It’s been a long night for me because I’ve been trying to learn some more advanced video editing techniques, but at least I haven’t been getting my head beat in by ultra-leftist thugs out in California. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the people I’m about to show you. The media is already starting to cover for these violent and anti-American feral beasts, so don’t be surprised when you see the new spin later this morning. But the raw footage and photographs speak for themselves.

Hillary Clinton shill John Podesta condemned the attacked, but where is the candidate herself? Remember when they demanded Bernie Sanders come out and condemned much milder violence?

There’s much more, and I will come back to update it when I can. But this shit is legit making me angry at the moment. I know that in the long run stuff like this helps Trump. I’m far from alone in saying that, by the way. Many other media types, or bloggers, or whatever you want to call people like me who sit around and talk shit, have noted this. But damn. Something is really wrong in our country right now. It has been this way for awhile, it’s just that Trump is now doing us the service of highlighting it for the masses.

I hope they’re paying attention. I’m also eager to see how this plays out over the weekend, since it’s sure to dominate the airwaves.