This whole consent thing is getting out of hand. Of course rape is bad, I think that goes without saying. The way SJW-types are turning everything into a an anti-rape public service announcement is making a joke out of the whole thing, however. Anti-smoking ads are one thing, but I don’t think any potential rapist is going to care all that much about a commericial that tells them to get consent instead of carrying on with their rape-y activities. So, maybe consent condoms are the answer? OK, they aren’t, but let’s all have a good laugh at them.

You’ll be shocked to find out Kanye West’s old ho Amber Rose is at the forefront of this push. Over the last year or so, she’s decided that becoming a spokeswoman for radical feminism is the only way for her to stay in the public eye. It was a shrewd business maneuver, to be sure. But it’s also fucking laughable on the face of it. These condoms are just the latest front in her comedy blitzkrieg:





I’m sure these must be selling like hotcakes. I almost want to buy some as a joke, so I can hand them out to friends while I scan for the confused look on their faces. Or, perhaps they’ll be like me and just immediately burst out into uncontrolled laughter. Amber isn’t the inventor of this bullshit, though. There’s a whole company dedicated to making rad fem friendly condoms. I guess you could also make any kind you want, but these are the featured condoms on their front page.


Maybe you guys have some ideas for some custom consent condoms? We can’t really do any worse than the SJW’s at this point: