In honor of the “Gamers are Dead” anniversary, I decided to do a little video on Leigh Alexander. Well, that’s not the only reason why. For one, I wanted to start trying to get better at making videos. Still, her drunk ass gave me a lovely excuse to get to work. So, check it out down below, and let me know what you think. I believe I could have made it a bit better, if I had time for some retakes. Due to the GamerGate event tonight in Richmond, I don’t. Either way, expect more videos in the near future. I’ll be back later with live reports from the meetup. Thank you again for your patronage.


In honor of the Gamers are Dead anniversary, I figured why not do a video on the woman who started that particular talking point. I’m speaking about Leigh Alexander, of course. As many of you may know, she’s the reason anyone even knows who I am. So, I guess you could say I have a special bond with the dirty bitch. I haven’t had any interaction with her since last September, but it’s very clear that she keeps her eye on GamerGate, even after telling her colleagues to ignore us. She simply cannot quit her endless fascination. I guess that’s because we rekt her so fucking bad.

Here’s a screen of the aforementioned Gamers are Dead article, which is what kicked GamerGate into overdrive. Sure, Adam Baldwin had coined the hashtag itself the day before. But this was the thing that made GamerGate easier to understand for the normies out there. It was easy to show your friend who didn’t follow Internet drama this article, and say, “Look at this radical nutcase declaring war on gamers. We can’t take this shit.” I know for a fact that many people came into this fight as a direct result of Leigh’s article. As you may know, the piece was accompanied by many other similar ones across the gaming media, which in turn proved the collusionary aspect of their industry. GameJournoPros further cemented that fact. In all honestly, Ms. Alexander did us a great service last August 28th. She motivated me, and many others, to get in the fight and push back against the SJWs attacking our hobby and trying to change it to fit their ideological preferences.

I still remember those first columns on Leigh last fall. It seemed like the hits would never end. In fact, they really haven’t. So many abusive tweets have come out. From her talking about shoving a bottle through someone’s eye, ridicule of the Irish, hood rats, hood men, and all other sorts of violence and thuggery. She especially took pleasure in shitting on a young writer. Just like Anita Sarkeesian, Leigh has rejected debate with her adversaries. That would be too difficult. Instead, she sits back on Twitter and snipes at people like TotalBiscuit and Anne Rice (Based Biscuit destroyed her ass, of course). Ms. Rice has millions in the bank, and is a beloved author who’s famous the world over. What’s Leigh’s position? Oh, that’s right. She’s been relegated to begging people to buy her book like a drunken wine-o. I suppose that’s fitting.

Not only that, she’s completely given up any pretense of ethical journalism. In fact, as seen on, she’s now taken to saying fuck ethics altogether. If this isn’t a complete retreat, I don’t know what is. Of course, she was always an unethical bully who took a sadistic pleasure in ruining aspiring writer (particularly female ones). Just as the aforementioned TotalBiscuit said, this woman has been at the center of the shitstorm since the very beginning. As seen exclusively on my site, she advised The Guardian to ignore our substantive complaints, and in so doing, poisoned the well against us. While she’s not as prominent as professional victims like Brianna Wu and Zoe Quinn have been lately, she still spewing her bile. The only problem for her is, GamerGate has greatly diminished her influence over the last year. I can only imagine that will continue as we move forward. She can’t help but to continuously fuck up.

As always, TheRalphRetort will lead the way in coverage of Liquored Up Leigh Alexander. What will she do next? Is there a piss-stained alley in her future? Yes, because tomorrow is Saturday. That’s usually how Leigh spends her downtime. That, and 8-balls of blow with strange men. So, until the Drunken Megaphone fucks up again, this is about all I have. I hope you enjoyed my first proper video, and the beginning of these video Retorts. I was originally going to call the series that, but I think I can come up with something better. Drop any ideas you have for a series title down in the comments. I’m off to the Richmond, Virginia GamerGate meetup. Thanks for joining me, people.