A funny thing popped up on Twitter today and started trending with its own hashtag, #FlyingWhileBlack. Let’s have a look at this story to see if it is legitimate racism or another racial hoax.

It happened to Imani Cezanne, poetry slam champion and #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) activist.


Victim bucks, woo hoo! I’m personally against racism and discrimination in any form, but I’m even more against “Listen and Believe. ” So, let’s have a deeper look at her claims.


Please,  tell me more. You’ve said twice already that it’s racism to poison the well before telling what happened. Stop teasing me!


Nope. It’s an epic fail already without even knowing what happened. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen black people on flights before. If she was Muslim-looking, ok, maybe I could believe this is racial profiling. What did she do? The suspense is killing me!


It sucks that the foreign couple lost the “better seats” but with extra legroom comes extra responsibilities.

For those who have not heard my voice on the stream yet, I have a French accent. That same situation has happened to me before on a flight. I got moved to another seat because the flight attendant believed that I didn’t comprehend English well enough to understand commands from the crew and open the emergency hatch in case of disaster to save the lives of all the passengers trapped in that terrible situation. I didn’t argue with her and got relocated, probably in the same way as the foreign couple has.

It didn’t happen to her personally, it didn’t affect her directly, it didn’t have any impact on her whatsoever so there is still no explanation as to why she got asked to leave the plane.


Interesting… What concerns could she have? That a foreign couple that didn’t speak English proficiently enough was in charge of the passengers’ safety in case of emergency? That the couple got relocated? That it happened only because they were foreign?

Wait, what did she mean by “foreign”, not black because she would have capitalized on that, not white because she wouldn’t have cared, not Asian because she probably would have pointed it out. Why would she use the non-descript generic term “foreign” when she seems to be all about racial identity?

I know! I know! I know! I know! I know! Could they have been brown? Like Arabic/Muslim/Hindu/Sikh kind of brown so she didn’t want to specify it because she didn’t want to identify them by their religion (Muslim/Sikh) or race (Arabic/Hindu) and didn’t want to sound pro-Muslim publicly?

Let’s try to imagine what kind of concerns she could have in this context. The couple was a victim of racial profiling because of the way they looked and she voiced her concerns to other passengers loudly, to the point of being insulting to the cabin crew and sounding disgruntled. That would be a typical case of pathological altruism, when somebody wants to help others so much that they disregard the negative impacts their actions or words can also have on themselves or others around them.

Let’s continue to look at her tweet-rant to see if the hypothesis can be confirmed.


First, using the world problematic seriously in a discussion is already problematic. Why did she get noticed by the flight attendant if she was using her ”inside voice” and being courteous? Flight attendants colloquially refer to passengers as “self-loading cargo” so they couldn’t care less about what somebody says on the plane unless they are being purposefully insulting or disrespectful to them or disturbing other passengers.


Why would she need to specify “calmly” if she was calm? If her mood hadn’t been a factor in this, she shouldn’t have needed to mention it.


I personally fly a lot for work, twice a week almost every week. I’ve seen cabin crew staff members be firm with passengers when they started to be mildly disruptive and could potentially spread that behavior to other passengers. I’ve never seen a manager be called on site to come all the way from the office during all my time as a frequent flyer, so if a manager indeed had to be called, it probably was because the unruly passenger didn’t decrease or at least stabilize their behavior. The more critical the situation, the more handling it requires. Maybe, just maybe, the flight attendant felt threatened because she was threatened or insulted.

Sometimes, I wish I was black so I could blame all the bad things that happen to me in life on the amount of melanin in my skin, not my personal behavior that could have resulted in negative consequences.


I didn’t say it myself, it’s just a funny screencap from Twitter that seems to apply to the situation at hand.

Let’s continue to look at her fascinating story.


I’ve honestly done some dumb stuff on planes or in airports and been denied boarding flights before because of that but they have always re-booked me for free. My expert opinion as a dumbass/frequent flyer would be that she has done something really severe to be banned from an entire airline.

Also, travelling without any money in case of emergency, like this situation, is not that smart. I know $400-$500 can be a lot of money but there are always potential risks when traveling.


How did the situation of being barred from flying escalate to being shot dead? How is that even equivalent? If 9/11 has shown us something, it’s that a plane makes a very efficient weapon of mass destruction. What if she had decided mid-flight to try to open a door or the emergency hatch that she was sitting next to? That would have endangered all the other innocent passengers on the flight, the air crew and possibly people on the ground. I’d say those concerns from the staff are justified if they felt threatened. Also, to humor her story, police officers face possible life-threatening situations on a daily basis and are apt to judge by themselves when they should feel threatened or not.


No matter what the color of her skin is, if I was on a flight with her, I’d be scared, especially if she has control over the emergency hatch.


