I actually wanted to get a decent night’s sleep last night, and thanks to Ambien, I did (the fucking Wonder Drug imo). But before I went to bed, there was an interesting tirade by a GamerGate critic who goes by the name of “a_man_in_black,” or AMIB for short. If you’re part of our Twitter presence, you’ve probably heard of this clown before. If not, he’s also written some garbage for Boing Boing under the name Jay Allen. Well, last night, he made his true intentions clear during the middle of a pathetic tirade against “progressive” devs who refused to smear all of GamerGate like he loves to do. It had him questioning what he’s doing with his life. Believe me, you’re not the only one who questions your life choices, Mr. Allen. But it was the startling admission he made later on that’s truly newsworthy.Before we get to the startling admission, though, first let’s take a look at some of the whining:


It’s very pleasing to see one of our critics lament our growing support, I must admit. Here’s his “what am I doing with my life” comment:

But all this asshurt wasn’t the main event. In the middle of all this, AMIB announced why her truly got into the GamerGate criticism business:

If you don’t remember who Sam Biddle is, read this. Long story short, he’s the hack from Gawker who advocated “bringing back bullying” to stop GamerGate. The resulting fallout reportedly cost Gawker Media seven-figures. The people on the other side were very quick to claim that this was all a joke, and that we shouldn’t be taking it seriously. Let me ask them this: was this comment a joke as well? Because it damn sure doesn’t read like that to me.

What if I had said the reason I had gotten into this was because I wanted to “bloody up” SJWs? I can assure you that they would be screencapping that, and passing it off as a threat, most likely. When a total liar like Jay Allen/AMIB says it, it’s kosher. The double standard is simply astonishing. But, that’s what I do here, point out hypocrisy.

In case you needed any more proof that our opponents came here to bully GameGate and “nerds”, here it is. The other side seems to be not even trying to hide it now. That’s good for us, and bad for them. The other bad thing for them is, we’re starting to convince some of their own side that we’re not what we’ve been made out to be. The crushing realization that GamerGate is winning, and will continue to win, is hitting them very hard, and it’s also causing them to make mistakes. Keep up the pressure, and they will crack further.