This column isn’t meant to just be about James Deen, or the recent allegations made against him. I’m fully aware that more accusers have come out within the last 24 hours, and I don’t really have much to say about it. Well, OK, I do have a couple of things. First off, if Deen is a serial sexual abuser, then he should be punished. If he isn’t, I hope with all my heart that he ends up clearing his name. But regardless of either one of those eventualities, the thing I am absolutely sick of, is the way rape cases are always tried in the media over the last 20-30 years. I don’t know if there is any way to put the genie back into the bottle on this one, but I would like to think there is. G2JpfOg Xia9CEp lIPv1et

I know one of the things that got me so animated in my early online debates with radical feminists was the way they all stridently acted as if no one ever made a false rape charge. It can and does happen, but what pissed me off the most about their attitude was the way they wanted their “believe all women” mantra transferred over to the courts as well. I’ll be honest and tell you that if a woman who I trusted and loved told me that they had been raped, I would believe them. But I also believe in the rule of law and the concept of innocent until proven guilty. I would never want to transfer my personal judgement over to the legal system, however many of these radicals do.

As for the coverage problem I mentioned in the open, could the media enact some blanket policy among all the big outlets not to report rape accusations the way they do now? Yes, they could, although they never would. Even if these mega-media orgs did get together and set that up, we would all still be at the mercy of smaller sites like the one you’re on now. Since not everyone shares my view, I’m sure a juicy story would be much too attractive for a lot of editors to turn down. So, there’s only one answer, and I don’t think it would really fly.

If there was some law passed against naming people accused of rape when they’re charged or first accused, then that might fix it. The problem here is, you’re really getting into some dicey areas with regards to free speech, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the government intervening in that way. Maybe there is some narrow law that can be tailored, but I’m not sure. I guess I’m just bitching about something that will be nearly impossible to fix. Should people like Stoya be charged for broadcasting out rape allegations on social media rather than going to the police? How far could we really take this? I don’t have any answers, but I think the questions are worth asking.

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In regards to James Deen, I would advise him to get out front and do some sort of televised interview. I know his lawyers are probably telling him to shut the fuck up, and I would agree, he should be careful with how far he goes. He has a problem right now, though, and that’s the media and his accusers painting the picture before he has a chance to respond in a big way. He did put out some tweets last night (shown above), which was a start. Still, when you look at it from a public relations standpoint, he’s losing right now. To be fair, a big misstep here could cost him everything, so it’s good to be cautious and falling behind a little early is something that can be overcome. If rape cases weren’t tried in the media, then that last paragraph wouldn’t have been necessary, but alas, that’s not the world we live in.

I did a show last night on Streamup about a BBC production called Is This Rape: Sex on Trial. The show itself was sort of bizarre, but talked about the James Deen situation towards the end, so check that out. I’ll timestamp it and add it in below for those who want to watch. I’ll probably have more to say about this case later, but the unseemly media aspect is what always hits me in the face first. There has to be some way we could handle rape allegations better. Sadly, without a major push from the public and media, it will never happen.

UPDATE: TMZ has more from the Deen camp…

The aggressive James Deen you see in porn is just an act … according to his friends, but he believes that on camera image is what led to him being accused of rape.

Deen — one of the most famous male porn stars — has been accused of sexual assault by at least two porn stars. One of them is his ex-girlfriend, Stoya, who says it happened off camera.

Our sources say Deen finds the on set allegation very odd … since no one, among the numerous cast and crew members, reported him for any violent behavior — plus, people on porn sets know more about limits than the average person.
We’re told Deen feels his accusers are confusing his sexually aggressive characters in porn … with the real him, who is not at all violent.

  1. It’s crazy how people are ready to lynch James Deen. Just accusations are enough for people to start sharpening their pitchforks. It’s fucking nuts and I’m so freaking glad I’m a woman right now.