Keeping luggage on the aircraft when a passenger is not boarding is typical airline policy for domestic flights. It sounds like she put her money (cash, debit card, credit card) in her checked luggage, which again is not that smart. Airlines actually recommend keeping anything of value in a carry-on luggage, in case the checked luggage gets lost or delayed, also there have been cases of baggage handlers stealing items from checked luggage, too.


Well, if she was indeed banned from the entire airline, of course they won’t do anything to help her. They have a policy in place to prevent flights being delayed by disruptive passengers.


This is cute. Dindu nuffin’. Logically, people who didn’t do anything wrong don’t get banned from an entire airline. If it was a minor disagreement as she mentioned, she would have been re-booked on the next flight after she had calmed down.


Plllleeeeaaassseee, I’ve been kicked off a flight for causing problems, plllleeeeaaassseee help me cause problems on another flight.


Now she wants to be reasonable, except that from her tone, she sounds like somebody in a couple that wants to make up after storming out in the middle of a fight.


Did somebody send her money in some way or did she have money all along?

I really hope American Airlines won’t apologize for this. They are well within their right to not let known unruly passengers on their flights. I highly recommend them to take the Protein World stance towards this.


Welcome to the professional victim’s club, where oppression points get exchanged for cash prizes.



Coincidence! I actually had to Google this. She would probably call me racist because I don’t know what her shirt is about. Trayvon kind of hinted me in the right direction but it could have been a something else.

If the cabin crew was white, they probably had no clue either about what this T-shirt is about. I asked 7 different people and they only guessed right because they recognized the name Trayvon like I did. Because the T-shirt has meaning to her, doesn’t mean it has a meaning for everybody else. Seeing somebody with a T-shirt like this wouldn’t make me want to kick them out of a plane, it would tell me that they believe there is a racist conspiracy of oppression against them and I should stay away or I’ll end up being called a racist just for being white.


Holy shit Batman! The police had to come and escort her out of the plane, that means that she already had refused to get out willingly when first asked by the cabin crew and/or the manager. That doesn’t fit the narrative of an innocent victim of institutionalized racism at all, more of a stubborn kid who won’t leave the store until they get the toy they want. A couple of times, I’ve seen passengers being asked to deplane voluntarily for various reasons but never saw a situation where the police at to get involved.

Would it have been ok if the policemen were black or Asian? Would it still have been a conspiracy of incessant racism then?


It’s nice of random strangers to show concern for another random stranger. Nothing wrong with compassion as long as it doesn’t open the door to enable the other stranger in trouble to take advantage of you.


Please American Airlines, don’t give in to her blackmail. Stand your ground if she disturbed the flight, we’re talking about aviation safety here, not PR for a candy factory.


I sooooo want to hear from witnesses or see videos of the incident. There has to be somebody who recorded at least parts of it.

Let’s see some random comments from other Twitter users that have various opinions.


I won’t factor in the skin color of the avatars to keep this unbiased. I honestly didn’t look at those comments before reaching this point in the writing process so if some people raised the same questions as me, it is pure coincidence.

Either people are flabbergasted by what she says happened to her or point out strange things going on with her story.




Her version of events:

Foreign couple was asked to change seats on a plane because they didn’t understand English well enough to sit in the emergency exit row.

Imani Cezanne asked “why” then sat quietly minding her own business.

Flight attendant walked over, felt threatened by her T-shirt and called a manager because of racism.

Ms. Cezanne got escorted off the plane by armed police officers because of racism.

She was also banned from the airline because of racism.

She had no money at all but managed to take a bus to her destination.



More probable version of events:

Foreign couple was asked to change seats on a plane because they didn’t understand English well enough to sit in the emergency exit row.

Foreign meaning not black, not white, not Asian, probably Arabic/Hindu-type.

Imani Cezanne saw racial profiling and racism, and started a loud commotion on the plane while insulting the cabin crew.

Flight attendant walked over, asked her to calm down but she didn’t.

Flight attendant didn’t notice her T-shirt.

Manager was called over, asked her to calm down but she didn’t.

Manager asked her to leave the plane of her own volition but she refused.

Police officers escorted her out of the airport because she could have been a danger to the safety of other passengers during the flight.

She tweet-ranted a story making her appear like a victim of racism, hoping somebody would buy her a plane ticket.

She will try to sue for victim bucks.

She will make a video series on racism in video games then on ordinary women of color in history before even completing the first series.



NOTE: I purposely didn’t make any connections between her involvement in Black Lives Matter with the events that happened on the flight. This would be a baseless conspiracy theory and it is definitely not my goal.

I wasn’t there on that flight. Witnesses haven’t come forward yet. I am a dumbass/frequent flyer so it allowed me to apply my knowledge and past experiences to help compare what are normal operating procedures to the events that she mentioned throughout her story. My hypothesis on what really happened on that plane is pure speculation derived from what she said but also what she didn’t say and which words she emphasized or not. It’s possible to interpret a statement of less than 140 characters in different ways individually but a long tweetrant like this gives a richer context and better insight into the mindset of that person.

