The Red Pill (IMDb) is one of those movies that sticks with you long after you watch it. I’m still going to write another 800 words or so to tell you what I think, but if you want a very short synopsis, it is this: There has never been a better film about the hypocrisy of modern day feminism. That alone would make the movie worth watching. I also don’t think there’s too many films that can compare when it comes to putting men’s role in this world into the proper perspective. Sure, there are benefits to being male and the film doesn’t hide that. But there are also massive downsides that you never hear the other side talk about.

One of the greatest thing The Red Pill does is show how unhinged and indifferent the rad fems are in the face of the men’s rights movement. Many of them become literal screaming banshees at the mere thought of their adversaries being able to hold public meetings and give speeches on the topic of men’s rights. You see an event shutdown in one of the most juvenile ways possible, which is then celebrated by these despicable ideologues. It’s one thing to talk trash about your opponent. I do that all the time here and I have a lot of fun with it. When you try to keep them from speaking altogether, you’ve taken it to another level entirely. There must be something you’re afraid of people hearing if you have ton resort to this tactic.

This is the reason MRAs and those who sympathize with their cause see this tactic employed time and time again.

People often ask me if I’m an MRA myself. I invariably say no, but I’m not ashamed to call myself one or anything like that. It’s mainly because I don’t dedicate enough time to these issues specifically, thus I would not be comfortable calling myself an MRA. I talk a little too much about media, politics, and entertainment. However, I would be very comfortable in calling myself an anti-feminist. When so-called normies ask me why from now on, I will point them to The Red Pill. The way the feminists talk, the complete dismissiveness of the male condition, the many untruths and distortions that come out of their mouths…it’s incredible to watch when juxtaposed with the MRA/anti-feminist position.

I also think there’s an important point later in the film. It comes from Harry Crouch, and it goes like this:

I would have to vote true on this, even though I realize many of you may disagree. And I myself have explicitly trashed feminism as a whole by name several times on this site, even though I do try to delineate with terms like “rad fems,” “radicals,” “professional feminists,” etc. The reason I would vote true, though, is because I know many regular people who would call themselves feminists but who also have some shred of rationality to them. Do we agree on everything? Definitely not. But they don’t make a living shitting on men and coming up with fake controversies. The professional feminists do and for that reason they disgust me. These charlatans foment hatred and mistrust between the sexes all for an easy payday. For some of them, it’s also because they themselves hate men and they want everyone else to feel that way too.

Cassie Jaye, the brilliant woman behind The Red Pill, talks to many of these types in her movie. For Nora and I (she also watched TRP with me), the incredulous faces she makes during some of these interviews were the funniest parts of the film. I would go screenshot some of them, but it will be better seeing them on your own during the course of watching this great piece of work.

The production is startlingly good throughout, not just for an this genre of documentary, but for any documentary. I would say the extra money raised on Kickstarter was put to excellent use. The subplot dealing with Ms. Jaye’s own personal journey is interesting as well, and while I won’t spoil the ending, I will say I was left feeling quite satisfied. The cast of characters is deep and diverse, plus like I said, she also talks to a few rad fems as well. It’s very thorough and I enjoyed every bit of it, although I do echo Milo Yiannopoulos’s wish that Cassie had been a bit tougher on both sides. But her style seems to be to let the viewer make up their own mind. I respect that.

I seriously cannot recommend this movie enough. I think pretty much anyone reading this review will already be interested in seeing it, and if that’s the case, then you shouldn’t wait any longer. The Red Pill is very much worth your time. It’s also worth the time of your friends and family members, many of whom may not be as familiar with these issues as we are. Spread it far an wide. That would be my advice.


Star Rating (out of 4): * * * & 1/2

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NOTE: As of now, there is no way for you to buy the movie if you didn’t back the Kickstarter. I know that will change, but until then keep your eye on this page for chances to see the film. I was granted a review copy so that I could give you my thoughts on The Red Pill at bit earlier than I normally would have been able to.

  1. The better the Red Pill movie, the more feminists will try to hide it. It is our job, as MHRAs, anti feminists, and sensible people who cherish the real truth to get this movie out there, promote it intensely, defend it, and let the truth do its own work from there.

    1. A deal for distribution appears to be underway, so, if it doesn’t end up in Canadian cinemas, it should be available online (Netflix or Amazon) early next year, at the latest.