    1. You made an interesting point here “For me the wording was interesting, she didn’t use his real name.”

      Shouldn’t she call him Bryan instead of the name the whole world knows him by? Hulk Hogans friendscall him Terry and not hulk. Strange isnt it?

      I don’t say she is lying but since a ton of men have been accused of rape lately who were innocent as we know like UVA and the mattres girls “rapist”.

      The tweet were she mentioned it first was very strange. I’m not a psychiatrist but if I were in her shoes my tweet would have been “James raped me” or “Bryan raped me” instead of “JAMES DEEN raped me”. Its like she was trying to do something this:

      1. Yes. I felt a bit weirded out when I read her accusation. Surely if you’re in a personal relationship with someone, you would use their real name? It’s almost like she’s accusing his gimmick and not the actual person.

        Now, I’m just pointing something out here. People think I’m saying she’s lying and I’m not. All I’m saying is, you need to provide me with some proof if you’re going to accuse someone of such a serious crime. I also hope she’s taking this to court because once you’ve made such a PUBLIC accusation, the only way for people to believe this isn’t for attention is you taking the nesscary legal steps to make him pay.

        1. True. Everyone should be neutral until we know who is and isn’t guilty. These Social Justice Turds are the cancer of society. Its always “listen and believe” and “evidence is just oppression” with these morons.

          If he raped her he will go to jail. If she’s lying I hope she doesn’t get work in the industry anymore after she comes out of jail (she would get only a 2 months sentence, since she is a woman and therefore gets sentenced less).
          If she is lying of course.

          1. That is why I believe that those accused of rape should receive legally protected anonymity, just like those that are making the accusation are also given that protection.

          2. That would be a great thing since nowadays a man is “guilty until proven innocent”. And even when he is aquitted he is still guilty in feminazi eyes. Some of these idiots still think UVA was real and Emma Sulkobitch was buttraped.

          3. What I don’t get with that Emma Sulkowits is if she truly was raped why would she then go on to make a porno in which she has what appears to be rough sex with someone in her dorm room.

      2. It should probably be mentioned that in Stoya’s twitter profile page there’s a link to a porn site she is at least the partial owner of. It’s called Trenchcoatx, and labeled as “curated smut”.

        More than one of the videos on that site?

        Her and James Deen. See here (not really NSFW as they’re smart enough to not give away the goods) –

        As she said: “Sex isn’t what sells now. Outrage sells”

        Frankly, this seems like a rather morally diseased attempt at drumming up outrage to get views on their site and drive sales in a sense of “let’s watch an execution/trainwreck/worldstarhiphop video” curiosity rather than eroticism.

        Because when “Sex isn’t what sells now”, what’s your average morally debased smut star gonna do to make a buck?

        1. Thats another good theory! In a world were frauds like Anita and Chelsea get hailed as “feminist icons” everything is possible.

          1. I myself draw more of a parallel between this and the zoepost.
            The whole mess of modern gender politics gets in the way.
            I certainly don’t think SonofaGlitch’s theory is without merit though. Entirely plausible.

        1. Its like saying Haley Dunphy is a hot actress instead of using the actress’ real name Sarah Hyland.

          1. no, it’s not, it’s describing the fantasy in which the character lives and acts, like “Harry Potter killed voldemort” it does not make Daniel Radcliffe a murderer. The looks of an actor/actress is the same as the character (if no effects are used), but close 😛

          2. True, but In the case of Haley or Sarah I’d rather have sex with Sarah since she is a smart young talented girl while Haley is a narcissistic air head.

  2. CRY WOLF AGAIN.Again, these women using the media for a witch hunt only damage the credibility or real victims.
    Every time they go to the media and they are proven to have lied, they just raise the bar for authentic victims to be believed.

    1. That’s going to happen… eventually. But in the short term, more men will be destroyed by either outright false allegations or will be destroyed by nebulous allegations – like women deciding to withdraw consent after the sexual encounter is over, accusing their partner of rape, then when the police do not even open an investigation because the ACTUAL legal system does not recognize withdrawing consent after the fact (to my knowledge, anyway… I hope I’m right about that.), the Outrage Media calls it “Rape Culture” and uses it as an example of how the Justice System is biased against rape victims.