She seems to put a lot of emphasis on racial identity, shown by her mentioning specifically Caucasian policemen. That would be an example of racism, judging people by the color of their skin. She had never met those policemen before but assumed they wanted to kill her based on her prejudices against white people and her preconception to think they want to hurt her because she is black. Judging the character of somebody based on the amount of melanin in their skin is racism. Reverse-racism doesn’t exist, that’s why I said it was racism. If a black person goes through her life thinking that white people are all out to get them, maybe that would facilitate her predisposition to see racism everywhere, even when it’s not present.

With all the pejorative buzzwords that are thrown left and right for no reason like racism, ableism, sexism, islamophobia and transphobia, only to name a few, these words lose their power and value the more they are misused. Same principle applies to qualifying everything as rape. Real cases of these things are terrible so reducing the value and meaning of those words is insulting and detrimental to real victims. Don’t cry wolf when you see a puppy dog so that the next time somebody gets attacked by a wolf, less people will think that a puppy dog did it.

Let’s conclude the article with this picture which doesn’t require any comments.


    1. Poetry slam….for talentless nomarks who think shouting rhymes into a mike makes them the next Shakespeare.

    2. I remember Sargon covering that Poetry slam. If she’s the one I think she is, there was a lot of UH and NIGGA in her “poetry”. Though to be fair, that was most of the participants that were shown in that video.

      Either way, her conduct so far makes me believe that FeministPeriod has the right idea. She’s not being clear just how loud and verbose she actually was.

      Gotta love professional victims right?

      1. No, Sargon re-used some old clips that Internet Aristocrat/Mister Metokur had in a vid he made mocking the American schools debating competition. How they’d been taken over by SJW’s and essentially turned into a participation award for black Americans, ensuring the entire thing became an exercise in mediocrity and lost all value anyway.

        This is the end result of handing out attention, awards and jobs despite mediocre performance but instead possession of a sub Saharan gene set though, which was IA/MM’s point. Every future negative outcome must be racist to recipients of “benevolent racism” because they remember being told that they were soaring through the intellectual cloudscape while actually seated in the flight simulator of Affirmative Action Air.

  1. Why is it so hard for blacks to take personal responsibility? Why do they always trot out the “Racism” card? Every day they do, they diminish those truly suffering racism. It’s more likely this woman got gobby and shouted at the movement of the passengers and then got “harrassed” when removed with reason. This whole BLM is a sham and the Left are embracing it til it’s served it’s purpose.

  2. Ignoring all the drama of this professional victim, this is some flight safety matter and that should not be taken lightly.

    I mean come on people can die, the chance is low yeah but that’s the point of having a small video showcasing the proper way to deal with all the things that could go wrong, that’s the point of carrying rafts and air masks on board, etc.
    Even if the chance is low, accidents can happen, and safety has to be a priority.

    Can’t speak the langauge everyone else at the plane speaks?
    Don’t sit at the exit, they will give you another seat, that is perfectly reasonable.
    Trying to make a problem out of this is just begging for selfish and quite honestly, pointless drama based politics to take the wheel and common sense to go to the backseat.

    This person is part of the cancer of society.

    1. She got kicked off that plane for wearing a shirt. You seriously think people’s lives were in danger? Get fucking real.

          1. it isn’t, I just don’t like siding with the black person because they are black like the rest of society.

          2. She played the victim and stupid, white liberals like you fall for it every time.

      1. did you not fucking read her story or something ? She got into a fight with one of the tenets they more than likely asked her to switch seats with someone since she was in the emergency seat section. She refused to do so and then started to argue which probably got the attention of the captain and she still refused to follow the safety guide lines. This in turned started to get physical as they had to remove her off the plane “this is one reason why they will ban you from there services.” She fought back and they had no choice to call out the manager of the airline who then ordered on time officers who work at these places to escort her off the propriety…

        In the end if she lies in court about this they have video evidence on planes that will prove how she reacted to this. She will face charges if this is the case..

        Color of skin and shirt has nothing to do with it if you are being a complete asshole about something take the consequences of your actions and stop with the bull crap about it always being racism unless proven so…. They don’t just ban people for giggles.

      2. Are you saying they would have left her alone if she took off that shirt and kept beaking off to the crew?

      1. “Dindu” (a contraction of “dindu nuffin”) is a term that apparently originated on the notoriously progressive 4Chan. Was originally used to describe Michael Brown, but since has been typically used for black people who find themselves in trouble with the authorities for any reason.

        Basically it’s a thought-terminating cliche, reflexively used to invalidate (whether justified or not) any complaint a black person might have about their treatment at the hands of the authorities.

        1. You’re a horrible bigot, you know this? You don’t say things like “dindu nuffin” without being a knuckle dragging racist.

