I was at a Donald Trump rally a couple weeks ago. I wrote here on these pages that I had never been in a room like that. Anyone with a brain could see that the events you’re seeing tonight out of Chicago were on the way. Unlike some of the media frauds, I don’t blame it on Trump. Has he used hard rhetoric? Yes, of course he has. Is he to blame for violent thugs coming to shutdown his free speech?

No. He isn’t.

Here’s what I said back in that report

The other thing that I noticed was the tension. Protester after protester worked to disrupt the proceedings, their hatred shining brightly. I’ve never been in a room quite like that. I imagine the feeling I felt is the same one others noticed back in the late 1960’s. I hate to say this, but our country is headed for some rough political fights…much rougher than what we’ve seen during my lifetime. A photographer got into it with a Secret Service agent at this very rally, which is another sign of what’s possibly on the horizon. My only hope is that we don’t see real political violence come out of all this. The feeling in the room yesterday left me thinking that we might. I’ve never been involved with an election like this one and I feel like our country’s future truly is at stake. They say that during every presidential campaign, but this time it’s true.

I didn’t tell you that to drive clicks or make things seem more serious than they are. It was my honest observation. I’ve never been alive for a political moment like we’re facing now. The soul of the country is truly on the line. It’s not about being racist or hating minorities. I preach neither of those things. But you have to stand up to the anti-speech hate mob who want to shut-up Trump, or anyone else for that matter. I would say the same thing if Hillary Clinton’s rallies were being disrupted like this.

You can either sit back and be silent or you can stand up and fight back. I don’t advocate violence, but if you’re responding to someone who is visiting violence upon you, what are you supposed to do? We can’t let these sort of people win. Whatever you think about Trump, this is wrong. Forget about what he’s said, the point is, in America, he has the right to say it.

I’ve been heartened to see some conservatives who hate Trump and his message actually say this is wrong. Unfortunately, many others are trying to use what happened tonight in Chicago as an electoral bludgeon. They’re stupid, because it’s actually going to help Trump. But more importantly, they are a disgrace to the First Amendment. This sort of behavior from progressives can no longer be tolerated.

They must be defeated. That’s all there is to it.

    1. Under a Trump presidency, the First and Second Amendments would disappear and smartphone manufacturers would be forced to create backdoors to your private information for the government, seriously handicapping the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

      Sonny, you ain’t seen a nightmare yet.

      1. Trump seems pretty pro 2 ammendment for me. As for the 1st, it should have a better purpose than to help lying journalists and corrupt tech companies.

          1. But his disciples are. In Donald Trump’s mind, this election is about him, not about America.

          2. He has a big ego, can’t deny that. I wonder if he will betray the people who supports him and get labelled a lier, hurting his narcisism, but it’s not like the others haven’t already betrayed their base.

          3. Yeah, well, I think we all need to acknowledge that the “conservative base” of the Republican Party deserves to get ignored. They let Barack Obama get elected twice by staying home on Election Day in 2008 and 2012. I think the Republican Party finally wised up to the fact that there’s no point kowtowing to a special interest group that won’t show up at the polls when they’re needed. It’s only natural that they would flock to Trump because they are life-long Bible-thumpers who are well-accustomed to swallowing bullshit fed to them by charismatic windbags with expensive suits and Messianic complexes.

          4. Lol, can’t stop lying can’t you? Good luck trying to out democrat the democrats begging for minorities, hispanics and blacks to vote for GOPe. And now comes Trump winning over minorities, working class whites(your contempt for them is showing) and former democrats. Bible thumpers? Bitch please. Evangelicals are more Cruz leaning, but Trump will win them as well.

            P.s. Romney is a loser.

          5. The only polls that show Trump having support among minorities are his campaign’s internal polls. Internal polls are what campaigns use to convince themselves and the gullible that they’re doing everything right. Trump’s must be comedy gold.

  1. Lorne Michaels escalated this with the Nazi references. I was at Fayetteville and the protesters walked among us with deport racists signs as we left the building. We all walked out and past the herd of them who were cordoned off at the top of the hill. Think Rahm didn’t bother with the national guard so people would feel threatened.

  2. I heard someone say a while back (Can’t remember who exactly) that when you stop free speech all your left with is violence. This is what is happening, this regressive loon squad are doing everything they can to shut down free speech because they are unwilling to talk and now that their usual methods to shut down free speech has failed all they can do is resort to violence because ultimately this is all they can think to do.