      I don’t see this actually coming to a head until someone powerful, important, rich and well known is accused and the media has to walk on eggshells about the whole deal. Say James Murdoch (son of Rupert Murdoch, owner of NewsCorp (aka Fox News)), or LeBron James, or Chris Helmsworth, etc. Someone the media can’t slander at length – someone Gawker wouldn’t slander. That’s when this will come to a head, and will either fizzle out or we’re in for a rather horrible future.

    2. Have you seen the picture of one of her friends saying ‘I know this isn’t real, but for the sake of women I don’t want to refute this rare true accusation’?

      1. Feminist DoubleThink in action. This is what happens when Marxists are permitted to address a group of people as a class instead of what they are, a disparate group with incredibly different issues and circumstances.

    3. Since you’re also in the troll circle I’m sure you already heard the news that Moneer Elfwick (troll brother of troll Godfrey Elfwick) has made some Stoya tweets and was taken seriously by white knights.

  3. Now other women come forward claiming they have been raped by him. Where did we see that before? Oh yeah the Bill Cosby and Brian Singer cases. In Singers case it have been men of course.

    Here is my question: If they really have been assaulted/raped why do they always come out after some one else has screamed RAPE!?

    There are only 2 possibilities for that:
    1. They needed someone to throw the first stone
    2. They want a piece of the pie

    I’d go with number 2. When we look at all the other rape hoaxes lately. Miss Emma “whut whut in the butt” Sulkowitch and the UVA hoax. Remember the feminazo scarecrow saying only idiots would call UVA a hoax? Yeah…

    All in all you are right about that. The media can go fuck themselves! They are not judges.

    Wanna hear something funny? Dailydot took a tweet at face value and used it in their article.
    Who made that tweet? Moneer Elfwick. The “brother” of Godfrey “definitely not a troll” Elfwick.

    1. See my post, re my belief as to what should happen to woman that make false rape accusations. I,e, lock them up and throw away the key.

  4. Which is why I think that the accuser and the victim shouldn’t be named in public until the case is thoroughly investigated cause it’s happened in the UK where celebs are being tarnished with no proof (or for the sake of a witch hunt in some political cases). I say investigate both sides and then when found guilty, then announce their names.

  5. I think the internet needs to know one thing. If a topic is kind of unsavory just tell yourselves, ooooh…I think I’m just gonna stay outta this one.

  6. For me, I strongly believe that it should be illegal to name publicly any man arrested for rape and that it should only be made public after conviction. Just like the accuser in rape cases is granted anonymity.

    A false rape accusation can be just as life ending as a truthful one and as such all efforts should be made to protect all party’s reputations until a guilty verdict has been arrived at, at which point you can hang the bastard by his balls over a volcano for all I care.

    Also I can not stress enough my fury as woman that falsely accused someone of rape never face charges of Perjury, Perverting the course of justice and wasting police time. As it might; “put off woman from reporting a rape”. To which I call bullshit, if you really have been raped and with all the support that’s out there for rape victims they should be reassured that if their clam is true they have no need to worry.

    We just need to look at the Duke lacrosse scandal to see how a rape case prosecuted in the press can destroy innocent people.

    1. Of course YOU’RE going to be tough on crime.

      Time in Ysanne Isard’s star destroyer dungeon really changed you, man.

      1. I think you mean Super Star Destroyer dungeon, and I’ll have you know in my entire time with CorSec I never once blasted a crim that wasn’t asking for it, the rest I dumped on Kessle and didn’t that come back to bite me in the ass. :0).