          1. Here in South Africa, you’d be labelled a racist for saying knuckle dragging :’D
            Fuck it’s funny how people’s objectification results in others objectifying them and then they play victim

        2. Oh, thanks. I actually know the ‘dindu nuffin’ thing, but seeing ‘dindu’ by itself kinda threw me off. 🙂

  3. I really hope the foreign people come forward with what really happened that would be the icing on the cake. Also I think its correct she thought they were Muslim but who knows if they were actually Jewish,Armenian, Greek,Sikh,Spanish or some other kind of swarthy people

      1. None to you or to us. It makes a big difference to a BLM activist who kicks up a stink on an airline. Possibly because she ASSUMED they were Muslim when really they could have been anything.

  4. When I was a young man Trans World Airlines (TWA) opened their terminal in Atlanta’s airport. As part of the celebration they gave away jigsaw puzzles, and t-shirts. My father who back then traveled a lot got both. The puzzle was fun for a kid, but my father could not stop laughing at the t-shirt.

    The t-shirt was a sort of yellow with a wide band of brown print around the mid point several rows deep. It looked like this:


    1. Thanks, I saw it earlier but couldn’t find it when writing the article. Her tweet-rant was just a confusing mess.

  5. I honesty think the couple was white/European. BLM love saying POC for anyone who is a “non-white”

    1. That’s the issue with her story. She’s omitting details on purpose, probably to downplay whatever she did on the plane and appear more like an innocent victim of blatant racism.

  6. I also think its odd that she hasnt been back tweeting in days. Reeks of Asha Burwell type BS.

  7. Funny how you go off on a tangent trying to figure out “what she meant by ‘foreign'”. She never used the word. And yet you go off on one: “not white because she wouldn’t have cared…” SMH. You must know her really well. Or are you saying that all black people think the same?

    1. I vote for the “all black people think the same” ideology was in place here. Also, I’m sick of reading that POC are capable of racism. POC are not the majority. As a result, do not hold the institutional power to successfully be racist. Last, the throwing around of “they” “blacks” etc in these comments are making a deliberate distinction between races (also known as race baiting). The tone of this article is to blame for such reactions. I have a retort for this article: Not all women of color are mad, loud, and unruly. Maybe 50% of her statement was true? Maybe we shouldn’t write her off as another “mad black woman publically acting up”? American Airlines have ejected people before for flight attendant “sensitivites”. Smh at this article and all the racist comments afterward.

      1. >Maybe 50% of her statement was true?
        What is the minimum amount of truthiness required for something to be believable?

        >Also, I’m sick of reading that POC are capable of racism.
        By that logic, there’s no racism in Asia or Africa unless white people are involved. Everybody is living in harmony and the genocide in Rwanda was just a minor “disagreement”. That’s a US-centric view being generalized to the entire world to justify hate speech and eliminating its consequences. Everybody can be racist.

    2. Going over 3 years worth of tweets and looking at her work gave me a pretty good idea of her personality or at least, the image that she projects publicly.
      Please point out where I generalize black people.

      1. But your own research, fact-checking, and reading comprehension are so laughably terrible that your counter-screed has no credibility whatsoever. You invent this idea that she put her wallet-type items in her checked luggage, and then later express surprise when she says she’s on a bus and wonder how she got the money. When the obvious read of the tweets about not having $4-500 and later “no money to get anywhere” is understanding that she’s in an *airport* and was intending to *fly*, and is tweeting *in the moment*, which, regardless of fault, was undoubtedly stressful. So she’s not sure what her next steps are, and then later figures out that she can get to Atlanta in 6+ hours for a $15-20 bus ticket.

        Your sample of 8 white people who don’t know who Emmett Till, Medgar Evars, and Amadou Diallo (to choose the other more distinctive first names from the Tshirt list) only proves that you and the people you asked are profoundly, perhaps willfully, ignorant of the history of anti-black violence in this country. I mean, the entire post is its own profound testament to that, but the notion that only black people would recognize those names is a glaring instance of your racial predjudice.

  8. A bunch of white people find it hard to believe something was racist? I’m shocked. (Sarcasm )

    1. Another black who will never take responsibility for a single one of the countless reprehensible things they do in their impulsively violent and hateful lives because others like you make it so easy for her to remain unaccountable by simply blaming “white people’s racism”?

      I’M SHOCKED!!!

        1. I’m sorry, were you unaware?

          Words that might hurt people’s feelings are now “spoken violence” in our egalitarian utopia.

          Obviously, this trope is normally only trotted out in response to something a white person has said, so you’ll have to forgive my crazy ideas on equal and universal standards for everyone.

          In addition, my assertion is not just on the specific facts of this episode, but the entirety of “black disfunction” in America, the violence it often brings with it and the ABSOLUTE rule of our land:

          No black is ever responsible for their own actions.

