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If you only read one movie review this entire year, it needs to be Richard Roeper’s review of the new Ghostbusters. It’s one of the nastiest little pieces of work I’ve read in quite some time. And when I say nasty, I mean fucking amazing. He destroys this cash-grab from almost every conceivable angle. You really should go read it for yourself, but just in case you wanted a summation, let me highlight some of my favorite burns.

“Ghostbusters” is a horror from start to finish, and that’s not me saying it’s legitimately scary. More like I was horrified by what was transpiring onscreen…

“Ghostbusters” is one of the worst movies of the year for multiple other reasons, including:
Bad acting.

Uninspired directing, editing, cinematography and music.

Cheesy special effects.

A forgettable villain.

A terrible script.

Well, there’s not really anything left past that, is there?

Wiig and McCarthy co-starred in “Bridesmaids” (directed by the usually terrific Paul Feig, who is at the helm here) and they’re enormously charismatic and versatile screen actors — which makes it all the more disappointing to see them flounder separately and together here. They’re both surprisingly muted and flat.

Then again, better understated than insanely over-the-top, which is what we get from Kate McKinnon as Holtzmann, the “wacky” scientist of the bunch. McKinnon is so good on “Saturday Night Live,” but she absolutely butchers her performance in this film — mugging for the camera, bouncing around in an exaggerated manner as if she’s in a “Three Stooges” short, and drawing attention to herself even when a scene calls for her to react and not engage in wholesale attention-getting thievery.

McKinnon has stuck me this way ever since those picks leaked with the cast at some random children’s hospital. They were allegedly there to cheer up kids but she was mugging for the camera like it was some kind of Saturday Night Live skit. The whole idea was bizarre, but at least the other people there looked normal. She seemed to be weirdly over-the-top. Perhaps she was just doing this shitty character.

(Also, at least Kristen Wiig had the good sense to look slightly horrified at the whole spectacle. The rest seem completely oblivious.)

OK, now that I think about it, Melissa McCarthy looks pretty crazed there as well. But, whatever.

Roeper wasn’t done there, by the way…

Jones is loud and unsubtle as an MTA worker named Patty who becomes the fourth Ghostbuster, but I’m not sure there’s a way to deliver lines such as, “Aw, hell naw!” without going big.

So, the script sucks and plays into racial stereotypes, just like we thought. Ordinarily that would be no big deal, as I’m for letting people make whatever movie they want to make. But these are supposed to be our SJW betters. Paul Feig, the man behind this monstrosity, has gone out of his way to shit on old fans and just consumers in general. He hasn’t been very effective, though. The guy even got trolled so hard that he included a scene about mean YouTube comments in the film.

The way Roeper goes at this thing is pretty great. Man, I almost felt bad for the people behind this dud. Almost. Then I think about how we’ll hopefully never have to hear about them again after this weekend, at least as far as the Ghostbusters franchise is concerned. I originally thought they might make enough money to justify this movie, or at least break even. Now, I’m not so sure. If you ask me, I think the momentum is in the direction of flop territory. I’m not ruling out the possibility I’m feeling that way just because I’m surrounded by people who think it sucks. Either way, we’ll find out one way or the other after this weekend.

Richard Roeper has seen it, though. He happens to be one of the most respected movie critics in the country. And, as I’ve been pointing out with select passages, he’s not a fan of the film…

There’s very little chemistry between any combination of the four Ghostbusters, who spend a lot of time strategizing about their next move and then saying “Woohoo!” when they hit the streets…

The special effects in “Ghostbusters” are so mediocre I’m wondering if it was a nod to the relatively crude effects of 1984. (Or maybe they’re just not very good.) The ghosts aren’t frightening and they’re not funny and they have almost no backstory; they’re just hissing, hateful, murderous creatures storming through the city.

I’m surprised he even gave this one star (out of 4). It sounds like pretty much every facet of the film is complete dogshit.

Some things are better left alone.

Indeed they are, Mr. Roeper. Indeed they are.

  1. That logo reminds me, where’s Jack? It’s been a long time since Jack did a piece. I miss Jack.

  2. The Guardian in the UK was saying how this was a triumph for feminism and that those opposed to it were just “TROLLS” and that it made us male fans shut up. It was typical SJW Guardian bonanza!

