Mark Cuban

One thing that has stuck me as curious when it comes to Mark Cuban’s recent prominence in the presidential race is how much shit he’s said in the past. He said he would be Donald Trump’s running mate at one point. Mr. Cuban also claimed he would probably vote for Donald Trump if Hillary Clinton selected Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to be on her own ticket. Last year, he claimed that Trump was the “best thing to happen to politics.” In short, Cuban has vacillated wildly throughout this course of this race. That’s not even a problem for me, by the way. The real issue is how the media treats his past comments when compared to Mr. Trump’s.

In short, they rarely if ever talk about them. Like this one, for example. Trump definitely has some outlandish and controversial past statements. There’s zero question about that. But could you imagine what the media would do if they had him on video saying something like this?

I can tell you what they’d do. They’d play the shit out of it around the clock on cable news until people could quote it verbatim.

It’s not like the press hasn’t heard about this video, either. This was just a couple years ago and it was all over the place. Now? Not a word. This is one of Hillary Clinton’s top surrogates. Her camp is promoting him so much that they’ve invited him to the debate as a special guest of the campaign. I wonder what some of the minority activists who support her candidacy would have to say about this comment?

Ah, what am I thinking? They’ve been told to stay on the plantation. They’re probably not allowed to truly speak their mind. That’s how it goes if you’re a professional progressive. We’ve seen this dog and pony show too many times to count.