First off, let me say one thing. No one is more pro-sex worker than I am. I’ve stated many times that I am in favor of completely legalizing the prostitution trade worldwide and that will always be my position. I know many working girls, hell I had one on my show just last week.  In my mind, there’s nothing wrong with being a hooker if that’s what you want to do. Also, most of them take better care of their sexual health than the general population. This has nothing to do with calling Alison Rapp dirty, or unclean, at least for me.

But the fact of the matter is, she lied to Nintendo about her sex work and then she turned around and lied to the public when she got fired. She deserves no sympathy and no quarter. Now is the time to push this story into every sector imaginable. We’re literally going all over the world with this one.

The SJW hate mob continues to try and lie about this situation, just like they did with Sarah Butts. They will keep on doing so, right up until the point where Ms. Rapp admits the truth. Then they will change tactics completely. You would think they might show some honestly here, especially since the escorts pics were taken by the same camera that Alison Rapp used to post pictures on her own DeviantArt account. How can they continue to spin this away? Oh, that’s right. They’re completely dishonest.

Archive 1, Archive 2, Archive 3, Imgur for better viewing

SJWs Always Lie. It’s never been more obvious than it is today.

  1. Give them Hell Ralph….People like Rapp need to be exposed, Nintendo and everyone needs to prepare themselves for the war that the SJW’s will bring with them!

  2. Nintendo needs to understand that we love them and buy their stuff for being original & true to themselves.

    We don’t need SJW panderers, infiltrators and unholy sex dungeon clerics to show us the way. Clear it out. Start from neutral-as-hell scratch. Find fans that aren’t openly deviant sex wizards.

    1. Nintendo needs to give up on localizing their games in-house. Switch to third parties which will remain loyal to the source materials.

      1. Yes, good idea.

        But sadly there are almost no third parties that actually do a decent job, and the few there are are always high on workload.

        Funny isn’t it?
        The demand for good localizations is higher than the supply, HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE? Thanks SJW.

        If I had a million bucks I’d open a good localization company and get even richer.

  3. They hate you because you consistently, step by step, continue to do what you’re doing. This is the definition of principles/work ethic that they claim you lack.

  4. The proof is right there. It’s kinda funny and a little sad the lengths SJW’s will go to deny reality.

    1. And people are wondering why the price and prescribed amount of those extra-super strength anti-psychotics are so high…

    2. they cannot accept reality if they do everything crumbles and the truth of what they have said and “done” would be revealed to them. and on a deep level they don’t want to have a honest look at themselves because they hate that person.

  5. Soooo how are we supposed to know if the person on the left is Alison Rapp? Or the person on the right for that matter? She looks similar but… Also how do we know where the photos on the left came from? How do we know it came from an escort service site? How do we know Rapp wasn’t just taking some sexy photos of herself? Doesn’t the exif data from cell phone cameras often look very similar to one another since a lot of people have the same phone? Or even the same digital camera, since these are mass produced? Why are we just supposed to trust the content from some guy’s exif data viewer? So many questions. This would never pass muster with GamerGaters if anti-GG people tried to use something like this as “proof.”

    1. You can click on the archive links to see the proof for yourself and where they came from. Do your own research.

      The EXIF data contains serial numbers for the camera and lens which match.

        1. I can’t help you there, because you’ll say the same thing for anyone else who “verifies” the EXIF data.

          So instead, archives exist of both escort site and her public deviant art profile. DL the images yourself and check the data yourself.

          1. Uhmmmm I think they’re pretty reasonable questions? What same thing am I going to say?

            Also, I am checking with the same exact exif viewer and getting no data. Have you checked?

          2. Adds a lot since now you know the pics are legit from source, no edited exifs.
            Notice that the low quality/res pics on her deviant don’t have exif data, only the high res ones.

          3. is just a tool that loads the images from the url and show their exifs.
            The addresses right after imgur= parameters are the legit urls, one of her own deviant page and another from mariamint.

  6. Matt Myers with the projection. SJW will attack you, your family, and your job if you go against the narrative. Just look to Jenny Mcdermott and Laughing Witch for more hypocrisy.

  7. I’m also 100% pro legalization, regulation and non shaming of sex related industries.

    It’s a civilized, free and logical thing.

    But come on, it’s Nintendo, kiddy baby games company that still censors games because people complain if there’s anything lewd.

    OF COURSE they will kick out a sex worker from PR GOD DAMN WORK.

    The funny thing is that this is what the SJW’s are making, they are the ones pushing the repressive, pro censorship, sex negative attitudes.

    This is what they are helping grow, and now harvest comes and it takes one of them and they don’t like it? This is all part of the culture they are promoting and protecting.

    1. I couldn’t care less about she selling her body, it is hers anyway, who gives a fug?

      But seriously:
      1 – Censoring games, making fun and attacking consumers asking to stop this calling them sexists and sht?
      2 – Then she gets caught defending actual CP and lying to her own employer about not having a second job?
      3 – Gets fired and try to blame other people and Nintendo for her mistakes?
      4 – Then again she gets caught lying about her second job, being an actual prostitute instead of just posing for pics? (which is illegal in her state)

      People defending her right now are just sick human junk condoning this sort of behavior for their own personal benefit.

      1. True.
        Even without her escort and camgirl jobs it would have been very well justified to fire her simply due to all that stuff that no employee should and would be allowed to do normally, she got away with stuff that would have gotten an average employee fired like 2 or even 3 tiems.