          You simply need to stand back far enough, and you can find “White Racism” somewhere to explain and excuse any black’s use of violent crime, anti-social outbursts and disruptions and/or outright anti-white racial hatred.

      1. Unless it’s someone in a white hood burning a cross and yelling “nigger” some white folks will never see racism.

  9. Brilliant post. Incidentally, in trying to find some shred of info on this BS outside of this woman’s asinine Tweets, Jet Magazine of all places actually bothered to contact American Airlines. They said that “an unruly passenger was removed from American Eagle Flight 5192, operated by PSA Airlines, from CLT to ATL due to failure to comply with crew member instructions. The passenger refused to exit aircraft when asked, so local law enforcement was called.” So, at least they’re confirming this actually happened and they’re saying she was booted for a good reason, of which I had no doubt.

    As for the original sites that posted this woman’s Tweets as gospel in the form of a news story without presenting the other side (this story is thankfully being ignored by all major media outlets, as it should be), I only have this to say:

    This is not an “article.” It’s a one-sided collection of Tweets and absolutely nothing else. An actual article written by a legit reporter would fact-check, attempt to present both sides, get a comment directly from American Airlines, contact local authorities or the airport to confirm if there was even an incident that day, track down potential witnesses to the incident, and so on. Instead, this is yet another example of garbage internet “journalism” where people just pull random posts or Tweets and present them as “news,” baseless of fact. This is literally the equivalent of someone walking in off the street, saying “hey, this guy did a thing to me,” and a “news” outlet gives them a voice without anything to back it up. For all we know, this woman WAS unjustly tossed off the plane. Or maybe, just MAYBE, she was disruptive and ejected for a good reason? After all, you’re usually not banned from an airline for good on a lark, amirite? But with crap “articles” like this, we’ll never know. The internet has ruined legitimate news forever.

    Okay, now that that unpleasantness is over with, again, great post. Carry on!

  10. Her story does sounds a bit off shall we say. However things that we consider unlikely happen all the time. You write an entire article based on nothing. You were not there. You could have waited a few hours for some facts to emerge. I doubt her story as well, that does not make it not true and certainly does not qualify you to pen an entire article based on nothing.

    1. Her supporters didn’t wait too long to publish articles relying only on her statements alone. At least, this article has a dissenting opinion from all the already available “listen & believe” articles. I might be wrong in my suppositions but she might be lying also. Stories evolve every day as more facts are known. Might be days or weeks before the whole story is made public.

        1. Here is the definition of opinion piece from Wikipedia:
          An opinion piece is an article, published in a newspaper or magazine, that mainly reflects the author’s opinion about the subject. Opinion pieces are featured in many periodicals.

          I humbly apologize to have included opinions in an opinion piece.

          You’re free to believe everything she said as gospel and go burn down the American Airlines HQ or boycott them into bankruptcy without further proof that she told the truth in the first place.

          1. My comment was quite brief; allow me to clarify it. I didn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t write an opinion piece, or that I didn’t recognize this is one. I meant that defending poorly supported opinions on the basis that others had posted opposing opinions based on a different reading of the same source is pathetic and lame.

          2. An opinion on an event without the support of facts is pretty pointless though, isn’t it?

  11. Follow-up article is coming soon. AA made a statement about the incident, which confirms some of my suppositions.

    1. It seems to me that you’re castigating people for taking this lady’s statements at face value, but don’t seem to be willing to consider that AA could just as easily be spinning events to cover their butts.

      1. If someone really believes that an airline would delay a flight by first arguing with a passenger, then calling the manager who argues with them, who then call the police to remove them from the plane for being black. Yeah right. Flights have a very tight schedule to keep, and unless she was an ACTUAL problem they wouldn’t do a damn thing because if they delay this flight they delay a whole plethora of them not just their own.

        1. Your faith in the infallibility of flight crew is touching, but also hopelessly naive and misplaced.

          Flight crew have near-absolute power on flights. They’re just as subject to human failings as the rest of us, and are no less petty, selfish or stupid than anyone else. Those two things INEVITABLY will lead to abuses of power.

          There are *reams* of stories about FC escalating a minor disagreement or issue into kicking someone off a flight. Four examples:




          http://katu.com/news/local/passengers-boo-flight-crew-after-woman-kicked-off-flight-11-19-2015 (this flight attendant deserved a beatdown)

          1. I presume this was directed at “Leiws Graton” above or FeministPeriod?

          2. I will ask you this then… If you had the choice between who lived or died for example… there is this group of Caucasians, African Americans, Latino, and Asians… The setting is the end of the world and you have a fort with nothing in it expect you… The group of people want in… Who do you choose and how will you go about this process ? You are in power !

      2. Have you read the statement from AA? They applied the procedure that I described in the article. She refused to leave on her own so they called the police to escort her out. That’s not a spin, that’s procedure.