    They would be a lot more effective if they knew how to counter rhetoric with rhetoric, counter arguments with insightful retorts and be able to provide proof and facts instead of emotions and feelings, while they remain intellectually handicapped in this field they will act like primitive and primal beasts instead of enlightened and socialized creatures which is what we are supposed to be (I also mean this for all races, all religions and all ethnicity’s before someone points and goes racist or bigot or some such other buzzword).

    Maybe, just maybe one day humanity will be better than this, but while you have learning institutions coddling instead of challenging, while we have parents giving out participation trophies and while we have this whole entire environment of special snowflake encouragement then we are never going to get past this unfortunately.

  3. very undemocratic situation in america
    there’s a point where a protest becomes a riot, a point where they go from innocent people using their right for free speech which ought to be protected and preserved and they turn into a mob that unlawfully intimidates, destroys or harasses others and which deserves to be stopped and punished

    and they passed that point

    1. lmao this is absolutely rich!
      checking what the mainstream media says and now they’re trying to spin it to blame trump for the chaos brought by the anti trump riots

      “yeah dude you shouldn’t have been like, so mean and stuff, the media says you were mean and literally hitler so it’s ok for them to go insane and throw some riots all over the place, it’s your fault you triggered them”


    2. I was disgusted yet not surprised to hear that BlackLivesMatter people were part of the protest. I think that those people, especially, need to be officially branded a terrorist group and allowed to be shot on sight. Sadly, that can’t happen, especially not with their asshole defenders potentially using that as an excuse to say that black people are being oppressed after all (because if they’re gonna portray Ferguson rioters as a bunch of innocent victims, they’re sure as hell gonna let these slightly less vicious thugs get away with what they’re doing too).

  4. Chicago is a wretched hole. I am not surprised this happened there of all places.

    You can see where the country is heading from here, where the split is generally going to happen. Trump or no Trump it’s inevitable at this point. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

  5. They probably thought that they could get payback for the footage of those guys pushing a black protester around. This is a volatile situation and people should be more mindful than they ever have been in terms of the political games people play.

  6. If they succeed in shutting down Trump, then we must tear down the shadow government. The RNC is more vulnerable, so we can do this by voting straight democrat until the RNC falls, then have whatever rises in its place be out of the hands of the donor class.

  7. “Trump is Hitler” is their current narrative the anti-Trump forces are singing. Their proof is the shots of a purported Trump supporter doing the Nazi salute during the rally.

    There has to be a point invoking Godwin’s Law stops working. AS it turns out, that “Trump sheep doing the Hitler salute” turned out to be Portia Boulger, a left-wing activist who runs the Women for Bernie Sanders Twitter account. (Source: diggers in the internet.)

    Before today I don’t support any candidate, including Trump. After today, this has changed.

    And I’m not alone.

    1. Godwin’s Law has been temporarily suspended for Donald Trump. I think it happened right about the time he went on the record about what a great guy Mussolini was.

        1. Yes, where Trump is concerned, everything is ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT, right? Never his, despite his insistence that he is always the smartest, savviest, bestest, most awesomest person ever, and NOT AT ALL a blundering, self-absorbed ignoramus who was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

          1. Actually, this is a non issue that only shitlibs or cuckservatives would care. Nobody is perfect, but your kind mistake virtues for vices and vice versa.

          2. You don’t know “my kind”. Not at all.
            I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I’m neither conservative nor liberal. I vote for Republicans, Democrats and the occasional independent. I voted Republican in the last five presidential elections, which is more than can be said for many Republicans. But there are some standard Republican policies on which they and I will never see eye to eye.
            I’ll regurgitate any political ideology that anyone tries to shove down my throat. I think religion is a form of mental illness, but that won’t stop me from loving my devout relatives or respecting principled people who are guided by faith. I am an avowed skeptic with a well-developed bullshit detector, honed from a career that spans from bio-medical research to law enforcement. I have enough experience with public speaking to be able to recognize all the rhetorical bullshit that low-grade politicians use to manipulate the masses. These tactics make up about 90% of everything Donald Trump has ever said in public.
            TL:DR version: I don’t take any thing at face value. Donald Trump is NOTHING BUT face value. He has less nuance than a pre-schooler’s temper tantrum and less depth than a birdbath.
            Whatever box you put me in, it will be the wrong one, chosen by where you think I stand on the political spectrum relative to your own.

