I’ve been out on business all day, but the waggon internet never stops rolling. It looks like a shitload of Trump hating “journalists” just got their dox posted all over 8chan, among other places. It was even up on 4chan for a few hours. As you can imagine, this is causing a lot of commotion on Twitter and elsewhere.


The list is quite diverse, by the way. It also includes many prominent haters on the right. People such as Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck and Louise Mensch…

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People on 8chan were speculating that an article posted by WildGoose here on this very site could be the inspiration behind this op. Who knows, to be honest. All I can say is my heart breaks for these paragons of virtue in the media who toil in our names daily. They must be beside themselves right now. TheRalphRetort.com sends our best wishes to them in their time of need.

  1. Trying to terrify people who disagree with you, especially journalists, isn’t going to help the cause, won’t get independents on your side, and won’t shut up your targets. It’s only going to make things worse for you and the people you support.

      1. What’s amusing to me is that this doxing is almost an outgrowth of 4th gen warfare and the forewarned ‘Clinton Rules of Engagement’.

        During the conflicts in Bosnia, then-President Bill Clinton made a point of targeting the Serbian political leadership and news media.

        Guess what, media? You wanted to play in the mosh pit. You’re gonna get slammed into.

      2. He’s such a cunt, I don’t think I’ve even seen him not concern trolling like a bitch. Discus’s block feature clears it right up tho.

      3. LOL funny, I spoke the truth. Just watch as it happens, it has happened before, it will continue. That’s why terror and doxing professionals or journalists never works, the normals will never side with that kind of behavior, it’s what the desperates do when they’ve run out of arguments.

          1. Ooh, the concern troll is more concerned than ever! The question on everyone’s minds is, can he get even more concerned? For the answer to that question be sure to tune into the same troll-station at the same troll-time troll-watchers!

          2. See? Just falling back on the same ol’ name-calling. Have not seen one refutation to what I’ve said. Thanks for admitting you have no arguments just name-calling, doxing, and terrorizing. That camp will not win, and I’ll not be a part of it.

          3. Guided by a voice that only he can hear the concern troll leaps from article to article leaving comment after comment trying to make what is wrong seem right, hoping that the next comment is the comment that convinces someone that he is truly concerned!

          4. This conversation is pointless unless you can explain how this dox has improved anything for Trump or his supporters; I guarantee you if this became mainstream news, Trump’s numbers would go down. Hell, Karl Rove doesn’t even think Trump can win after his molestation/cheating comments were released, among other thoughtless comments he’s made since.

            You should be thanking the mainstream media for not running with this story, because the American people or at least independent voters would not be on the side of doxers, harassers, and threaters. You’re welcome for the spot-check. Glad I could help. Over and out.

          5. Concern: The final frontier in trolling. These are the comments of the concern troll yarlg. Her five year mission, to explore new articles and seek out new comment threads and new discussions to troll. To cringingly go where no concern troll has gone before!

    1. Oh you mean like how they had people physically assault others at Trump rallies? But call Trump a racist all the time and accuse him of spreading hate?

      People were beat up .

  2. the “funny” thing is due to how much dirty pool hill-dawg plays you cant rule out that it was some of her “people” that dropped the dox on all those sites just to cast some shade.

  3. Nothing but class in Trump land!
    What a bunch of idiots and assholes, and these marks wonder why the entire world laughs at the emasculated absurdity of the Trump-sucking movement. The saddest thing of all is that it is precisely because Donald Trump is such an outrageously incompetent buffoon that Hillary Clinton will waltz into office unchallenged.
    Actions like these show the alt-right and the Trump obsessed for what they generally are- emasculated nerds filled with hatred and rage at women for never getting any pussy, alongside a racism that is built around trying to feel strong in light of being a fucking geek.

    And the train rolls on….

          1. What are you? Some kind of racist child molestor? Hillary is a criminal. These people are helping criminals. They must be brought to justice and PUNISHED! The public has a right to know.

    1. (((Cathedral))) == “entire world”
      Last time I checked, Russia and China are still independent sovereign states.

  4. “You’re upsetting the neutrals!” Fuck them. If you consider yourself neutral in the current political atmosphere you can go fuck yourself. Worthless cowards.

  5. Well deserved for their propaganda crimes against humanity. They are lucky people don’t show up at their doors with pitchforks.

  6. Maybe this is the anger one gets when they look the other way when a group was paid to physically assault people.
    Video after video of peopl beating up Trump supporters.
    Then there’s the damage BLM has caused.
    You trolls on here stop lying.
    People have been physically assaulted and these lying supposedly “journalists” looked the other way.
    I dont condone doxxing but in this case I can’t be bothered to care.
    Like these dolts who didn’t care the DNC organized mobs to physically attack people .
    Then proceed to call Trump HITLER when they act like his employees.
    You liberals should not be allowed to use the term Hitler when you have ACTED like his police!!!!

  7. Someone disagrees with your political position, then they deserve to be the victim of a crime and harassed into oblivion because America.

    This will go over well with the deplorable segment of the population and no one else. Good job.

        1. Ask Brendan Eich, the comet rocket scientist, Mr. Bone, the Lyft driver whose job was attacke by Annaliese (SJW), Dr. Watson, Pax Dickinson, etc….

          1. …and what am I supposed to ask? I suppose I could start with, “Do you have any connection at all to these journalists?”

          2. You screw with our rights… we will screw with yours. And we are the military, police, and gun owners. You’re not, metrosexual hipster.

          3. You are repeating the same shit now. You never told me what rights are being screwed with or what I am supposed to ask those people who supposedly had their rights trampled or what relevance any of the journalists doxxed have to do with those rights.

            But then, I suppose you are too busy gargling those orange cheese balls like a cuck…oh and say hello to your Russian bosses.

          4. If you want to play Fallout 4 IRL, vote Cankles Clinton!

            She’s really eager to start WWIII with Russia!

        2. People have a right not to be beat up .
          Stop playing the victim you Hillary supporters with BLM have caused violence.
          Address THAT.
          What about the rights to vote for who you want with out being harassed or physically assaulted by a mob????
          These wanna be’s like you ignore this.
          People have been physically attacks, property messed with and you know it.

          1. I know this might seem hard to understand, but the journalist discussed in this article had absolutely nothing to do with BLM or the very small percentage of folks that were assaulted by mobs.

            Seriously, that’s like saying that I can publish your personal information because that old guy sucker punched a Trump protestor at a rally that one time.

          2. NYT published personal information during the Ferguson riots, these wanna be’s lie and cover up information to steer public opinion.
            You justify the very small percentage of people assaulted who were targeted by the DNC guess the numbers were not high enough for you.
            I dont usual agree with doxxing but. Have sat back and watched the left doc people on Twitter too over PC bullshit.

            It’s called Karma.
            This is what happens the left started this and now the other side is mad.
            I know you don nderstand that but pray it doesn’t get any worse because it just might.

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