        Damn right I’ll upvote my post that announces the follow-up article so it’s closer to the top. Does that disprove the whole article? You might want to start pointing out typos too, it will add weight to your argument.

        1. The problem here is that you assume that this woman’s story is untrue because you dislike her, and seem to be reflexively taking AA’s word for it, as if airlines are magical truth machines.

          “Procedure was followed” is the oldest ass-covering dodge in the book, and you damned well know it.

          Flight crew abuse their power all the time, and this would be *far* from the first time a flight attendant escalated (or even created) a situation because they were in a pissy mood. They don’t automatically deserve the benefit of the doubt.

          I would refer you to these four recent stories for examples:





          Also, you wrote the article. You mean to tell me that you can’t edit the main text (where it would be far more visible) to reflect updates? Upvoting your own posts is silly.

          1. Can tell you as someone who has worked for the airlines, employed SPECIFICALLY to spin their PR that these links, etc… only half cover the story. That it is in their continued ineterest to seem like they are protecting your interests when all that matter is the *perception* that they are doing something & have your best interests at heart. In many conversations with their internal team & questioning them on the Passenger’s Rights Manifesto that they specifically do not care an iota about you or your rights in the end. They are a slave to their thin margins & packing people in like sardines…

            But feel free to debate what you know as a “frequent flier” or any other red herring. That any system created by & enforced by humans is subject to both inherent & explicit biases.

          2. Counter to your claim. AA’s statements carry a lot more weight. Whenever they make a claim, they are liable for those claims. Were they to “spin” a story, they’d have hundreds of passengers who could and would take them to task on what they say.

            I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you didn’t fully read any of those articles or find out their origin… did you?

            You’re clearly bullshitting.

          3. Yeah, I did read those articles. I’m guessing you didn’t, though, or are one of those people that believes that authorities can do no wrong, being as they are pure as the wind-driven snow.

            Considering that flight crews and airlines have very broad leeway on ejecting people from flights – for basically any (or no) reason – it’s hard to see why or how any liability would present itself – unless there was blatant capriciousness or misconduct or discrimination on display, which is the only kind guys like you accept as “real.”

            You lot seem to always find some reason, some qualification, or some character flaw of the aggrieved person that makes any action by authorities hunky-dory no matter how facially egregious it might be.

            Were they to “spin” a story, they’d have hundreds of passengers who could and would take them to task on what they say.

            Oh, horseshit. Unless she was really raising Hell, there couldn’t possibly be “hundreds” of people available to counter AA’s story in any detail or certainty – just those in the seats immediately around her. Maybe a couple dozen folks tops, depending on the type of aircraft.

            Everyone else would only know that someone was removed from the flight, but not the specifics of why or what transpired.

            THEN, that handful of people would then have to:

            1) Know this was a Big Internet Story;
            2) Realize it was their flight;
            3) Remember the details of the ejection.

            Lot of moving parts to line up there.

            But yeah, *I’m* bullshitting. You should be handing out hip waders. Try harder next time.

          4. Corporations can do whatever they want. Call it whatever you want. Their concern is pleasing their customers, not cowing to scam artists peddling victimhood to whomever will buy. If that means they toss off unruly passengers claiming “raciss!”, then they will do that. You agree to follow the instructions of airline staff when you buy your ticket. If you do not hold to your end of the contract, you lose the privileges the contract held. If you cannot understand that, you should figure out why not, and correct it asap.

      3. so here is the issue…
        A story from a random passenger who acted out against the crew of the plane who vaguely explains her story and leaves out almost everything she did on that plane…


        A company manager who runs the airline managing hundreds of people and thousands of passengers per day who and puts all of that on the line to respond to one persons allegations is much more heavy compared to her words which are only worth what ever she is worth.

        Race had nothing to do with it until she made it that way… She is a bigot in its truest form.

    2. Lol…the killer said he didn’t do it, which confirms my point about him not doing it…loooove your logic.

  12. There may be problems with her story but there’s so many things about this interpretation of it that are “problematic” I don’t even know where to start.

    At the end of the tweet about why the foreign couple had to move, Imani says “understood”…so Feminist Period’s insistence on continuing to attack her “concerns” is really nothing more than a strawman argument. Imani could have easily been explaining why she had concerns that were dealt with when she “understood” the comments of the flight attendant.

    “Flight attendants colloquially refer to passengers as “self-loading cargo” so they couldn’t care less about what somebody says on the plane unless they are being purposefully insulting or disrespectful to them or disturbing other passengers.”

    I didn’t realize Feminist Period was such an authority on the motivations of ALL flight attendants…what a truly astounding gift of omniscience to be blessed with. Could have put it to better use.

    “Sometimes, I wish I was black so I could blame all the bad things that happen to me in life on the amount of melanin in my skin, not my personal behavior that could have resulted in negative consequences.”