      1. Not really plus I think they hid the review behind a paywall and had their feminazis out in force on Facebook when they put the review up to basically insult the older generation.

        1. Thanks for helping make a theory I have more believable. I believe that the movie critics giving this movie a positive review are corrupt and catering to SJWs. After all game journalists have already been exposed, what would make movie critics different?

      2. LOL I was reading a positive Ghostbusters review tonight and when I noticed it was from the Guardian, I instantly stopped reading because you can’t trust a fucking thing they say.

        Coincidentally (I’m sure), all of the execs at the Guardian are women.

        1. According to a recent photo of the editorial team….they are mostly vagtastic to say the least…..and all younger than the skin on my hot chocolate.

          Long gone are the Guardian’s glory days when older, wiser and more ballsy staff were at the editorial helm

  3. I would have loved it if Paul seen this review and had a massive hissy fit because of how negative it is

    1. He would have had the SJW journalists denounce Roper as a sexist pig probably. Remember what happened when James Rolfe said he wasn’t going to see the movie.

      1. Yes he was made the face of misogyny but it was funny when that Patton Oswalt ended up getting unwanted attention himself and admitted that he might have picked the wrong target

        If he did would that prove what a nasty little mangina he is?

        1. What I like about James was that he said what he said and moved on. He didn’t double down and back out because after all these years of being on Youtube he knows the territory. I’m pretty sure early in his career the same mindset was set his way because of how extreme the AVGN character is and people complained about how sexist and vulgar it was. It happened back then but as we have seen he has continued because he doesn’t care what his haters say. He’s not here to entertain them.

      1. I just read a comment on a YouTube video suggesting that this movie could be an insult to women because of the men in it are dumb and act like jerks and it made me wonder if the director fully understands women and if there are women out there that might not take too kindly to being pandered to by guys like him and personally it sounds like more of a regressive chick flick then I originally thought

        Here’s the original comment

        “You know what’s funny? Ok, it’s a man-hating movie as the men are dumb and are dicks. But what the fuck does that say about women? The only way you can make them seem strong is if you dumb down everything else? It’s like having a potato sack race with a 4 year old and giving him a 30 second head start. You’re not proving he’s faster than you. You’re just dumbing down his opposing variable to give the illusion he is. So, they’re really just patronizing women. Ok, Kevin is unrealistically incompetent…who the fuck hired him to begin with? So, women can’t control their sexual desires and make poor decisions in the work field. Translation: WOMEN ARE WEAK. So, not only is this misandry, it’s still fucking misogynistic despite their sacred “crusade”. Christ, the Transformers movies are doing more for female empowerment at this point. Yeah, let’s see how this film does against Dory, Pets, Star Trek and Bourne. Sony, how about you actually read why people complained in the first and look up what the fuck sexist means in the first place. You should make sure you’re not doing it yourself. P.S. A certain former executive at Sony spearheaded this movement for more female led movies. Wasn’t that the same executive that figured Obama would automatically like Django, 12 years a slave, the butler and is a fan of Kevin Hart? Sorry babe, you don’t have the right to lead any “movements”. So, on Friday, GB marathon. Got my ecto cooler and I’m playing the game throughout the week. But you know what begins on Saturday? Fucking Star Wars, Aliens, Fury Road, Marvel movies w/ Black Widow, T2, movies that actually gave women good roles. Why? Because I respect women. I mean shit, I almost feel the need to apologize to every woman I see on behalf of this shit to let them know that I don’t think they’re weak like this and I just want to treat them like normal human beings. Guys, on Friday, take the time to make sure you tell the women in your life you respect them and cherish their existence. It’ll be more than this shit will ever do for them.”

        1. The thing is, the movie is just another Paul Feig movie but he’s working with a series that does not belong to him. Ironically, this is the EXACT same thing that has happened with the Powerpuff Girls reboot on CN. We have SJW writers who were given a property that they did nothing to help create and insist they are the be-all-end of deep writing and breaking barriers.

          And if you have been paying attention to the reception the PPG reboot got, you can see it’s the EXACT same this as GB; poor, sloppy writing, shitty art direction and the producers have shown them selves to be instigating assholes who mock the older fan while not having a clue as to what their target demo wants.