  8. Oh of course that little vacuous, amoral whore Quinn had to stick her big fucking nose into the matter. She must be starved for attention, although I’m sure she’s quite happy with her permanent martyr complex and her cuck boyfriends dad’s money. As for the SJWs denying fucking reality, well, there go your typical ideologues for you. They don’t need knowledge when they have their precious beliefs. Can’t question the narrative or you’re a blasphemer and a defiler of the holy and perpetually victimized womynz. Puh-leez. I do look forward to seeing how they react when it’s confirmed. Likely they’ll just scream “MUH-SOGGY-KNEES!” and demand all evidence and discussion of the matter be censored (that worked well for Quinn, kek) or DARVO that shit up and accuse GG of being anti-hooker when we’re basically Bender with our “Screw Games Journalism! We’ll build our own Games Media, but with Blackjack and Hookers!” etc etc.

  9. And the lesson for today, boys and girls?

    If you’re trying to sell your body on the down low, don’t take your nude pics with the same camera that you use to take your non-nudes, or else your .exif data will give your game away.

  10. Also seeing the hilarious gamergatehq thread about this is maddening.
    Half the posters saying “there’s nothing wrong with hookers, this is slut shaming”.
    Fine, but it isn’t that she was/is a hooker it’s that she is a hypocrite and falsely blamed GG for getting her fired. Also just because you can only get your weiner touched when you pay a women, doesn’t mean you should defend the honor of m’sex workers against sex negative fundies.

    The other half are predictably blaming GGrevolt for harassing Alison, completely ignoring that Kiwifarms who are against GG were the ones who found this out. Those GG+ spergs will never fucking learn.

  11. The Ralph Retort being cited in Japan was simply golden. We must soon unite with our friends from the Land of the Rising Sun against the SJWs and show them that not all Westerners are perpetually offended snowflakes.

        1. Im just laughing my sides off about how Ralphs story is now being passed around amongst the mad loyal Nintendo otaku fanbase over in the land of samurai.

          Cue attack of the Nintendotaku Ninjas!

          1. I don’t know about that. Japanese fans a pretty pissed about censorship, so they might actually be glad that a SJW like Rapp is getting the boot.

  12. So, the pro-pedo/cp Nintendo PR Rep got fired for being a Prostitute in a state where it’s illegal?

    I have to go to the ER now.

    my sides just exploded and the wife is screaming so much it’s distracting.

  13. Beenlooking at the boards and it’s been hilarious. Jake Rapp is a rent boy with a cock piercing, the big show YouTube video they did and more.

    Also another rumour came up which people should look into. Someone said on 8 chan one of Alison’s clients maybe a Nintendo employer and that’s why she got the job. This needs digger further like with Jake Rapp the cuckold rentboy. That’s what you get when you post your dirty shit online and piss people off.

    1. Jesus Christ, this whole case would provide for an entire episode of Law & Order: SVU. I know they’ve done GG before, but at least this ep includes ageplay and call girls. :’D

  14. First para is 100% bang on target mate.

    I have no issue at all with Ms Rapps chosen second job. If she wants to escort to make money to pay off loans, pay for living costs, or just buy some toys n bling then all power to her. Her life, her choices…and thats her right 100%.
    What she can not do though is lie about why her employer fired her when they found out, or just accuse GG of stitching her up.
    The fact is she was extremely careless about what she did. She failed to cover up her distinguishing attributes (tats and piercings) and left her fecking wedding ring on and visible in the pics.
    She posted salacious shots to her Twatter account which links to her work for Nintendo.
    She bragged about having a second job on said account.
    When the newspapers wrote about her and the spotlight wasn on her she could have used her noggin and gone dark temporarily with the escorting stuff. Nope…. not that smart. Left it up for all to see.
    My guess is one of her work colleagues tumbled her, and reported it to her management. They took a look, dug a little, and bingo. One already problematic and uncooperative employee providing them an excuse to sack her on a silver platter.
    Now her SJW mates are piling on and piling in, despite the evidence abvove and fact that said escorting accounts (website and twatter) went dark the minute Kiwi sussed them. Meanwhile Rapp is choosing to play along and deny what the truth is.

    so fuck her…. she deserves what she gets for lying about it and piling the blame on GG.

  15. if someone with a twitter account would like to tip off Daily Mirror journalist who has perviously covered the Rapp story, Jasper Hamill, about the latest revalations Im pretty sure he would publish a story on it in a widely circulated UK daily paper. His twatter handle is @jasperhamill
    Be nice…. just nudge him about whether he will be doing an update on the revalations that she and her hubby are both escorts, and that may be why Nintendo shitcanned her.
    Just a suggestion

  16. i still love Nintendo. but this is on them. when you work for a company they are absolutely allowed to monitor your social media. most if not all have a paper you sign explicitly saying that. Nintendo just wasn’t paying attention and they weren’t for a long time. but it’s like you said Ralph, the internet will always catch up with you.

    SJWs are lying cause that’s just what they do. it’s a way to attack and vilify those in GG. and they will do anything to do that. Rapp is simply gonna play the victim card as much as possible to make the loot. any day now we will see the patreon arise begging for funds…and she will freakin get it.

  17. Unless somebody comes up with, I BOUGHT this on craigslist for the lens I would say same Lens.
    This is why you delete EXIF info kiddies.

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