  2. Emma Watson should be forced to sit down and watch this. And maybe then she’ll realize why so many informed men are reluctant to subscribe to her shitty #HeCucksForShe campaign.

    Laci Green and Steve Shives should be forced to watch it too.

    As for the movie, I haven’t seen it myself yet, but I’ve been hearing good things about it. I guess from now on, if an SJW/feminist cunt repeats or points me to the dictionary definition of “feminism”, I can possibly point them to this movie and tell them to come back to me when they’ve seen it and explain themselves again – so if they won’t, then that’ll surely prove that they are dishonest and are more interested in their political agenda rather than the truth.

    And yes, I fully expect feminists to accuse the movie of being “biased against feminists” and “untrue”, in fact some will most likely label the movie as “misogynistic”… basically any way to try and squirm themselves out of the hole.


    1. Watson, Green, Shives & Co would not change their tunes: to them – and countless others – it’s a juggernaut of a gravy train, too good to miss.

      1. Shives is such a delightful laughing stock at least. And I bet he knows it considering how his channel has been bleeding subs for the last couple years. The only people who sub to him at this point are radical ideologues who only want their echo chamber reinforced.

        1. Silence Dogood,

          I only mentioned those three names as they were the ones mentioned specifically by GamesGoodMeGood; of course there are those who benefit immensely from it, it would not be necessary for me to roll out a list of those names.

          1. Is Shill Wheaton one of them?

            I know this would never happen but what if he seen this film and it made him realize why no one outside of the SJW circles has any respect for him

  3. Thanks for the review, Ralph!

    I’m really glad this movie turned out OK. Finally there is a piece of media that gives the MRM a fair hearing. I hope this movie red pills many normies to the whole gender war and the gynocentric nature of society.

    I can’t wait to see the movie myself. There are possible screenings in the UK, so if possible I’ll definitely give it a watch.

    1. Mr0303,

      The various media depend on each other. I have no doubt that there will be more hit pieces on the movie than honest dissertations, but then it might be a good thing to generate enough interest. Still, it does not get general release sure says something after all.

      1. Yeah, the more hit pieces it gets, the better. It will be a full Streisand effect. The issue is if they choose to ignore it. At least Breitbart along with sites like this are giving it a fair look.

  4. I would be willing to support the “no good people in” ANY radical ideology. Ideologies are dangerous and corrosive to begin with, but when it becomes “radical”, then it attracts the worst sort of people.

  5. Thanks for an honest review of a great movie. You’re right, now when someone on the fence wants to know more we can just say to watch “The Red Pill.”

  6. There are good people in the feminist movement.

    Agreed, and one way to spot them is if the rest of the feminist movement has disavowed them. The gleaming example would be Christina Hoff Sommers, a.k.a. Based Mom. Now how do you litmus test the rest of them?

    1. Ralph’s fiance Nora is a feminist and is a decent person. BTW, Nora, if you’re reading this, I haven’t forgotten your book article and wanted you to know that if you like books, you’ll love Skyrim as there are tons of books you can read, though it’s mostly about elder Scrolls lore.

  7. Hey Ralph, please note in your article whether you got the movie through the kickstarter or if you got a review copy – gotta have that disclosure! 😉

  8. as a supporter of the kickstarter project i am really looking forward to this. i don’t know a lot of specifics about the mras, although i would think i’m in agreement with many of their concerns, so it will be interesting and helpful to see what they’re all about in their own words.

    i’m a little disappointed that i’m going to have to wait for the digital download but as an old person (get off my lawn!) who’s lucky enough to have worked when our economy actually paid living wages i can afford to buy stuff so i guess i understand ms. jays’s concerns about piracy.

  9. It is quite importing that most of us see this film and publish a faire review on every support possible (imdb, rotten tomatoes, etc).
    Feminists and their ilk will try to snuff it. Only our conceted effort can prevent that.
    Thank you.Cassie for your courage.
    You did your work .now it’s time we do ours.

    1. Good point. Not counting the hit pieces written and published well before anyone had seen the film, we have to write serious and on-point pieces at the movie review aggregate sites like those you mentioned. After all, we know how the pay shills managed to push up the “Ghostbusters” ratings to make it seems like a great movie.

      1. Even those “good ratings” failed and cost Sony 70M. And as a result these sellout critics have lost influence heavily. I no longer trust them.

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