sometime for sure.

  11. Heh. So the radical fem-tards thought they could pull a fast one by trying to push the narrative that Mad Max Fury Road is a film infuse with feminist ideology? Bitches please, you neo-feminazis need to think before talking out your lard asses which is like… 100% of the time. But, I guess being the zero self aware, indoctrinated, mindless drones that y’all are I guess it must be pretty hard to think for yourselves without pushing propagandist bullshit huh?

    Listen and Believe my ass.

  12. Hey, quick question. Does anyone know or heard any response from Anita Scameesian, or Jonathan Jihad McIntosh about what they think of the Mad Mad Fury Road? Just Curious.

  13. What I don’t get is why they would name the movie Mad Max Road Fury if Mad Max is more of a secondary character and Furiousa’s the main character? I don’t have problem with strong badass female characters, but I’m just baffled by the title a bit.

  14. Saw it Friday evening. Pretty good. The claims of it being feminist are ridiculous. In a 2 hour movie, there was maybe 15-20 minutes of dialogue. The closest thing to feminist rhetoric that I caught was when one of the females asked a male, “Then who killed the world?”.

    That is it.

  15. Story wise, this one was definitely more in the vein of Beyond Thunderdome than Road Warrior, in that the character Max is more incidental to the story. He plays a vital and pivotal role, but the story is bigger than his character. Thankfully, in execution, this was much, much, much better than Beyond Thunderdome.

    Road Warrior will always be my favorite, with Mad Max a close second, but have to say Fury Road is definitely a close third, and would not mind seeing Tom Hardy reprise the role and George Miller visit his ridiculous post apocalyptic setting again.

  16. Screw it, you’ve sold me. Was gonna wait and rent it just to spite Devin Faraci, but since I do adore adult-themed films, I’m going!

  17. The movie is feminist propaganda and the director and even Theron herself admit it as such saying that “one day we won’t have to sneak it in.”

    The non-stop action you lauded is a guise for it, as it keeps men distracted and thinking about explosions rather than the undertone political ideologies it is ramming into your subconcious. If you didn’t “see the feminism” then it means the propanganda worked as intended on you. You’re not SUPPOSED to see it. It’s a subconcious message.

    There are a few key things that can be pointed out. First, is look at Theron’s character. She is very masculine looking and acting. She is also strong and tough. Meanwhile the women in the movie that are feminine looking, are sex trade victims. This contrast subconciously teaches you that to be feminine means to be a victim.

    Second, it’s not just that Max is a co-lead in his own film but he is also merely a useful idiot to Furiosa. She’s the brains and he’s the one that simply carries out his plans. He also has to be saved by her several times throughout the film due to his ineptitude. Subconciously teaches that men are weaker, and dumber, than women.

    This is further shown by the fact there are no female villains in the film. All the women in the movie are either victims or heroes. All turn out to be strong too. Meanwhile, all the men in the film with the sole exception of Max turn out to be assholes.

    Why did Max and Furiosa not have a love interest? According to the director it is because he didn’t want Furiosa to “lose her power over him.” Yes because a woman loving a man means she gives up all her power right?

    One last point of note in this comment is that they are seeking a matriarchal society. Not only do these not exist in the real world for good reason, but why would it need to be matriarchal? Why not a society run 50/50 by men and women? Oh, right. Because all the men are either inept or evil and all the women a strong, leaders.

    You don’t see the feminism in the movie? Really Ralph?

    1. Its definitey propaganda. The entire plot and most of the dialogue is laden with third wave feminism.

      Here is a few examples.
      Women ask the men accusatorily several times: “who killed the world?”, with the implied answer being: “men” (in one of those instances, she tosses the man out of a moving truck after asking the question).
      Also a woman saying to the main villain: “we are not things!” (referring to the sexual slavery).
      And Immortan Joe saying :”that’s my child! my property!”, referring to his unborn child in the womb of one of his sex slaves.
      Or the part where the pregnant woman is worried about the child in her womb being an ugly boy, and one of the old women consoles her by saying: “could be a girl”, as if that was an improvement (implying the greater value of the female child).

      All the women are kind and smart, all the men are either idiots or monsters. Max is an alpha male turned white knight with crippling PTSD, and Nux (the war boy) is a dim witted disposable beta male who sacrifices his life for a female at the end.

      Max is shown to be less competent than Furiosa at several points (for instance, when shooting the rifle). And Furiosa is assumed to be more competent than all of her male underlings.

      Its all there: female objectification, patriarchy theory, toxic masculinity, reproductive rights, rape, female oppression, etc. The usual feminist talking points.

      All the villains are male. All the women are either victims of men, or heroines.

      I found the end of the movie very distressing in its visual symbolism. You see Furiosa being elevated physically and methaphorically to a position of power in an elevator (powered literally by the physical bodies of the male underlings), and from that elevated position, she looks down at Max beneath her, who submissively vanishes into the crowd of dregs of society. Its a female supremacist’s wet dream.

    2. Max comes up with the main plan that ends up saving the day. Maybe you missed that part? Also, Max saves Furiosa’s life, and also helps her several other times. I just don’t see it, and even if I said yes they’re all true (they aren’t), the movie would still be 4 stars lol.

  18. I saw it, and despite not being nearly as memorable (in my own opinion) as Thunderdome, it is by far a better movie. Though..I guess it really is comparing apples to oranges as Fury Road is a hell of a lot more action than a action comedy.

  19. For a movie with action visual enjoyment it deliver. The story moves the movie forward but that’s about it. But I did enjoy myself nonetheless.

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