One of my biggest regrets this fall is not having the chance to review Zoe Quinn’s new book, Cock Overdrive. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. I mean Cash Moneyride. Eh, I’m not sure that’s it either. Anyhow, you get the picture. Zoe’s long-awaited tome is out and I’m missing all the fun. Not that I would actually pay for it, mind you. Believe it or not, someone has already sent me an electronic copy so I can savor the text when I get done with my all expenses paid vacation.

It’s not that I have a shortage of reading material either. I’ve been focusing mainly on the classics. Books like The Twelve Caesars, Wuthering Heights, various Shakespeare plays, etc. But I have a feeling Zoe’s book is destined to be one of these unintentional comedy triumphs that contain page after page of gut-busting hilarity. I’m interested in whether or not anyone reading this post has checked out the book yet. If so, please chime in down below. Your comments will eventually reach me here in my fortress of ill feelings and terrible food.

I plan on reading it when I get home, but my agenda will be pretty full, so I see it getting lost in the shuffle. Maybe Nora can give me some highlighted sections by then. I think she’s planning to eventually do a review herself, so be sure to check that out if and/or when it comes.

Ah, I almost forgot! If you have any alternate book titles for Ms. Quinn, please leave those down below.