          In both cases, these ‘writers’ have shown them selves to be the results of over-paid, ego driven minds without a clue as to how people really work and are only driven not by creativity and a want to unite but a desire to look superior to everyone else. Why do you think Paul was making articles like ‘Why Men Aren’t Funny’ and so on, despite the fact that those balls in his pants make him a man but I forgot. In the SJW cult, ‘Every man is bad, except for MEEEEEE.’

          As for the characters themselves, all they are Adam Sandler-type tropes but as women so Feig isn’t even creative in that angle. All he does is basically take Adam Sandler ideas and make them women but up until now people ate that shit up. Only when Feig was given a FAMILIAR and more well-known franchise are people waking up to see how one-note this hack is.

          Paul doesn’t write for women, he doesn’t write for men. He only writes for himself and his sense of humor sucks.

          1. If he only rights for himself that would explain why he went crazy when someone tried to give him constructive criticism and speaking of Cartoon Networks shows I wonder if there’s any SJWs that are currently part of the writing staff for Steven Universe

          2. Again, it’s because Paul has a niche and a forumal and GB is NOT his formal. This is why it was so shitty when Amy pushed out Ivan. Being one of the guys behind the original series he knows what works and what doesn’t and it’s also telling that he wanted a MIXED crew for a new-boot rather than settling on one gender, male or female. He was aware that times have changed and it seemed he was ready to shift things according and making something that was enjoyable. Paul on the other hand didn’t want to be handed something he would have to continue as it meant he would have to follow the canon that is already established which also meant that he wouldn’t be able to fit his humor into it since if it were a continuation it would look all the more jarring to audiences and be a headache for him to try to direct. When Amy gave him full control it was like handing him the series on a golden platter because he could do ANYTHING with it just so long as it carried the GB name and the general concepts. This is why everything feels out of place, out of date, and overall not like the tone of the original movies.

            I know times have changed and comedy has as well but there are still well-done dry comedies and honestly if you were to make a frame-by-frame remake of the original with younger actors and made certain adjustments to the time but kept in their delivery and chemistry it would still work. It would be like a Deadpool thing where people are finally given a break from super hero films that are trying too hard to be serious and HOLLYWOOD and are just fun again but as a lot of people have mentioned Ghostbusters itself was a SUCCESSFUL ACCIDENT. When this came out, NO ONE would have guessed it would be as big as it became that 30 years down the road people are still massive fans of it. You just can’t catch lightening in a bottle like that, especially if you’re trying to FORCE it.

            As SJW infested as SU is, the crew seems really respectful for fans across the boards. Still doesn’t make the fandom any more tolerable because the rabid ones ARE nuts and some are very hateful. On the case of the PPG however, the new crew have made it very loud and clear that they are SJWs, to the point one of the main heads mockingly telling male fans that the new show isn’t for them and making claims that girls can not have role models that are not of the same gender of them. This is also the same crew member that took the roles of one of the VAs who is still on the show (the one who voiced Ms. Keane and Princess) so she could do it herself in order to have a working vocal role on the show as well as a writer/producing one.

            Like Paul Feig, the new crew is shit at taking criticism from older fans despite the show depending on older fans to explain nearly EVERYTHING to newer ones and openly mocks and ignores female fans who don’t line up with her ideals. And yes, she has had some meltdowns and shit storms on Twitter as well, showing her maturity in handling a series that she and the other crew members were only handed down as they were still kids too when the show came out.

            And she sucks at voicing Princess too.

            SJW creators feel they are privilaged to get nothing but praise for their half-ass work and I notice that most SJW creators only get where they are by taking on series that they never had a hand in creating but are massively popular. Not to say EVERYONE who is handed down a series is like this (Faust from MLP, the crew of the new TMNT, the people behind the new Voltron series. All creative people who act like decent human beings) or that this isn’t the case with people who try to make their own stuff but it’s just telling how this keeps happening. Last year with Fan4stic, Trank went with this and had his melt down. It seems that once they are given the reigns of something that has been established and has a massive fandom, they feel that they are untouchable only to nearly explode once things don’t turn their way as if something would have been there to protect them.

      2. Funny how you mention “insane fanbrats who say that there should be no female Ghostbusters”. The thing is that, to any longtime fan that was following the franchise over the years, there already was a girl on the crew in the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon (as well as a paraplegic). Granted, the show seems to have failed due to a bad timeslot (I only saw a few episodes myself), but general reception of that show seems pretty good, so I think it’s safe to say that the concept was pretty well-received back then.