          3. So who is your candidate then, and what’s your stance on illegal and legal immigration?

          4. I’d vote for Cruz, Rubio or Kasich. I would also have voted for Walker, Fiorina, or Jindal if they’d made it this far. I would have voted for Christie, but since he went full Trump-tard, he’s dead to me now.
            Among the Democrats, I might have been swayed by Webb, since he was the only Democrat who, when asked in a debate which enemies he was most proud of, DIDN’T name his fellow Americans. Sadly, his campaign was over before it ever really began. I guess the voters just aren’t going for principled people this year.

          5. Too bad you won’t have a chance, since all of those losers can’t get enough other retards like you to support them among their own party members.

            This must be so sad for you…

          1. Oh, is that what that was? I thought you were following the lead of your Dear Leader, who usually falls back on lame-ass cliches when he finds himself unable to give a rational response (which is most of the time).

  8. Trump can call any news network in the country and get an hour of free face time any time he wants. When he calls a press conference, his words are carried all around the world. By contrast, the protesters only had a small patch of ground and each other. The idea the Trump is being deprived of his free speech is utterly ridiculous.

    Last night was a VICTORY for free speech. The braying jackass with the billion-dollar megaphone and virtually limitless media connections could not silence the protesters or shout them down.

    1. You SJW’s are EXACTLY what’s wrong with this country. You call people bigots when they disagree with you, and when that doesn’t succeed, you engage in terrorism.

      If Trump does win, we’ll petition the white house to put all SJW groups on terror watch lists, yall need to be put down.

      1. When have I called Trump a bigot? I’ve called him a crybaby, a whiner, an egomaniac, a vulgarian, an ignoramus, an asshole, a Birther, a clown, a coward, a pussy, a blowhard, and a fascist, but not a bigot. I stand by my original contention that Trump has an equal measure of contempt for everyone who isn’t named, or related to, Donald J. Trump.

          1. Doubtful. I’ve seen his Twitter feed and frankly, he spells like someone who dropped out of fourth grade. Of course, some of that could be due to trying to maneuver a keypad with his stubby little baby-carrot fingers, but still…..

          2. lol i have other qualifications for what constitute “smart”. Like for example, sucess at life, which makes Trump miles ahead of you. Also being the favorite candidate while being an amateur politician.

          3. Then you must think Taylor Swift would make a GREAT President. After all, her net worth is about equal to what Trump’s was when he was her age,..and she did it WITHOUT $100,000,000 in seed money from her daddy.
            It’s a pity we’ve got another decade to wait before she’s old enough to run.

        1. “I didn’t say it just now in the post above, therefor I never said it”

          You just voiced your support for the SJW terrorist crowd prevailing dumb fuck,

          1. No, I voiced my support for the Constitutionally-protected right to protest and free speech, both of which Donald Trump has stated that he wants to curtail. I also think it’s hilarious that someone who’s been on television 3-4 hours EVERY FUCKING DAY for the past eight months is being deprived of “free speech”. Don’t think I didn’t notice that you sidestepped that point and turned right to attacking me.

            And since you clearly haven’t been listening to anything other than the Trump propaganda office, the crowd of protesters wasn’t entirely made up of SJWs. There were plenty of Republicans in that crowd, too.

            If anybody in this discussion is an SJW, it’s Trump. He has PUBLICLY ADVOCATED for changing libel laws to allow him to sue people who criticize him. I know there’s no realistic chance of you addressing this because you’re so deep in the Trump-tank, but I’ll ask anyway: what’s the difference between Trump’s libel policy and Anita Sarkeesian, who wants to punish people for criticizing her?

          2. Well, the article omits a few salient points, such as the fact that Donald Trump, despite spending what seems like a third of his life in one courtroom or another, doesn’t know shit about the law. The laws you use against other people can be used against you. That’s why the founding fathers went to great lengths to LIMIT the power of government. Under Trump’s presidency, the SJWs would have more power than they ever dreamed of having.

            The article also ignores Trump’s definition of “false and misleading”. He has used those very words to describe an ad run by the Cruz campaign that QUOTES HIM DIRECTLY repeatedly admitting he is pro-choice. For Trump, “false and misleading” means “true stuff that I don’t want anybody to know I said”.