    A) Spoken like a total bigot who doesn’t recognize their own privilege. B) Implies there is no question it was Imani’s behaviour that got her kicked off…does Feminist Period even understand that automatically assuming Imani’s behaviour got her booted is racist in and of itself?

    “Either people are flabbergasted by what she says happened to her or point out strange things going on with her story.”

    I only see two types of “strange things” being pointed out…grammar nazis who don’t like her use of quotations and people questioning why she would express concerns if she understood…the former is ridiculous and the latter I have addressed further up.

    So far, Imani’s story is more believable than Feminist Period’s. Imani’s discusses a bias that is entirely possible. Feminist Period’s story exposes a bias that is entirely ignorant.

    1. The bias is impossible, the people of AA have a business to run and a timetable to keep. They would not delay a flight just because she was black. You may find this hard to believe but most whites, myself included, dont give a single fuck about someones skin color. If she was a white, privileged, female feminazi the result would have been the same.

      1. Lol…such a crap argument…I can find news stories about people being kicked off planes and flights being delayed for everything from an autistic girl made the captain “uncomfortable” to the passenger was “too fat” or “too skimpily dressed”…that Muslim was “staring” at a flight attendant…your argument is totally laughable. Any argument based on the assumption of the unquestionable professionalism of flight crews is demonstrably false.

    2. “At the end of the tweet about why the foreign couple had to move, Imani
      says “understood”…so Feminist Period’s insistence on continuing to
      attack her “concerns” is really nothing more than a strawman argument.”

      You don’t know what a strawman argument IS. Poisoning the well? Maybe. Thing is, she claims to have said “understood” but we all know there’s going to be a big “but” incoming and know that’s not where the story ends.

      In fact, casually reading following tweets confirmed this. You’re insane if you think the arguments following “understood” are a strawman when the article writer had already read all of these tweets in advance at the time of writing it.

      You’re thinking entirely in one-dimension. As though when the person started writing the article was the first time they got wind of the incident. Clearly, your intelligence is lacking.

      “So far, Imani’s story is more believable than Feminist Period’s.”

      Yes. The claim of a “dindu” who has no evidence of racism and yet openly admits in tweets to have been arguing with flight staff is more believable than the claims of a company that has hundreds of people on every flight who can take them to task on the things they say.

      She claims to have been taken off the plane for no reason by police. This is highly improbable. Heck, pretty sure every other passenger would have reported it too.

      1. You lost the second you decided to stop attacking my argument and start attacking my intelligence.

        You cherry picked my paragraph and left out the part that doesn’t support your argument. “Imani could have easily been explaining why she had concerns that were dealt with when she “understood” the comments of the flight attendant.”

        There is nothing in the following tweets you spoke of that refutes this as a possibility.

        “She claims to have been taken off the plane for no reason by police. This is highly improbable. Heck, pretty sure every other passenger would have reported it too.”

        Lol…bullshit…people get booted from planes for ridiculously discriminatory reasons all the time…too fat, too pretty, too autistic, too Muslim and YES…too black…maybe Imani just made it all up and is a pro victim etc. as some others here have commented…but much of that is based on assumptions of the unquestionable professionalism of flight crews that is demonstrably false, so for now I give her the benefit of the doubt.









        …and honestly the fact that you would call her a “dindu” tells me everything I need to know about how well thought out your argument is.

  13. Hindu is a religion, not a race, practiced mainly by Indians who are not Arabic nor Middle Eastern by any means. Sikhism is its own religion, not a variant of Islam such Sunnite or Shiite. Showing your own ignorance right at the beginning. It makes it very difficult to take anything you say after that seriously. Not to mention, you weren’t even there. There is a video taken by the passenger seated directly behind her and the anger of the other passengers over her treatment might be a clue as to what happened.

    1. According to almost every Hindu sect you can’t convert to Hinduism, you have to be born into Hinduism. If ever there was a religion where race was actually an elemental part of practicing it, Hindu is it.

      Also, when you said……

      “Showing your own ignorance right at the beginning. It makes it very difficult to take anything you say after that seriously”

      ……..you were 100% correct.

    1. I know.

      I too am saddened to see so many people deluded by their own wishes for what should motivate black people.

      You and I, already know it starts and ends with her hatred of white skin.

      Right, you disgusting POS?

    2. So are we just supposed to “listen and believe and never, ever question”; because if that’s your demand I’ll kindly direct you to the nearest rubber room.

  14. There were victims of racism on the plane that day, but this woman was not one of them.

    People like her walk around like a powder keg, looking to explode on any white person they can, in order to vent the anti-white hatred that the media, the regressive left and the “victimization industry”, has helped them build-up and keep burning for their entire lives.

    Never a shortage of sympathetic ears to hear about the evil deeds of white people.

  15. You’re a moron. Throwing a ton of words and screen caps on your blog doesn’t cover up the fact that you are killing here for making assumptions about motivation – while making all kinds of assumptions about her motivations with little to no evidence whatsoever.

