As most of you know by my posting history here on the site, I’m not a white-only kind of dater. In fact, I quite enjoy dating outside my race, as not only do I find various types of women attractive, I also like the different viewpoints and experiences such arrangements help bring to the fore. I don’t exclusively look for people different from me, as I have been in long relationships with white women as well. It’s just something that I see value in. Having said all that, I also see the value in sticking with your own kind of people, if that’s what you prefer. There’s all kinds of “black-only” dating sites. Not only that, there are Latinos-only, Asians-only, and various other kinds of “onlys.” So why is there a problem when white people want to start a similar service?

Oh, that’s right. Because race mongers (and the media) have to drum-up some shit to get pissed about, or else they don’t get paid.


I guess I just don’t understand the problem here. If they were consistent, then I would get it. Where are all the posts calling out the blacks-only sites? Or any of the others? So, it’s wrong for white people to want to date within their race, but for everyone else, it’s cool? Not only are these folks saying it’s bad, by the way. They’re also calling it racist, which is one of the fastest ways to besmirch someone’s character nowadays. At least the comment section there on Huffington Post seems to get it…


The whole thing is preposterous. If you wanna date inside your race, feel free. It doesn’t bother me if minorities want to date each other, why should it bother them if I want to date white people exclusively? Personally, I don’t, but I understand the inclination. It’s all about what you’re attracted to. No one should be shamed for their tastes in that area.