What is up loyal readers! Thanks for not abandoning me haha, I know posting has been slow as hell the last week or so. But, you know how it goes. Sometimes life catches up to you. Before I get to the next story, I want to point you to a video I just posted on YouTube. I’m assuming some of you know QueenyMartha. She’s cool, and I’ve been on the air with her many times, going back to the very beginning of GamerGate. She took offense to some of the people in GamerGate who have been supporting Trump, or trying to tie his fight to ours. So, she’s quit the cause. That’s fine. I hold no ill-will. Still, some people have tried to tie her decision to me. That’s why I made the video you see below. So, check it out if you care. It’s only six minutes. If you don’t give a rat’s ass, just hold up and I’ll be right back with a story or four.