    1. “making all kinds of assumptions about her motivations with little to no evidence whatsoever.”

      Making accurate assumptions based on a person’s character, the things THEY say and the established procedure of Airlines. Butthurt much?

      Sure, maybe the article is a bit mean spirited to directly assume foul play on behalf of this woman but it has not made the claim that she definitively has. Merely it posits that we should doubt the validity of her claims based solely on the content of her tweets.

      1. That’s the thing – you have ZERO knowledge of her “character.” She asked what was up, accepted the answer and didn’t say another word to the flight crew – UNTIL they interrupted her speaking to her seat mate. She wasn’t screaming and ranting. She was confronted for NOTHING more than a very mild challenge to what happened and didn’t make an issue out of it until the flight crew made an issue of it with her. Sorry some people don’t accept unwarranted confrontations without responding in kind.

        If you think that is “bad character, well Okay then.

  16. The bending-over-backward spin of this article is far more outlandish than anything Ms. Cezanne tweeted. From the very beginning, it was clear the author didn’t believe a thing she said or was going to say. She took the hyperbolic statement about flying being a White privilege and called it a fail based on a literal interpretation of it and the fact she has seen a Black person on a plane before. That’s like saying racism is over because we’ve had a Black President. The dissection of her use of the word “foreign” was ridiculous and filled with assumptions. And pointing out at the end that she didn’t comment on Ms. Cezanne’s involvement w/ the BLM movement IS pointing out that Ms. Cezanne is involved w/ the BLM movement, w/o the slightest explanation of why that would be relevant either way. It speaks to a one-dimensional understanding of BLM and a snap judgment of anyone associated w/ it. Oh, but kudos to the author for not saying anything about it! (wink, wink)

  17. This is very literally the biggest pile of poop masquerading as words I’ve ever seen.

    Just for starters. You use your personal experience as a “frequent” flyer to ascertain what that is like for all? Is that correct, even while saying you don’t think that justifies you to speak about what happened, or in anyway making you an authority, while casting aspersions designed to reinforce your credibility. So either you are an authority on racial injustice, or you are self-important racist troll, which is it?

    So YOUR experience & summation is valid, while another’s is not. And the best thing that can set you apart is your french accent? This is very literally white feminism at work, constantly marginalizing & rebuking people, doing the work of the white supremacist patriarchy. You got yours, but god forbid anyone should bother. Like — are you really this serious. Then end this long, well cited, if oft so far off point while picking apart every word/tense/verb and not even able to hear your own tone, not subtle in anyway implicit racism, your heaping of contempt … You don’t call stupidity on anything, you very literally point our your biases & very weak articles of faith. You mad? I bet you stay mad.

    Then to end with allegations that three BW assaulted a WW TABLOID HEADLINE (not article), while accusing the woman of assault. Okay. Saying quite literally that it doesn’t “need any comment” — wow, bottom feeder bullshit.

    When or if you need a lesson in institutional racism, implicit vs explicit, or any of these other things, drop some money in a tip jar & I’d gladly point out all the ways in which your arguments area sign of the problem, not the symptoms you purport them to be. I honestly wish i had a rain barrel to collect all these white tears, they would fuel me for a hundred years.

    1. AA is a business, the employees have a very strict set of rules and a very strict timetable. Delaying one flight delays others and if you expect me to believe that they delayed a flight because she was black then you are a fool. This woman could have been a white male, she still would have been kicked off. There is a code of conduct on flights and if you violate it you pay the price.

      1. Have you worked for them? If not, have a seat. I spoke from the relative confidence of having helped them spin PR etc… but you go on & tell yourself whatever helps you sleep at night or haunt the comments. I’m both unbossed & unbothered.

        1. WOW you work in Public Relations. Congrats. Sorry but that has nothing to with making a profit or project management.

          1. No I said no such thing. Your reading comprehension belies your inability to grasp beyond the “making a profit” P/M scenario playing your head. They lose money, frequently file bankruptcy & are the A&M kings of the modern age, only slightly beating out the financial industry. I implied I worked for them, and was & am well acquainted with their spin/PR system, intimately. And their financials, and other inner workings. Having helped them with this one aspect, may infer to you that I worked in that department, but your lack of imagination is your weakness. To wit, you offered no proof of your knowledge of their slim to negligent profit margins, and that what looks good on paper may not actually be real. Their project management I am acutely acquainted with… do you need a lesson?

  18. A spokesman for American Airlines said they were now working with Cezanne to resolve the issue.

    He said: ‘An unruly passenger was removed from American Eagle Flight 5192,
    operated by PSA Airlines, from Charlotte to Atlanta due to failure to
    comply with crew member instructions.

    ‘Thepassenger refused to exit aircraft when asked, so local law enforcement
    was called. We will work with the customer to resolve the issue.
    American Airlines values diversity and we do not discriminate for any

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