        “Maybe I’m jaded by now because people are busting in and claiming to do ‘revolutionary’ shit when I know artist and writers who have been
        busting their asses off making much more enjoyable things without all
        the hype and asskissing FOR YEARS. Why are people acting as if artist
        and writers are just now discovering female protags or protags who
        aren’t White? People have been self-publishing and writing things like
        this for years and they don’t act as arrogant…but they always seem to
        be ignored. HMMMMMMM.”

        God damn, this paragraph. It sums up so many things I hate about SJWs, and their generally shitty attitudes throughout GamerGate. It’s one thing to make radical claims like “game companies aren’t making any female protagonists”, it’s another to completely ignore the ones that have already existed for decades, or worse, try to claim that they don’t count for some inane reason, but for fuck’s sake, I really wish they’d stop holding up their friends’ indie titles and act like they’re “STUNNING AND INNOVATIVE” for having some horribly generic female character for a lead (and then forget that that game ever existed just a couple weeks after it’s released so you can hold up the next female lead as some major revolution). Oh, and how about when Linkle was revealed, and they’re all like “You lost, GamerGate!” Like, really? Preventing a female Link from existing was ever one of our goals? And further irony: the SJWs go on to shit on Linkle anyway. But yeah, it’s remarkable how many mental gymnastics these fucking lunatics will go through to try and make it seem like women were always oppressed in media and that they’re part of some special group that’s working to change that. Sorry, you’re not accomplishing shit, I mean, other than making certain communities worse off than they’ve been before.

        1. On the note of Extreme, the critical reception to the show was very positive. It wasn’t as good as the first run of ‘The Real’ but it did have it’s own flair and actually matched the more insane tone that the MiB cartoon had at the time. It was good enough that some of the characters from the show were carried onto the IDW comics which has THREE WOMEN and ONE GUY on the team, lead by Janine.

          Feig is fucking late to the party.

          And a lot of SJW are out of the loop on many things because they don’t care. If they did they wouldn’t act as if the world is so doom-n-gloom around them when it comes to media. There are many outlets that have what they CLAIM to be looking for but since they are not of the ‘quality’ that they want, they ignore it or say it doesn’t count or whatever. This is why I don’t like SJW creative style; they do put POLITICS before character which is why so many of the end results wind up being the same stereotypical trash they complain they hate. And like I said about Feig in an earlier comment, they aren’t doing it for the fun of things. They aren’t doing this for the outlet, to unite, they are only doing this as a means of giving themselves more attention. Why do you think they act so starved when focus is NOT on them and have to create drama in order to become a talking point?

          It’s because if they didn’t have this drama, they wouldn’t be ANYTHING. Wu, Quinn, Sarkesian (however the fuck you spell her name) would be NOBODIES if they didn’t stir the pot to bring the controversy on themselves because they have nothing else to offer. Quinn wouldn’t be known had she not bum-fucked her way to getting her shitty game noticed because on her own, no one would have cared because DP was terrible.

          Wu wouldn’t be where she is without her parent’s money or her ilk making a big deal about her game, DESPITE it not being at all the first game directed by a woman nor was Rev60 the only game to star an all female ensemble cast. Like Feig, Wu was way late to the party and even now there is no word on when the new improved Rev60 will come out and because of that Wu is scrounging for reasons to stay *FAMOUS*, even thought outside of the GG talk no one knows who the fuck she is.

          My programming professor doesn’t know who ANY of these women are and he’s a massive video game person who has programmed for YEARS. These people are not as big as they make themselves out to be.

          But getting back on track, Feig and his ilk are just unimaginative hacks. I HAD, note the word HAD, some respect for him but when he started pulling out the sob story about how he was bullied and shit and how he knew more about women than women and all that other shit my respect dropped to the point where I do think he needs to back the fuck away and leave the industry for a while so he can calm down. Had Feig just made like a PARODY with no ties to Ghostbusters, people would have rolled their eyes but they wouldn’t have been as pissed because he has done nothing but inject his own shitty writing into a franchise. And the funny thing is, I liked IVAN’S idea with the mixed group since it opened up the possibility for one of the new members to be a CHILD of one of the original crew members, sending off for a wonderful passing of the torch thing but Paul didn’t want that. He didn’t want that because he knew it would mean he would have to adhere to the already built story which is something he can’t do on his own apparently. (With the exception of Peanuts but I’m sure if he had fucked with that, Sony wouldn’t have let him near Ghostbusters)