            And then there’s this little gem: “Of course, the flip-side is that there’s no mention from Trump about what would happen in the case of satire?”
            Trump’s response to satire is well documented. Do a little research on his relationship with the late Spy Magazine (the magazine that first popularized the phrase “short-fingered vulgarian” to describe Trump). Satirists would be among his FIRST targets.

          3. Right, you voiced your support for the MSM to continue railroading people and, along side social media and education, controlling the message, effectively brainwashing the public, with the opposition having little to no means to counter.

            If THAT’S a right given by the constitution, then the founders fucked up badly.

          4. You mean like Donald Trump saying, “I never said I was pro-choice”, or “I never said I think single-payer is the way to go”, or “I never said if I order soldiers to shit on the Geneva Convention, they’ll do it”?

          5. So, you want a direct quote. Okay, here’s one from the March 3rd debate:

            Brett Baier: “[former CIA director Michael] Hayden said the military is trained to disobey unlawful or illegal orders. So what would you do as Commander-In-Chief if the U.S. military refused to carry out those orders?”
            Trump: “They won’t refuse. They’re not going to refuse me. Believe me. … If I say, ‘Do it,’ they’re going to do it. That’s what leadership is all about. … When I say they’ll do as I tell them, they’ll do as I tell them. And that’s very — it’s very simple. It’s very simple.”
            Baier: “But that would be illegal.”
            Trump: (having reached the limit of his butterfly-like attention span, changes the subject quickly).

            I guess everything is “very simple”….when you’re a simpleton.

            By the way, for the historically ignorant, the Nuremberg trails established that “I was just following orders” is NOT a defense. So, in addition to forcing our servicemen to violate their principles, the military code of conduct, the Geneva Convention, and all the by-laws of civilized society just so HE can look like a tough guy on the international stage, Trump would also set them up for trial and summary execution in a U.N. Court.
            What a guy!

          6. We are not bound to remain within the geneva convention dumb fuck. Go ahead, TRY to execute a super power leader for it, not gonna happen.

          7. Oh, did someone erase the signatures of the three American Presidents who signed the Second, Third and Fourth Conventions. or do you think that’s one of the things Fuhrer Trump is empowered to do once he becomes Emperor?

            And the problem is not executing Herr Trump. it’s about executing the PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW HIS ORDERS, dumbass. THEY can be arrested overseas. THEY can tried in a U.N. court. And THEY can be executed.

            But I guess you, like Fuhrer Trump, believe that our servicemen and servicewomen are just toy soldiers who are supposed to kill and torture on command so the Fuhrer can win his dick-measuring contest with Putin (if only in his own diseased imagination). That’s all that really matters, right?

          8. We are not bound to not pull out, only consequence is losing its protection, which no one seems to honor anyway.

          9. LOL. Do you even know what a treaty is?
            Of course, being a typical Trumptard, you don’t believe that agreements should be honored, or deals, once sealed, should be upheld. The Trump philosophy is “what I want now”.
            This is one of the reasons why most people don’t trust your Fuhrer.

          10. I don’t believe in humanely treating those who maim, torture and kill. No, I’m not for it, it re-enforces their shit because they know they don’t have to worry about it happening back to them.

            Screw what Europe thinks, they’ve got their own Rapefugee problems to deal with.

          11. Then why don’t you just go sign up with ISIS? There are plenty of places in the world where savages can be savages. Leave America to those of us who want something better for our children than mob rule and stormtroopers.

          12. You have reading comprehension problems, don’t you?

            I’m sure the NSA will be pleased with you suggesting for people to join Daesh though…………….

    2. Nice lawngic you have here, Trump is rich, so it is ok to threat him and his supporters with violence.

      And Trump is quite smart for letting the media smear him 24hours a day, if your theory that he owns the media is true that is.

      1. Well he does ‘own’ the media. Yet another 24 hour news cycle with nothing but Trump and how cowardly his rivals are.

        He gets the cheapest airtime ever.

      2. “Trump is rich, so it is ok for him to incite his supporters to violence”

        Fixed that for you. Trump has a history of inciting violence at his rallies.

        Donald Trump on people interrupting Bernie Sanders’ rallies: “That will never happen with me. I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself, or if other people will. It was a disgrace.”
        Well, we saw last Friday that America’s Tough Guy sure won’t be doing any of the fighting himself.