  7. I’m suspicious of a tale about a porn star who commits a rape off camera, it just seems as improbable to me as a blue collar worker who dons a fresh pair of overalls and assaults his place of work after clocking out. Not saying it couldn’t happen I mean after-all people are weird but I just can’t imagine what would motivate it. As for rape in the media I’ll just post this yet again:

    1. But rape isn’t about sexual gratification man, not really. Think of it like torture. That’s where the kick lies for the rapist.

  8. Doesn’t this just have the secondary backlash of once she gets to be famous again because her popularity has been waning, the other fellow feminists would just start screaming to have the porn industry shut down for the 900,442nd time in the last week?

    “Let’s praise this feminist pornstar who we want driven out of business!” Do these people not have a survival instinct?

  9. free speech are opinions and Ideas, a story is still relevant even though the accused won’t be named, the only thing it will hurt is traction, business wise, “James Deen accused of rape” is a bigger headline than “Male porn actor accused of rape” though the story remains the same you just can’t say any names.

  10. “The response to Stoya’s accusations proves rape culture exist”… no, no they don’t, as much as the neo-progressives badly need it to be proven. The funny thing is, comments like that undermine previous assertions that “rape culture” is a thing. Stoya is doubted about her claim of rape because the timing of her accusation is “convenient” for her career and there is no physical evidence to suggest a rape. The fact that others are coming forward could be as much a sign of feminist, misandry collectivist hysteria as it could demonstrate malfeasance on the part of Mr. Deen. This is not something that has any business being played out in the public space and the fact that Stoya rushed to social media to decry him is extremely telling. It’s basically one big “poisoning the well” fallacy on her part. Even if it were to go to trial, where are you going to find jurors who haven’t been exposed to her defamatory accusations? The place for a rape victim and their complaint is the legal system. The only time they have a “right” to speak out is after legal proceedings have progressed far enough that their accusations won’t have a damaging effect on said proceedings. For these reasons we can deduce that rape culture doesn’t exist (lol of course people are rushing to decry porn in this country, like they always do, because puritanism refuses to die) and that Stoya’s credibility is less than upstanding.

  11. Complicated matter. I mean, we jumped at the jugular pretty fast with Nyberg. I… Don’t know how to be entirely fair and rational on this and make other people do the same.

  12. Either report it to the police or I’ll dismiss it as forgetting to obtain a model release and throwing a grand at her, a thing by the way, one cannot do in the real world of workplaces.

  13. I’ve been in the position of having to advise a victim that it was unlikely her attacker would be jailed.
    I believe her 100%
    I also have the intelligence to see it from an outside perspective.
    She was friends with the guy, left a pub with him and it’s her word against his as to what happened.
    It was never going to go the “right” way and I think my preparing her for that was the most help she got. I think many victims get told that justice will be done and they will be vindicated, so when that doesn’t happen they feel victimised again.

    Instead, the outcome of any case should be secondary. You don’t need a case to be proven to offer help and support to a victim, or to believe their experience. Winning a criminal case won’t have prevented the crime from happening, so it’s largely besides the point to me.

    In this instance, I am saddened.
    I like and admire Stoya (not just for the porn, she’s pretty much my physical ideal, I don’t like the stuff she prefers to do. She’s smart and funny too. I swear! Read the articles! :3) but she was intentionally courting controversy here because she’s angry at her ex.
    I absolutely draw parallels to the Zoe post.
    She sees the positive attention garnered by somebody she thinks mistreated her, so she speaks out. The media explodes. Double standard if you ask me. Guy talks about abusive ex, gets slandered in international media and issued a gag order. Pretty lady does it: guy gets slandered in international media.
    I think it entirely likely that Stoya can feel violated, even raped, without Deen believing he’s done anything wrong. I think the guy is a bit creepy but I don’t like to judge on that, it’s superficial.
    I cant know the facts so I reserve judgement. (with the Zoepost I said much the same thing: it’s none of my business if she cheated, I wont attack her over it. I was only ever outraged by the media response to it all, and the use of the courts. I still empathise with Eron a great deal though)

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