          At the end of the day, the movie just sucks and shows what happens when egos collide. The whole thing could have been avoided had Feig n Friends not acted like raving jack-asses at the trolls but that’s what they did and as it continued he only furthered alienated ALL FANS of this series to the point where no one trust him OR Sony, at least the movie division. Had he just taken things in stride people wouldn’t see him as such an asshole. It’s like Trank and Fan4stic from LAST year with the same beats. SJW directors are showing themselves to be the weakest group of babies ever.

  4. “I’m surprised he even gave this one star (out of 4). It sounds like pretty much every facet of the film is complete dogshit.”

    For a time, Roeper worked with Roger Ebert, and Ebert would only award zero stars if the film didn’t even seem to qualify as an actual -film-. It may have rubbed off on Roeper. God, I just imagine the crushing that Ebert would give to this crap; he could be absolutely brutal.

    Oh, and the tie-in merchandise, like action figures? Already marked down on clearance.

    What a disgrace to the good name of the franchise.

  5. I’ve already been hearing that some positive reviews were paid for by Sony. I’m not surprised Sony would do that.

    1. The only criticism blue pill faggot Devin Faraci could muster was that he didn’t like the third act.

      Every liberal fibre of his being wanted to declare this the second coming of Monty Python.

  6. The line from the trailer that pissed me off the most was Jones’ “Was that black thing or a woman thing?” or whatever the fuck she said.

    Think about, a GIANT human being wearing a large, spiky metal object is plummeting towards your head. You’re gonna step the fuck out of the way regardless of gender or colour.

    In ANY context that joke does not work, not matter how loud she yells it.

    1. Ugh. Hearing that damn line in the TV spots reminded me all the more of just how much this movie was made to pander to the SJW crowd. “Hey potential only audience we have, look! Black people are oppressed, women are oppressed, because you all say so! This black woman’s all kinds of oppressed, and she’s not gonna stand for it! Watch our movie!”

  7. I’m convinced this film was intentionally made to be bad to desecrate the Ghostbusters franchise. I’m not going to go pay to see it, but from what I’ve heard so far nothing can be this professionally made yet so terrible unless it was done on purpose. Why? We can only speculate.

  8. “He destroys this cash-grab from almost every conceivable angle.”

    Grrlbusters is not a cash-grab, it is a ideologic-grab.

  9. The fucking Independent has been running puff piece after puff piece about it – one was a collection of all the positive reviews, carefully avoiding any that were negatice, and even quote mining the postive ones to not include any negative comments.

    Meanwhile, the YouTube reviewers have been at best “meh” or normally reflective of the bad review in the article above.

    I think Sargon says it best….he says that in the showing he was in not one member of the audience laughed loud enough to be heard, or not at all as he suspects. And I cant get enough of how Sargon lays into Salty McFeig. Pure comedy magic

    1. This is actually a pretty good review. It doesn’t lay in the anger and brings up points they did like all the while explaining the problems of the film. I see this in a lot of the ‘negative’ reviews; they take both what the liked but what they didn’t like as well.

      All the ass-kiss reviews are just ‘THIS IS PERFECT! GO SEE THIS!’ and so on. It’s refreshing to hear honest-to-heart reviews.

    2. SargonOfAkkad100/VaeVictus did a great job with his steady evisceration of the film and Feig. 🙂

      1. Take my advice and watch Angry Joe’s, Red Letter Media’s and Comic Book girl’s reviews aswell.

    1. Whats this?… A woman dares to say something negative about this cinematic masterpiece? Well this is just unacceptable… UNACCEPTABLE!!!

      If women are going to start writing negative reviews for this feminazi propaganda flick whats to stop SJWs from doing the same since I heard that they can’t be satisfied no matter how hard you try to please them

  10. It looked like the only redeeming quality was at least bringing back the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. But then, after seeing how he was handled in the TV spot, I lost hope.

  11. We’ll find out just how many of those critics were bought off with the second weekend drop off. You can only fool an audience for one weekend. Word of mouth ruins any attempt at manipulation past that point.

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