        Donald Trump, 2/1/2016: “If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them. Just knock the hell out of them. I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees.”

        Donald Trump, 2/23/2016, reacting to a protester in the crowd: “I’d like to punch him in the face”. Later, he reminisced about the good old days when people who annoyed him were “carried out on a stretcher”.

        Non-violent protesters have been assaulted at Trump rallies at least seven times (not counting Michelle Fields).

        But, yeah, this is all about other people threatening Trump, amirite?

  9. I’ve just been looking over footage of some rallies for Cruz, Rubio and Kasich. There’s a reassuring lack of people getting sucker punched there.

      1. Where’s Rubio calling for the crowd to assault the protester, as Trump has done repeatedly. Or pay the legal bills of anyone who does. I guess you also missed the security uniforms on the guys escorting the protester out of the auditorium.

        Trump: “I remember the good old days, when guys like him would be carried out on a stretcher.”
        Rubio: “This is a great country, where people can say what they want to.”

        But I guess in your Trump-tard mind, those are EXACTLY THE SAME.

        1. Rubio didn’t condemn the guy who forced his hands towards the protester, which was peaceful at the moment, nor did the media criticize Rubio’s supporters. Whereas Trump advises his supporters to defend themselves against aggressive thugs(i refuse to call scum “protesters”). Trump is the only candidate who is having real danger of being assassinated and you cuckservative liars will lie and blame the victim to the bitter end.

          1. “Rubio didn’t condemn the guy who forced his hands towards the protester, ”
            Maybe he didn’t see it? I guess that never even crossed your mind.

          2. Lol, he did see it and acted with passive agressive snark. But who cares, the protester is a filthy anti semite right?

          3. Does it make it easier to live with your own bigotry if you just assume everyone else is a bigot, too?

          4. So is Rubio blind, is that what you are saying? And why did the media not remind him of his evil violent supporter?

            “Trump is also the only candidate who has publicly stated that he would order our servicemen overseas to commit war crimes. That’s pretty much grounds for assassination.”
            So Trump deserves to be killed because of his opinions?

            “And if Donald Trump becomes President, you will be sued into bankruptcy for criticizing the wrong people. How is that better?”
            Jumping to conclusions.

          5. Rubio doesn’t incite people to violence like Trump does. He doesn’t offer to pay the legal bills of people who commit acts of violence at his urging. He doesn’t talk about how great it would be if people who criticize him were carried out on a stretcher.

            “So Trump deserves to be killed because of his opinions?”
            Execution is a common fate for dictators who commit war crimes. Trump had publicly admitted his willingness to commit war crimes. You do the math.

            “Jumping to conclusions.”
            Wrong again. Trump has publicly declared that this is his intent.

  10. white nationalism doesnt intimidate me any more than i imagine chinese nationalism would intimidate a white man

    i dont get why people get so freaked out over it – is it because the west equates nationalism to supremacism?

    there is overlap, but it’s hardly the same thing

  11. Now that this bullshit has started, it’s not going to end until someone does something drastic that makes protesters truly fear for their lives.

  12. Glad to see you back on Disqus. I saw a taste of the nasty side of bigotry, and racism when I was a child. I remember having a teacher who was all about getting her students to understand the value of the KKK and how us white folk mattered more. I hear her southern drawling tones in the protests of Black Lives Matter, and so much of what goes on today. The colors are flipped, but the message is the same. It makes me sad.

    Either the democratic side is going to have to start distancing themselves from these “protestors,” or it’s going to get very ugly before September. At some point there is going to be bloodshed, at a Trump rally. So many of these SJW types are all emotion, and no think. We’ve seen sparks where they pull on cameras, shove people, threaten to beat people up. At some point one of them is going to attack someone seriously. Either the SJW will attack the person and wound them badly, or they will attack the person, and get almost beat to death by the crowd.

    If I could get a message out to all Trump supporters everywhere it would be take one for the Trump, and don’t hit back when it happens. Let others document it, and don’t hit or hit back. This will show just what the protestors really are. This is the only way to stand up against them, because to take any other action is to invite the media to spin it against the truth.

  13. I was actually driving through that area just prior to the rally and I was wondering why everything was so backed up and sure as shit I heard it all on the radio. The stupid protestors were even blocking roads 2-3 miles away, what a bunch of idiots.

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